London 5:3 - Sophie and the film collector

Saturday, August 18, 2007 at 6:06 PM

A quick reminder that the new audio contest is still ongoing - I've already had some gorgeous entries, but there's still plenty of time for you to join in, and I very much hope you will - I'd love to be able to listen to you come for me xx

To help inspire you, here we go with part three of the latest Sophie chapter... you might have noticed that I'm posting these much quicker than I do normally - I'm doing this so that I don't leave you hanging too long, as I'm aware that there's quite a long lead in with this one - consider it foreplay, we're nearly there... ;)


Sophie was delighted as James led her through to his little replica movie theatre. It looked just like a real cinema, with a large screen and red curtain drapes, half a dozen rows of cinema seats placed on a gently sloping floor, with space enough for perhaps fifty people - all this hidden away in a large room in the east wing of his house. Sophie was enchanted - it was so luxurious, so gorgeously lit, a magic little place, and he'd clearly spent a large amount of money to get the feel just right, to make it authentic.

James had arranged for his butler to change the reels in the projection room - Sophie raised her eyebrows at this, but James had retained the same manservant in his service ever since she'd been a child, and was clearly comfortable sharing knowledge of his more decadent tastes with his staff. Perhaps, Sophie wondered, he paid for their silence with access to the films when they required it - she was tempted to ask, but Uncle James had already revealed this little secret to her, and it seemed overly inquisitive to pry any further.

As they took their seats next to each other, on the back row of the little cinema, Sophie briefly glanced up to the small window high on the wall behind her, the light of the movie projector beaming from it. She couldn't hear anything, but knew that his butler must be in there right now, loading up the reels of film into the projector, preparing their evening's entertainment. Perhaps he'd be watching too. Did he always watch the movies when James was enjoying them? Did they both masturbate, mere feet away from each other, as they watched the explicit images moving across the screens, or was such a pleasure not to the butler's tastes? Did the butler ever glance through his window at his master on the seats down below, watching James as he brought himself to urgent orgasm?

Sophie put the thoughts out of her mind. She was beginning to imagine erotic scenarios featuring her Uncle James, and she really didn't want to entertain that kind of notion. She relaxed back into the seat, reassuring herself that this was simply about curiousity. And yet... here she was, sat at the back of a cinema, alone with him, about to watch explicit sexual activity in his company... what if they were both to become aroused? Perhaps this was a bad idea after all...

"Are you sure you're comfortable with this, Sophie?" Uncle James's voice snapped her out of her thoughts. He was smiling softly at her, but she could see that he was a little tense, feeling uncomfortable. Maybe it had been wrong of her to ask to see one of his films, but she'd meant only the best from it, had wanted him to see that she wasn't shocked by his indiscretion, that she still loved him the same. And she hadn't changed from that viewpoint - she was pleased that he had found something to enjoy, thought it was innocent and charming, but she was such an eager voyeur, she knew there was every chance that the film would arouse her. And what then?

But there was no way she could back out now - if she did, James would take it as a sign of her disapproval, it would be a huge embarrassment to him, and that was the last thing she wanted.

"I'm looking forward to it, Uncle James," she half-lied, gently. "You know how much I like sharing things with you. Please relax, I'm curious, and I want to enjoy this with you." She held his hand, squeezing it briefly, smiling at him and relaxing back into her seat, waiting for the movie to begin.

James, of course, was in complete turmoil, though hiding it very well. No matter how much he had fantasised about scenarios such as this, he knew nothing could happen with her. He couldn't touch her. If he attempted to do so, he was lost, he knew. The erection between his thighs told him otherwise, and the wine had loosened his inhibitions. He needed to keep control of his lust. Sophie couldn't be his. There was no way he was going to fuck her, no matter how much he needed it right now.

The lights went out, and the whirr of the movie projector began behind them, the screen lighting up as the film began...

to be continued...


Oooh the anticipation.... x x x

I did think about taking it further and starting the fun, but this seemed such a perfect place to pause - glad you're enjoying it xxx

Foreplay, indeed! You're killing me with desire for more...


Has anyone ever told you that you are a terrible tease? ;)

Lady R x

I love the build-up of the scene in this Sophie section! Feel free to take all the time you need - nothing like long, delicious foreplay! ;) Looking forward to the rest....

eve - patience is a virtue ;) Though I can promise you that we do (finally!) get to the sex in the next part x

Lady R - they tell me that all the time ;) xx

malna - I rather like long, delicious foreplay myself - everything good is worth waiting for, I think ;) x

Let the show begin!
(yep, I'm still around, eternally a Sophie fan from the Paris days.)

The curtain's rising, can't wait to see what kind of scenes you have for us next ;)


*sigh* oh roger, why must you tease me so?

I would have sworn I commented already a few days ago....
Oh well, Roger, pussycat, your writing is delicious !
James simply HAS to take her !

A very intriguing and delightful beginning. I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store for Sophie...

Mystique - it's lovely to see you still in here - plenty more Sophie to come after this story is over, as it's my absolute favourite thing to write, so don't stray too far away xx

mariah - I tease you, because I love it when you come back for more ;) xx

loving annie - I'm guessing you're just not accustomed to me posting so quickly! Normally around here it's once a week, but I've wanted to get this one down for ages. And James is, indeed, going to take her rather gorgeously ;) x

DLG - I think it's fair to say that a good, hard, delightful fuck is in store for Sophie ;) xxx

Ooooooooh, what is going to happen next!!?? Hope the movie is good...haha - just teasing! xx ;-)

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