It's Christmas, come to bed...

Thursday, December 24, 2009 at 8:28 AM

Alone this Christmas? Feeling unloved? No-one to snuggle? Nonsense, you know you have me, I'm right here ;) You're always welcome in here with me, and I'm always delighted to see you, any time of the day or night, please stay as long as you want to. But hey, slip into bed with me - it's cold out there, let's keep warm under the blankets. Come and snuggle up with me, you know how much I enjoy your gorgeous company. Let's turn the lights down low, lay naked in bed together and play a while.

Oh look, and I've even got you a present ;) That list of archives is way too long to browse through today, it's Christmas and I want to give you anything you want, so take a choice from one of these below (or hey, you can have all of them if you want, it is Christmas, after all). There's no way you're leaving my bed today without enjoying at least one gorgeous, breathless, tingling, delightfully pulsing orgasm with me - and three or four orgasms would be even better ;)

Let's see, what would you like for Christmas?

Perhaps something soft and sensual to start with, just you and me alone...:

How about you, me and another guy? I know how you love to be greedy ;) :

Or how about we snuggle together and enjoy a foursome with Sophie, a really, really filthy one without all that annoying story stuff getting in the way ;) :

Or maybe you're feeling really voteuristic, and you'd just love to watch me masturbate - I'm very happy to oblige ;) :

Hmmm, I can see that filthy look in your eyes. Want me to fuck you rough and hard? I've got just the thing for you ;) :

Or shall we play with another girl? Sounds like fun to me ;) :

And after you've done all of that, snuggle under the covers with me and tell me every filthy little thing that comes into your head, and come for me, intensely - a little Christmas present for both of us ;) :

And if you're still not exhausted after all of that, maybe we should do it all over again ;)

Merry Christmas you xxx
Now grab that mistletoe and come here and fuck me ;)

Roger xxx


Damn - Christmas is off to a good start. Cumming for you is so delicious.

mmm... and it's always such a pleasure to make you cum, Stella - hope you have a lovely Christmas xx

The perfect present xxx

Very much my pleasure, Serendipity, I'm glad you enjoyed - and have a lovely Christmas xx

I love creaming my panties reading your posts. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

What a lovely present for you, I am so glad you did!

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season and I can't wait to get my hands on what ever dirty little things you write in the next coming year. ;)

Now to decide who to enjoy you ;) yum!

housewife987 - so should i be buying you new panties for Xmas? ;) Merry Christmas to you too! xx

Gray - Lots of delightfully dirty things coming up, so hopefully I'll be keeping those hands of your occupied ;) Have a lovely Christmas, Gray xx

Madelyn - Why not just enjoy them all? ;) Merry Christmas you! xxx

Merry Christmas Roger.. XOXO

Merry Christmas to you too Mina - hope you have a lovely one :) xxx

I'm one of those lurkers (I know, shameful) who's already read many of these. But re-reading is a such a delightful way to spend some solitary moments on Christmas that I must indulge myself.

Merry Christmas, Roger. xxx

I don't mind you lurking, so long as you're enjoying yourself ;) I tried to pick out one or two from wa-a-a-y down in the archives, so hopefully the re-read will still give you that delightful pleasure you're looking for ;) Merry Christmas to you too, rowan :) xxx

Mmm merry christmas to you! I was a greedy little girl and read all of them. You made this little girl be a little naughty ;)


And merry christmas to you too Kallie - and since it's christmas, you can be as greedy and naughty as you please ;) xxx

Hey Roger. Great selection for Christmas! I am fairly new to your site but my girlfriend is a long time follower. I emailed you and looking forward to your reply. You probably don't get a lot of guys that are fans but I am one.

Oh what a happy New Year! I stumbled on your blog and have spent a blissful number of hours teasing myself over and over again.

First I read you at my desk while fingering the wetness beneath my panties.

Then I moved to the couch, pulled off the wet panties, and played with my naked pussy under my dress as I read more and more.

Then I changed into a tiny black lacy thong, took you to bed with me and read all the really dirty entries. The ones where you tell me to play with myself for you; where you watch me fucking myself; where you tell me what it would feel like to have you kiss me, run your hands all over me, part my cunt with your fingers and then dive in with your tongue.

In the end I was on my hands and knees, breasts swinging in front of the screen, my nipples hard and taut as I trace the edge with my fingers, my other hand plunged into my pussy, panties pushed aside as I wave my ass in the air dripping wet and imagining you thrusting your cock into me from behind.




I'll be back soon...

Miss A

Strange - i do not like dirty talk as a rule - i am more of an actions speak louder than words kinda girl. But this was hot I admit.

Miss A - mmm my goodness... such an intensely arousing comment there... you have me rather erect here ;) I'm delighted you had such a good time, hope you'll keep coming back for more ;) xx

lilith - there's always a place for some good old fashioned dirty talk ;) It's lovely to see you here :) xx

I stumbled onto your blog last week and have been visiting nitely! You make me wet and so naughty! I am a good girl who likes to be naughty sometimes and this week I have really been naughty ;)
This could become a very naughty habit for me!

mmm... I hope I do become a delightful habit for you, particularly if I'm giving you lots of pleasure ;) xx

Oh yes, you are giving me lots of pleasure! Very wet and have cum many times reading your blog this week.... I am going to be sending you my answers to your sexy questionnaire later tonight. Just jumped on here to be a bit naughty before I have to leave for an evening dinner out...I am a naughy girl aren't I?

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