Paris 1:9

Saturday, October 15, 2005 at 11:57 AM

I gasped with pleasure, my body trembling, so close to orgasm, somehow holding it back - her thighs were still wrapped around me as I held her against the door of my sleeping compartment, my cock hot and hard deep inside her, throbbing intensely, and I could feel her sex squeezing and pulsing around my erection, her wetness still streaming down my cock, ripples of pleasure still trembling through her body, enjoying the delicious aftershocks of her orgasm.

I kissed her again passionately, greedily, our lips sliding, caressing, my tongue in her mouth, still pushing against her, thrusting again and again into her cunt as my hands found her blouse, frantically unbuttoning it, sliding my hands over her breasts, caressing them through her lace brassiere. Her plea for me to cum in her mouth was still ringing in my ears, the temptation so great, my cock throbbing again inside her as I imagined it - I fully intended to do precisely that, but her first orgasm hadn't been enough for me - I wanted to feel her come like that again, wanted to feel the intensity of her orgasm as I fucked her deliciously.

The door was still rattling behind her - I pulled her away from it, slipping my throbbing erection from her cunt - she began to kneel down, eager for the taste of me, but I pulled her back up: "Turn around Vanessa... face the wall... lean against it..."

She did as instructed, her hands pressed against the wall as I moved behind her, tugging her skirt up around her waist, uncovering her delightful bottom, which she pushed out towards me in invitation. I slipped a hand down between her thighs, my fingers skidding over her wet lips, sliding up to her clit, rubbing, stroking - she gasped in response, shuddering again, grinding back against my fingers, gasping again: "ohh god please... please fuck me..."

It was almost all I could take - holding back my orgasm again, I slipped my hands around her hips, pulling her back onto me as the head of my cock found her sex, and I thrust, hard and deep inside her, hearing her groan urgently as my cock filled her, starting to fuck her from behind, my cock sliding deliciously in and out, in and out, harder, faster, tugging her open blouse off her shoulders, unclipping her brassiere and throwing that to the floor of the compartment too, leaning over her as I fucked her, my hands sliding over her naked breasts, cupping them, squeezing her nipples in my fingertips, pushing and moving gorgeously together, the rhythm of the train urging us on.

There was a quiet knock at the door. "Room service?" came the polite request. I attempted to compose myself for a polite refusal, but Vanessa answered first: "Yes, come in!". My mind veered into panic - what was she doing? I began to rapidly withdraw from her, hoping to god I could get my trousers back on in the couple of seconds it would take for the waiter to come through the door, but she slipped a hand quickly around my bottom, holding me inside her. I had no time to protest before the door opened, my shock probably as profound as that of the waiter as he stepped into the compartment, momentarily transfixed by the view in front of him.

"Oh my god, I'm sorry," he fumbled, about to back out of the door again, but Vanessa looked towards him over her shoulder. "Please," she gasped, "come in, it's fine, if you want to watch us, it's fine...". "God..." he whispered, blushing, his gaze everywhere, still taking it in - he couldn't have been older than 18 or 19 - had he ever seen anything like this before? "I... I have to do room service...". Vanessa pushed back onto my cock, pulling her skirt up higher around her waist to give the young waiter a better view. "I want you to watch us," she gasped, "don't you want to see me come?". The waiter groaned audibly. "Close the door," whispered Vanessa, "people will see". Breathing hard, his fingers almost trembling on the door handle, he closed it behind him, still standing there just a few feet away from us, unable to tear his gaze from us as we pushed and moved together.

I was too far gone to care now - Vanessa was looking at him, her cunt so wet around my cock, sliding, squeezing, groaning as I fucked her, so close to her orgasm. "Show me your cock," she gasped to the boy, "stroke it for me". "God..." he murmured, tugging down his trousers, his underwear, a startlingly erect cock springing into view, already hot and swollen, his trembling fingers gripping it, sliding up and down, masturbating in the same rhythm that I fucked her, surely imagining his own cock sliding deep into her cunt, fucking her hard. His gaze was fixed on our bodies urgently fucking right in front of him, my cock dripping wet as I thrust harder and deeper into her from behind, her back arching as I squeezed her breasts, needing to come again. I could hear the slap of the boy's hand around his cock, masturbating more urgently now, keeping rhythm with us - I could tell from the urgency of his breath that he wouldn't last long, his cock sounding wet and very erect.

For Vanessa it was all too much - she glanced over to him again, seeing his face flushed, his hand rubbing harder around his straining cock, wet with his precum, masturbating urgently - she couldn't take any more - I felt her cunt spasm around my thrusting cock, a gush of her wetness suddenly splashing over it, streaming down my length, over my balls, and she stifled a scream as she started to come, groaning, shuddering, bucking wildly on my cock, her body rippling with delicious convulsions as her cunt poured its wetness all over my throbbing erection.

I heard the young waiter groan intensely, his hand slapping around his erection - I couldn't take any more either - I groaned urgently, ramming my cock deep into her dripping cunt, crying out intensely, my cum surging up the length of my cock, spurting hard, deep inside her cunt, again, and again, and again - I heard the boy cry out - suddenly he was right next to her - and I watched in intense fascination, my cock still throbbing hard, spurting my cum deep inside her, as her hand grasped his swollen erection, giving it a couple of quick strokes, tugging him to her mouth, her tongue snaking over the head of his swollen cock, and he groaned long and loud, his spunk splashing from his cock, spurting a long string of cum onto her face, and another, and another, covering her in his slick wet cum... her cunt still squeezing and pulsing around my cock, milking the last of my spunk from my erection, holding me deep inside her... the three of us gasping, trembling... the intensity of our orgasms washing over us, the rhythm of the tracks matching the pulse of my cock inside her, as the Orient Express continued it's journey to Paris...

to be continued...


Delicious ;)

I am truly at a loss for words!
outstanding ;D

Now that was something I didn't expect! Lovely : )

Ok where can I find a train?

Oh and 2 guys to play that scene out?

God, you're such a tease!
I waited more than a week for this...!
But, still have to say it's absolutely yummilicious...!
Please don't keep me waiting, Roger...

nyrala and swanseagirl - thankyou x
jen - yep, been saving that surprise up, glad you liked it ;)
flirtwife - the Orient Express still runs, though I'm not sure it's quite as much of a haven of lust as it used to be between the wars, sadly ;)
vivienne - yes, apologies for the long wait, I've been having the week off - back to normal schedule now though, so more to come by the middle of next week, if all goes to plan...

mmmm wow.. totally amazing
just what i needed to make today better. a lot better. :)

Oooohhh thank you Roger it was worth the wait but now I want more!!!Hurry Love give me more

You had me extremely wet & horny at the beginning of this story, but that unexpected scenario had me come unglued. I felt tingles all the way to my toes and began to masturbate more urgently until I came harder than usual. You seem to know just what I love and need. Thank you for this. I continue to look forward to the rest of the story.....

Fantastic as usual Roger. Great twist, I love the way your mind works. :)

This is my first trip to your site and I say:
Wonderful! absolutely wonderful!
To make it so easy to fall into your erotica.
I am looking forward to spending more time deep within your your archives also.

oh my god. that's my fantasy right there. two men fucking me, fucking both my cunt and mouth at the same time.

now if you'll excuse me... can't keep my wet throbbing pussy waiting a second more...

Oh my god Roger, I came sooooo hard. I barely even had to touch myself. I put my hand under my skirt and my pussy was sooo wet already and I pressed hard against my clit and I put my fingers into my wet pussy and before I knew it, I was cumming all over the place. I'm glad my boss wasn't walking by at that moment!

First time reader and just got done with all of Paris. I am so turned on right now I can't think. I will definitely be reading all of your archives. Just sitting here at my desk in my tiny skirt and blouse, had to touch myself. WOW!!

sarah - I'm very pleased you enjoyed it x
cookim - more due this week!
sandra - I was very much hoping the unexpected appearance of the waiter would have that effect - very glad it worked for you ;)
wonderwoman - very much my pleasure x
dirtydebbie - welcome to my blog - I hope your trip through my archives provides you with lots of delicious, intense pleasure x
lucia - then you'll be pleased to hear that there's lots more of this kind of thing coming up in Paris - plenty of group sex, of all descriptions... ;)
mylf28 - and a warm welcome to you too - I hope you find lots more in my archives to make you cum deliciously xx

angelwings - my apologies, didn't mean to miss you out - I'm glad you came so deliciously - just dont get caught masturbting at your desk, naughty girl ;)

I have been visiting your site for a few weeks now and I finally got the nerve to make a comment. Your stories are so incredibly sexy and passionate. I read them at work and they get me so excited. I now have the habit of reading them just before I go home now so on the whole drive dirty thoughts are filling my head and I can't help but touch myself. By the time I get home I am usually on the brink of orgasm. Thank you for putting some excitement in my life! I am looking very much forward to your next installment.

xoxo- Lynn

hi lynn x - please don't be nervous about leaving comments - nobody (including me) knows who you are, and we're all very friendly in here. Please consider this your playground, a relaxing environment in which you can indulge yourself in whatever way you wish, hopefully reach delightful orgasm, and leave whatever comments you wish - I read them all, every one, and always try to reply.
And I'm pleased that you enjoy my stories so much - please be careful on that drive home if your mind is elsewhere, and it's a pleasure to make you come so deliciously x

MMMmmm....well worth the wait. You always know just what I need. I think you have touched on every one of my fantasies in this carnal tryst.


It's an absolute pleasure, as always, Siren - and I have lots more ideas coming up in chapter two ;) x

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