the shop - a sexual fantasy

Thursday, July 21, 2005 at 11:48 PM

This is one of the fantasies I wrote for my platonic girlfriend - we live a few hundred miles apart, and for a number of years our letters and emails have been filled with our sexual fantasies - this is one of my favourites, and (as is the custom with the fantasies I write for her), it features me and her (Katie) and just the kind of girl we'd both like to fuck - hope you enjoy it - I've cut and paste this directly from my email, so any messages to her about how horny I was getting are entirely directed to her...

Have fun!

The Shop - part one
a sexual fantasy for katie

It's late afternoon - the shops are about to close, and you and I are out shopping for clothes together. You show me a short black dress in a shop window of an exclusive designer shop - it's a particularly slinky silk evening dress, gorgeous and black, very short and with a deliciously plunging cleavage - and I suggest that we go in so that you can try it on. The shop is empty as we walk inside, apart from the shop assistant - she's a gorgeous young 19 year old, very sexy, with medium length dark hair, parted at the centre and tumbling down her shoulders, with a terrific slim figure and small, firm breasts, dressed in a very short black velvet mini-dress, off the shoulders, the dress clinging to every curve of her gorgeous young body. As we enter the shop, she smiles sexily, strolling towards us, putting the door on the latch behind us.

"I was just about to lock up," she says, smiling sexily in your direction, "Do you mind if I lock the door behind you, so that no-one else comes in?"

"No, that's fine'", you reply, smiling at me as you notice me checking out her gorgeous firm bum as she locks the door. "We won't take long - I just want to try on that black dress you have in the window". She smiles at you again, fetching you the black dress and leading you to the back of the shop.

"The changing room is at the back there, behind that curtain," she says, standing patiently outside as you enter the room. Finding a small chair near the front of the shop, I sit down to await your return.

The changing room is a small area with black painted walls, a full-length mirror running along the entirety of one wall. As the girl waits outside, you slip out of your blouse and short skirt, leaving them on a small chair at the corner of the room, then unclipping your bra and taking it off, dropping it onto the chair, leaving you wearing a small pair of black lace panties and sheer, silky stockings. Picking up the black silk dress, you slip it over your head and down your body, sliding your arms through the straps, letting it drape itself across your figure. You're about to zip it up at the back when you see the young girl slipping into the changing room.

"Do you want a hand with that?" she asks, smiling at you sexily, taking a good look at you as you smooth the dress down over your body, "I know I always have trouble with zips when they're at the back".

"Okay," you reply, watching her in the mirror as she walks towards you, trying not to be too obvious as you watch her gorgeous young body slinking in your direction. She slides one hand onto your hip, resting it there gently, as her other hand finds the zip at the back of the dress, slowly and deliberately pulling it all the way up, her fingers almost innocently stroking up your back as she pulls the zip to the top. She flicks your hair over the back of the dress, her fingers lingering momentarily on your neck, drifting gently against it, then she steps back to take a look at you.

"It looks really good on you," she smiles, "very sexy - how does it feel?" You look at your reflection in the mirror - it's certainly a wonderful dress, the black silk clinging to every curve, the skirt just about covering the tops of your stockings, really showing off your legs, the thin straps accentuating your shoulders, your breasts deliciously displayed by the plunging cleavage.

"I'm not sure," you reply, "it looks really good, but I think it might be a little too big".

"Are you sure?" she asks, "let me see it from the back". You turn around for her, glancing at her again in the mirror. You can't help but notice that she's taking a good, long look at your bum, checking out your curves under the silk of the dress. You notice again just how good she looks, her body deliciously young and firm, her hair tumbling over her gorgeous bare shoulders, her face young, pretty and deliciously sexy. You think again about the touch of her fingers as they traced up your back, suddenly wanting her to touch you again.

The girl has moved closer to you - so close that you can feel her breath on the back of your neck.

"let me just check the fit for you," she says, sliding her hand around your waist, smoothing the silk against your body, then sliding them gently around your hips and up your back, her fingers gliding slowly up, her fingertips tracing up your back to your shoulders, adjusting the straps slightly, watching you in the mirror as she does so, her gaze drifting around your body, exploring every curve. Her touch is making your skin tingle, every nerve of your body responding as her fingers drift up to the back of your neck. The touch of her hands is turning you on despite yourself - you watch her in the mirror, undressing her with your eyes, imagining her naked behind you, her bare breasts pressing against your back.

"Does the fit feel any better now?" she asks, still only inches away from you, her hands sliding down to your hips, keeping them there.

"I'm not sure..." you reply, "it still feels a little loose up here... around my breasts...".

"Let me just check for you," she says, softly, and you watch in the mirror as her hands slide up to your waist, then slowly further up, her fingers drifting gently over your breasts, slipping briefly up to the straps, readjusting them again, then gliding back over your breasts again, her fingertips tracing briefly around your nipples through the silk fabric of the dress, lingering there for a moment, squeezing them gently for a second or two, then sliding back over your breasts, caressing them for a few moments, then sliding her hands back down to your hips.

You're incredibly turned on now, your whole body tingling sensually. You can feel a wet patch forming in your panties, your nipples now hard and erect from her touch, feeling deliciously sensitive as they brush against the silk of the dress. She steps back from you, looking at you in the mirror - you can see her face is a little flushed, her erect nipples clearly visible under the velvet fabric of her dress.

"I can see the line of your panties under the dress, she says softly, "the silk really clings to them. Maybe it would look better if you take them off".

"Okay..." you reply, your heart beating a little faster now, eager again for her touch, but taking your time, lifting up the dress, her eyes watching your fingers as you slide them slowly into the side of your panties, tugging them slowly down, letting them drop down to your ankles and stepping out of them, then pulling the dress back down over your naked bum, smoothing it down at the front, feeling even more turned on as the silk drifts against your bottom and upper thighs.

You look at yourself in the mirror again, feeling deliciously sexy - your nipples are now very erect, straining against the silk material of the dress, and between your legs you can feel yourself getting very very wet.

"Maybe I should see how much room you have inside the dress," she smiles. Without waiting for you to reply, she steps right up to you from behind, sliding both of her hands to your thighs, sliding them slowly up, past the top of your stockings, lingering for a moment at the bare skin at the top of your thighs, then sliding her hands up under the dress, and you suddenly feel her warm hands sliding over your naked bum, caressing the cheeks of your bottom gently and playfully, lingering there for a while. "Maybe it is too big," she says, softly, "let me just check the fit around the front here..."

She moves closer to you, her small, pert breasts now pressed against your back, her breath hot on your neck as she slides her hands slowly around your hips, her fingers drifting over your soft belly, then sliding down between your legs, one hand finding your clit, rubbing it gently, the other hand moving further down, her fingers drifting through your soft pubic hair, slipping deliciously between your wet, pouting cunt lips. You gasp gently at her touch, watching in the mirror, feeling your clit throbbing deliciously as her fingers slide expertly round and round, rubbing your clit gently and rhythmically. You feel her other hand sliding between the lips of your cunt, dipping into the wetness, sliding two fingertips slowly into your cunt, then pushing them further, her fingers sliding slowly deep inside you, pushing them gently in and out, in and out, still expertly rubbing your throbbing clit. She slides her fingers deeper into your cunt, and you groan deliciously in response: "uuuuunnnnhhhh... ohh god yes...", feeling your wetness pouring down her fingers...

Still sat patiently in the shop a few feet away from you, I hear your sensual groan coming from the changing room. I sit there transfixed for a moment, wondering if I'm just imagining things, remaining as quiet as possible, listening for another sound, convinced for a second or two that it must have been a noise from the busy street outside the shop. All is silent for long, lingering seconds, then suddenly there's a delicious gasp: "ohhhhhhhhh...", and then I hear you again, a slight tremble in your voice: "ohh fuck yes..."

I realise immediately what's happening, and I consider for a moment leaving you to it, slipping discreetly out of the shop. Then I hear you gasp again, gorgeous and sensual, and I can't resist - I have to go and watch. I step quietly to the back of the shop, moving the curtain of the changing room a little to one side, just enough to see inside without being seen.

A rush of excitement floods through me as I witness the scene - I can see the gorgeous young 19 year old pressed close to you from behind, masturbating you deliciously, your dress pulled up around your waist, your body deliciously naked underneath, the girl's fingers visibly wet as they slide gorgeously in and out of your dripping wet cunt. A wave of lust rushes through me, my erection growing and hardening in my jeans as I watch her slide a hand slowly up your body, up to the straps of your dress, slipping them off your shoulders, tugging the dress slowly down. I watch, rooted to the spot, not making a sound as I see the silk material slide down your body, drifting down over your breasts, then slipping down to your waist, and I drink in the delicious sight of your naked breasts, your nipples hard and erect, begging to be sucked. It's an intensely erotic sight - I feel my erect penis throbbing deliciously in my jeans, continuing to watch as the girl slides a hand slowly up to your breasts, the other still masturbating you down between your legs.

You feel her hand sliding gently over one of your breasts, cupping it in her hand, squeezing it deliciously, her fingers slipping over your sensitive, erect nipple, pinching it gently between her fingertips, and you groan again, pushing yourself back against her, her fingers sliding deeper into your cunt. It's all getting too much for me - I need to masturbate as I watch. I unbutton my shirt, quietly sliding down the zip of my jeans and tugging them slowly down, my pants sliding down with them, stepping out of them and returning my attention to the changing room. My penis is hard and erect, eager for attention, and I slide one hand around it, beginning to stroke it gently and rhythmically, holding the curtain slightly open with my other hand, unable to stifle a delicious gasp as I see you push back harder onto the girl's wet, exploring fingers.

You look up, glancing into the mirror, noticing me for the first time, your clit throbbing deliciously as you see me masturbating, your wetness flooding down over the girl's fingers as you watch my hand sliding deliciously up and down my erect penis. You smile at me, your look inviting me into the room. Smiling back, I slip into the changing room, tugging off the last of my clothes and stepping quietly behind the girl.

She's heard me come in - as I move closer to her, she turns her head slightly, listening to my footsteps as I move behind her - but she's too busy concentrating on you, her fingers gently stroking your clit, dipping into the wetness of your cunt. I nestle up close behind her, moving her hair out of the way with my fingers and kissing her gently on the back of her neck, nibbling at it a little with my teeth. She gasps a little, still masturbating you, pressing herself back against my erection as my hands slide gently around her breasts, caressing them deliciously through the velvet of her dress. She gasps again, rubbing your clit a little harder, and you groan deliciously, your clit throbbing sensually with each stroke of her fingers.

If she strokes you much longer, you know you're gonna come. Still wanting to hold it back a while longer, you turn to face her, letting your dress fall to the floor, leaving you naked. I look up for a moment, still stood behind her, pressed close to her, taking in the delicious sight of your naked body, my erection throbbing gorgeously when I see how wet you are, a small trail of wetness dripping slowly down the inside of your thigh. You move closer to her, pressing your naked body against the soft velvet of her dress, sliding your hand gently around the back of her neck and moving in closer, tasting her lips with your own, kissing her long and slow, your tongues exploring each other's mouths as you kiss sensually.

As the kiss becomes more passionate, I slide my hands up her back, finding the zip of her dress and tugging it slowly all the way down her back. As you continue kissing her, I slide the dress slowly down her body, tugging it past her hips and letting it drop to the floor. Your hands find her delicious soft breasts, caressing them gently with your fingertips, squeezing her nipples, and she gasps gorgeously, your lips working their way down to her neck, licking and sucking it sensually.

Still stood behind her, I slip my fingers into the side of her panties and tug them slowly down, sliding them down her legs, letting her step out of them. My hands slide over her gorgeous, firm young bottom, slipping a hand down between her legs from behind. She opens her thighs a little, and my fingers find her warm, dripping cunt, spreading the wetness up to her clit, rubbing it gently.

god... getting very turned on writing this, katie... got a major erection here as I type...

You crouch down in front of her, your hands cupping her breasts, sliding your tongue around them, tasting them, sucking her gorgeously erect nipple into your mouth, teasing it with your tongue as your lips suck gently at her breast. You slide your lips across to her other breast, taking the erect nipple into your mouth, sucking and licking it gorgeously, and she moans softly in response, arching her back a little to push her breasts closer to your face, her fingers running though your hair as your tongue slides around her nipples.

I watch you from behind, watching your lips and tongue lapping at her breasts, sliding my hands up to her hips, pulling her gently back until my erection is nestled between the cheeks of her gorgeous bottom, rubbing against her deliciously, feeling her bum sliding against my warm, hard cock.

You kneel down in front of her, kissing your way down her stomach, finally reaching her soft pubic hair, then moving further down, your exploring tongue finding her clit, licking over and around it slowly and sensually, tasting her wetness as it drips slowly along your tongue. Still stroking one of her breasts with one hand, you slip the other between her breasts, nudging her thighs apart with your fingers, finding her warm, very wet cunt, slipping two of your fingers between her pouting cunt lips, pushing them in gently, feeling the lips part around your fingers, her wetness pouring down them as you slide them gently inside her, and she gasps sensually, more of her wetness pouring slowly down your chin as you suck gently on her clit, your lips sliding around her cunt as your tongue continues to explore.

It's all getting too much for me - my erection throbs deliciously, eager to slip inside her. Nudging her legs a little further apart with my hand, I slip my erect penis between her thighs from behind, and you feel the tip of my cock nudging against your hand as you fuck her with your fingers. You slip them out from inside her with a delicious wet splash, her wetness pouring down your fingers. You look down between her open legs, seeing my erect penis pointing towards you, her pouting cunt lips skidding wetly back and forth along the length of my cock, a trail of her wetness glistening along my erection as she rubs herself against me, a sliver of pre-cum pouring slowly from the tip of my cock.

It's a delicious sight - your clit throbbing harder, you slide a hand down between your legs, stroking yourself gently, massaging your clit, then sliding your fingers between your cunt lips, pushing them slowly inside, your wetness dripping down your hand as you masturbate sensually. You slide the fingers of your other hand back up to the girl's dripping cunt, letting her warm wetness pour over your fingertips, then slip them out again, sliding them around my penis, rubbing the wetness along the length of my hard cock, stroking it gently, then move in closer, your face now nestled between the girl's open thighs, opening your lips and engulfing my cock in your mouth, sucking me deliciously, your tongue slipping around the head of my cock, lapping up the pre-cum, then sliding your lips further down my cock, tasting her wetness on my penis as it throbs gorgeously in your mouth, your hand now gently caressing my balls, your other hand still down between your legs, your fingers stroking deliciously over and around your gorgeously throbbing clit. The girl watches you, opening her legs a little wider, both her hands now at her breasts, squeezing and caressing them gently. Her wetness is still dripping onto your face as your tongue laps at my throbbing penis.

god katie... I'm masturbating as I write... feels good... gonna need to come soon...

I groan deliciously as you suck my penis - you sense I want to come, but you're not ready yet. Sliding my cock from your mouth, you stroke it a little more with your fingers, getting me ready, and then slide the tip of my cock up towards her cunt, pushing the head gently between her open cunt lips, watching them part deliciously around the tip of my erection. The girl gasps gently, and you watch heatedly, seeing a flood of her wetness suddenly dribbling down the length of my cock. I can't wait any longer - my hands still on her hips, I pull her towards me, and you feel your clit throbbing gorgeously as you watch my penis slip inside her cunt, her dripping wet cunt lips slipping around my cock, sucking on my erection as I slide all the way inside her, her juices flooding down over my balls. The girl groans deliciously: "ohhhh fuck yes... ohhh god...", pushing herself back onto my cock as I begin to fuck her, and you rub your clit a little harder as you watch, seeing my cock sliding wetly in and out, in and out, as you masturbate deliciously. I can feel the girl's warm wetness pouring along my erect penis as I continue to fuck her from behind, feeling the hot wetness of her cunt slipping and sliding around my slowly thrusting cock. You watch for a few more moments, still masturbating, your cunt hot and dripping wet around your fingers...

Getting way too turned on to write now! Hope this is working for you too - are you enjoying this? More to come next time, if you like - let me know if you want me to continue! I'm gonna wickedly scoot off to masturbate now...

Anyway, enough of this, I really need that orgasm - hope you're having fun with this too...


...and that was the first part of the fantasy - more to follow...


what a fantastic experience.i am so horny as i read this
idzapasi, May 06th, 2004

thankyou - hope you enjoy the rest of the archives.
dirtyboy, May 06th, 2004

I'm going through your archives eventually I shall read them all.
This one is very nice, I was turned on, luv. Especially about the part you are peeking in and wanking.
Naughty boy!!!
undercurrent_of_insanity, August 09th, 2004

I'm just a terrible voyeur really x
dirtyboy, August 09th, 2004

I crave erotic embarrassment, not just pain. I like spankings because they are so humiliating. I like no-panties- allowed days. I like bend-over- in- public dates. I like to be made to do stupid, silly, humiliating things, and then be spanked because I did them, or didn't do them. If you have an idea for something you would make me do please write it. Then spank me with a belt while you make me stick out my bare ass.I DO NOT LIKE torture, child abuse, blood, scatalogical events, being called bad names, or anything too severe. It turns me off very quickly.
Pinky, February 14th, 2005

^ I agree with pinky. Great mids think alike!
Man, I wish I was that girl.
P!nk, February 28th, 2005

i got wet while reading this...

It's a pleasure to arouse you so much - I love making you wet x

have just stumbled across ur blog. I masturbated while reading this and couldn't help but cum!!

anonymous - that's just the reaction I want you to have - I hope you'll be back for lots more ;)

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