Erotica writing contest - write a Sophie story

Thursday, January 14, 2010 at 8:45 PM

I thought it'd be fun to introduce a little erotica writing contest in time for Valentine's Day.

The prize: a copy of my 168 page book 'Sophie & the Artist', a collected edition of 'Sophie in Paris' and 'Sophie in London' (see the cover of the book to the left).

All you have to do: I'd like you to write your own erotic short story about Sophie. There's no minimum or maximum length, it can be as long or as short as you please. The story should be gorgeously filthy, and feature Sophie and, if you like, other characters from the series such as The Artist, Henri, Kathryn etc (though feel free to invent your own if you please).

You can either set it in the mid 1930s (as my stories are), or you can move her into any scenario (sexual or otherwise) that you please. If you fancy the idea of Sophie as a spy, or as a detective, or even Sophie in space, by all means go for it - though if you'd prefer it to be part of the ongoing continuity, that's very fine too - I'm happy either way. I'd simply ask that you try to maintain her character - sexually promiscuous, a playful voyeur, a disgraceful exhibitionist and a very bad girl indeed.

I'm going to publish the stories in here, and I'll then put it to the vote, and let you all decide which is your favourite - the winner will get the prize.

You can send the stories to me anonymously, or I can attach your name to them (a made up name is fine) - and if you have a blog, I'll link to that too when I publish the story in here, which might bring a little extra traffic your way.

I'll be announcing the winner on Valentine's Day, February 14th, though I'll publish the stories as I receive them. Since you'll be choosing the winner, there'll be no favouritism - you all have a chance to win xx

A little advice:
as with my own stories, don't hold back on the sex. Make them as filthy and smutty as you like. I won't be censoring them, so have fun and indulge your sexual fantasies - I'm going to very much enjoy reading them ;)

And if you haven't read the Sophie stories before, take a look in the links in the archives to the left - I think you'll enjoy them ;)

Send your stories to me here:

and good luck!

roger xx


Lucky winner, I <3 your book. :)

Is it too late?

Definitely not too late Lilith - you have another week before the Feb 14th deadline - I hope you'll enter, and I'll post your story if you do :)

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