the shop - part two

Thursday, July 21, 2005 at 11:56 PM

Here's the second part of the fantasy, again exactly as I typed it for the email to katie...

The Shop - part two
a sexual fantasy for katie

(continuing from where we left off, so you might want to re-read the last paragraph or two of part two to catch up...)

You know you're gonna have to come soon, your clit throbbing and pulsing deliciously. You stand up again to face the girl, sliding a gentle hand around her neck and pulling her close, kissing her sensually and slowly, your lips brushing gorgeously against hers, your tongue exploring her mouth, a long, passionate kiss. You slide a hand up to cup one of her breasts as you kiss her, squeezing and caressing it, teasing the nipple with your fingertips, your other hand sliding down between her legs, stroking her clit in rhythm with each long thrust of my penis into her cunt, spreading her wetness over and around her clit.

It's all getting too much for her - as you bend down and take one of her breasts into your mouth, she groans deliciously: "ohhhh god... ohh fuck you're gonna... uunnhh... you're gonna make me come...". You suck a little harder on her nipple, stroking her clit a little harder, a little faster, and she moans again: "ohhh fuck yes... ohh god don't stop...".

One of her hands slides around your bum, squeezing and caressing your buttocks, her other hand nudging between your legs from behind, finding your cunt, sliding two fingers deep inside you, then a third, her fingers fucking you deliciously, and you groan with pleasure, your wetness flooding from your cunt, pouring down her fingers. You feel yourself about to come, somehow holding it back, rubbing her clit harder and faster, wanting her to come first.

She's so close to orgasm now - she pushes back hard onto my erection, and I suddenly feel her wetness gushing along the length of my erect penis. I realise she's almost there - I thrust hard and deep into her cunt, over and over again, a warm, wet splash accompanying each thrust of my cock, sliding deeper and deeper inside her as you rub harder around her clit, her body starting to tremble, her senses racing towards orgasm.

god... this is getting me hot already...

You slide both your hands up to her breasts, cupping them, bending down again to take an erect nipple into your mouth, sucking it deliciously, licking around her nipple, your fingers drifting back down between her thighs, rubbing again at her throbbing clit, harder... faster... it's all she can take - her body tenses, then begins to shudder deliciously - she cries out: "ohhh god... ohh god I can't hold it back..."

You slide down her body, wanting to taste her as she comes - you crouch down between her open thighs, your face down between her legs, sliding your tongue up to her clit, sucking on it deliciously. She cries out again: "ohhh FUCK yes..." - her wetness suddenly pours from her cunt, gushing down the length of my cock as I fuck her, splashing onto your tongue as she starts to come, crying out: "OHHH FUCK... OHHH GOD YES... ohhh god I'm COMING... I'M COMINNNGGGGG... >UUUUUNNNNNNNNNHHHHH!<"

Your tongue laps up her wetness as it floods from her cunt, one of your hands now down between your legs, rubbing your clit hard and fast, bringing yourself closer and closer to orgasm, your wetness pouring from your cunt as you masturbate frantically. You hear me groan: "ohhh god... ohh god katie, I'm gonna come...". You slide your hand up to my balls, stroking them deliciously - I groan again: "ohhh god yes... ohhh god that's it..." - my cock suddenly slips out of her cunt with a wet splash - you look down between her open thighs, my erect penis sliding out between them, inches from your face, hard and throbbing, dripping with her wetness.

You know I'm about to come - you slide your hand around my cock, slipping it up and down my wet penis, sliding your mouth down over my cock, sliding your tongue around the tip of my penis, sucking and licking - it's all I can take - my orgasm starts to pulsate through my body deliciously - I cry out: "ohhh god katie... ohhh god I'm cominngg... I'M COMINNNG... >UUUUNNNNNNNNNHHHH! < UNNHH! UNNNH! UUNNH! UNNH! UUNNH!" - a hot stream of spunk gushes into your mouth - you pull back, wanting to see it - still rubbing my cock, you see another long string of cum spurting from the tip of my penis, splashing onto your face, followed by another spurt, and another, spurting onto your face and breasts - it's all you can take - your wetness gushes over your fingers as you come frantically, crying out deliciously: "ohhh FUCK yes... OHH GOD... THERE... >NNNNNNNNNNNNHHHHH!< NNNHH! NNNH! NNHH! UNNH! NNNH!"


that got me really hot really quickly...

I'd love to write more but I really need to come.... I'm stroking my cock right now... ohh fuckk... ohhh god katie... ohh god that's it Im gonna come...

fuckkkk yesssd

god... (phew!)...

really big one there... wow.... just getting my breath back...

hope the story made you come too... more to come in part three, if you're still enjoying this... for now I definitely need to clean up here...


more to follow......


mmmmm... couldn't quite make it to part 3. I came exactly when she did, imagining Katie's hands and mouth on me, and your gorgeous cock inside me. So picture me here, heart still pounding, fingers wet, thighs wet, keyboard kind of sticky now too. I'm sleepy, smiley, relaxed. All your fault. Thanks.
strawberry, August 24th, 2004

entirely my pleasure, and thankyou too
roger (deeply aroused, re-reading the above right now) xxx
dirtyboy, August 24th, 2004

Isn't it delightful that your own writing can turn you on so much? Think of me when you come. For reference, I'm now squeaky clean, minty-fresh, going to bed. G'night. x
strawberry, August 24th, 2004

sweet dreams strawberry x
dirtyboy, August 24th, 2004

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