Dirtyboy interview part two

Wednesday, May 31, 2006 at 6:42 PM

Here's part two of the interview, one more part to go...

If you'd like to listen to it, you can download it here: Roger's new interview, part two. If you want to save it to your own computer, right-click on this link and select 'save link as' and it'll download it to your computer (it's 17.3mb) - if you only want to listen to it, just click on it and it'll play automatically.

Hope you enjoy, and the last section to come at the weekend!

roger x


Wow, I’ve just finished listening to the interview parts one and two in order and they are quite really arousing. Your voice sounds wonderful and you answers are witty and fun to listen to. I am eager to hear the rest.

I'm flying over and conducting your next interview. It sounds like sooo muuuch fuuuun ;)!!!!

mmm, roger... such a delicious interview thus far... can't wait for the last bit ;-)


I hope the weekend means saturday and not sunday!

I just LOVE your voice.xxx

mmmm...absolutely yummy, dirtyboy!

It's my birthday this weekend, so...thank you in advanced ;)

Listening to it for the second time now...


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Oh, Roger, to have been a fly on the wall during that interview... or at least a wall, undoing either fly... or,-- I think you get it.....

I had to remove my panties at around 15:31 on the time signature, and by 17:80, with only a minute to go, my middle three digits were somehow deep in my pussy, slowly twisting and thrusting, and my thumb was circling my clit, rubbing it... Mmmmmnnn.. I hope your interviewer got a thorough, erm, you-ing...

Such a fabulous interview, I thoroughly enjoyed it ;) and I realize this is delayed from the first part, but fucking you would be just delightful as well. xxx

danielle - thankyou x More to come in the next couple of days...

mariah - I suspect you want to do more than just interview me, naughty girl ;)

elizabeth - glad you're enjoying it, and you won't have long to wait x

miss understood - more likely to be sunday, though patience, as i may have mentioned before, is a virtue... ;)

paige - many happy returns for next week xx

leatherargento - mmm... you really are such a deliciously dirty girl ;) xx

DLG - my place, tonight, I'll bring the wine ;)

I'm on my way ;) xx

Why do I get the impression this should rather have been a video file?!

you got me there, roger! I would love to make you uhhh, laugh so hard, laugh. Yeah, that's the ticket, laugh really, really hard . . .

Holy Batman, Roger!! I want to be the girl in that threesome... mmmmmmm. I am dripping wet thinking about it.

DLG - woohoo!!! ;)

Anonymous - don't hold your breath waiting for a video file lol ;)

mariah - laughter is a lovely thing...

vahri - mmm... threesomes, yum... so delicious...

ok...i've been sooooo patient, and it's like...er...TUESDAY!!!!

it seems that blogger has been down lately. my blogs are having a hard time updating, and so are the other blogs i frequent.

but i'm just as impatient either way ;)

miss understood - you have been patient, but that third part is a devil to edit, so it'll e after the weekend - though in the meantime, I have posted tonight ;)

paige - ahh, to be honest I've just had an incredibly busy week - things are calming down again, so expect posts to speed up a little ;)

Saphire - so lovely to see you xx
I've pretty much lost touch with indecentblogging since moving here last year, but I think most of the old faces have moved on - lovely to see you back here, and I hope you stick around now!

In addition to it being quite erotic, and intense, I have to say the music at the opening was enough to get things started. Can you tell me how to find that music? Please?

That must have been some tea you were drinking! ;)

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