two men and you - part two

Saturday, July 07, 2007 at 2:24 PM

Clothes are discarded in moments, scattered across the floor in a trail of lust as we make our way to the bedroom. Our new lover is on the bed first, so eager, so aroused from your touch, his young body firm and chiselled as he lays back in the soft light of the bedroom, his hand already around his deliciously firm erection, watching you, seeing you slipping out of your panties, so greedy for your body, greedy for your cunt, greedy for you to fuck him. You watch him, enjoying his attention, wanting him to look at you, feeling yourself become delightfully wet as you watch the rhythm of his fingers, his cock so hard, so big, already anticipating how good it will feel, deep inside your cunt.

As I slip out of my boxers, my own cock already hard and eager, you take me in your arms, kissing me passionately as he watches, sliding your hands down to my ass, pressing me against you, your soft, naked body sliding against mine, my hands in your hair, pressing your lips to my own as my tongue slips greedily into your mouth. I can feel your nipples hard against my bare chest, your belly brushing against mine, your body moving sensuously against me. As we kiss, you can hear the rhythm of his hand around his cock, rubbing himself a little harder, masturbating as he watches us, needing you so much. Still kissing you sensually, my hand slips teasingly down between your thighs, your hips bucking a little, almost imperceptibly, as my fingers find the warm wetness of your cunt, dipping into it, spreading the wetness up to your clit, stroking it softly. You gasp with undisguised pleasure.

"ohhh god... god Roger... I need you to fuck me... I need you both to fuck me..."

"Get on the bed," I reply, softly.

You turn and smile at our new lover, his hand still wrapped around his hard cock, masturbating languidly as he waits, laid back against the pillows, watching you, needing you. Looking at him lustfully, you step over to the bed, crawling up it seductively on all fours, straddling his thighs, brushing his hand away from his eager erection, sliding your own fingers around him, smiling up at him as you begin to stroke him. You can feel his cock pulsing in your hand, warm and so very erect, a soft groan leaving his lips as your fingers masturbate him teasingly, leaning over him, your warm breath drifting over the swollen head of his penis. You can see how much he needs it, his hips moving up to the rhythm of your hand, already fucking your fingers - smiling at him, your tongue swirls sensuously over the head of his cock, and he groans, arching up a little, needing more - smiling again, you open your lips and take him all the way into your mouth, sliding your lips down onto his erection, sucking him deliciously, your tongue lapping and swirling around him.

Watching you, my own cock deliciously erect, throbbing between my thighs, I move onto the bed behind you. Your thighs are spread wide as you straddle him, leaning over him, sucking his cock greedily - I slip my hand between your open thighs, my fingers drifting up to your exposed cunt, and I hear you gasp around his erection as my fingers find your wetness, the lips of your sex pouting and wet, your juices almost dripping from you as I slide two fingers teasingly into your cunt, slipping so easily inside you. You groan softly, your cunt contracting around my fingers, squeezing them, needing more, lifting up from his cock to look back at me. "Your cock..." you whisper, "please Roger... I need your cock inside me..."

I smile at you, moving behind you on the bed, one hand around my cock, my other on your hips, pulling you gently back towards me as the head of my swollen erection skids teasingly against your sex - you gasp again, and I feel the lips of your cunt part deliciously around me, pushing my hard penis slowly and teasingly into you, my cock sliding so easily into your warm, wet cunt, inch by inch, starting to fill you, throbbing deep inside you, as you suck on him greedily...

more to follow...


oh GOD do i need your cock roger...can't wait the for next (will do some catching up while i'm at it)

have fun catching up paige ;) - I'll be wanting you to cum for me...

ahh roger, all the teasing... one of these days I may just give you a dose of your own medicine...

more please...and soon!


You have my cock deep inside you, and another cock in your mouth, and you say I'm teasing? But yes, I am ;) Always feel free to tease in return, though, I like that ;) xx

it is most deffinately teasing when you give a little then

feel free eh?
I just might, at that...


are you secretly reading raunchy romance novels? ;)

extraordinary woman - I look forward to it ;)

sasha - nope, I just like a little foreplay before the main event - expect this to get very dirty ;)

Very well done Roger...
and I vote for you getting a good healthy dose of your own medicine!
...can't wait for the next.

Oh Roger, how I wish that would really happen. Just the thought of having two men with me excites me so...


Oh Rodger, I'm so glad you keep a promise. So worth the wait.
Now my body is all tingly all over! I wonder how I should rectify this, mmmmmm...


i love the way this story is progressing roger; love that slow and steady burn. you always leave my pussy dripping.... aching for more. can't wait for the filth!!!

nadine - I quite like it when girls gang up on me ;) More to follow in a couple of days x

kitten - hopefully the next part will excite you all the more ;) x

babe - hmmm... pesonally I think you should rectify it by cumming for me gorgeously ;)

hotmami - *just checking* - yep, the filth arrives in the next part - should be fun ;) x

mmm mmm.. ok the promise of filth has me hooked! the initial build upis working - seductive and sensual and the thought of 2 cocks to play with. loving the anticipation of knowing that when I cum it will have been worth the wait xxx

katie - yes, the foreplay is out of the way, it's definitely filth from here on ;) Hope I'll succeed in making you cum delightfully ;) x

Ha! brilliant - I want one!!

hmmmm so nice..only thing better than being with you would be being with another guy and you.
Wet for you, as ever.

I'd settle for one man right now! Just popping in to say hi (in a disguise, with my head down, and runing out before anyone sees me). x

blonde - mmm... and I love making you wet x

miss understood - I've just put the kettle on - pop over right now ;) x

c'mon, roger! double penetration!! let's go! lol.

such a disgracefully dirty little girl ;) Still, double penetration you shall have, tomorrow ;) xx

Oh god. Each segment is worth the wait...You have a way with words. Truly, an inspiration.


more more now now...more more more...
enough begging yet?
C'mon Roger, it's Saturday, a perfect day to be filthy.. let those fingers loose and start the flow of the juice!


sexpot - mmm thankyou - hope the next episode inspires you equally as much ;)

extraordinary woman - such a greedy little girl ;) I'm actually writing it even as we speak - though my erection keeps distracting me ;) x


glad you like it ;) x

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