Paris 4:6

Friday, January 20, 2006 at 3:08 AM

I knelt behind her on the bed. She was still looking back at me, watching my hand sliding up and down my erection, her own fingers still stroking her clit as she knelt in front of me, her ass high, her back deliciously arched as she masturbated for me.

She was dripping wet.

I couldn't wait any longer - I pushed the swollen head of my cock between her pussy lips, feeling them part around my cock as I began to slide into her cunt. She gasped, pushing herself back onto me, but I held back, teasing her a few more moments, just the head of my cock inside her, moving it back and forth, feeling her slick wet lips trying to pull me deeper inside. Still barely inside her, I slipped my hands over her ass, up her back, around her waist, sliding underneath her, until her breasts were cupped in my hands, pinching her nipples gently, hearing her gasp as I squeezed them.

"Fuck me..." she gasped, "I want you to fuck me. Take me hard."

I breathed harder, pushing a little deeper inside her, and she groaned softly, again trying to push back onto me, and still I teased her, only halfway inside her, thrusting slowly, pulling almost all the way out, then sliding back inside her again, each thrust going just a little deeper into her cunt. My cock was throbbing intensely - I needed to control myself or I was gonna cum right there...

"Fuck me hard..." she gasped, "you know you want to... do it to me... god... I'm so fucking wet..."

I could feel it. I could feel her wetness dripping along my erect penis, sliding down to my balls - my cock pulsed again, throbbing inside her cunt - I wanted to cum - I wanted to pour my spunk deep inside her cunt... I gasped again, holding it back, still moving slowly with each thrust. Sophie was rotating her hips now, moving her cunt around my cock, intimate wet sounds accompanying each thrust of my cock inside her.

"Fuck me..." she gasped... "push me down hard... fuck me like you want to... do it... take me any way you want...cum inside me... fucking cum all over me..."

I couldn't take any more - her intense provocation was pushing me over the edge - no man could have held back in those circumstances - I groaned, and rammed my cock hard into her cunt from behind, all the way, and she moaned gorgeously, pushing her cunt back onto me, engulfing my penis, slick and hot and wet around me as I began to fuck her hard. My hand slid up her back, up to her head, pushing it down onto the bed, holding her there as I fucked her, pounding deeper and harder.

"God yes..." she gasped, "that's it... unnhhhh fuck... that's how I want it..."

I thrust my cock deeper into her cunt, and she groaned with pleasure - I wrapped her hair around my fist and pulled her back hard, and she gasped, her back arching, my other hand squeezing a breast, pinching a hard nipple as I leaned over her, my cock ramming deeper into her cunt. "Is this what you want?" I hissed, "rough like this...? Tell me you're a dirty slut. Tell me you want it." She groaned deliciously, pushing herself back harder onto my cock. "unnnhhhh fuck... god I want it... I want you to fuck me hard... nnhhhhhh... god...". "Tell me you're a dirty slut..." I repeated, pushing my cock deeper into her cunt, holding it there hard, "tell me and I'll fuck you...". She groaned again. "ohhh god... god I'm a slut... I'm a dirty little slut... please fuck me... god please..."

I rammed my cock hard and deep into her cunt, and she gasped with pleasure, my hand pushing her head back down on the bed, pounding into her now, fucking her, taking her, my other hand grabbing hold of her wrists, pulling them behind her back, gripping them tight as I fucked her, so hard, so deep. "God..." she gasped, "my ass... fuck me in my ass... unnhh fuck please...". I felt my cock throbbing hard in her cunt, just the idea of it almost taking me over the edge. "Ask me again..." I gasped, "beg me... beg me to fuck your ass...". "god..." she groaned, "please... I want it... please fuck my ass... fuckk... I want you to cum in my ass... I want you to cum all over me... unnnhhhh god..."

I was throbbing so hard now, so close to cumming, fighting to hold it back - I pulled my cock from her cunt with a wet splash, her juices pouring from her cunt, dripping onto the bed - my cock was so wet - I slid the head up to her asshole, rubbing against it, getting it wet - she wasn't prepared to wait - she pushed back onto me, and the head of my cock slipped into her ass - we both groaned, and she pushed back harder, and I felt myself throbbing intensely as I began to fill her, inch by inch sliding deeper into her ass - I slipped a hand to her cunt, rubbing her clit hard, skidding around it, and she groaned intensely, my cock pushing all the way inside her, and as I began to fuck her ass, my fingers found her cunt, and I thrust three fingers deep inside her, fucking her with them, my thumb stroking her clit as my cock rammed deep and hard into her ass.

"Dirty little slut" I groaned, "look at you... unnhhh fuck... my cock deep in your ass... god... my fingers in your cunt... fucking you so fucking hard...". "Don't stop..." she gasped, pushing herself back harder onto me, her cunt so wet around my fingers, "god I'm gonna cum... I want it harder... ohh god please..."

I couldn't take much more - my cock was throbbing so hard - I could feel my cum starting to surge up my cock. "Cum for me..." I gasped, "cum all over my fingers... dirty fucking slut... cum hard for me... god... god I'm gonna cum..."

That was it - a wet stream of her juices splashed from her cunt, drenching my fingers, and she began to convulse, cumming hard: "UNNNHHHHH FUCKKKK..." screaming with pleasure as her orgasm pulsated through her body, pulsing, pulsing, pulsing as she bucked and writhed underneath me, her ass pushing back so hard, so tight around my cock - I couldn't take any more, and cried out intensely, urgently: "god... god I'm cumminnggg... now... UNNNHHHHHHH!..." my cum suddenly pouring from my cock in wave after wave of pleasure, spurting deep into her ass, again and again, my fingers deep in her cunt as she rode out her orgasm, gasping and writhing and convulsing as my cock spurted hard and deep in her ass, again and again and again... god...

...and as we collapsed on the bed... my body wrapped around hers... drenched with sweat and cum... she looked back at me... and smiled wickedly... and whispered to me, a sly grin on her face... "That's what I wanted....".

I smiled back, kissing her softly. Sophie, I knew, always got what she wanted...

to be continued in Chapter Five...


oh my god... oh fuck yes, I'm your dirty little slut, fuck me hard... oh god!

Mhm, nice. I'm sweat just from reading... I want you. Real bad

the phrase "all killer, no filler" springs to mind ;) .. or maybe that phrase should be amended to all killer, 'cos all filler" in this particular case...heh ;)


I'm not trying to sound like everyone else here, but I have to say it... yes... I'm your dirty little slut. I want you to fuck my cunt. Fuck me hard!

still feeling you, deep inside me... needing you again, desperately, hungrily xx

Grumps - I very much love turning you on so much - and yes, you are a little slut, such a dirty girl - I think you should cum for me, right now, hard, all over me...

psy - you're such a bad girl, such a little slut, letting me see you so aroused - cum for me, cum all over my cock...

laura - I want you to want me that badly Laura, I love to make you feel that way

swanseagirl - thankyou x - your pleasure is my pleasure ;) x

dirty girl - that's just how I want to make you feel...

pandora - you are indeed such a dirty little slut - I want you to cum for me - I want you to cum all over my hard cock, right now...

ahhhh... such a delightful group of comments! I appear to be rather erect here...

DLG - then you should fuck me again... you know I want that... I want to feel you cum, deliciously, all over me... x

absolutely sinful...that's the way I want it....hard and dirty like the little slut I am...

secret37 - hard and dirty definitely is fun, sometimes I just really need it like that - and yes, you are my little slut ;)

Wow Roger, now I know why I have my hair long. You bring out the slut in everyone and we love you for it.

Bring on chapter 5. I can't wait. ;)

There's nothing quite like a little hair pulling when it's getting deliciously rough like this, I feel ;)

There'll be a couple of individuak posts this week, with Chapter Five starting towards the end of next week - featuring a rather discgraceful trip to Les Folies Bergere ;)

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