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Tuesday, November 01, 2005 at 11:14 AM

Apologies for the long wait for a new post - a combination of a very busy week followed by a grubby dose of flu. You'll be pleased to hear that Paris resumes with Chapter Two in the next post (prepare yourself for delightful fun between myself, the delicious girl on the train, and my new maid, the story spread, as ever, across a few shorter segments - I think you'll like it ;)

For now, however - lay back on the bed and relax - you've been patient and waited for me all this time, and I think you deserve a little special attention...

I look at you laying on the bed, naked, soft, already aroused, wanting me, and I smile at you, sat next to you on the bed, also just as naked as you, my own arousal obvious between my thighs, my erection full and hard, enjoying looking at you, very much needing to touch you...

I roll you over onto your tummy, slipping astride your bottom, my hands drifting up your back as I ease down onto you, my hard cock nestling between your buttocks, loving the sensations as you teasingly squeeze your buttocks around my cock, letting me know how much you want me. I lean over to the side of the bed, finding a bottle of scented oil, flipping open the cap and pouring a little into my palms, warming it in my hands, then sliding them across your back, hearing you gasp gently as I slide my warm, wet hands all the way up your back, across your shoulder blades, up to your shoulders, massaging you gently, softly, easing that tension from your body, rubbing and stroking over your shoulders, trailing my fingers down your spine, pressing my cock between your buttocks as I rub, stroke, gently soothe...

Picking up the bottle again, I sprinkle more oil over your back, sliding my hands across your warm skin, your body becoming more slick, my fingers stroking, soothing, caressing, sliding across your back, around your ribs, slipping briefly underneath you to cup your soft breasts, slipping over them with my warm, wet hands, briefly flicking across your hardening nipples, hearing you gasp with delight, then sliding my hands to your back again, picking up the bottle, splashing a little more oil over your bottom, letting a little more sprinkle over my warm erection, until my cock is wet between your buttocks, moving slowly between them, my hard, wet penis slipping and sliding between your cheeks, rubbing gorgeously against you as my hands massage your back, your neck, soft, warm, slick with oil...

I lift up from you for a moment, asking you to roll over onto your back, and smile at you again, settling astride your hips, and you return the smile, your gaze wandering down my naked body, settling on my very erect penis, hard, throbbing, wanting you, the shaft of my cock glistening with oil as I reach for the bottle again, flipping open the cap, smiling at you wickedly, and splashing a generous amount of oil over your breasts, your tummy, lifting up a little to splash more over your upper thighs, then turning the bottle towards me, dripping a long spurt of oil down my naked body, over my chest, my tummy, dribbling over my cock.

I put the bottle down, and lean over you, kissing you softly, sensually, my lips caressing yours, and you gasp as you feel my slick, wet skin slide against yours, moving against you as we kiss, wet sounds splashing from between us as we push and move against each other, wet, slippery, skidding and sliding together, my bare chest slipping against your breasts as we embrace sensually.

You're moving against me more urgently now, so aroused, wanting me, needing me inside you - you slide a hand down, finding my cock, slipping your fingers around it, warm, hard, wet in your hand as you begin to stroke me, hearing me gasp with pleasure as you masturbate me, rubbing and stroking along my hard, wet penis, throbbing deliciously in your hand as my kisses trail across your cheek, down your neck, licking and sucking a little greedily, biting onto your neck gently, wanting to leave a mark, wanting to claim you as mine...

You part your wet thighs around me, needing me inside you, needing me to fill you, my slick, wet body slipping against you, your hands sliding around my back, down to my bum, pulling me against you now, feeling the hard shaft of my erect penis slipping and sliding against the lips of your cunt, not entering you yet, rubbing and stroking against you, the head of my cock skidding rhythmically against your sensitive clit as our wet bodies push and move, wanting, needing...

I can't wait any longer - I need to be inside you - I need to fuck you - I kiss you passionately, sliding the head of my cock down, feeling your labia part invitingly around my swollen penis, and with one long, slow, deep thrust, I slide my cock deep into your cunt, thrusting all the way inside you, groaning with the first thrust, hearing you gasp with pleasure as my cock penetrates deep into your warm, wet cunt, filling you, already throbbing deliciously inside you, and you groan deliciously, wrapping your thighs around me, gripping onto me, pulling me in deeper, our bodies warm, wet, writhing together as I start to fuck you, my cock sliding in and out, in and out, harder, deeper, with each long thrust, your cunt so wet around my erection, sucking on me, squeezing me, drawing me in deeper, faster, your hands on my bum, pulling me in harder, wanting me to fuck you, needing me, needing my cock deeper inside you, pounding, fucking, thrusting so deep, so hard... ohhh god...

I'm getting so close, my erect penis throbbing insistently in your cunt, needing to come, needing to fill you with my cum, fucking you harder, long, deep, sensual thrusts, wanting to be deeper, lifting your ankles up over my shoulders, pressing down onto you, your body pinned under me now as I fuck you, my cock thrusting even deeper, grinding against you, our bodies slapping wetly together now, gasping, moaning, writhing, lips caressing lips, my hands slipping over your slick, wet breasts, skidding and sliding over your nipples, leaning over you and taking a nipple into my mouth, sucking, licking, biting on your nipple as my cock thrusts harder... harder... ohhh god... so good, so close... a pounding, insistent, relentless rhythm, fucking you, filling you, so hot and hard in your cunt, swelling, throbbing, thrusting, again, and again, and again... and ohhh god you can't take much more, arching up to me as my lips feast greedily on your breasts, tugging at your nipples, my hands under your bottom, pulling you up onto me, ramming my cock harder into you, taking you now, fucking you so deep, groaning with each thrust, throbbing, pulsing... my cock so hot inside you, sliding deeper, harder... and ohhh god you can't take it any more... ohhh god you're gonna come... you feel your body start to convulse, arching, your cunt engulfing my cock, feeling every inch of me as I thrust... and thrust... and thrust...

and ohhh god that's it - you start to come, hard, groaning with pleasure, crying out my name, clinging onto me desperately, your cunt squeezing and pulsing around my throbbing cock, your body shaking intensely, a gush of your wetness suddenly streaming down my erection, pouring over my balls, convulsing... ohhh fuck... and your orgasm triggers mine - I can't hold it back any longer - I groan intensely, my cock pulsing hard inside you, and I cry out, pleasure pulsing through me as I feel the first long spurt of cum splashing inside you, spurting hard from my cock, filling you, ohh god and again, another spurt splashing deep inside you, and another, crying out your name, feeling you convulse in delicious orgasm, clinging onto me as each splash of spunk spurts into your cunt, again... again... again... ohhh god... filling you... filling you with all my cum... ohhh god...


Mmmmm.....the smell of sex and massage oil imbedded in my thoughts...


ahh.. you naughtily make us wait.. but it is always worth it...very deliciously sexy


So slick, so wet, so very hot, I could feel every inch of you. Very nice...

A very big welcome back!

*Sigh,* Mmhhmmmm, thank...you! *lazy satisfied smile*

siren - I'm very pleased you enjoyed it x

rhiannon - it's very much a pleasure to make you come so deliciously x

swanseagirl - worry not, Paris Chapter Two imminent...

dirtylittlegirl - thankyou - and that's the way I wanted you to feel x

jen - thankyou (hugs) x

fae - it was a pleasure ;) x

mmmmmm...:)...welcome back indeed....
I've tried this one before...;)
...and swear by it ;)....

OH MY GOD! I have to admit that I am absolutely addicited to your stories! I read them at work sometimes and they get me so excited that I can't help but touch myself. I wish I was there with you so you could feel how wet you have made me. MMMMMM, I want more!

Nyrala - yep, oil is definitely fun ;)

lynn - I'm glad you're having a good time ;)
please don't get caught at work reading my stories though! And lots, lots more to come, I promise x

mmmm totally worth the wait.. will have to try oils some time. sounds great..
still very much looking foward to the next part of 'paris', cant wait :)

Oh Rogy... I missed you... my fingers are damp and numb... and a little shaky... God, if you could watch what your words do to me...

*sliding up next to you and breathing in your ear "Thank you"


sarah - you should definitely try oil, it really is fun (messy, but fun lol).

Kitten - it's always a delight to make you come - though if you slide up next to me, I'm going to feel compelled to pull you astride me ;) xx

ohhhh, Roger

yes - ohh yes. unhhhhh. mmmmmmmm.


god that was so good

i came...hard

i needed that, thank you roger

bo - lovely to see you enjoying it so much ;)

nymph - mmm good, I very much wanted you to come - glad it worked for you x

hate to be impatient.. and is a great excuse to look through the archives but was just wondering when to expect the eagerly anticipated next post? im very much looking foward to it lol. :-)

yes, I really have to apologise for the lengthy delay. largely down to a busy work period followed by horrendous flu - though chapter two should begin tomorrow x

This is just what I needed before heading to bed to masturbate....so erotic....Thank you....M

Wow... I've been reading (and re-reading) your posts for a while now, (although only just got round to registering) and my God you're amazing... I now seem to spend most of the time I'm at the computer, wishing I wasn't and was able to relax into a nice, hot bath with your stories in my head...
Samara xx

Samara, it's a pleasure to finally meet you x
Hope you keep reading - and in the meantime, would you like me to join you in the bathtub...?

oh my, you made my pussy so damn wet.


thankyou - it's a pleasure to turn you on so much x

dirty girl - it's a pleasure to make you come so deliciously, glad you enjoyed it x

So good...writhing around cumming to your words is wonderful.

U made me soo wet

Mmmmmhhhh.......it made me cum......

I'm delighted to hear it. I very much enjoy making you come ;)

You made me so wet thank you

You made me so wet thank you

You made me pussy dripping wet thank you

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