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Saturday, August 06, 2005 at 8:10 PM

Do you know what I love the most about having a sex blog? It's the interaction with you - I'd assumed when I began this blog nearly a year ago that it would just be somewhere to place a few sexual fantasies, and that maybe a few people might stumble across them and enjoy them. From those tiny beginnings, I'm currently picking up 2,000 hits a day, which is a little mind-blowing, and I try not to think about it. At least three quarters of those hits are from people who pass through quickly, after googling for dirty words, looking for photographs, but a lot of you stick around - I mean, you just have, just now... I wonder how many of you get turned on, start to masturbate, maybe even reach orgasm...? How many of you read my words to get off...? I'd assume most of you do, but I often wonder about these things...

Tonight (and this is really one for the exhibitionists amongst you), I'd really love you to do something for me, if you think you'd enjoy it, something guaranteed to make me cum, thinking about you...

I'd like you to dip into the archives for a few minutes and read a couple of your favourite posts on here - or if you're new, find something in the archives that you think will arouse you. Get yourself deliciously turned on - I mean really, really turned on - masturbate as you read, get really into it, get yourself deliciously close to orgasm... but try not to come...

Instead, as soon as you feel yourself about to reach the point of no return... when you're so turned on, so deliciously wet, that you can't wait any longer, and you have to cum gorgeously... just at that point, flip straight back here (this post is called "cum for me", right at the top of the archive list)...

...and start writing a comment for me, on this page, just as you're about to come... share your orgasm with me... let me see you come for me... don't worry if your typing goes haywire or you're not making much sense, I won't mind that.. but if you can somehow keep writing as you come... I'd love that... I'd love to watch you come for me.. I'd read that over again and again...

As I said, really only one for the exhibitionists, and it's entirely possible none of you will feel brave enough to be the first one - but remember nobody knows you on here unless you want them to, not even me, so no real need to be shy...

Will you do that for me...? I'd love it so much if you would, and it would turn me on so much... I so want to watch you come...

hmmm... maybe I'm being too greedy and selfish... wonder if this'll be the first post in a while to get zero comments...

greedy, lustful roger xx

P.S. If you're shy, email me instead in private, I promise I won't share it here x


previous comments:

i'm so close to comin, i err i one sec....im reading the housee2 part 6 ooh it is hard to write...ohhh ohh fuck.....yes oh yes...
*takes afew deep breaths*
hope you enjoyed it as much as i did
michelle c ;), January 01st, 2005

mmmm god... just wonderful... thankyou michelle, very brave of you to be the first *warm soft kisses* xxx
dirtyboy, January 01st, 2005

just read the last few blogs again, and have been slowly getting closer n closer holding back stroking faster fingers sliding in wetly, thumb rubbing my clit as i think about you mmmm licking me sucking me fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming yessssssss
more harder hard to type
mmmmmm so wet so good
love reading your blogs and now I have to clean fingers and keyboard
E, January 01st, 2005

E - thankyou, delightfully brave, again *kissing you gently*
And very very arousing too - deliciously, gorgeously intense - thankyou thankyou thankyou xxx
dirtyboy, January 01st, 2005

I got half way through 'watching you', teasing my clit to your words....nearing the end fingering my cunt hard..then went to' take me in your mouth'... feeling my fingers inside me as my thumb teased my clit. soaking myfingers with evey thrust into my now needy cunt.... deeper harder and faster.. just at the part when i felt your cock throbbing and sweeling in my mouth... did I come ohh sooo hard and fast and ohhh so deliciously. greatful thanks Roger, I owe you one for that..(but now I do have to make my self cum again, so heres to thinking about you and watching you watching me cum ....
;) xxx
Snow, January 01st, 2005

Rog, imho: you above all belong in the Top Ten for Best Sex Blog over at the Best of Blog awards.
You got my vote when I nominated you, and I know that every one of your well-satisfied readers would be with me on this.
For all you do to keep us all happy, the happiest of New Years to you, darling.
DTG xxoo
, January 01st, 2005

thankyou Snow xxx - such a naughty girl, you were supposed to come writing the comment ;), but in your case I'll let you off, since you have done that for me delicously before...
thankyou xxx
dirtyboy, January 01st, 2005

Oh, Roger...give me a day to try and recoup. Then I'll tell you every wet detail of it....
Christina, January 01st, 2005

Hi DTG - and a Very Happy New Year to you too xxx
To be honest, I had no idea you'd nominated me! Thankyou xx - I'm plumping for you and Bliatz to both win, and then get you both to naked wrestle to decide the ultimate winner - cheating and tongues allowed, naturally ;)
good luck in the contest, sexy xxx
dirtyboy, January 01st, 2005

mmm Christina - looks like your enthusiasm ran away with you too - this is a tricky one to do for me, I know (as I've tried it myself a couple of times in here - never easy to type and cum at the same time...)
glad you had fun trying, though ;) xxx
dirtyboy, January 01st, 2005

mmm darlin, I just stumbled across your site, and I can't remember the last time I cummed like that...
Jackie, January 02nd, 2005

very pleased to hear it Jackie - hope you'll come back for more x
dirtyboy, January 02nd, 2005

I like the cyber ones the best, lol! but i will not cum on here, Im still shy when i cyber my cyber buddy
bjw, January 02nd, 2005

Love reading these I have learned alot from them
Lily, January 02nd, 2005

that's okay bjw xxx - this one's just for the really brave ones x
And I've stopped posting cybers, though a few old ones are starting to go in 'The Dark Art' - check it out in the links down at the bottom, you might like them, and more will follow xx
dirtyboy, January 02nd, 2005

glad to hear it Lily - lovely to know you're having fun xx
dirtyboy, January 02nd, 2005

i love your posts they make me soooo horny just to let you know right now im naked typing and im starting to touch myself and im going to get my dildo out and start using it
sexlova, January 02nd, 2005

mmm... delicious sexlova... would love you to come for me... watching you right now... x
dirtyboy, January 02nd, 2005

i am thinking about you putting your hard cock in my pussy and im getting so horny if you were here with my i would love to get fucked by you just reading your dirty thoughts makes me want somone to come here right now and fuck me or lick my pussy i would love for you to lick my pussy
jenna, January 02nd, 2005

jenna, I'd love to lick your pussy for you... lay back and spread your thighs for me... while i go down on you... x
dirtyboy, January 02nd, 2005

I just love cumming for you....as you hold my wrists in your strong hand above my head....you spread my thighs with your other....and then you plunge that hard cock deep into me....talking dirty to me....fucking my sloppy wet pussy...then stroking it right near my face....God, you make me cum so good!
Kathy, January 02nd, 2005

roger.I've done as you asked and read my favorite post of yours "helpless"..in my recliner now with you in my lap.. Naked from waist down...typing with left hand..playing with right...very wet...are you licking me, long and slow..yeah...ahhhhh...mmgod....its tingling.getting close....two fingers in now..ooooooooooo....fuck yeah...your cock is sliding so nice...unnnnnnooo......are you licking me.....hold on...aaaaaaahhh....roger...fuck me with your tongue......yeah tnahts it......oh god.....starting tocum...aaaaaaaaa....oh god roger........still..................ohgod...my pussy is still gripping my fingers, again..I can have another, hold on...i go again real fast like this..oooofukkkkkkkk...cumming hard..unnnnnnn.oo....god roger..mm..will you lick me clean? Kiss meRoger.....M
M, January 02nd, 2005

Ok. i've just had a shower and was browsing the net when i found your blog. Almost automatically my cock became hard and i spat on it and began to jerk off. Sometimes it just feels so amazingly good. I"m naked at my desk taking big strokes but stoping every now and then to write. I"m 25. Sometimes i know my load will be big and i've got that feeling now. It's been a week since i've been with my girlfriend and i've not jerked off because every night since i thought we'd do it again. I am going to slow down as i cum so i can watch it drip down the head of my cock. i wish i could lick it off as i know it will look so good. I am still stroking now, harder and harder...
it's getting close and i'm going to blow, i wish someone was here to see. I"m throbing and can feel the cum ready to explode... about to cum, precum is dripping now... this is so good, i'm almost there... the end.
C, January 03rd, 2005

Kathy - so delicious and dirty, thankyou xx
dirtyboy, January 03rd, 2005

M - mmmm god... exactly what I wanted... so delightfully intense... very, very arousing for me... stroking, right now, as i watch you.... thankyou xxx
*kissing you gently*
dirtyboy, January 03rd, 2005

My my!! Roger - you have quite the following! What better way to see in the new year than having a hoard of lovely ladies cum for you! You saucy devil x
Anakalia, January 04th, 2005

Hi Anakalia - just what I was thinking - I wanted to start the year as I mean to go on ;)
And you're pretty damn saucy yourself, m'dear x
dirtyboy, January 04th, 2005

lol! please take no offense Rog, Im sure your a nice guy, but I only cum for one guy, But I do like reading your stuff. ; )
L, January 04th, 2005

no offense at all L lol - this was strictly for the exhibitionists...
Glad you're enjoying the blog x
dirtyboy, January 04th, 2005

im masturbating now as i write this, its taking me ages coz im typing with just my left hand.
im thinking of you doing the same.
it feels so naughty. please write a long passage about you masturbating ang wanting us to. i love those ones but their too short.
mmmmm im getting close
my fingers rubbing my clit and im thrusting into it.
im tasting my fingers. mmm
, January 07th, 2005

mmm... thankyou mystery girl x
you might want to try the 4 Jan entry 'masturbating together' of the 8 Nov entry 'masturbating thinking about you' - might be the kind of thing you're looking for...
hope you have fun ;) x
dirtyboy, January 07th, 2005

nina, January 15th, 2005

uh comming ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesoh yuum
nina, January 15th, 2005

nina - thankyou xxxx
just perfect, and exactly what i wanted - so good of you to cum for me xxx
dirtyboy, January 17th, 2005

masturbating and feeling realy horny ah the feeling in my clit is so intense ...rubbing so hard want sum1 like u so much
Jess, January 24th, 2005

mmm Jess...
I love watching you masturbate for me xx
dirtyboy, January 24th, 2005

mmm.....that was so fuckin hott i had 2orgasms....fuck you should write me some time....i'm all wet....
horny_gurl, January 31st, 2005

agaainnnnnnn soggy wet splashy clittyy fuck moan oooooooooooooooofukkkkk cumming thanx for makin me buttery goodnight...
nina, March 07th, 2005

Ally - absolutely perfect, just what I asked for... you're such a good girl... you're making me want to fuck you... stay right where you are, I need to cum deep inside you...

Laying on my back with my legs still spread wide,my pussy glistening with the evidence of my "activities" and I know you can see.I want you to see...I want you to watch me...to let me show you just what you do to me.I lift the fingers of my left hand to my lips, parting them to lap at the tips.
My eyes never leaving yours....
Once my fingers are cleaned,I immediately lower them between my legs and plunge two inside my hopelessly wet cunt.

Oh....god Roger you must watch me...
Can you see? can you see how my pussy sucks my fingers in...
I wish it was you...
Going faster now....

OOooooooh..feels good.Feels so good....AH!I've found something special...seems like...like I found ...

My sweet spot....oooooh I massage it and ....pussy dripping down onto my bed......

Oooh FUCK!!!It feels so good!!!
PLease....Oh...I wish you could touch me...Oh...Ooooooh

Its building ....so sweetly building...My body is hot and i' burning consumed by my passion..

Ah...I'm so close...Roger...roger..Watch me cum for you...I'm dripping...and my pussy's clamped tight around my fingers...OOooooh!Ooooh...yes....yess...roger..I'm cumming...cumming and I can't stop.....Mmmm...Mmmm...

But now its over..The throbbing only a slight reminder of an extraordinary moment that's now past

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