Two million and a question for the exhibitionists...

Friday, July 24, 2009 at 6:19 PM

There's a fun opportunity for the exhibitionists amongst you below, but first (and briefly)... without realising it, I passed another milestone this week - my original Dirtyboy blog (long since deleted, but the contents of which are all in here) ended with 770,758 hits. This blog, as I write, has now reached 1,236,920 hits - which added together is 2,007,678 - I've passed the two million mark! I'll save the actual celebrations for when I eventually hit 2 million in here, but it's still a nice feeling.

So while I'm here, I thought I'd post a question that one of my very few male readers asked earlier today and open it up to discussion, to see what you all think. Here's the comment:

speaking as one of your hetero male lurkers, i must say that u do keep a lot to yourself! what about publishing some of the questionnaire responses? or (with permission of course) even some of the audio entries? we are too tantalised!

and here's my initial reply:

I'd be only too delighted to publish questionnaire responses, as many of them are intensely erotic, but I've always felt that publishing anything at all which is sent to me privately betrays a trust. I'm told a lot of very confidential information via email, probably as it's well known that I'm ultra-discreet, so posting such things in here would seem unfair. I have considered handling it in a different way for the book, having a section devoted to the questionnaire, and showing an assortment of anonymous replies to each question. That could be fun, and would preserve anonymity. I'd keep that for the book though, rather than here in the blog.

As for audio files, that would have to be a definite no (unless I was sent an audio and given express permission otherwise). It takes a heck of a lot of nerve to even enter my contests, and along with that goes the assurance that no-one will ever hear them but me. So whilst in theory I'd be delighted to post audio files I've been sent, in practice I would never, ever do it unless given express permission by the reader who sent it.

It might be worth experimenting with a contest where it was known the audios would appear on the site for everyone to enjoy, as that would certainly attract the exhibitionists, but I kind of think I wouldn't get a single entry lol.

So here's my question: if I held a new audio contest, in which you knew that the audio files would be posted here in my blog for everyone to enjoy... would you enter? It wouldn't even need to be a contest as such - instead it could be simply an open invitation for you to send me a delightful audio of you masturbating to orgasm for me, which I'd post here in the blog for everyone to listen to and have fun with. If you've ever looked at the Beautiful Agony or ifeelmyself websites, and thought that you'd love to do something like that, but you could never let anyone see your face, then this might be just the thing for you... something completely anonymous and lots of fun.

If even just three or four of you say yes, I think it might be good to try it... so just how much of a naughty exhibitionist are you...?

UPDATE: we now have two lovely volunteers (one in the comments, one who emailed me privately). I'm hoping a few more of you will be eager to have a little fun with this. If you'd prefer to speak to me privately about this rather than leave a comment, to preserve your anonymity out here, please feel free to email me directly to talk about it:


apparently I am a naughty exhibitionist so yes, it would turn me on very much if others were listening to an audio of me having a delicious orgasm...

mmm goodness! Schatzie, you really are disgracefully naughty ;) I'll email you to talk about what you'd like to do x
We can't leave Schatzie to do this on her own - do we have any other eager volunteers? I hope so! :)

And I now have two eager volunteers, so I'll definitely be doing this - if you're considering joining in but don't want to announce it here in the comments, please feel free to email me privately, and ask me any questions about it xx

Hmmm perhaps I will. ;)

mmmm.. I'd very much like that, mina x ;)

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