more shameless christmas begging

Friday, December 23, 2005 at 4:39 PM

Don't miss the post below this one - the first of a two part gay porn threesome for you (me getting it on with another guy in bed with you - part two to follow) - but first... as an amusing Christmas diversion (for me) before I post the second part of the story - first check out this post, from Osbasso, the originator of HNT (Half Nekkid Thursday), which really made me giggle:

Shameless Christmas Begging

I liked the idea so much, that I've decided I'm up for some of that action too!
Me? Shallow? Perish the thought ;)

So, my fabulous readers - make my Christmas even better! Send me your boobs! As Osbasso so eloquently puts it:

"For Christmas this season, I want booby shots for my "private collection". Gentlemen need not send any. I want YOUR boobs. Uncovered, uncluttered boobs. More than half-nekkid boobs. For me, and me alone. Not that have been shared with others. Not that might have found their way to HNT. No cartoons or pics of Pamela Anderson's. Your boobs. Send them to my email account:

If you want to send more than one picture, that's OK. If there's more than just boobies, that is certainly your decision. I'm OK with that too!

I won't tell who did or didn't send them. They'll never see the light of day. I just want my own "private collection". If this seems crude, I apologize."

Frankly I'm just a very greedy boy ;). But thankyou in advance for your holiday spirit....

oh - and given that I'm hitting in on his action, if you send something to me, I really do think it's only fair that you definitely send something to him too - it's Christmas, after all!

Have a Very Merry, and Delightfully Wonderful Christmas, all of you xx

I'll see you with the continuation of the threesome on Boxing Day

love and kisses
roger x

Shameless Christmas Begging update:
Three very generous girls have already sent me delightful photographs, with a fourth looking likely - thankyou girls, you're making this a terrific Christmas! Anyone else feeling brave and cheeky this Christmas Eve, in return for all the lovely orgasms I've given you? It's shallow, I know, but fun! Indulge your exhibitionist tendencies! I promise they will go no further than my computer, strictly my eyes only, just for greedy ol' me.

Cheeky Rog xx


Kim - thankyou, I'd very much love that xx
I think this is the shallowest I've ever been in here, but I loved the idea so much (had a huge grin all the way through reading Osbasso's original post, thought it was cheeky and fun) that I just couldn't resist. I bow down to his genius!

LOL Sorry Roger baby, if you want to see them you're going to have to come to me. :)

Have to many contributions to the cause have you gotten?

So far, just the possible from Kim above, if she decides to - though the post has only been up a very short time (just a few hours, for goodness sake), and my hits are way down - I think a lot of my usual readers are busy preparing for Xmas or are at their families, not reading sex blogs. There's no big rush though, they haven't had a chance to take the photos yet! I did ask for special ones ;)
There are a few of my lovely regular readers who I know from previous experience will indulge my shameless greed once they see the post - Christmas lasts all week ;)

oh - and wonderwoman - I'm on my way right now - put the kettle on ;)

Mmm...and here I thought there was no Santa Claus. Seems like he got my list after all. Merry Christmas Roger. ;)

merry christmas to you too, wonderwoman, have a good one ;) xx

Such a shameless request of indulgence LOL

It is indeed shameless - I'm so bad ;)

lol, you are very bad dirtyboy, hope you have a nice christmas though :)

I am very bad, psy, yes ;)
and Merry Christmas - have a good one!

merry christmas rog :) lol, you know my boobs are always yours ;)


I hope you get greedy again for the holidays...

I would love to participate in giving you something very special...


It's funny you should say that, as the slightly delayed summer audio contest starts next week - and as far as pictures go, please feel free to send me something any time you like, I'm always very grateful ;) x

Oh I will get right on it!


Wish it was you I was getting on...but hey, I will take what I can get...

Dildo, fingers...


What is the audio contest?

Are we recording a cum-session just for you or something like that?

p. of lust - I await the results with eagerness ;)
and yes, you're right about the contest - more to be revealed by the weekend, though I believe you've already found the answer yourself eleswhere in the blog...

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