London 2:3 - the shop girl - continued

Thursday, January 25, 2007 at 8:19 PM

Sophie smiled at me, gently sliding her fingertips through the small trail of my cum on her chin, lifting her wet fingers to her lips, lapping it into her mouth as I watched. Already I could feel my cock hardening again, wanting her, watching her lustfully as she continued her story.

"So..." she began, still smiling at me, licking her lips appreciatively, "where was I, before you insisted on demonstrating what a dirty little slut you are...?"

"If I recall correctly," I replied, "you were telling me how the shop girl was pressed up against you from behind, her fingers in your sex, stroking you..."

"Ahh, how could I forget," she smiled, leaning back into the pillows, watching me as my hand slid back down to my growing cock, stroking myself slowly, her gaze watching my fingers sliding up and down my erection. "And are you intending to continue masturbating so shamefully as I relate the story?"

"I thought I might," I smiled, enjoying being watched by her.

"Then perhaps I should do the same," she replied, smiling back at me, still watching me as she slipped one of her hands up to one of her breasts, cupping it, caressing it softly, her other hand sliding down over her soft belly, slipping between her thighs, drifting over and around her clit, teasing herself. I could feel my cock throbbing in response to the gorgeous view before me, keeping rhythm with her, slowly and deliciously.

"As you mentioned," she continued, her fingers gently sliding round and round her clit, slowly and softly, "the girl was indeed pressed up close to me from behind, masturbating me, my dress by this stage pulled up disgracefully around my waist, my body completely naked underneath. As I glanced down, I could see that her fingers were visibly wet as she stroked me, still sliding her fingers rhythmically in and out of my sex, fucking me greedily with her fingers."

"Show me..." I said, stroking my cock a little harder as I watched her.

"You expect me to demonstrate what she was doing...?" Sophie replied, admonishing me playfully. "Such a greedy boy - I'm not one of those common little whores I've seen you with at the cafe. Was the earlier degradation of taking you into my mouth not enough for you?"

"I confess that I do need more," I replied, masturbating a little more firmly, enjoying the stern, disapproving tone of her voice, as she knew that I would.

"I thought you were a gentleman", she replied, her fingers still drifting around her clit, the rhythm increasing just a little, "however, I suspect you will not be satisfied until I am masturbating vigourously for you, like some common tart from the streets. Are you presuming to treat me like some little slut, a plaything for your degrading sexual fantasies...?"

"I merely wished a little clarification, to be able to picture your situation a little more thoroughly," I replied, smiling again.

"oh very well," she smiled, "since your imagination is so bereft today..."

And with that, she spread her thighs wider for me, displaying herself to me, still stroking herself rhythmically, her sex visibly wet. "The girl used two fingers on me... something like this..." Sophie slipped two of her fingers down between the lips of her sex, small, intimate wet sounds accompanying her movements, as her fingertips found their way into her cunt, gasping gently as she pushed them a little further, beginning to fuck herself slowly with her fingers as I watched, her hips moving back and forth as she kept up the rhythm, her gaze still fixed on my erection, now fully hard and visibly throbbing in my hand, as I stroked myself in time with her movements.

"As she continued to touch me in this way," she breathed, continuing to masturbate for me, "her breath hot in my ear, her lust clearly inflamed beyond all reason, I felt her other hand sliding slowly up my body, up to the straps of the dress, slipping them off my bare shoulders, tugging the garment slowly down. As the dress drifted down to gather at my waist, her hand moved up over my breasts... much as my own is now... cupping one in her hand, just like this... ohhh... squeezing it, her fingers drifting over my erect nipple, pinching it gently between her fingertips, and I found myself groaning in response, pushing myself back against her, her fingers sliding deeper into my cunt... ohhh... ohhh my..."

Sophie trembled a little, her rhythm increasing, her fingers visibly wet now as she masturbated next to me - my need to fuck her was becoming all the more urgent. My own hand was now sliding rather urgently up and down my erect penis, rubbing myself, breathing hard, unsure how much more of this I would be able to take.

"Did she make you come...?" I breathed. "Did she take you to orgasm...?"

"Yes..." Sophie gasped, her fingers thrusting a little harder into her cunt as I watched, "ohhh yes... the girl was... unnhhh... the girl was relentless... her fingers so insistent... fucking me... ohhh... I needed to come... needed it so badly... and I did... unnhhh... I let myself go... all over her hand... my cunt so wet... unnhhhh..."

"I need to fuck you, Sophie..." I gasped, my hand stroking my swollen penis harder now, watching her as she writhed on the bed next to me, clearly as close to her own orgasm as I was to mine. "I can't wait any longer..."

"Such a fucking slut..." she gasped, looking at me, masturbating more urgently in time with me, deep, primal lust in her eyes. "Tell me what you want... tell me what you want to do to me..."

"I want to make you come", I gasped, rubbing my swollen cock harder now, needing it so much, "I want to fuck you, Sophie... god I need it..."

Her fingers rubbed faster, matching my own rhythm. "I'm not going to allow you to fuck my cunt," she gasped, "you've been too greedy... ohhhh... wanting too much, too impatient. I want you... unnhhh... I want you in my ass... I want you to fuck my ass..."

I groaned audibly - I felt my cock pulsing hard at the very idea - I was so close to orgasm, taking all my strength of will not to come right then and there, hot and wet over my fingers. All I could manage was "...yes... ohh god yes...", trembling with my own desire as she got onto all fours on the bed, her face down on the pillow, her fingers still fucking her own cunt, dripping wet now, her thighs spread wide, her ass presented to me, slipping her wet fingers out of her sex, spreading her wetness up to her asshole, lubricating it for me, still watching me as I masturbated more urgently.

"Fuck me then," she insisted, "fuck my ass... show me what a slut you are... put your cock in my ass..."

I groaned again, kneeling behind her, my hands on her hips, the swollen head of my erect cock skidding against her asshole, hearing the wetness from her sex as she fucked herself urgently with her fingers. I couldn't wait any longer - I was so close to cumming - with a groan I pushed into her, feeling her ass part around my cock so easily, hearing her groan intensely as I began to fill her, pushing herself back onto me, my cock sliding deeper into her ass, feeling her squeezing and contracting around me.

"Fuck me..." she groaned, "fuck me hard... don't hold back... ohhh god... god I'm so close... fuck me... fuck my ass..."

She pushed back hard onto me, groaning again as she felt the full length of my erection filling her, and I groaned intensely, fucking her now, my hands gripping her hips, lust overtaking me, ramming my cock into her ass, hard and deep, my cock throbbing, pulsing, as she cried out with pleasure, her fingers splashing into her cunt, masturbating urgently, so close to orgasm.

"god Sophie..." I groaned, "I can't hold it back... I'm going to come..."

"cum in me... she groaned, "cum in my ass... unnhhhh god... don't hold it back..."

She thrust herself back hard onto me, pushing her fingers harder and deeper into her cunt, her other hand at her clit, rubbing urgently - I could feel her trembling - I rammed my cock harder inside her, and she screamed with pleasure, grabbing onto the pillow, starting to convulse... and that was all I could take... I started to cum, holding onto her hips, crying out with intense pleasure as my cum began to surge into her ass, my penis pulsing, pulsing, pulsing, as my cock spurted deep inside her, filling her ass with my hot spunk. My orgasm triggered hers - I heard a wet splash from her cunt, and she screamed intensely, crying out my name, convulsing hard, bucking frantically under me as she came over her fingers, pushing back hard onto my spurting cock, cumming urgently...

And as we collapsed onto the bed, damp with sweat and cum, both of us still pulsing gorgeously, she turned and kissed me softly, smiling at me.

"You may be pleased to hear," she smiled, "that I invited the girl over to our apartment tomorrow evening..."

to be continued...


Lovely to see an update of this storyline... it always gets me so wet.

Lady R

geez, roger... i'm here in my office, students just a door away and i'm shifting in my seat thinking of you wanting to fuck. i'd have you in my mind while i do my guy tonight :)

Yum! I must be quite the dirty slut myself!
You describe anal in such a sexy-dirty way it almost makes me want to bend over for the next hot man who walks by!
I'll be updating my little "peep show" this weekend while thinking of this dirty tale!



Lady R - yes, I've been very lazy, but I'm back to it now - lots more to come, of course x

anonymous - hope you had fun with your guy - just try not to scream my name when you come ;)

naughtybunniegrl - you are indeed a disgracefully dirty slut - but then so am I ;)

mariah - mmmm yourself, naughty girl ;) x

Just a question, Dirtyboy- why 'ass', not 'arse'? And, for that matter, why (on other occasions) 'panties' not 'pants' or 'knickers'? I realise that many of your readers are American, but just think how they swoon at your accent - surely a British expression here and there wouldn't drive your many fans away?

Just a thought, I do enjoy your writing so much, and don't mean to be nasty. I'm just curious. Carry on - I love it.


an interesting question Bohemia (ohh god lol - I just know this is going to be tricky whilst still keeping a straight face) - I do indeed use 'ass' because most of my readers are American (as you suggested) - though also because (and this is going to seem ridiculous, I know) it just seems slightly more polite - 'arse' just isn't a very attractive word lol. (This from the guy who uses the 'c' word liberally - I know, I'm nothing if not inconsistent!).
On the 'panties' issue (trying not to giggle here), I've actually always called them panties - might be a northern England thing, I dunno. When writing the Sophie stories, I do occasionally use the word 'knickers', as that would have been the term at the time, but I've never troubled myself too much with keeping the language slavishly to the correct period, so long as the general tone feels right to me. I rarely use 'pants', though, as that just tends to confuse my lovely American readers (as I know from personal experience - say 'pants' to an American, and they invariably think you mean 'trousers').
Hope that helps!
roger x

Roger--Oh My---it's almost as if you have been reading my thoughts....yummmmmmmmmmmmy

MMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm Roger--Oh My

It's almost as if you have been reading my thoughts *smiling*

You never cease to give me the most amazing orgasms. I so love coming for you, lover... thank you ;) xxx

yourbelle - so glad you enjoyed it x

DLG - and I always adore making you come ;) r xxx

I'm about to be even more naughty--I'll keep you posted-- ;)


I wish I was the one...whose face was getting all your cum.


you could easily get into the book of world records for excessive use of the word "deliciously". ;)

mariah - mmm... you intrigue me...

p. of lust - such an enticing comment, my dear... perhaps you should just kneel down... ;)

anonymous - yikes! Thanks for the heads-up, I do that all the time, I know lol - I've sorted it out this time, though I think this entire blog is riddled with that particular quirk lol

The first time I read this I was greedy for the experience to cum from your words. After reading it again, I found little phrases that sent tingles down my spine and stiffened my nipples as if they were being whispered in my ear in the heat of the moment!
Thank you, not only for your dirty thoughts, but your excellent use of language!

I am on my knees for you...

Awaiting the moment that you shoot your deliciousness all over me...

My mouth is open...and waiting...

As I stroke you...up and down...over and over...teasing you with my tongue...

naughtybunniegrl - very much my pleasure - and there's still more to come...

red delish - 'fucktacular' is my absolute favourite word this week! Think I'm gonna have to try and spread it around a little...

p of lust - such a disgracefully naughty girl - which is just how I like you to be ;)

Please give us more, soon!
I want to know how Sophie and the shop girl pleasure eachother, pleasure you and thereby, pleasure me.
I want to know the dirty details, the smells, the textures, the tastes. I want them to be greedy in their need, as I am in mine. I want you to be greedy in your lust for and with them.
Please...I so need you to bring me another orgasm.

there's more to come this weekend - though before we enjoy the shop girl, Henri and Katherine are returning - should be fun ;)

Amazing as always! I can't wait for the next part!

glad you enjoyed it ;)
I've already started the next part, with more to come this weekend ;) xx

o my fucking god that was fucking amazing, i had my two fingers sliding in and out of me wet as my other hand rubbed my clit round and round i didn't want to have to move them to scroll down but i had to find out wot happned! and i'm so glad i did. thank you so much for making me so fucking wet.

and thankyou for sharing your arousal with me - such a delicious comment ;) xx

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