London 3:3 - Sophie takes three lovers

Sunday, March 11, 2007 at 2:08 PM

Continued from part two here

Henri was breathing a little harder, attempting to keep himself composed as best he could, still very aware that we were by no means alone in the hotel bar, occassionally glancing over to the other side of the room, making certain no-one could see what was happening. Sophie simply smiled casually, continuing to make polite conversation with Kathryn, as her hand slid deftly up and down his erect cock, now jutting disgracefully from his open trousers, hidden only by the edge of the table at which we were sat. Opposite them, I was in a similar position, Kathryn's hand now firmly wrapped around my straining erection, masturbating me slowly as she watched Sophie caressing her husband's cock.

"You seem to have his attention," Sophie said, smiling at Kathryn playfully, "I've never seen him this quiet."

"He's very hard," Kathryn replied, still blushing a little.

"As is your husband," Sophie replied. "Does he always throb so delightfully?"

"If particularly aroused..." Kathryn replied, the motion of her hand increasing a little around my cock, her own excitement increasing.

"He certainly seems extraordinarily aroused," smiled Sophie, another small gasp coming from Henri as her own rhythm increased, though retaining her own composed demeanour, careful not to attract attention from the people at the bar. "Your husband, if you don't mind me saying so, has a particularly sizeable appendage. I can barely keep it hidden beneath the table."

Kathryn's own breathing was increasing, the rhythm of her hand more rapid along my cock, stroking me harder. The situation was clearly arousing her. I thought about touching her, slipping my hand between her thighs, but I wasn't sure she'd be able to keep her composure, we'd be sure to be seen. As it was, I was already nearing my own orgasm, far quicker than usual, the chance of us being discovered intensifying my own arousal.

"We should stop..." Kathryn whispered, "we'll surely be seen." Her hand, however, showed no signs of stopping. Small wet sounds now accompanied the rhythm of her fingers along my erection - I could feel myself already getting close.

"Your husband is pulsing in my hand," Sophie replied, smiling again, her own hand moving a little faster and harder along Henri's cock, "I think we're far beyond the point of stopping. No-one is looking."

Kathryn glanced down at my erection in her hand, stroking it a little more urgently, breathing a little harder. "But I think he's going to come in my hand..."

"I am..." I gasped, "please don't stop...". My cock was throbbing hard now, pulsing in rhythm with Kathryn's fingers.

Henri glanced at his wife, intensely aroused by her behaviour, so close to his own orgasm. "I don't think I can hold it back..." he breathed, looking quickly around the room. "No-one is looking... god... if I'm to come it must be now..."

"Such a greedy man..." Sophie smiled. She looked around the room quickly. "Oh dear, I seem to have dropped something under the table..."

Kathryn watched, astonished, as Sophie quickly slipped down from her seat, sliding under the table. Moments later, Henri gasped, both of his hands disappearing under the table, gripping her hair as her mouth engulfed his cock. I could see him jerking a little in his seat, trying not to move too much, not wanting to attract attention, but still clearly thrusting his hard cock between Sophie's lips, fucking her mouth eagerly. It was more than he could bear. A couple of long, urgent breaths, and his body went rigid, his face flushing, arching a little from the seat as his spunk began to pour into Sophie's mouth, again and again and again. "I'm cumming..." he breathed, "fuckkk... I'm cumming in her mouth..."

It was all I could take. My cock pulsed hard in Kathryn's hand, Henri's orgasm bringing on my own, feeling my cum start to pulse along the length of my throbbing penis. I gasped, stifling my orgasm as best I could. "I'm there..." I groaned, "fuck I'm there... now..."

Kathryn glanced down again at my cock in her hand, breathing intensely as she watched a thick spurt of cum pouring from the swollen head of my cock, splashing onto her hand, followed by another spurt, and another, dripping from her fingers as it pulsed from my cock.

As our orgasms subsided, Sophie reappeared from under the table, smiling contendedly, a small trail of cum dripping down her chin, Henri nervously buttoning himself up, his face flushed, checking around the room. I did the same, watching as Kathryn withdrew her hand, my cum coating her fingers. "I need a handkerchief..." she whispered.

"I think you'll just have to lick it off your fingers," Sophie smiled, her fingertip scooping up the cum smeared on her chin, lapping it up discreetly with her tongue.Kathryn looked nervously around again, checking that she wasn't being observed, and lifted her wet hand to her mouth, blushing again as she licked the warm cum from her fingers, not missing a drop.

Sophie watched, taking a sip of her wine, checking the front of her dress for any accidental drops. "I think, perhaps," she smiled, "that we should go to our apartments for a nightcap..."

to be continued


You're such a tease--

heeheehee-- ;)

Oh my! I can't wait to see what happens when they get back to the room! This is already so arousing...

mariah - I didn't really mean to be a tease this time (honest lol), it's just that the scenes coming up back at Sophie and the artist's apartments are going to be long and very sexually intense, so I thought this seemed like a perfect place to break.I can promise, however, that there's going to be no more foreplay - we're straight into the sex at the start of the next part, and then it just keeps on going... ;)

loverly - I'm glad you're enjoying it - expect it to get rather wild ;) x

I lost something today that I can never get back-- ;)

Lovely, as always. You should be seeing an email from me sometime soon, by the way.

Lady R

There was nothing teasing about it. Straight on spunkadelicy.

How delightfully filthy - I love where this is going.I particularly liked when she "dropped" something under the table *giggle* ;) xxx

I am aching. I have to go pick up my cats at the vet right now, so I'm going to have to come in the shower, just a quick and luscious spurt and spray. But when i come back, You'll get what-for, darling... ;-D Such a cunt-tease, lover...

Oh my--Sophie and I are so alike. ;-)

Waiting for the filthy part.

Thanks sugar--for --everything mmmmmmmmm

Lady R - always lovely to hear from you x

al - it certainly worked for me too - more spunkadelicy imminent ;)

DLG - it made me giggle too when writing it - she's terrible lol ;)

leatherargento - what can i say, I love to tease ;)

yourbelle - wasn't this rather filthy too? ;) But yes, more to follow, imminently...

Hmmmm Roger--I'd have to say delicious---

Roger I'm becoming terribly impatient...I'm such a brat...but this is wonderfully arousing and I need a bit more...xoxo

Nadine - I know, I'm terribly behind schedule, my apologies - I'm going to try to get the next episode up on Thursday, fingers crossed... x

Now Roger how can I not accept your apologies - needless to say I'd much rather accept them in person, of course you'd be fucking me while you apologized...never's too much for me to cope with right now. I'll try hard not to be bratty and wait like a good girl and read some of my favorites and cum...xoxo

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