Wednesday, November 06, 2013 at 6:05 AM

I’m in bed, it’s cold and dark outside, and I’ve been feeling it all day. 
You know that feeling, I’m sure – those times when all you really want to do is to fuck and fuck and fuck... and yet you resist any surrender, wanting to keep feeling that way, knowing that just the slightest brush of something across your skin will make you pulse, will make you want more.
I could come now, so very easily, could bring myself to urgent, frantic, pulsating orgasm, my body alive with pleasure as the peak of my arousal hits, that wonderful throb throb throb from my cock as my cum pours over my hand, the wet evidence of my lust...
But I’m resisting, just moving against the bed, my cock so very hard, pulsing insistently, my hand occasionally sliding down and holding it, stroking it, moving back and forth along the length of my erection, and every slightest move is arousing me more, every little nerve ending in my body responding, wanting... wanting... wanting...
I could do with you here right now, naked here in my bed, needing to be fucked, touching yourself as you watch me... your lips would enclose around my cock, your mouth engulfing me, sucking me greedily, lapping at me, and my hand would grip your hair as I force my cock deeper into your mouth, using you for my pleasure... fucking your face... calling you filthy little names...
I’d be tempted to come like that, to keep my grip firm, to thrust and thrust, my cock pulsating harder in your mouth as you lick me and suck me, moaning around me, wanting my cum... wanting me to come all over your lips, all over your face... wanting to be my dirty little slut...
But I know I’d need more from you. 
I’d want your cunt, soaking wet. 
I’d want to fuck you, to use you, to hold you down and ram my cock so fucking hard inside you, watch you arch underneath me as I fuck you and fuck you, wet little sounds coming from your cunt as I push you closer, and closer, wanting you to come, needing it, increasing the rhythm, not stopping, plunging my cock deeper into your cunt, thrusting and thrusting and thrusting, growling softly, biting your neck, barely able to hold it back now... so fucking close to coming inside you...
And when you come... when you can't take it any more and you come all over my cock, pushing yourself down hard onto me, screaming with pleasure, your cunt engulfing my cock... I wouldn’t stop... I’d keep fucking you, harder and harder and harder, wanting more, and more, and more...
And then I'd come... ohhh fuck I'd come... shoving my cock so deep inside your cunt, my grip tight around your wrists, pinning you down hard as my hips jerk against yours, crying out your name as the orgasm takes hold, that sweet intensity pulsating from my cock with each spurt of my cum, spurting... spurting... spurting... filling your cunt, emptying myself inside you.
And still I would want more, insatiable, greedy, tugging my cock from your cunt and forcing my fingers deep inside you, pushing my cum deeper into your cunt, ramming my fingers in hard, forcing you to come for me again, watching you arch from the bed, your thighs spread obscenely, your cunt full of my fingers, shoving so fucking hard as you scream your pleasure, coming for me wantonly...
being my filthy little slut...
ahhh god...
So yes, I’m in that kind of mood this evening...


mmmm glad you are back xoxoxoxo

It's good to be back, Liz - I'm delighted you enjoyed it xx

Mmmmmmh! Just mmmmmmmh!!


Just the kind of reaction I was hoping for ;)


Glad you like it, Kiki ;)

so very thrilled you're back. -s

Thank you, s - I'm delighted to be back :)

write something for me. make it a little rough with some dirty talk. or some luscious role play. ;) -s

Rough with dirty talk? As if I'd be interested in such a thing ;)

I've been waiting for this very impatiently. This definitely did not disappoint.

You write in such a sexy, fluent way... especially when it's so personalized. xoxo

I've read this one more times than I'll admit, and I still cum just as hard... the imagery of your cock pulsing inside of me is such a turn on. xx

Fe - I can understand your impatience after my long sojourn. I'm delighted you enjoyed my return xx

LP - it's an absolute pleasure to make you come - such a shame I'm not there to help you a little more personally ;) xx

Missed you... Thanks for making me moan one more ;) xoxo polarsun

It's particularly lovely to see you back, Polarsun, and always a pleasure to make you moan ;) xoxo

The pleasure is entirely mine.... Xxx polarsun

Then perhaps I should just fuck you, to take a little of that pleasure myself ;)

This is the need I am feeling. Pardon me while I go squirm in my chair.

Oh my... intense as always Roger...
This is probably my fifth time reading this one and each time it never fails to bring me over the edge.
So deliciously sexy

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