punishing the maid: another cyber roleplay

Sunday, July 31, 2005 at 12:24 PM

Here's the second of the cyber roleplay sessions with 'Kate'. Hope you enjoy...

kate: ok...then.....
kate: so, Mister roger, what's it going to be...
kate: how do you want me?
roger: hmmm....
roger: that depends - do you have the energy for roleplay, or shall we just slip into bed?
kate: I'd rather rp - I can't just slip into bed - I'm not wired that way
roger: in that case, let's go with the one I emailed to you.
kate: excellent - I LIKE it!
roger: You're in your room upstairs, I'm down here relaxing.
kate: (ok - and very quickly - what do I wear?)
kate: (so I know how to take it off....*grin)
kate: (or at least get it out of the way)
roger: today, a pretty maid's outfit, no panties, the rest I'll let you expand on
kate: Ok... black with white collar and cuffs
kate: short
kate: black stockings with suspenders, and high heels
roger: I'm quite rich in this one, so maybe a cream linen suit, fashionable, cool and sexy
kate: excellent
roger: yes, that's perfect x
roger: So what would you be doing (what ARE you doing) in your free time?
kate: if I'm a maid - then I'm definitely ironing in my room
roger: ironing what?
kate: your shirts
roger: I should think so too.
roger: which would give you a reason to come down to see me, once you've finished
kate: excellent
kate: or you can just ring for me
roger: I'm reading by the roaring fire, smoking as i relax
kate: Walking into the library with a shirt on a hangar in my hand
kate: Sir... One of your shirts has a red-wine stain on it, and I can't seem to remove it
roger: I'm sorry? (surprised)
kate: Sir, this shirt of yours... there is a red wine stain on it that I have tried to remove, but it just won't budge
kate: I've tried sponging it, bleach, everything - I'm terribly affraid that it is permanently ruined
roger: it didn't have red wine on it when I gave it to you
kate: I bend over to show you the stain, on the cuff.
roger: damn it kate, I've told you to be more careful
kate: You see Sir... it could have been dragged through something in the kitchen - I'm extremely sorry Sir
roger: so you bloody well should be.
roger: Where are the other two I gave you?
kate: The other two are perfect sir, I have ironed them and put them in your closet.
roger: sigh... go fetch them now, I want to check them.
kate: Yes, Sir
kate: *I run upstairs to fetch them and bring them down for your inspection*
roger: come on, don't just hold them up, I want to see them properly
roger: I've told you about this time and time again
kate: I lay each one across my arm and bend over so you can inspect it
roger: These aren't even ironed properly.
kate: *blushing a deep red* They ARE Sir.
kate: No creases on a hanger just as you requested
roger: rubbish. They're covered in creases. What do you do all day?
roger: I ask you to do this one thing for me.
roger: look, just forget the shirts, okay - I'm just trying to relax
roger: every time I get you to do something, you just don't do it right...
kate: I'm very sorry Sir, that my service doesn't come up to your expectations. I do apologize
roger: well, okay. I'll accept you apology if you get me a drink.
kate: Certainly Sir. What can I offer you?
roger: My usual.
kate: Sir, I'm afraid I am not familiar with what your "usual" is. If you could tell me, I would be happy to get it for you.
roger: sigh... kate, I'm sure you do this deliberately.
roger: Scotch and water please.
kate: Certainly Sir - with or without ice?
roger: Without ice.
roger: And please don't spill it.
kate: Yes, Sir. Immediately.
roger: thankyou
roger: (settling back into the sofa, slightly exasperated, but reading and relaxed again)
kate: *I go over to the drinks stand and pour the scotch using a measure, two parts of water and 3 ice cubes
kate: *I put the glass on a tray and bring it to you...
kate: Your drink Sir,
roger: sigh
kate: setting it down on a coaster on the table in front of you
roger: kate, there's ice in here
roger: are you being deliberately bad?
kate: I'm sorry Sir, I must have mis-heard you.
kate: * I take the drink back and make you a new one, without ice this time.
kate: *I return with the glass on a tray and place the glass on the table on the coaster in front of you
kate: I'm extremely sorry Sir, I apologize for being distracted....
roger: Thankyou. Come and sit down next to me, kate
kate: Sir? I look at you... not quite understanding what you've asked.
roger: I want to talk to you about your standard of work.
roger: First the shirt, then the drink - and this isn't the first time.
kate: I stand there, tray in hand.
kate: Again, Sir. I can't begin to say how sorry I am.
roger: And look at your uniform.
kate: *holding the tray away and looking down at the uniform
kate: Sir?
roger: I asked you to wear the maid uniform - you've added all these... extras...
kate: *I stand there uncomprehending - this was the uniform I was given, Sir
roger: I didn't ask for stockings and suspenders, kate.
roger: And I noticed you dusting this morning.
roger: You weren't wearing any knickers.
kate: *blushing... Sir...I...
roger: If my guests see you without underwear, I'll look foolish in front of them.
kate: Oh, Sir.... I wouldn't want that to happen.
roger: Do you have them on now?
kate: *blushing again... Um, no.. Sir. None at the moment
roger: Show me kate.
roger: Lift up your skirt.
kate: Sir?
roger: If you're going to dress like that, you clearly don't care if i see you. Lift up your skirt.
kate: Hesitantly I lift the side of my uniform up
roger: All the way, kate.
roger: Come on.
kate: Lifting it higher.....
kate: I am terribly sorry Sir. They were not required at my last place of employment...
roger: Well, I require them here. I've told you about punishment, when you don't follow my rules, haven't I?
kate: Um... no Sir. You haven't as yet.
roger: Well, perhaps it's time I did.
roger: When you're good, you can stay as long as you want, eat anything from the pantry, live rent free, and just do a little work for me now and again.
roger: When you're bad - when you ruin my shirts, when you get the drinks wrong...
roger: When you walk around like a little slut...
roger: Then I punish you, until you come over to my way of doing things.
roger: That's reasonable, isn't it?
kate: *blushing deep crimson.... Yes, Sir. It is very reasonable.
roger: Good, I'm glad you see it my way.
roger: You appreciate I'm going to have to punish you now.
kate: *Looking down at the carpet, unable to meet your gaze
kate: Yes, Sir.
roger: Good. Go stand by my desk. If you're good, this won't take long.
kate: Yes, Sir.
kate: * obey immediately and go and stand by your desk
roger: I get up from the sofa, and slip out of my jacket, placing it on the sofa.
roger: *and walk across to you.
roger: Bend over the desk, please, kate.
kate: *My eyes snap wide, I don't really understand what your asking me to do
kate: Sir? Excuse me, I don't understand...
roger: I'm asking you to bend over the desk, kate. I was very clear.
kate: *looking at you nervously
kate: * I lean my hands on the desk
roger: Further over, kate. Your head down on the desk, please.
kate: But Sir...
roger: *I open a drawer, and take out two slik scarves
roger: silk
roger: We agreed this when you moved in, kate - if i go easy on you now, you'll never learn. Please bend right over
kate: Yes, Sir... I say hesitantly as I bend over the desk, my head touching it.
roger: Wrists over the corners of the desk please. (I'm going to tie them to the legs of the desk).
kate: I stretch out my arms to the corners,.... breathing harder now... quite scared
roger: (I wrap a silk scarf tightly around one wrist, and tie it firmly to the desk). Now the other one.
roger: Give me your wrist
kate: * looking up at you.... please, Sir...
roger: Now kate - if you don't do what I tell you, the punishment will be much worse.
kate: *quickly, worried, I give you my other wrist
kate: Yes, Sir
roger: *I tie the other wrist firmly to the desk. It's very tight.
roger: Now push your bottom out a little more.
kate: *breathing hard now against the leather on the desk inlay....
kate: Um... Sir... it's very tight
roger: Just do it kate. Now. (*I lift your skirt up as i speak)
kate: I flinch at the tone of your voice and push my bottom out
roger: *I tug your skirt up around your waist.
roger: That's better.
roger: Spread your legs.
kate: I edge my legs apart a few inches - scared now, I'm starting to cry
kate: Yes.... Sir.....
roger: I slide my right hand slowly up your inner thigh.
roger: Wider, please, kate.
kate: *whimpering quietly, I spread my legs wider
roger: That's a good girl.
roger: *I slide my hand higher, gently working my way up
kate: Yes... Sir
roger: working
roger: I'm going to touch you, kate.
roger: Please don't struggle.
kate: *my legs tremble as I feel your hand on my skin....
kate: Sir....?
roger: My fingers drift up between your legs
roger: stroking softly at first
roger: There, you dirty girl... that's what men think about when you walk around with no panties on.
kate: *closing my eyes, unable to help feeling that your hands on my skin feels delicious
roger: Is that what you want?
kate: N-no... Sir...
roger: Do you want men to think about touching you? Touching you here? (stroking now)
kate: Oh....
kate: n-no Sir
roger: Then why do you do it, kate? Is it because you're a slut?
roger: *stroking rhythmically
kate: * I beging to sniffle and weep quietly on the desk
kate: Y-yes Sir
roger: Yes what, kate?
kate: Yes..... It's because
kate: *the feeling of you stroking me is confusing me... and driving me crazy
kate: It's because I'm .... a slut, Sir
roger: Yes you are a slut, kate
roger: I'm glad you understand that.
roger: Now I'm going to have to spank you.
kate: *gasping......
kate: Oh NO Sir!
roger: Kate, I've told you already, if you keep arguing like this, it'll be all the worse for you.
kate: (how are you feeling about this? Is it getting you hot?)
roger: (yes it is - is it okay for you or too slow?)
kate: (no - it's lovely)
kate: Please Sir....
roger: (okay - you'll discover I like to take my time...)
kate: (me too!)
roger: (mmmmm)
roger: (and since you ask, I'm erect...)
kate: (and I'm damn wet!)
kate: *whimpering on the desk, breathing in short little breaths
roger: Now please don't struggle.
roger: And don't scream, I don't want to upset the cook.
kate: Yes.... Sir... (sobbing)
roger: If you're good, and take it well, there'll only be five. If not... well, that's down to you, isn't it?
kate: *I nod and say miserably.... Yes, Sir
roger: Please try and relax, kate.
kate: *realizing that I am not going to get out of this situation, I decide to try and do my best
roger: (I slip my hand out from between your thighs)
kate: (I moan as you do)
roger: This may hurt. Please don't yelp.
kate: N-no SIr, I'll try not to
roger: (I lift my hand up, and hesistate for a moment...)
roger: Then swing it down hard.
roger: SPANK!!!
roger: (It was harder than you expected)
roger: One.
kate: (I bite my lip and struggle to keep quiet, but I gasp audibly)
roger: (I swing down hard again, across your buttocks)
roger: SPANK!!!!!!
roger: Two.
kate: (I moan - my lips pressed together..... my legs are trembling hard now)
roger: One more, kate, and I'll give you a few moments...
roger: Bend over further.
kate: *I bend as far over the desk as I can
roger: (Very hard slap this time)
roger: SPANK!!!!!!!!
kate: I bite my lips but the slap pushes the breath out of my body and I yelp....
roger: Damn it girl I told you not to yelp.
kate: *crying.... I'm so sorry Sir... I tried not to, really I did!
roger: There were only two to go. Since you failed, I'm going to have to take the punishment further.
roger: (You hear me unzip my trousers)
kate: Sir....(whimpering) I'm sorry, I really am, Sir
roger: That's all well and good, kate, but I expect you to do as I say.
roger: (I tug my trousers off, fold them neatly an place them on the sofa with my jacket)
kate: (tiny voice now) Yes.... Sir...
roger: (my hand slips back between your thighs)
kate: (gasping)...Oh.... Sir...(caught between a moan and a sob)
roger: It gives me no pleasure to do this, kate, but since the spanking clearly wasn't enough...
kate: (my senses utterly confused now....but wanting desperately to do the right thing)
roger: (My hand goes back to your clit, stroking again)
roger: You're wet, kate.
kate: (shuddering visibly against the desk.....)
kate: Oh.... I'm sorry Sir (not knowing whether you want me to be or not)
roger: Dirty little slut.
roger: Here's how it works.
roger: I'm going to fuck you. You are not to come. If you try to come, it'll be much worse for you. Do you understand?
roger: (I slip out of my lycra boxers)
kate: (straining to look back at you) Sir... please... I don't think I can stop it..
roger: You'd better try, kate. (You notice I'm very, very erect)
kate: (looking at the size of your cock... and realizing how wet I am already... and knowing I already have something of a crush on you...now I'm scared...) Sir... I will.....try...
roger: I move closer - you can feel my body pressed against yours from behind
roger: My erection is upright between your sore buttocks
kate: (moaning softly) Oh... Sir... (trying to keep still even though I feel your warmth against my ass)
roger: Spread your legs wider, kate.
kate: (spreading my legs wide - conflicted because I want you so badly... but I don't think I can control myself)
roger: (You can hear me breathing hard now, clearly turned on)
roger: (My hand finds your cunt, my fingers slipping between your lips)
roger: Dirty slut. Look how wet you are. You better not come.
kate: (shivering as I feel you probe me...) I.....I'm sorry Sir...
roger: (My hand slides away - you feel the tip of my hot, hard erection nudging between the lips of your cunt)
roger: Slowly I slide my cock inside you, inch by inch...
roger: ahhh fuck....
roger: so wet kate...
kate: (moaning.... unable to stop myself) Oh.... god... Sir....
roger: I thrust a little deeper - not all the way yet
kate: (feeling your huge hard cock inside me, stretching me painfully)
roger: I'm... unnhhh... I'm going to start thrusting, kate...
kate: mmmmm....Sir.....please....
roger: if I feel you try to come, I'll spank you very, very hard
roger: (I push deeper)
kate: (the thought of the pain makes my muscles tighten around your cock).....
roger: ohhhhh
kate: Oh god.... it feels so good Sir...
roger: just stay in control, girl
roger: i begin to thrust
roger: slowly at first
roger: slding in and out
kate: (I begin to tremble.... and move my hips a little)
roger: getting my cock wet
roger: starting the rhythm
kate: ohhhhhhh..... yessss.... mmmmm Sir.....
roger: don't be such a slut, kate, or I'll spank you right now
roger: I thust harder
kate: I can't help it sir (moaning and moving my hips... unable to help myself... your cock feels too good)
roger: No more... unnhhhh... no more chances, girl
roger: I'm thrusting so deep now
roger: pounding in and out of your cunt
roger: hard and deep
kate: Sir... oh god..... fuck me
kate: yessss
roger: my cock huge inside you
roger: thrusting
roger: thrusting
roger: my hands sliding up to your breasts
kate: Sir.... god.... please stop
kate: or I'll cum
roger: damn it kate, I told you
roger: don't you dare cum
roger: I squeeze your breasts through your unifrom
kate: my body begins to shudder....
roger: fucking deeper
roger: and harder
kate: I raise my chest off the table to let you have them
kate: Oh god... Sir... please let me cum.... I beg you
roger: damn it girl
roger: I grab a handful of your hair
roger: tugging your head back
roger: Don't. Cum.
kate: Oh, yes... Sir....mmmm
roger: I'm fucking you so hard now
roger: My cock throbbing inside you
kate: ( now even the pain is driving me closer, )
roger: my belly slapping against your bare bum
roger: Dirty fucking slut
roger: Don't you cum.
kate: Please ....(begging loud)
roger: Don't you cum girl
roger: Fucking you and fucking you
roger: you can feel my cock swelling
kate: Sir.... oh god (you begin to feel the shudders as I begin to cum on your cock)
roger: throbbing hard now
roger: ohhh fuck kate....
roger: I spank you hard
kate: Oh, sir...
roger: SPANK!!!!!!!
kate: (moaning, my whole body spasms, reacting strangely to the pain)
kate: Yes.... Sir...
roger: Dirty girl, telll me you love it...
roger: I can feel you cumming around my cock)
roger: (I'm so close now)
kate: Oh....(panting) I love it....oh god, Sir... I love it
kate: (me too - anytime you say)
roger: SPANK!!!
kate: (you feel my muscles clamp down tight around your cock as I yelp) Oh God
roger: damn it girl you're gonna make me cum
kate: Sir... oh now.... now...
roger: (I groan with pleasure)
kate: Cum in me sir...... (begging, thrusting my hips)
roger: dirty, filthy girl
kate: Yes.... I am...
roger: ahh god I'm gonna cum - tell me you want it
roger: tell me!
roger: (You feel my cock throbbing, pulsating)
kate: I want you to cum in me Sir.... cum inside me... I'm such a dirty slut
roger: (my body trembling)
roger: yes girl...
roger: that's it...
roger: I'm cumming…
kate: Shaking now, you can feel my body, twitching beneath you
roger: (I start to cum hot and hard inside you
roger: my spunk pouring deep into your cunt
roger: spurt after spurt
roger: filling you up
kate: I groan, fucking backwards hard as I feel your hot cum flush into me
roger: groaning with intense pleasure
roger: my body spasming
kate: (moaning) Oh, God... thank you SIr....
roger: ohhh god
roger: ohh god kate...
roger: so disobedient...
kate: yes....oh,,,, god... yes, Sir
roger: (my breath hot and hard as you feel my cum still pulsing from my cock)
roger: ahhhh fuck...
kate: (Panting...) I do it Sir.. so you'll fuck me
roger: god....
roger: (think I need a break or I'm gonna cum lol)
kate: Why not just cum?
roger: I'm sort of conditioned mentally to always let the girl cum first x weird huh? lol
kate: well. I will come any time you say, Sir…
roger: mmmm
roger: untying you
roger: You disobeyed me again
roger: get on the bed
roger: (pushing you onto your back)
kate: Yes... Sir
roger: open your legs, slut
kate: (not bothering to hide how much I want it now, I spread my legs wide)
roger: I slide between your legs
roger: my cock still hard
roger: covered in cum and your wetness
roger: my cock pushes against your cunt
roger: sliding against it
roger: Don't move girl
kate: Yes.. Sir.. I am a slut... (panting)
roger: My hand slids up to your throat
kate: I whimper in frustration.....
roger: My grip around your throat
roger: My cock slides deep inside again
kate: I hold myself still..... but groan as I feel you push into me
roger: If you struggle I'll hold you down
roger: my cock now inside you again
kate: mmmm.... Sir....
roger: thrusting deep
roger: leaning over you
roger: biting your neck
kate: trying to lie still....
roger: my body thrusting harder
kate: I moan loudly , fightly to stop myself from wrapping my legs around you
roger: feeling your wetness pouring down my cock
roger: I said don't move!
kate: Oh yes..... Sir....oh god it's so good
roger: I grab both your wrists
roger: pinning them down on the bed
roger: Holding you down hard
kate: my body arches towards you
roger: Fucking you harder now
kate: ooohhh. fuck...
roger: Matching your movements
roger: letting go of a wrist for a moment
roger: tugging up your uniform
roger: quickly unbuttoning it
kate: panting... whining in frustration....
roger: pulling it up over your breasts
kate: Oh please sir.... let me move.... please
roger: taking a breast into my mouth
roger: okay girl
kate: Ohhhhh.... Yes
roger: you've been as good as I think you're capable
roger: do whatever you need…
roger: I thrust deeper
roger: sucking on your breast
kate: pressing my breast up to meet your lips, and wrapping my legs tight around your hips
roger: biting gently on your nipple
roger: feeling your legs tight around me
kate: Oh... mmmm.....sir
roger: pounding harder
roger: deeper
kate: rocking my hips as you thrust into me
roger: ohh god yes
roger: you're so wet
roger: lapping at your nipple
kate: Sir.... god....I love it when you fuck me
roger: I want you to cum, kate
kate: now, Sir?
roger: I want to feel you cum all over my cock
roger: yes kate
roger: ohh fuck yes now
roger: cum now
kate: oh yes sir
roger: cum hard for me
roger: I want you to cum
roger: god I want that
roger: fucking you deeper
roger: looking down at you
kate: (for reall.... now)
roger: throbbing inside you
roger: ohhh fuck yes
roger: that's it... gonna cum for real right noe...
roger: god here i go.......
kate: uuuuh
roger: fuckkkkk
roger: ohgod im cummminnrg
roger: ahhhd godv
roger: god....
kate: oh, Gid
kate: lolkate: God
roger: god ive cum over the chair
roger: fuck lol
kate: Every finger I have is wet
roger: ohhhh... phew lol
kate: mmmm
kate: I'm sorry I went so quiet at the end
roger: ah, I could do with you here to lap it up.....
kate: not good for us to come at the same time
roger: and s'ok, i know what you were doing xxx
kate: really, I'll be over in a flash
roger: why not good at the same time...?
kate: wow
kate: Because... then we both go kind of quiet
roger: (just grbbing an entire box of tissues)
kate: LOL
kate: send me some
kate: it's everywhere...
roger: lol - with practice you'll find a way to keep typing lol
kate: Usually I can...
roger: I'd love to lap it all up
roger: into my mouth
kate: but that was...just too good
roger: taste you
roger: for being so good
kate: (my brain is still spasming)
roger: my cock is still pulsing...
kate: I'll clean you like a cat
roger: god yes
kate: with a rough little tongue
roger: mmmmm
roger: I'm bad - I'd deliberately smear it on your face
kate: I don't mind you smearing it on my face, Roger
roger: then scoop my cum up from your chin
roger: and make you lick it all off
kate: I will...


previous comments:

Roger & Kate - that was so hot!!! Ah, to have been a fly on the wall...
VicxGirl, June 30th, 2004

Well thankyou xx - and if you'd been there watching, I'd have wanted you to join in...
dirtyboy, June 30th, 2004

A fly?? Roger! Pull yourself together!
Bliatz, June 30th, 2004

I got very wet reading this, btw. ;-)
Bliatz, June 30th, 2004

funnily enough, I was thinking the very same thing when I typed it: "Try to make it clear that you don't want to shag a fly, Roger,", I thought to myself. Sadly it still looks like that's precisely what I mean! ah well lol
dirtyboy, June 30th, 2004

And I love making you wet ;)
dirtyboy, June 30th, 2004

Good. That means I don't have to say "DirtyBzzz, stay away from these sweet juices!!"
Bliatz, June 30th, 2004

mmm, lovely Bliatzzzzzzzzzz
dirtyboy, June 30th, 2004

I have GOT to stop reading this stuff in the morning. I get brain-dead for the rest of the day.
sigh, pant, sigh,
rg, June 30th, 2004

mmm yum xx
dirtyboy, July 01st, 2004

For the record, I never even interpreted Roger's comment as if he wanted to shag me if I was a fly...Typical Vicx - slow on the uptake! So I'll continue thinking that Roger would want to have me join in as a full on %100 female...
VicxGirl, July 01st, 2004

Thanks Vicx - that's quite a relief! Flies just don't do it for me lol...
dirtyboy, July 01st, 2004

that made me so wet! ;)
Sparkle, July 13th, 2004

Thankyou Sparkle - happy to be of assistance ;)
dirtyboy, July 13th, 2004

Dammit! I missed this post? HORNY! I missed your porn so much!
phoebephrodos, July 13th, 2004

Thankyou phoebe, and nice to have you back x
I've got a touch of flu this week (plus an awful lot of work on), so all is on hold temporarily, but normal service will be resumed by the weekend, if not before...
dirtyboy, July 13th, 2004

Nice to be had on my back. Get better soon my sweet.
phoebephrodos, July 13th, 2004

I'm sure I'd be strong enough to lay on my back whilst you straddled me - I could watch with interest, thrusting occassionally when necessary could be quite decadent if you fed me grapes at the same time ;)
dirtyboy, July 13th, 2004

there's supposed to be a hyphen between the words "necessary" and "could" - ah, if we could only edit these comments! lol
dirtyboy, July 13th, 2004

I am being stolen... otherwise, we'd chat... for now, I party!
phoebephrodos, July 13th, 2004

Never turn down a party! Have fun!!
dirtyboy, July 13th, 2004

wow, I really liked that. if you want to play sometime, I'm thesundaysleep on AIM. ;)


glad you liked it, Chrissy x

oh my god i got so SO wet reading this, your blogs are fucking amazing i wish i had been there watching you, whilst i play with myself...

if you'd been there watching us, I think I'd have wanted you to come and join us... and it's a plasure to arouse you so much, hope you're enjoying the archives ;)

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