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Saturday, August 20, 2011 at 3:07 AM

Hello you xx

Apologies for my absence, it's been a busy couple of months, but I'm now ready to plunge back into the blog - initially to complete 'The Game', which I know a few of you have been waiting eagerly for ;)

In the meantime, let's have some decadent fun to warm the place up again (and give me some delightful inspiration). We haven't done this for a couple of years, so I think it's time for a new audio contest (mmmm).

Firstly, the prize: the winner of the contest will receive an audio post from me, where I'll read your favorite post. It'll be read slowly and sensually to you, I'll say your name and no-one else but you will hear it. It's only for you, a little something intensely sexy to take to bed with you.

To win the prize: all you need to do is to me an erotic audio file that will arouse me intensely. I want you to masturbate for me delightfully... I want to hear you cum for me... and this year it'd be extra fun if you can try to describe to me what you're doing, just to add a little extra kink ;)

Some guidelines:

1. The winner will be the audio that I like the best. It's hard to define what I mean by this, but if you make me cum it's fair to say you're in with a very good chance of winning! I won't be showing any favouritism, this is open to all of you, and I'll be as fair as I can be.

2. The audio can be as long or as short as you please.

3. I'm not going to be judging your orgasms. No need to fake a huge orgasm - just do whatever you would do normally. The more real it is, the more intimate and intense it'll be for me. I want to hear what you normally sound like when you masturbate, when you reach orgasm... that's what'll excite me. xx

4. To prevent cheating I'm going to ask you to say my name somewhere in the audio, so that I know you recorded it especially for me. For the new readers, my name is Roger (pleased to meet you!). There's probably extra points if you say my name just as you're about to come ;)

5. You'll need sound recording software - I recommend Audacity (it's free), though any sound recording software would be fine. Test the sound recording before you begin, to make sure it's working!

Using Audacity is easy:
a) plug in your mic
c) press the big red 'record' button, lay back, and have fun ;)
d) when you're done, press the 'stop' button
e) select 'File>export as wav' (this bit is very important!) and save it - it'll probably be a very big file

6. My email address for the files is:
For large files (anything bigger than 9MB) use Yousendit, which is a means of sending large files via the net. It's safe, very secure, completely free, and no-one else will see the file but me.

7. I'll be announcing the winner by Sunday 11th September at the latest, which gives you about two weeks. If you don't want your name announced in my blog should you win, please let me know and I'll make up a discreet pseudonym for you.

8. It goes without saying, I hope, that any files sent to me will be kept very discreet and strictly confidential.

I'm so looking forward to hearing you, and good luck!

lovely big hugs
roger x


Loving your style :)

Guys pay a fortune to hear a woman cum on the phone and here you are getting women to do it for free for you and including your name .

Damn I should have thought of that !!

I've always been a disgraceful voyeur, I'm happy to admit, and these occasional contests are often popular, it gives the chance for the exhibitionists to be playful and have fun with me. I also adore hearing my readers come for me, it's intimate and gorgeously sensual, and it excites me a great deal - and it's safe to say those taking part enjoy it a great deal too ;) xx

Hmm I don't think it would be entirely fair if I entered... I could just send you one for the fun of it ;)You , Roger my darling, are one lucky man. x

Just because you've entered before, that doesn't mean you can't enter again - this should be as much about the participation as it is about the prize, after all ;) x

Haha, this is so very Roger! I wonder if I could get people to do this over at my place… bears thinking about! Hope you get some delightful filth to fill yours ears.

I definitely have no objection to you stealing the idea, so long as you save it until mine is done ;)

I think I would have to try just to see if I can make you cum, regardless of the prize.

Well, I was going to ask the menfolk, whereas - just a stab in the dark here - I rather think you're mainly going for us girls… But, I shall wait! Blogger's honour or whatnot. Enjoy! ;) x

K - I'd definitely love it if you were to make me cum. Given what a disgraceful voyeur I am, it's safe to say that every audio I receive is likely to make me cum delightfully ;)

Blast. Of course I would find this post on the last possible day to enter. Oh well, maybe next time.

Don't let me stop you - I'll happily extend the deadline ;)

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Well seeing the date of this blogpost I suppose it's safe to assume the deadline is long past... Blast, I just had to discover your blog after it was too late... lol oh well maybe next time ;)

Oh, it's never too late to send me an audio - the closing date for the contest is way passed, of course, but I'd still very much love to hear you cum for me x

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