bad girl

Saturday, December 17, 2005 at 11:05 PM

You’ve been such a naughty girl.
You’ve been touching yourself when I wasn’t here.
Look at you, you dirty little girl, naked there on the bed.
Don’t try to deny it, I know you weren’t just sleeping.
I can smell the scent of your arousal.
I know you’ve been masturbating.
Were you fucking yourself with your vibe?
I notice you didn’t have time to put it away.
Did you come?
Did you cum all over that vibrator, imagining some guy fucking you?
hmmm… I don’t think you did - I seem to have interrupted you.
Such a bad girl.
You know what this means, of course.
I’m going to have to tie you up.

I’m going to have to punish you.

Turn around.
Put your hands behind your back.
That’s it, wrists together.
Whilst I tie them.
Is that too tight?
Good, I want it tight.

Now get on your knees, on the bed.
Bend over.
All the way.
Your head down on the bed.
That’s it.
I want your ass up high.
Just in case I decide to spank you.

mmmm look at you.
Spread your thighs.
That’s it.
I want to see you.
ahhh god, look at that…
You’re wet…
You’re loving this, aren’t you?
Dirty little slut.
Let’s see just how wet you are…

Slipping my fingers between your thighs.
Don’t wriggle now.
If you wriggle, I’ll spank you.
I said don’t wriggle.
Did that smart a little?
It’ll be harder next time, if you don’t behave.

ahhh god you’re dripping over my fingers
Especially when I stroke you…
Like this…
Tracing my fingertips over your slit…
Dipping my fingers into your wetness…
Dragging it up…
Up towards your clit…

And rubbing…


ahhh delicious…

God you love that, don’t you…
Do you want me to fuck you…?
Do you want me to slide my cock deep inside you…
I’m very hard now…
Hard from watching you…
Hard from touching you…
Very, very erect…

Do you want me to fuck you, dirty girl…?
Is that what you want?
Do you want my hard cock deep in your dripping wet cunt…?
Do you want me to fuck you, hard…?
Then you’ll have to beg me…
Beg me to fuck you…
Beg me to make you come…
Tell me what a dirty little slut you are…


With this like this it should be you who starts doing audio posts!
; )

er... "things like this" it was supposed to say.
It seems I've been awake far too long and am no longer coherent.

Hi Jen - I've often been asked to do audio posts, but to be honest, I've always been too worried about being recognised by someone who knows me. Just imagine a soft voiced English guy, and you'll be right there ;)

Oh yeah that works for me soooooooo well. That pretty much sums up my fantasy, being caught, being punished, being fucked.

ohhh, yes please...

storm - glad you like it ;)

nez - mmm, good girl... x

I am a dirty little slut... fuck me dirtyboy, fuck my cunt till I come all over your warm hard cock...

I am your dirty little girl, your slut, I need you to fuck me, please, fuck me dirtyboy, please, I'll be good, I promise, god, I just need to feel your hot hard cock inside me...

DLB, bring the rope. Don't bother with the lube. I'm wet enough.

psy - good girl - exactly the reply I wanted...

dirtylittlegirl - ahh, such a good girl, just what I wanted to hear

Because you've both been such good girls, you'll be rewarded in my next post, I promise xx

suze - mmm, so eager to be tied up - such a dirty girl - and yes, I can see how wet you are... I think you might enjoy the next post too ;)

Ohhh now there's a memory LOL the audio post comment, yes maybe you should do one ;o) hehe xxx

thinking back to old times, beautifullychaotic? ;) Not that you need my attention these days, naughty girl ;)
And I'm sure an audio post would be very popular, but I think it's just too risky - I might do a password protected one some time, just for invited readers, but don't hold your breath lol ;)

i'm your dirty little slut, dirty boy! your dirty little slut!

and with your soft spoken english voice, i'll restrain from moaning just to hear you cum...

just fuck me, dirtyboy!

*misses you*

paige, there's absolutely no reason to be missing me, I'm right here - and over the xmas there are going to be a number of short and dirty posts like this so keep checking in for more (Paris resumes the first week of January).

and yes, I'll fuck you, since you begged so nicely - check out the next post in a couple of days ;)

Please dirtyboy, please fuck me hard. I'm glad you caught me. I need to be punished.

you do indeed need to be punished, wonderwoman. You're such a bad girl.
Though I rather like that ;)

Your fingers slipping deep into my dripping cunt. I'm so wet, so filled with an insatiable hunger to have your hard erect cock inside me.

I moan as you continue to stroke and finger me, unable to take anymore. The binds holding my wrists firmly, preventing me from turning around and just taking you right there.

"God Roger, please, I need you to fuck me! I need to feel you inside" I plead.

"I'm such a dirty little slut, fuck me hard, make me come, my juices running down your hard cock, please.. Roger.."

ahhhh sarah...
that's absolutely perfect, precisely what I wanted to hear...
move onto part two, you've earned your pleasure, I'm going to fuck you deliciously x

I will NOT beg for you to fuck me, I will NOT ask to feel your cock sliding into me so deliciously. I will NOT beg you to fuck me, to feel your warm spunk deep inside of me.

Ahhhh! But its so hard to resist! Feeling your fingers inside of my cunt, teasing me!


You don't play fair roger. You hit all my weak points, domination, being tied up, punishment.


Fuck me roger! Please! Please!! *I can't hold out much longer!!!!!*

I want- no- NEED to feel you inside of me! Please! I'm a dirty little slut, I know, and I need you so bad!!


sexkitten - yes, you are a dirty little slut, and such a greedy girl too - I think you need to be punished - go read the next post, dirty girl... and next time, if you refuse to submit to me immediately, I'm just going to have to spank you.

Mmmm...I read this post three times, playing with myself and feeling like a very dirty little slut indeed.
It's everything I hunger for, being tied up with thin strips of red silk and given a good hard spanking.You watching me, smiling, enjoying my eagerness.
I beg you to fuck me, hard.Plead with you to look down and see how very wet I am, how wide open my pussy is.I'm trembling with desire, and begging you to fill my aching cunt with your throbbing cock.
Oh, such a delicious orgasm your words just gave me.Thank you.

very much my pleasure caroline - you are indeed a very dirty little slut for me ;) x

OMG!!! Roger, how many times can a dirty little slut cum in one day? I've got to stop reading...........just for today though. Whew!!

I think I'm addicted!!


Just so long as you remember to come back and enjoy me some more ;) Have you thought about filling in the questionnaire and sending it to me? I'd love to know what you've enjoyed now that you've discovered me, and I think you might find the questionnaire fun to complete ;)

I am a slut. I'm your dirty fucking slut.

I want you inside of me now.

Hard and throbing.
I want you to fuck me.
I want to feel you hot and want to feel you pounding inside of me.

Punish me baby.
I started without you.
Fuck me now.

Please baby don't leave me here. Don't leave me here wanting you. Begging for it.
I want you to fuck me now. Pleeeaaaaseee. UGH.

fuck me.


ohhh Sweet... such delightful, urgent begging... such a little slut for me... xx

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