two men and you - part one

Saturday, June 30, 2007 at 3:33 PM

The moment you first see him, you know that you have to have him, and you know that I'll be pleased with your choice. He's beautiful - tall and slender, his body tight and firm, his eyes dark and seductive, a certain androgynous quality to the way he carries himself. He's been looking at for you some time in the club, very attracted to you, initially not sure what to do as you're obviously with me - but when he sees us clearly discussing him, sees you smiling and glancing in his direction, then whispering in my ear - he knows we're talking about him, he knows that we're going to be taking him home.

Before long, the three of us are on the dance floor together, him in front of you, your hands on his hips, pulling him closer, moving to the rhythm of the sensual music, me behind you, pressed up close, your ass pushing back against me as the three of us sway together, moving to the seductive beat. You turn your head and smile at me, kissing me sensually as I move closer, our lips sliding against each other as he watches, already greedy for you, wanting to taste you. You need the same - you turn back to face him, sliding your hands over his ass teasingly, smiling at him and leaning in to kiss him seductively, his tongue slipping lustfully into your mouth.

It's all we can do not to have sex right there, on the dancefloor, watched by everyone...

And naturally, we bring him home. As I pay the taxi, and make my way indoors, a minute or so behind the two of you, I walk into the hallway to see you already pressing him against the wall, kissing him greedily. His hands are sliding over your ass, pulling you closer against him, and you're moving against his body, needing to feel him, to touch him... needing to respond to the warm pulse of your cunt, the desire to be fucked. Seeing me walk in, you smile at me, still holding him there, his thigh between yours, rubbing against him a little, beckoning me over. I return the smile, moving close to you from behind, your hand slipping through my hair, kissing me sensually as he watches, your tongue sliding against mine seductively, greedily. I pull away gently, smiling again, a smile that reassures you that you can do as you please tonight - the night is yours, and it's all about you...

I step into the kitchen to find a bottle of wine, pouring out three glasses, taking them into the bedroom, then stepping back into the hallway, a pulse of arousal rushing through me as I see you still kissing him again, a little more urgently now, your hand down at his crotch, his jeans already unzipped, a deliciously large erection thrusting up from between his thighs, your fingers wrapped around it, stroking him teasingly. I move behind you as you press yourself against him, hearing a soft sigh of approval from you as I move up close, my own hardening cock pressing against your ass through my trousers, my hands slipping over your hips, sliding up past your waist, slipping around you until I'm cupping your breasts gently, squeezing them softly, caressing your nipples as you stroke him rhythmically. You gasp softly, turning to your head to look at me, lust in your eyes. "I think we should move this to the bedroom..."

just the beginning - so much more to follow... ;)


what a lovely way to wake up!

Lady R

lol. . .i think you and I are linked telepathically!!

No!.. you cant stop it there!

This is EXACTLY what I've been waiting for..! you cant leave it there, you big ole tease!!!


Lady R - it's always a pleasure to arouse you x

lina - I think we might be ;) Looks like you might really enjoy this one as it progresses ;)

extraordinary woman - but you know I love teasing you ;) I promise you won't be waiting long at all ;)

Mmmmmmm...I see my favorite DirtyBoy is as dirty as ever.....

Gah! You can't just stop there! More please.


Midnite Siren - mmm... so lovely to see you in here - hello you xxx And it's going to get a lot dirtier ;)

Sarah - more is coming, I promise ;) x

well now that you have me purring, how long do we have to wait? I hope it's not long.

a day or three, Kitty, no longer - there are going to be a number of parts to this, and it's going to get pretty intense, so your patience will be rewarded ;) x

Oh Rog, please,please post more. I can't wait to feel this story as it continues - OMG you know exactly what I want.


Breathless with Anticipation,

oh a delicious start DB.

i look forward to the rest.


Roger - fantastic yet again...though I hate summer because it's when I get busy at work and I'm gone so much traveling...I'll check back as often as I can!

hello, sweet roger. :) these are the kind of posts that i adore. thank you so much for everything you write. looking forward to the continuation.


cinders - mmm, I do rather love it when you beg so delightfully ;) And more is coming, I promise ;) x

gracie - thankyou x I'll do my very best to please you x

nadine - but think of the fun you'll have in those hotel rooms, catching up with my latest words ;) x

suzanne - and a sweet kiss right back at you x No need to thank me, I do it to please you ;) x

Hey dirtyboy, your blog looks pretty professional to me and I could use your experiences. If you could help me out on how to make a bit of money with a website, that would be great. I know it’s not what people usually come here for, so feel free to ignore this.csm

oh my dear - only if they have a wireless connection...I missed the whole orgy because my hotel in Boston - though lovely and old, did not have a wireless connection in my room.

You do write such wonderful words!

tsk tsk... (shaking my head as a smile slides across my face)

Roger darling I love you work and it makes bed times so much fun.

I love how you tease us.


PS first time I've left a message and I promise it won't be my last ;)

maddie - thankyou x My site was actually designed by Ubershique (by very good friend Margaret) - click on the 'Ubershique' button, just above my archive list, and you'll be taken to her website. I'm not sure if she's currently taking on freelance commissions, but if she is, I can very much recommend her!

nadine - I'll keep my fingers crossed for wireless for you ;) And there'll be another orgy around Xmas time - I'll expect you to be there ;)

Babe - lovely to see you in here xx And yes, I am a terrible tease, but I promise the wait will be worth it ;)

hahahah--this is so my fantasy right now. i guess it's every woman's fantasy, duh . . . lol

Oh my!

I've been lurking for awhile now but this tale has me particularly riled up. I can't wait for the rest!

You know what I want and how I want it.

Don't be gentle.


wish yoou wouldbe on yahoo more agin and not just becuse im drunk

mariah - hope what I write follows the fantasy you have in mind ;) x

miss belle - lovely to finally see you in the comments x More to come, and very intense... ;)

eve - yes, I do know how you want it. Don't worry, dirty girl, you'll be taken hard and greedy, by both of us ;) x

anonymous - lol - I have no idea who wrote this, but it's cute ;) And I know, I never chat these days, but you're always welcome to send me a dirty email, and I'll definitely reply ;) x

ummm.. yes.. me again...
teasing is one thing Roger dear, but this is bordering on fair!
Dirty pool old man.
You just like having us beg dontcha?


Ha! My apologies ;) It's been a busier week than I expected, and I caught a slight bug this week (all better now though). I promise part two will go up this weekend, and rather than being another tease (which was my original intention), I'm going to make it longer and get the action going seriously, to make up for it ;) All good things come to those who wait ;)

And yes, I do love it when you beg ;) x


i MISS this blog

hello roger xxx

hi paige - so lovely to see you back! Where have you been?! ;) xx

out and about ;) pity i missed the orgy :c

but i'm enjoying this threesome we're

there'll be another delightful orgy at Xmas - I'll be expecting you to be there ;) x

I love the angst and the tease, I love how wet you get my pussy, and how much desire you build within a few paragraphs...........fuck!

It's a delight for me to make you so delightfully wet, Boheme x

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