London 5 - Sophie and the film collector

Sunday, September 16, 2007 at 6:27 PM

For those of you who like to read it all in one go, here's the collected fifth (and final) chapter of 'Sophie in London'. There's lots more Sophie to come, of course - after this chapter, I'll be taking Sophie and the artist to 1935 Hollywood for another five chapter adventure, for which this is (kind of) a prequel.

This one takes a little time to set up the sex, but stick with it, as it gets more explicit and intense the further you go - though if you want to skip the story and get straight to the dirty stuff, it gets going rather explicitly next to the photograph of the cinema. Whichever way you decide to enjoy it, I hope you have fun ;)

roger xx

London 5 - Sophie and the film collector

James was a rich man, having made a substantial fortune from his movie production investments. He was a long time friend of Sophie's father, and whenever she was in London, she made a point of visiting him at his large Holland Park house to enjoy his company. There had never been anything sexual between them - Sophie had known him since she was a child, and to this day she still affectionately referred to him as 'Uncle James'. He had become used to it, enjoyed it, and never corrected her. As Sophie had grown up, their relationship had changed a little, become a little more flirtatious, but it was never anything that Sophie had taken seriously, simply the natural consequence of an older man entertaining a platonic friendship with a beautiful young woman.

It would never have occurred to Sophie to attempt to seduce her Uncle James. Even now, here in his charming company, enjoying a glass or two of wine with him by his beautiful art deco fireside, they talked about art and movies and philosophy, with barely a hint of any sexual tension between them. When Sophie had excused herself from the artist for the evening, she had simply told him that she was visiting her Uncle James - a sexual liaison was the last thing on her mind.

For James, maintaining the innocence of the relationship was more difficult. He had wanted Sophie for some considerable time. Although he had seen her growing up, there had been gaps in their friendship - when Sophie's father had finally returned with Sophie to Paris, after a number of years in London, James didn't see her for five years. When she next visited him, she had changed from an awkward teenager to a remarkably attractive woman, and subsequent years had simply added to her beauty, her sensuality.

James had also become aware, through discreet enquiries, of her growing prominence in the decadent social circles of Paris - of how her cafe had become the place to be seen in Montparnasse, and of the rumours of her large sexual appetite amongst the regulars at her cafe. He told himself that he made these enquiries simply to ensure that she was safe and well, but as he found out more about her rather disgraceful Parisian lifestyle, he found himself becoming envious of the men who had known her, envious of the sexual liaisons he knew they had enjoyed with her. More than anything, he ached to be one of the men at her cafe, arriving there anonymously, invited into her bedroom, allowed to taste her exquisite delights.

He had enjoyed intense and explicit sexual fantasies about her for years.

Sophie, of course, was unaware of this, and James disguised it well. He knew that nothing would ever come of it, and had long ago reconciled himself to the notion that their platonic relationship would have to satisfy him, that his lust for her would remain unrecquited. Had Sophie known that the very night before joining her sweet Uncle James for a relaxing evening by the fire, he would be masturbating urgently, alone in his bed, imagining the most intimate and intense sexual pleasures with her, she may have perhaps taken the artist along with her, to deflect his attentions. She might also have thought twice about wearing the red silk dress with the deep plunging cleavage, with the daringly high slit up the side, revealing far too much of her long, stocking-clad thighs. It had been an unexpected gift from Uncle James, couriered to her Russell Square apartments the night before, and the thought that it might arouse him to see her wearing it for him never crossed her mind.

Sophie, like most beautiful women, never really appreciated quite how good she looked, or truly understood the effect she could have on a man. James had been aroused from the first moment he greeted her at his door. The dress clung to her, accentuating ever curve, exposing more of her than he had ever seen before. Each time she leaned a little forward in her chair by the fire, to pick up her wine glass, the dress almost slid away from her breasts. It was inevitable that, whilst in such a heightened state of arousal, he would almost unconsciously turn the conversation to matters of a slightly more sexual nature...

"I always love coming to see you, Uncle James," Sophie smiled, sipping at her wine, "and this house seems to grow a new wing each time I visit! It must cost you a fortune!"

"I can afford it, Sophie," James replied, taking another brief glimpse at Sophie's generously displayed cleavage as she looked admiringly around the room. Each time she moved, each time she turned, her body shifted gorgeously through the silk of the dress. James had very deliberately bought her one that would need to be worn without underwear. The dress was completely backless, and the deep plunge at the front almost reached her belly. Not many women could carry it off, but Sophie looked stunning. As much as James wanted to look at her, he knew he couldn't be seen to be lascivious - but as Sophie casually crossed her legs, opening up the generous slit up the side of the dress, revealing a hint of bare flesh at the top of her stockings, it was all James could do not to moan with delight. He focussed back on the conversation, trying to keep cool. "I've been lucky with my choice of investments. Musicals and gangstar movies, that's where the real money is."

"You never did tell me how you became involved in movie production, Uncle James," Sophie said, getting up from her chair, strolling around the softly lit study, looking at the lines of bookshelves, absent-mindedly perusing his book collection. James watched her again, feeling himself throb a little as she reached up to push a book back into place on an upper shelf, the silk drifting across her perfectly shaped derriere, displaying the exquisite curves and contours. The line of the dress was smooth over her bottom - she clearly wasn't wearing any panties. "I remember my father telling me that you used to collect them, that you had a basement full of old movies."

"I still do," he replied, clearing his throat a little nervously. "I have my contacts. Getting into the movie business is all about doing the right favours for the right people - it's very insular, you see, you have to be prepared to lose a few of your morals to get ahead."

"I know what you mean," Sophie smiled, turning back to face him, moving back to her seat. "So what sort of favours would you have done to get involved in so many good deals?"

"Nothing particularly shocking," he replied, taking another nervous glance at Sophie's breasts as she sat down again, leaning over to put her wine glass on the table. Each time she leaned forward like that, the flimsy red silk barely covering her breasts opened delightfully, exposing them gorgeously. James bit his lip, trying to ignore his growing erection. "I... have a large film collection. Sometimes I loan them out, it can make a difference to a deal."

"You loan films to other movie producers?" Sophie said. "Don't they have resources of their own?" She leaned back in her chair, crossing her legs again. One of her stockinged thighs was now completely uncovered by the dress, and an inch or two of bare flesh above the line of her stockings was generously exposed. Sophie wasn't deliberately teasing him, she adored the dress and felt good in it, but James was now fiecely erect, his arms folded casually across his lap to disguise it.

"Well..." James replied, looking away again, trying to think of something else other than fucking her urgently in front of the fireplace, "some of my films are a little more... specialised... I cater for certain tastes, you understand." His legs were crossed, and James felt sure his erection was sufficiently disguised, but his arousal and the wine were now colouring his speech - he was revealing more to her than he intended.

"Certain tastes...?" Sophie smiled. "Whatever do you mean, Uncle James?" She leaned forward again to pick up her glass. James felt his erection pulse again. He returned her smile, becoming a little more careless in his arousal.

"Oh, I think you know precisely what I mean, Sophie."

"Do you mean stag films?" she asked, rather surprised by this sudden revelation.

"That kind of thing," James replied, taking another sip of his own wine, wondering how much he should tell her, suddenly caught in his indiscretion. "There's quite a market for them in film circles, you understand. You'd be surprised just how many of these famous movie directors film a few extra reels from time to time, for their own amusement. The right piece of film to the right producer can cement a deal with a studio very quickly. I act as an agent from time to time, so I've got a pretty sizeable collection."

"And these films are... sexual in nature...?" Sophie asked. She had heard talk of stag movies at her cafe, but was never convinced they actually existed, beyond one or two old Victorian curiousities.

"Yes..." James replied, trying not to look at her, torn between the embarrassment of admitting his vice, whilst at the same time finding that discussing it with her was increasing his arousal. "They vary in content, of course - some are little more than you'd see in your Parisian theatres, a little bare flesh and shot fairly innocently. But yes, some are sexual in nature..."

*You have movies in your collection of people making love?" Sophie asked. "Actually engaging in sexual relations?" This was fascinating to her. She was obviously no stranger to the delights of sex, but it had never occurred to her to see James in this light. He clearly had his own secrets, just as she had hers, and she was delighted by the revelation, wanted to tease a little more out of him.

"I do indeed," James smiled. "You seem intrigued, Sophie."

"Well," she laughed, blushing slightly, "I've been known to enjoy a little voyeurism of my own, I'm certainly not judging you, Uncle James. I'm just a little surprised. I never really thought you had it in you."

"It's not something I tend to discuss," he smiled. "But you know I've always been honest with you, Sophie. You asked, and I answered."

Sophie thought for a moment, leaning over again to pick up her wine, taking another sip. James did his best not to look, but he felt sure that he had all but glimpsed her nipple that time. He kept his legs firmly crossed, feeling his erection pulse again deliciously.

"I was wondering..." she began.

"You were wondering if you could see one." he replied, smiling again. "it's okay, Sophie, it's a question I'm often asked."

"To be honest," she replied, smiling a little, coquettishly, "I was actually just wondering if you had a favourite."

James laughed, blushing a little. "Why yes, I do, Sophie. I have a small number that I like to watch from time to time. I lack female companionship, for the most part, and I find they... comfort me."

"I want you to play one of those for me," Sophie answered, finishing her glass. "Show me one of your favourites, Uncle James, I'd like that."

"I don't know, Sophie," he replied, finding himself blushing again, "you understand, this is not people acting..."

"I'd like to see one," Sophie said. "I've known you all these years, and I've never known of these interests of yours. It's a part of you, and I'd like to see. Please believe me, I won't be shocked." She smiled again, and James returned her smile, raising his eyebrow.

"If you insist, for you Sophie, anything," he replied. "Have I ever shown you my little private movie theatre in the east wing?"

Sophie was delighted as James led her through to his little replica movie theatre. It looked just like a real cinema, with a large screen and red curtain drapes, half a dozen rows of cinema seats placed on a gently sloping floor, with space enough for perhaps fifty people - all this hidden away in a large room in the east wing of his house. Sophie was enchanted - it was so luxurious, so gorgeously lit, a magic little place, and he'd clearly spent a large amount of money to get the feel just right, to make it authentic.

James had arranged for his butler to change the reels in the projection room - Sophie raised her eyebrows at this, but James had retained the same manservant in his service ever since she'd been a child, and was clearly comfortable sharing knowledge of his more decadent tastes with his staff. Perhaps, Sophie wondered, he paid for their silence with access to the films when they required it - she was tempted to ask, but Uncle James had already revealed this little secret to her, and it seemed overly inquisitive to pry any further.

As they took their seats next to each other, on the back row of the little cinema, Sophie briefly glanced up to the small window high on the wall behind her, the light of the movie projector beaming from it. She couldn't hear anything, but knew that his butler must be in there right now, loading up the reels of film into the projector, preparing their evening's entertainment. Perhaps he'd be watching too. Did he always watch the movies when James was enjoying them? Did they both masturbate, mere feet away from each other, as they watched the explicit images moving across the screens, or was such a pleasure not to the butler's tastes? Did the butler ever glance through his window at his master on the seats down below, watching James as he brought himself to urgent orgasm?

Sophie put the thoughts out of her mind. She was beginning to imagine erotic scenarios featuring her Uncle James, and she really didn't want to entertain that kind of notion. She relaxed back into the seat, reassuring herself that this was simply about curiousity. And yet... here she was, sat at the back of a cinema, alone with him, about to watch explicit sexual activity in his company... what if they were both to become aroused? Perhaps this was a bad idea after all...

"Are you sure you're comfortable with this, Sophie?" Uncle James's voice snapped her out of her thoughts. He was smiling softly at her, but she could see that he was a little tense, feeling uncomfortable. Maybe it had been wrong of her to ask to see one of his films, but she'd meant only the best from it, had wanted him to see that she wasn't shocked by his indiscretion, that she still loved him the same. And she hadn't changed from that viewpoint - she was pleased that he had found something to enjoy, thought it was innocent and charming, but she was such an eager voyeur, she knew there was every chance that the film would arouse her. And what then?

But there was no way she could back out now - if she did, James would take it as a sign of her disapproval, it would be a huge embarrassment to him, and that was the last thing she wanted.

"I'm looking forward to it, Uncle James," she half-lied, gently. "You know how much I like sharing things with you. Please relax, I'm curious, and I want to enjoy this with you." She held his hand, squeezing it briefly, smiling at him and relaxing back into her seat, waiting for the movie to begin.

James, of course, was in complete turmoil, though hiding it very well. No matter how much he had fantasised about scenarios such as this, he knew nothing could happen with her. He couldn't touch her. If he attempted to do so, he was lost, he knew. The erection between his thighs told him otherwise, and the wine had loosened his inhibitions. He needed to keep control of his lust. Sophie couldn't be his. There was no way he was going to fuck her, no matter how much he needed it right now.

The lights went out, and the whirr of the movie projector began behind them, the screen lighting up as the film began...

Sophie had anticipated some kind of plot to the movie, something to perhaps establish a context for what they were about to watch, but it was clear from the start that this wasn't something that interested Uncle James. As the film began, the tone of the piece was established immediately. A darkened bedroom, two girls on the bed together, already kissing each other sensually, just a hint of light illuminating them from one source, casting shadows across them, emphasising the curves of their bodies, their beauty and sensuality. Already it reminded Sophie of her own experiences, of her darkened bedroom with its single window, the place where she had watched so many girls together, performing for her pleasure. Such voyeurism was a constant ache inside her - the need to watch, to enjoy without necessarily being a full participant, to masturbate delightfully, perhaps only later joining them on the bed, when she could take no more.

Even before the girls began to undress each other on the screen, Sophie could feel herself becoming wet.

Uncle James was silent next to her, but she could already sense his arousal. She had asked to see one of his favourites, so it was inevitable that it would excite him. Sophie was more aware of his presence now than she had ever been before.

On the screen, it took little time for the girls to become naked. They were young - for Sophie's tastes a little too young, perhaps 18 or 19 - but she couldn't take her eyes away from their exquisite bodies, firm and toned, smooth and sleek, their curves capturing the light so gorgeously. And the way they moved together - this clearly wasn't the first time they had been so intimate. Hands were everywhere, touching, exploring, their lips greedy, kissing passionately, a little urgently, as they moved and writhed together onscreen. Sophie had never seen a movie like this before - she kept expecting the images to fade, or the camera to pan up to the curtains discreetly, but it remained on them, staying with them, watching as their fingers teased and stroked, their touch becoming more intimate as each minute passed, the camera lingering on firm young breasts, lips licking and sucking over and around deliciously erect nipples.

The scene kept running, showing no signs of ceasing, and the images were becoming more explicit, and intensely sexual. Ten minutes in, and one of the girls was now on her back, the other girl half draped across her, rubbing herself against her, her hand firmly between the other girl's open thighs. Sophie could hear how wet she was, her pulse racing as she watched fingers sliding eagerly over dripping wet pussy lips, parting them, slipping easily inside, a tremor of the girl's thighs indicating her pleasure. Delightful gasps and groans from both the girls filled the little cinema theatre, threatening to overwhelm Sophie's senses. Beside her, she was sure she could hear Uncle James breathing a little more heavily, but she didn't dare look. Sophie was intensely aroused now, a warm wetness pooling between her thighs, her clit pulsing all by itself, demanding attention.

The images on screen were becoming more urgent, the girl on her back being finger fucked deliciously, intimate little splashes accompanying each thrust between her wide open thighs, pushing the girl closer and closer to orgasm. Sophie couldn't take much more. She needed to leave, or she was going to end up doing something she might regret. But she couldn't leave - she had brought this upon herself, and getting up to leave now would end up causing a scene, and would embarrass Uncle James. More than anything, she couldn't bear to hurt his feelings in that way.

And more to the point, she didn't really want to leave. She could see why James liked this so much. There was nothing fake about this, and no discomfort from the girls, they were clearly thoroughly enjoying themselves, intensely aroused, almost unaware they were being filmed. The girl on her back was so wet - Sophie could see a small trickle of wetness dribbling down from her cunt, her gasps and groans becoming more urgent, ringing around the small theatre now.

Sophie needed to touch herself, needed it so much. The cinema was dark, but she couldn't be sure that James wouldn't see. But she was so damn wet. She was moving in her seat now - very very carefully, almost imperceptibly, doing her best not to give anything away, but she was swaying in time with them, desperately needing to be on the bed with them. She heard herself gasp with pleasure, biting her lip, wishing and hoping that Uncle James hadn't heard her. And god she needed to come so much.

Hoping James's attention was completely on the screen, she slowly crossed her thighs, continuing to watch, crossing her ankles too, her thighs locked together, squeezing them, trying not to move too much, clenching them together rhythmically, squeezing her buttocks, keeping up the rhythm. She had rarely tried this, but she was so wet, so aroused, her clit swollen, pulsing, throbbing... she felt herself gasp again, trying to stifle it... rocking a little in her seat now... it was making little creaking noises under her, but she couldn't stop herself, clenching her thighs tighter, rhythmically squeezing... god she was so close... her hands gripping the arms of the seat, desperately trying not to touch herself... and then the girl on the screen began to come... suddenly convulsing, arching from the bed as the other girl's hand thrust deep into her cunt... the girl screamed with pleasure, and it was all Sophie could take... one of her hands grabbing the arm of the seat, her other hand suddenly clasped her breast through her silk dress, and she began to come, feeling herself convulse, unable to stop it, suddenly groaning with intense pleasure, the sound of her orgasm echoing around the theatre, betraying her, shuddering as she came, smaller convulsions rippling through her, again and again.

As she regained her senses, still pulsing, still riding the orgasm, Sophie was suddenly aware of her Uncle James, now looking directly at her, intensely aroused...

Delicious, thrilling convulsions were still rippling through Sophie as Uncle James looked at her. Her thighs were trembling uncontrollably, her clit still pulsing, throbbing, needing more. She'd done her best to stifle her orgasm, to remain quiet, but it had come out of nowhere, triggered by the girl on screen, taking Sophie by surprise, and it had been all she could do not to scream with pleasure. She suddenly realised how she looked to Uncle James, her face flushed, hair falling across it, breathing heavily, trembling delightfully, her hand clutching her breast through the red silk dress, her thighs clamped together, squeezing tightly, completely exposed by the long slit in her dress.

On the screen in front of them, the action was continuing, the two girls gasping and groaning gorgeously in their pleasure, but Sophie couldn't take her gaze off Uncle James - he was looking directly at her, breathing hard, surrendering to his lust, one of his hands between his thighs, rubbing himself through his trousers, his erection clearly visible, causing a large bulge in his crotch.

"Sophie..." he gasped. It was almost a plea.

She knew what he needed, what he desired. She could see in his face that he knew it was wrong, that he was fighting the impulse, afraid to take that final step. She had no idea, of course, that he had fantasised about seeing this so many times, had masturbated repeatedly whilst imagining watching her reach orgasm so exquisitely, and she had no real idea of the level of his desire for her. But she could see what he needed right at this moment. The evidence of his need was practically bursting out of his trousers. It still felt wrong to her - part of her was telling her to leave the room now, before they both lost all control - but her clit was still throbbing, aching to be touched. She was dripping wet between her thighs. The activity on screen was still heated and passionate, intensely sexual, driving her lust. She needed more, and Uncle James was intensely erect, needing her touch so badly, rubbing himself right there next to her.

And in that moment, she needed it. Needed his cock. Needed to be fucked. Needed to make him come. The wrongness of it, the breaking of this taboo, somehow excited her all the more. He was her Uncle James, and she needed to fuck him.

"Show me your cock..." she breathed, unable to stop herself saying it, wanting it now so much. James gasped, rubbing himself harder.

"god..." he replied, visibly trembling now, "say it again Sophie... please... say my name... god please I beg you..."

"Show me your cock, Uncle James..." she whispered, only now realising the true nature of his lust, no longer caring, suddenly realising the game they were playing, embracing the fantasy. James groaned in response, his fingers moving to the buttons at his crotch, unfastening them almost urgently, tugging his trousers a little way down, exposing his erection. He was huge, the largest cock she had seen in a long time, the head swollen and glistening, visibly throbbing as she looked at him. On the screen, one of the girls was making her way to another orgasm, and James was clearly very close too.

"May I suck you, Uncle James?" Sophie whispered, recognising her role, playing it to the full. "May I take you into my mouth...?" James groaned again, his cock pulsing, so erect, so delicious. Sophie leaned over his lap, knowing that he was looking down at her, aware that her breasts were now almost falling out of the dress, knowing that he had seen, wanting him to see. She took his hard cock in her hand, stroking him up and down once, twice... already he was pulsing hard... was he going to cum, so soon...? Sophie felt a rush of warm wetness between her thighs, desperate now to make it happen, opening her lips, engulfing the swollen head of his penis with her mouth, sliding her lips down over his erection, her tongue swirling over and around him, sucking, lapping at him deliciously. He groaned, long and loud, his hands suddenly in her hair, holding her there, his hips bucking as he thrust his cock deeper into her mouth... Sophie slid her hand down to his balls, caressing them, stroking them, and that was all it took... Uncle James cried out with pleasure, his erection throbbing hard, a hot jet of spunk suddenly splashing into Sophie's mouth, followed by another - she needed to see it, tugging him from her mouth, in time to see another long string of cum spurting from his cock, splashing wetly onto her face, and another, and another, James's cries echoing around the little cinema as he came so hard over her lips, her cheek... cumming all over her face, just as he had imagined in his fevered imagination, so many times...

and Sophie was so wet now, and she needed more, much more...

Sophie was breathing hard, James's erection still in her hand, his cock pulsing deliciously as the last of his orgasm rippled through his body. Thick drops of his warm spunk poured down from the head of his penis, dribbling over her fingers as she stroked him slowly, keeping him erect. Sophie could feel his cum on her face as she looked up at him, streaks of warm spunk dripping down her cheek. She smiled at him, sliding up his body, kissing him a little greedily, letting him taste his own cum, pressing her body against him, needing more, her hand still masturbating him gorgeously.

"Fuck me, Uncle James..." she breathed, looking at him lustfully. "I need you to fuck me..."

Sophie felt his cock throb again in her hand, defiantly erect. He was still intensely aroused, his penis slick and wet in her hand, warm cum dribbling down his length.

"god Sophie..." he breathed, "I need that... ohhh god..."

"Fuck me..." Sophie repeated, stroking his cock a little harder, "I need you inside me, Uncle James... I can't wait any longer..."

Sophie kissed him again, more urgently this time, her lips sliding across his, her tongue sliding into his mouth. James groaned, his hands sliding through her hair, unfastening her dress at the back of her neck. It slipped away from her breasts, sliding down to her belly, and James gasped as he looked down at her, seeing her half naked for the first time, his pulse beating quicker, sliding his hands over her breasts, groaning again softly as his fingertips traced over her hard nipples, kissing her again greedily.

Sophie smiled, rising from her seat, allowing the dress to slip to the floor, stepping out of it as he watched her. She was almost naked now, only wearing her stockings and shoes, and as she looked down at him, his hand slipped to his erection, stroking it, masturbating as he watched her, wanting her so much. Sophie turned away from him, bending over the back of one of the seats in front of them, pushing her ass out towards him, opening her thighs for him, inviting him, turning her head back to look at him. "Please fuck me, Uncle James..." she breathed, "I need it so much..."

On the screen in front of her, the two girls were becoming more frantic, one of them on all fours, the other girl behind her, her fingers deep in her cunt, fucking her with them hard. The girl on all fours was groaning urgently, her body trembling as the other girl pounded at her sex, so close to her orgasm, her cunt audibly wet, trembling and shaking gorgeously. Sophie couldn't watch any more - she was so wet, and the sights and sounds were going to make her come - she could already feel James standing behind her, his hands sliding to her hips, holding her in place, rubbing himself against her, his warm, wet cock sliding against her ass, the head of his penis slipping down, sliding between her thighs from behind, skidding deliciously against her dripping wet cunt. Sophie arched her back, pushing back towards him, and James groaned, his swollen erection parting her pussy lips, and pushing, at long last, slowly inside her.

Sophie could feel every inch of his hugely erect penis as it slid deeper and deeper into her cunt, filling her - she groaned with pleasure, pushing back onto him, her dripping wet cunt engulfing his cock, squeezing around him. Already, once again, his cock was pulsing, his body trembling as he fought the impulse to come, needing it so much, holding it back. Sophie was equally aroused - just the presence of him inside her was pushing her so close to orgasm, and the intense gasps and groans from the screen were pushing her closer still. She knew she wasn't going to be able to last long.

"Fuck me, Uncle James..." she gasped, feeling her juices already streaming down his length as he throbbed inside her, "ohhh god please fuck me..."

James groaned with pleasure, trying to hold back his orgasm, his penis pulsing so deliciously now, sliding deeper inside her, his hands slipping up her back, around her waist, reaching her breasts, cupping them, pinching her nipples softly between his fingertips as he began to slide in and out, in and out, gorgeous wet sounds accompanying each thrust, taking him closer and closer to the edge.

Sophie pushed back harder onto him... he looked down at her ass, so soft, so inviting... he'd fantasised about this so many times... Sophie as his dirty little slut, being bad for him, being taken by him, fucking her hard, using her for his pleasure. Bad little Sophie... as that thought rushed through his head, he felt himself throb hard in her cunt... he needed to punish her... god he needed that... needed to remind her what a bad girl she was. Sliding one of his hands back to her hip, clutching it, his cock throbbing harder in her cunt, he lifted his other hand, and slapped it down hard on her ass, striking her firmly.

Sophie cried out, her ass stinging with the spank, surprised and aroused in equal measure, turning her head back to look at him. "Uncle James..." she gasped, "what are you doing... oohhhhhhh!" She cried out as he spanked her again, harder this time, pleasure and pain rushing through her body, her clit throbbing in response.

"Dirty little girl..." he gasped, "dirty little Sophie... such a bad girl... such a little slut..." and he struck her a third time, a hard, stinging slap on her ass, the spank echoing around the little cinema, Sophie crying out with pain and pleasure, her cunt tightening around his cock, her juices threatening to gush over him. This wasn't Sophie's way - she was always the dominant one, she was always the one in charge, but she was moments away from her orgasm, and she needed it again. She could feel him pulsing hard in her cunt, and she could barely take any more.

"yes..." she gasped, "yes I'm your slut... please... ohh god please I'm gonna come..."

James groaned. "Dirty fucking slut..." he gasped, and he struck her again, another hard slap on her ass, and Sophie screamed with pleasure. It was all she could take - she felt his hand lift up again, but she couldn't hold it back any longer - she thrust her cunt back hard onto his pulsing cock, feeling the full length of his throbbing penis so deep, so hard inside her, and she began to come, began to convulse intensely, screaming again, her orgasm ringing around the small theatre, grabbing onto the back of the seat as she came, so fucking hard, shaking and convulsing as her cunt slid all the way down over his throbbing erection, a sudden rush of her juices splashing over his cock, streaming over his balls, James groaning in response, holding his erection deep inside her, as her cunt pulsated around him, so fucking wet, cumming so hard, all over his cock...

He was so close to his climax, but there was still one part of his fantasy that he hadn't yet reached... and as she shook deliciously in her orgasm, her ass looked so inviting...

James's cock was drenched, Sophie still cumming hard, her cunt pulsating around his throbbing erection as he thrust deep inside her, breathing hard, trying to hold back his own orgasm, his penis pulsing gorgeously as she gasped and groaned, impaled on his erection.

"I need you to cum..." Sophie gasped, "god I need you to cum..."

He felt himself throbbing harder, so close now, her voice urging him on. But he was deep in his fantasy now - dirty little Sophie, surrendering to his lust as he took her, and his fantasy always ended the same way. He needed it to end this way, he knew he may never get this chance again.

"Your ass, Sophie... I want to fuck your ass..." He could barely get the words out. Even just the thought of it was enough to take him to the edge. His cock was pulsing so hard, Sophie's warm, wet cunt still clutching him, slick and wet around him, but somehow he held it back, so hard now, so gorgeously erect.

Sophie could barely think. Her orgasm had been so intense, and she could still feel the convulsions, could feel her own wetness dribbling down the inside of her thigh as she bent over the seats in front of her, gripping onto them, needing more. She was trying not to look at the screen, but the sounds were ringing around the little cinema - one of the girls in the movie was cumming intensely, screaming with pleasure. Sophie glanced up, needing to see it - the girl's body was shuddering gorgeously as she convulsed into her orgasm, gripping onto the bed sheets, unable to stop. Sophie almost came again, but somehow held it back, knowing what James wanted, what he needed.

"Fuck my ass, Uncle James... god... fuck my ass... unnhh god... I need it... cum in my ass..."

She felt him throbbing hard inside her again - it was clear he was right on the edge. With a groan, James pulled his dripping wet cock from Sophie's cunt, sliding the swollen head of his cock to her ass, rubbing against it, smearing it with her own wetness. Sophie groaned, pushing back against him, greedy for it now, needing it.

"Push it in me..." she gasped, "don't wait... push your cock in my ass..."

He groaned again, the head of his penis pressing against her asshole - he was so wet, so hard, and as Sophie moved back against him, his penis slid so easily into her, Sophie grabbing onto the seat in front of her, gasping with the initial shock of his penetration, groaning as she felt his penis began to slide into her ass, filling her so deeply - he felt so big, so hard - he was barely halfway inside her, and she could hardly take any more.

"unnnhhh fuck..." she groaned, "Uncle James... uunnhh... you're too big... I can't... uunnnnhhhh" - he had already pushed all the way inside her, ignoring her plea, his erection filling her, throbbing, pulsing.

"I'm going to cum..." he gasped, "Sophie... god I'm going to cum..."

Sophie was breathing hard, right on the edge of her own orgasm, pushing back onto him, somehow taking him deeper. ""Your fingers..." she gasped, "push your fingers in my cunt..."

"fuckk..." he groaned, "god Sophie... say it again... say that again for me...". He had already moved his hand down to her dripping wet cunt, sliding his fingers over her wetness, feeling her part around his fingertips.

Sophie was right on the brink now, barely able to hold back, so full of his cock, her body trembling hard. "Push your fingers in my cunt, Uncle James..." she breathed, "make me cum... I need to cum...". His fingers suddenly slipped deep inside her, all the way, and he thrust them hard, in and out, in and out... it was all she could take... Sophie gripped the seat hard, and screamed with pleasure, pushing back hard onto his cock, her cunt suddenly gushing over his fingers, her body convulsing urgently as she came intensely, crying out his name.

James couldn't hold back any longer - he growled with pleasure, his penis pulsing so hard - and he began to come, grabbing onto Sophie's hips as his cum spurted deep into her ass, once, twice, tugging his cock out from inside her, another long spurt spraying up over her back, and another, and another, his hot spunk splashing over her ass as she came all over his fingers...

As they caught their breath, the film in front of them had finished, the small theatre still echoing with their orgasms, Sophie still trembling deliciously, looking back at James, sweat dripping down his face, smiling at him, shuddering a little as his fingers slowly slipped from inside her.

"Uncle James..." she smiled, feeling his cum slowly dribbling down her back, running over her ass, "I really had no idea..."

Sophie's adventures continue in 'Sophie in Hollywood', coming shortly...


Holy s**t !!!!!!! oh My God, Roger, you turn me on so much it is mindblowing !!!! What an awesome chapter !!!! I want to masturbate about that all so badly right now I'm going crazy..... Ohhhhhhhh GOD....
Wow. I want Uncle James in my life.

annie - always such a pleasure to arouse you so intensely - I hope you came for me gorgeously ;) x

roger, this was most delicious and i liked how innocently it started out. i liked the tension of lust that uncle james has for sophie. the dark movie theatre bit is also hot. who doesnt like being naughty in a public place? this one had me cummin with the laptop balancing on my knees....nothing like a mid-morning orgasm. thanks!

lady in waiting - mmm, I see you've been busy in my blog in the past couple of days - I like that ;) I'll answer your other comments too, naturally x
And I'm so glad I was able to make you come so gorgeously - obviously, I'm also partial to a little sex in public places too ;) x


I went away a long while, Roger, and I missed your writing a lot. Im back, and this is the first thing Ive read. Damn its good. I cant wait to go all the way back and read through. I love the intensity, the undeniable need to be fucked. God, Im so so wet. Keep em cumming, Roger ;)

dukky - it's lovely to see you back, hope you'll stick around for a while xx
It's always such a pleasure to make you wet ;)

Hi Dirtyboy, your blog is so " fucking delicious," I'm a virgin to your blog, but now I'm hooked, "beautiful... absolutely gorgeous."xx

indigo - thankyou - it's a pleasure to have you here with me - hope you're enjoying the archives ;) x

Hi Dirtyboy, I love to read about the lesbians, women on lovely sexy women, I love the female form.I have a blog.I'm new to the scene, blogging anyway, as for women Mmmm can't get enough..!

There's certainly an abundance of girl-on-girl erotica in here (given that's it's also one of my own favourite things - both watching and participating) so hopefully you'll find plenty to enjoy. If you're interested in a female perspective on such things (as well as my own posts), you might want to take a look at the current orgy taking place, most of which was written by my readers, with lots of delightful girl-girl couplings. There'll be more in my own posts too, of course, as I can never seem to get enough of it ;)


I have to stop're going to kill me....


mmmm... you're clearly having a good time today - which is obviously fun for me too - just try not to use all those archives up in one go, I promise they're not going anywhere ;)
But don't let me stop you, I'm here to make you come delightfully, after all... x Im a little sad that I was too chicken to get in on the orgy...I'd love for you to bend me over and fuck me from behind...mmm spank me hard and pull my hair...I need to cum again....please....


Then you'll be pleased to hear that I've extended the orgy for another week - so there's still time for you to slip in there and have fun with us, if you want to ;)
And as for your delightful request, I'd very much love to take you just like that... the following post might be just what you're looking for...

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