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Tuesday, March 07, 2006 at 5:30 PM

Hi you x

Apologies for lack of updates this week, I've just been having a brief holiday (being lazy and decadent, if I'm being honest, travelling hither and thither (is 'thither' a word?). I'll be back with the first part of chapter five of 'Paris' at the weekend (if not sooner) - in the meantime... tell me what you're wearing ;) (There's probably extra points for you if it involves some form of delightful lingerie...). I've just had a bath, by the way, so for the sake of fairness, I can tell you that I'm actually not wearing a thing - I'm naked, reclining on my bed, the laptop next to me. Told you I was being lazy and decadent...

roger xx


my nice comfy oversized mens' flannel pyjamas.
oh yes : )

Nice to know you're still around and posting, darlin'!

I am, sadly, fully clothed. I'm sure an oily bath and nothingness linger on the horizon.

I miss being naked all the time in the summer. Sigh. Winter's so fucking sexually repressive.

All right, I'm wearing fleece. Happy now? Damned you, ruining the illusion.

Glad to see you didn't go thither too much. Hither's so sexier.

lildirtyann - of course, it's the pink undies I'm most interested in ;)

jen - I've always loved girls in pyjamas! There's something sexy about it, dunno what it is, but it SO works for me. And no need to worry, I'll be posting forever lol, I like doing this too much to stop (as the actress said to the bishop...)

steff - dont blame me, you could always have commented after the oily bath! Fleece is snuggly, anyway. Thither just sounds like a bad lisp - hither is rather fabulous.

Glad you're relaxing. Rest up now, because when you get back, I'm sure you'll need to keep your energy up to handle all of us that missed you!

Wearing a t-shirt and like ann, pink panties.

Lazy and decadent indeed... I'm still in my work clothes, but always willing to get out of them for you....

Good to see you back...hope you've been inspired. You have been missed!

I am wearing lovely drawstring flannel bottoms but paired with a sexy wee belly-baring tank top..comfy and easily accessable..

I've missed you! i am at home, doing the laundry, which leaves me in just my over sized t shirt, and black panties...

Lovely to see that you're back, we've all missed you . . . I' just getting home from school, undressing and getting comfy even as I speak. . . .

Being summer over here in Australia, I'm wearing my low v-neck, red satin nightie with nothing underneath.

green eyes - mmm, t-shirt and panties... very easy access, I'd suggest ;)

bad bad girl - yes, I think you should definitely take them off for me...

raindog - mmm perfect, and I do love a delightful bare tummy...

sexy dukky - mmm t-shirt and panties again... so so tempting...

mariah - then I think you should strip off completely for me...

psy - mmm my god... wondering just how low that v-neck goes - and satin, so delightful to touch...

admhail - just delicious... and feel free to imagine me slowly unfastening those satin ribbons and bows for you...

I too just got out of the bath!! I have on my red silky robe with nothing underneath it...in fact, I don't even have it tied...mmmm, very easy access!

I was so turned on by the thought of you seeing me in my robe I forgot to sign my name to that last post!!

I currently only have socks on (it's cold in here!) as I was just being a dirty little girl with my lover ;) x

sheila - I'm pleased to see that you've correctly predicited where my interest lies - could you bend over a little further...? ;)

anonymous - you didn't sign it the second time either! But I'd definitely love to slide that red silky robe off your shoulders... ;)

dirtylittle girl - mmmm yum... just delicious... naked is best, I think, when reading my blog - your lover is an extraordinarily lucky guy...

The v-neck goes all the way down my chest, it's quite a revealing nightie this one. Doesn't cover very much at all. Shows a lot of my back as well. And I agree, I just adore the feel of satin against my body...

Helllooo you dirrrty-filthy, delectable-thing-you....

Just wanted to say thanks for commenting on my blog (: I am new at this and absolutely love it! (I guess I am no longer a virgin....)

You're my new fav dirty-blogger, so ya better get used to mee!

sWEeT dreams...oh, by the way, I was checking out your blog and listened to your interview lastnight...and now I cannot get your luscious voice and charming laugh out of my head. I used to not like the English accent, but you turned that around....

always good to take a little break, doll ;) you deserve it since you work so hard and all...

i'm actually reading you on my mobile, whilst in line @ the grocery (all of a sudden this chore is a LOT more fun)... i'm wearing boot-cut cords, a cashmere hoodie, boots and, most importantly, matching black satin bra and thong.

so there you have it, i've told ya what i'm wearing AND de-lurked (here) all in one fell swoop.



Okay, I will . . . music, maestro! ;)

I am SO loving this post... it's always a delight when you're all so happy to share with me ;)

psy - mmm... sounds delicious... and so easy to slip it off your shoulders...

mahemma - yes, your virginity has been well and truly taken ;) But never mind all that - what are you wearing? I need to know this stuff... ;)

elizabeth - first of all, here's a HUGE big hug **hugs** and a snuggly snuggle for delurking - it's much nicer out here in the comments box, I promise. You're also the first person I can recall who's mentioned reading me on your mobile - technology is a wonderful thing! I love the sound of your outfit, though since I'm despicably shallow, it's the satin undies in which I'm most interested ;)

mariah - sexy stripping music now playing ;)

And we are all so eager to please you...your little harem.

Thank you Roger!

and I do so love my little harem - I've been fondly imagining each of you dressed just you've described, sat here with me, draped around the room in various stages of undress... how delicious would that be?
Come round right now, all of you - bring some wine too! x

Lingerie, always :)

and you do look rather delicious in lingerie, Crimson... (for anyone who doesn't know, she does the most delightful HNT's - go check out her blog and see, just lovely...

My man should thank you; I finished reading the rest of Paris... at work ;), and when I got home I pounced him.
Currently, I'm wearing a tight black skirt, cashmere cardigan, and high stiletto heels. With ofcourse, my pink lacy panties and bra.

ok, nothing to sexy just comfy, hot pink low rise sweatpants a over sized tye dye from another lifetime and no bra or panties, and by the way no socks.lol

typically there is no panties, they just get in the way! :O

Can I leave my hat on?

lildirtyann - it varies - today I've been in dark blue lycra boxers, nice and form fitting, though for preference I'd choose black.

alessandra - I'm always happy to be of assistance ;) - and your clothes sound delightful - though naturally, as ever, it's the lacey undies which interest me the most...

masisgroovy - comfy is good - and it does sound remarkably easy access ;)

lildirtynini - then I shall await your emergence from the shower, I think ;)

mariah - nope, I want you to take it all off. In fact, I insist ;)

I have it all off now, just got out of the shower and got into bed with the laptop beside me. Going to go visit the archives... ;)

psy - mmmm... I love it when you take me to bed with you ;)

hm, roger, lucky you, because just as i read this i am still dressed up from a rather foolish but very sexy thing i did this afternoon which involved a french business man stopping over in vienna with a like for submissive-secretary-roleplays...

so... black, short, flighty skirt. white blouse, very long pearl necklace. black corset with garter belt, black lace stocking, and a thong.

this is not as i dress usually, though :-)

all yours, lucy

lucy - not only is that so sexy, but it's perfect, and just what I'm thinking of right now - I'm SO in the mood for a submissive secretary this evening... that's a delightful image - hope you enjoyed your fun ;) xx

oh yes, definitely... i've had this phantasy for ages, and it was an uncomplicated way to act it out with a total stranger i'll never see again (yeah, i know, i'm being slutty...)

it was so much better than i would ever have imagined...

would so much more love to be your little secretary right now, boss. sure you've got some typing to do, don't you?

lucy, you're most certainly not being slutty - it sounds as though you had a wonderful time, we all deserve a little fun now and again ;)

and yes, I'd love you as my secretary... I do have a little typing to do, yes, though first of all I think I need you to take a little dictation - come and sit on my lap ;)

of course, boss, i'm coming... *hitching up skrit so that can sit down comfortably on your lap*
check your mail...

I'm wearing blue and pink panties, little gray soffe shorts and an oversized cheerleading hoodie

a rather cute ensemble, I'd say - perfect for sitting you on my lap ;)

I think you know -- just you, and it suits me so *well*...

I am fresh out ofth shower, and as nude as nude can be . . . well, I do have my watch on. . . . and my glasses.

the better to seeee you with, my dear.

mmm... I like it best when you're naked... ;)

well im wearing nothing....

amanda - perfect - come and sit on my lap ;)

I really like thin, lacy lingerie.Ever since I discovered your blog,I've read it wearing a black lace bra (underwired)and matching thong.It's good to get into the mood for some virtual reality fucking.
The bra shows my breasts off to perfection.It needs to be underwired, as I'm 42C .The thong is easy to move aside when I need to finger fuck myself, or push a vibrator into my pussy.Does that answer your question?I do hope so.

that answers it just perfectly, yes - such a delightfully sensual mental image ;)

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