early morning sex

Monday, April 17, 2006 at 7:06 PM

You're sleeping softly. I'm right next to you in your bed - it's early morning, and I need you. I've been restless for a while - I woke up hard, very erect, dreaming of you - dreaming of your lips wrapped around my cock, sucking me greedily. And now I'm awake, and there you are, right next to me - right where I want you be - naked, in your bed with me, my body spooned around you, my erection nestled between your buttocks, throbbing insistently.

You're not stirring yet - it's tempting just to caress your clit, to make you wet, to wake you gently like that, and slip inside you from behind... but I have other ideas this morning... I want to taste you...

I slide slowly down the bed, careful not to wake you, pulling the covers down with me, turning you ever so gently onto your back. You sigh softly for a moment, but I don't think I've woken you just yet. I gently part your legs...

My fingertips trace up the inside of your thighs, softly, teasingly... moving slowly up... I hear you murmur something softly... and I begin to kiss my way up... small, gentle kisses, teasing licks of my tongue, working my way up the inside of your thighs...my fingertips tracing further up... over your belly... up to your soft breasts...

You're starting to wake now... I can feel you wriggling a little... you're not sure yet what I'm doing, but you know it feels good... you sigh softly... my hands slide up over your breasts, caressing them, tracing around your hardening nipples... as my kisses make their way up to your warmth... soft, lingering licks as I slide my lips and tongue towards your wetness...

You groan softly, starting to wake up properly... my fingers find your nipples, and I pinch them softly, and your body arches in response, needing more... one of your hands sliding through my hair, pulling my face between your thighs... such a greedy girl... my tongue slides lingeringly up your wet slit... the lips of your cunt parting around my tongue... you gasp, pulling my face in further, and I slip my tongue inside you, tasting you... hearing you gasp in appreciation... opening your thighs further to me, instantly wet, wanting me...

I drag my tongue ever so slowly up... up towards your throbbing clit... and I swirl my tongue over and around... flicking over your clit, feeling you tremble under me as I lick you... leaving one of my hands at your breast, I slide the other back down... down between your thighs... so wet there now... and as my tongue circles your clit, my fingers start to push inside you... sliding into your cunt... two fingers first... pushing them deep inside you... flicking my tongue over your clit again... rewarded with another gasp and a delicious little splash of your wetness... your cunt sucking on my fingers... so wet... and I push a third one inside you... fucking you now... sliding them back and forth... my lips and tongue greedy on your clit... licking and sucking you...

You're trembling now... I know you want my cock inside you... I need that too... but I want you to come first... I want you to cum all over my face... I turn my fingers inside you... hooking them a little... tugging them back to find your g-spot... still sliding my fingers in and out of you as I stroke it... a little faster now... my lips and tongue sucking and swirling around your clit... flicking it... sucking it... not breaking the rhythm... stroking and sucking as my fingers thrust deeper...

your thighs are so wide open now... groaning... your hands in my hair... pulling my face against you... my lips smearing against your clit... you shudder, bucking against my tongue... groaning... I feel a splash of wetness over my fingers... licking you again... my lips engulfing your clit... sucking... stroking... fucking you with my fingers harder... you groan urgently... "you're gonna make me come..."... I look up at you, my face wet from you, thrusting my fingers deeper... "I want you to come... cum over my fingers... cum for me... I want that... I want to feel your juices pouring over my fingers... I want to drink you down..."

I take your clit into my mouth again... swirling over and around it... so greedy for you... rubbing and stroking and fucking you... not stopping... and you can't take it any more... you need to cum... you can't hold it back any longer... you grab onto my hair... pressing your cunt hard against my face, against my fingers... rubbing yourself against me... there's a delicious wet splash... and suddenly you start to come... urgently... intensely... bucking and writhing... your cunt sucking and squeezing around my fingers as your body convulses... god... and you're cumming hard... arching... writhing... crying out my name...

I'm so erect now... I need to fuck you... need to be inside you... I slip my fingers slowly out of you, dripping wet... your body convulsing again as they slide out of you... moving them up to your clit... spreading your juices over it with my fingertips... as I slide up your body... kissing my way up... sucking on your nipple... biting on your neck... you gasp again... your own hands sliding between us... finding my cock... groaning as you feel how hard it is... my body between your thighs now... god I want to fuck you... I need to be inside you... need to feel you cum on my cock...

and you slide the head of my cock to your cunt... and I kiss you passionately... my lips sliding over yours... my tongue slipping into your mouth... and you feel my cock start to slide into you... I'm groaning with pleasure... and I thrust... all the way... my hard cock filling your dripping wet cunt... ohhh god... thrusting deep inside you... and you cry out... your thighs gripping me... wrapping them around my back as I start to fuck you... so fucking hard...

kissing you again... greedily... my breath frantic... fucking you deliciously... raw, urgent passion now... your hands on my ass... pulling me into you harder... faster... feeling my cock thrusting and fucking you... god...... deeper and harder... your teeth on my neck... biting me hard... unnhhh fuckk... I groan with pleasure... my cock pulsing inside you... throbbing... ramming my erection deeper into your cunt... fucking you and fucking you and fucking you...

you can't take much more... my fingers find your clit... rubbing you... my cock so fucking deep... my fingers skidding wet over your clit... and ohhh fuck that's it... you can't take it any more... ohhh god you're cumming... so fucking hard... screaming with pleasure... gripping tight onto me... convulsing hard as I ram my cock into you... groaning my name as you come... your juices pouring down my erection... drenching my cock... pouring down my balls... squeezing and milking my cock as you cum frantically... your fingernails scratching down my back... pleasure pulsing through your body... and I need to cum... god I need to cum so much... but I hold it back... I want more...

I pull out of you... my erection dripping with your juices... I'm so fucking erect... throbbing and pulsing... I roll you over onto your stomach... pulling you up onto all fours... you're still trembling... still convulsing a little... and I take hold of your hips... my cock finding your wet cunt... and I thrust hard into you from behind... you groan again... I'm so erect... you can feel every inch as I fuck you... pushing back hard onto me... I growl lustfully... my hand in your hair... taking a handful and tugging your head back... biting on your neck... you gasp again... and I push your head forward onto the bed... taking you hard now... one of my hands sliding to your clit... stroking you... feeling you groan again... getting my finger wet.... then sliding it up to your ass... spreading your juices over your asshole...

you groan again... trying to push back onto my finger... your cunt squeezing around my cock... and I spank you... quite hard... you gasp again... bucking on my cock... so fucking wet... "please..." you beg... "please what...? I reply, "do you want me in your ass...? Is that what you want...?" "ohhh god yes... fuck me in the ass... god please...." - your cunt is so wet now it's dripping down your thighs...

I need it too... need to fuck your ass... god... your cunt is squeezing and pulsing around my cock... I reach over to the side of the bed... finding your vibe... turning it up a little... slipping my hard cock out of you... watching you convulse for a moment... then pushing the vibe deep into your wet cunt... all the way... and you groan intensely... pushing down onto the vibe... feeling it filling you... trembling with pleasure... and you feel my hard, wet cock slide between your buttocks... the head of my cock already pushing against your asshole... my hand thrusting the vibe deeper into your cunt... starting to fuck you with it... and you push back again... groaning intensely as you feel my cock start to push slowly into your ass... and I don't stop... inch after inch sliding into your ass... and you push back again... groaning... needing to be filled... I turn the vibe up a little higher... you gasp urgently... gripping the vibe hard in your cunt as you start to tremble again... you know you're gonna cum... and I'm all the way inside your ass now... fucking you... god it's so fucking good... my erect cock fucking your ass... I can't take much more... I feel you squeeze around my length... I can feel my cum starting to pulse up my erection... trying to hold back... reaching under you to pinch your nipple... fucking your cunt deeper with the vibe... and you're so full... full of my cock... full of the vibe... so fucking wet...

I lean right over you... pulling you back by your hair again... kissing you greedily... my thumb finds your clit... rubbing urgently... my cock is pulsing in your ass... I groan... my cock throbbing hard... you know I'm gonna cum... I can't hold it back... I gasp urgently... I turn the vibe up all the way... pushing it deeper in your cunt... you scream with pleasure... and ohhh god... ohh god you're cumming... so fucking hard.... convulsing... your juices streaming over the vibe... over my fingers... and fuckk I can't take any more... I feel my cock pulsing hard... and I groan urgently... crying out your name... and I start to cum... ohhhhh fuckkk I start to cum... the first long spurt of cum shooting deep into your ass... pulling it out... rubbing my cock hard with my hand... another long jet of spunk spurting over your asshole... and another... and another... covering your ass with my warm wet spunk... your body convulsing under me... cumming hard on the vibe... our bodies locking together... shaking... convulsing... so fucking wet... god...

god I need to cum...


you have the ability to know exactly what I need, you always do. you make me cum so easily, so deliciously... I love cumming for you xx

DLG - So glad you liked it - I love it when you cum for me xx

Why did I read this at work? This one's coming home with me, DB.

Wow!!!!! You definitly know how to make me wet ;-)

mmm...come for me, dirtyboy xx

always my favorite fantasy...awakening to something wonderful...like your cock in my pussy ;)

green eyes - I hope you'll be taking me to bed with you ;)

eponine - I love making you wet... ;)

paige - I did indeed cum - this one was very intense to write - and I'm glad you like it ;)

That is a great way to wake up in the morning!

It most definitely is ;)

omigod! i'm at school, but i'm thinkin' that i need to read this again, and again . . . and go to the restroom! ;)

mariah - yes, I think you should go and cum for me in the restroom - don't get caught, think of me and have fun ;)

mmm..what a way to wake up..my god..that made me so wet & horny. Made me come so very hard..mm..thank you..;)

OMGosh.....I found that to be SO erotic, Rog! I mean, like WAY up there on the list (and I know them all by heart!!! lol)That was just fantastic; my heart's racing and I need to go spread out somewhere....

Now thats the way I want to wake up. Roger, this one is amazingly intense, and sooo erotic. I am so wet, and feeling very horny. mmmmm.....


Oh Roger, that one is absolutely amazing! I would love to wake up with you like that and cum deliciously over and over. Mmm..I'll be picturing that all day.

oh. my. god... two hard and intense entries back to back... you're spoiling me ;)

raindog - I'm very pleased that you liked - always a pleasure to make you come... x

Blush - lovely to have you commenting again, and I'm glad you liked it - hope you came deliciously x

sexy dukky - so glad you liked it - and you know I love making you wet...

miss understood - don't say I didn't warn you ;)

wonderwoman - thank you xx - I'd very much love to wake up with you like that too ;)

psy - what can I say, I like spoiling you ;)

having read that again...

i need seconds real badly...

what a glorious orgasm that was, dirtyboy ;) xx

you need seconds, after I just made you cum three times? such a greedy girl... ;)
But then again, who am I to argue - come and slip astride me, do as you will with me ;)

wow u are awesome. i read that twice and came so hard both times. u r so good... keep 'em coming!

_tiffs - glad you enjoyed it so thoroughly, it's a pleasure to make you come so hard ;) - and welcome to the comments, always lovely to see a new face in here x

Oh Rogy....

Why I take these breaks from reading your seductive words.

I'm still breathing hard, still trembling too much to type well... my fingers still too numb to type well ;)

I'm laid here on my bed, my laptop warm on my lap while I came twice, twice before I even reached the end... I came when the story told me too... you know I'll always cum when you ask me too.

and I'm too sensitive to touch myself any more... what I need is your lips... wetly sliding over my clit...sucking and licking. I'll have to come back tonight... I can't keep myself from finishing it for long... or I'll explode

tender kisses,

kitten - mmm such a good girl - glad you liked it ;)

Absoltely delicious... This is one I think I will read (and cum) again and again.

You know just what I want....

bad bad girl - mmm... you know how much I love making you cum...

WOW :) This one is amazing... just how I like it, I love to feel you cum in my ass, Roger... I'm so hot for you right now... I need a cold shower!

Jenna - it's very much a pleasure to excite you ;)

wendolin - ahh, we don't do cold showers in here - I'd much prefer you to just let yourself go and cum deliciously - glad you liked it ;)

After a great ass fuck like that I bet you are in no shape to go to work. Time for seconds. Nice start to the day, Roger.

God, Roger....where the fcuk are you?!

lildirtyann - why thankyou - glad you liked it ;)

anonymous - I'd absolutely stay home, and I do indeed always want seconds ;)

mahemma - I'm right here ;)


You've put a smile on my face

God, I needed that! DB you know how to get a girl WET! I came twice. Thanks

robynb - then I'll smile back at you ;)

anonymous - mmmm, two in a row - I love making you cum so intensely x

Hi Dirtyboy! That made me so wet... I think I need to cum.

We're new here, just starting out in the sex blog world...and we're linking you. This is great!

wow! If someone woke me up like that in the morning I'd b a happy girl!

oh FUCK rog, i think you just made me come :P mmm, hard...

That is great stuff. My wife loves your writing. Great stuff.

hot'n'horny - it's an absolute pleasure to arouse you so much - welcome to sex blogging! Hope you have fun ;)

tracey - it'd be a pleasure to wake you that way

nez - lovely to see you back in the comments - and always a pleasure to make you come ;)

him - I'm glad you both enjoyed it - and thankyou for the mention again! x

I had to cum back for a second read.... this is amazing...lets do it again....

bad bad girl - such a greedy girl, but then I like that ;) - there'll be a new post this weekend ;) xx

oohh god roger...i just had to read this again xx

my cunt's still throbbing, and as a reward...why not clean you up? ;)


paige - that's three times you've cum to this now - such a deliciously dirty girl ;)
You'll be relieved to hear there'll be a new post tomorrow, and I'm expecting it to be another long one ;)

Sandi - I'm glad you've discovered me - hope you enjoy exploring in the archives ;) x

Oh Roger! This is by far my most favorite posting ever!!! I literally am dripping wet. I am an avid reader but never really comment but I just HAD to on this one. THANK YOU, thank you, thank you for giving me something to fantisize about... keep them or i should say me cuming ;)

skynnboutique - you should know that whever lurkers pop up to say hi, they always get a big lovely hug - so here's yours, all warm and lovely:


And I'm glad you enjoyed this one so much - it's one of my own favourites, and aroused me intensely to write - I'm glad it did the same for you - and don't be shy, it's always fun out here in the comments! x

ohhhh god roger you made me cum sooooo good. my parents are home so i tried to be good but i just couldn't help touching myself. reading your delicious words made my pussy soaking wet. while reading, i slid my hand under my panties to give my pussy some much needed attention. i stuck my fingers inside my pussy and moved them in and out... in and out... ohhhh it felt so nice. my clit was throbbing, so i took my wet fingers out of my pussy and rubbed my aching clit. my glistening fingers danced in circles around my clit, imagining it was your tongue, mmmmmmm. my body tensed up as i reached my orgasm. i thrusted my hips forward, pushing my pussy into my fingers as my body shook uncontrollably with pleasure. ohhhhhh god writing this and thinking about it has gotten me hot again. i need to be fucked. i need your big cock in my wet horny pussy. mmmmmmm i wanna suck your cock and make you cum in my mouth, swallowing every drop. uhhhhh yes, touching myself again. fingers moving in and out... rubbing my clit. need to feel your hot mouth on my pussy, your tongue lapping at my clit.. sucking on it. mmmmm god yes. touch me.. fuck me.. lick me.. suck me... uhhh yeah baby. oh god yes, don't stop... harder, harder.. keep licking yeah.. ohhhhhhhhhh i'm gonna cum agian. uh uh uh yeah mmmmmm roger yes... i'm cumming, cumming mmmmmmm ahhhhh uhhhhh ohhhhhhhh so good. still shivering from pleasure, my body spasming. i needed this so badly. you're awesome. thank you.

mmm my god... such a dirty girl, but such a delicious comment... I love watching you cum... I need to cum with you...

you are so satisfying,i'd love any man 2 talk 2 me like that your a star a literate porn star, but far more arousing .you'd make a volcano erupt with your talk i bet your own family would find it hard not to be aroused . i have read your work before but not recently snd cant think why not ,i wonder do you think my boyfriend would enjoy me reading this to him, i cant help but think how much of a pussy pulser it is and it would b fierce 2 have it read 2 me,i am greedy for stimulation,my boyf wont mind me lovin and licking his cock mmmmmmmmmm...while i look up 2 him and groan with pleasure,licking and sucking his nob he will have no choice but to talk dirty ,shall i make him beg for me to suck his cock do u think that would get him to talk filthy to me what would the master suggest. and i came 3 times tonight thankyou ,itwould b more but i cant take my pc to bed with me and boyfs not here,oh well . from SWEETDREAMS

I'm sure your boyfriend would love you to read this to him - and I suspect a delicious evening of rather intense sex would follow - give it a go, it could be fun ;)
And yes, make him beg you to take his cock in your mouth... make him earn it ;)
Very much a pleasure to make you cum so intensely - I hope you stick around this time xx


mmm thankyou xx

This one is my favorite so far. Thank you for helping create a lovely ending to my day.

Roger... What has gotten into you? This was truly some of your best writing yet. Slowly moving us all from mmmmmms to screammms!!! It was delicious. From start to finish. As the story unfolded I kept saying "OMG, is he?.. no...yes! he is...he's gonna give her more!!" It was complete and YOU made me squirt all over my desk and I ruined another friggen keyboard!

Gawd... I just love it when that happens... I know you do too! You just keep getting better and better.

BTW I loved your mention of "Urgent passion"! hehe and the way you told us how you hooked those lovely fingers for some of the Gspot action. Excellent! xx

You have the ability to pleasure me so intensely... such an amazing orgasm xxx

and it's always a delight to make you come, DLG xx

what the fuck?
i can't believe it. absolutely delicious, sooo arousing!!
yeah, me again. having a day off, it's raining here, so i thought i'll stay in bed today - wise decision, or maybe not that whise, for now all i can say is "Hello, my name is muse, and i'm a rogerholic"
i think i'll have to call a friend of mine, maybe he's up for it today too.. really hope so. came like 4 times since reading "being my slave", and still that's not enough. god i need a cock inside me..
don't know if i love you or hate you for doin this to me.. but then again, that's always the thing with the addictive stuff..

muse - mmmm, I rather like the idea of you spending all day in bed with me ;) And so many delightful orgasms - I just love it when my words have such an intense effect - ahhh to have been there to watch you cum... such a gorgeous thought...
Hope your friend was available ;) x

...I think that's the first time I've ever orgasmed in under ten minutes. Without any fingers, either. Just rubbing against the floor.


Rachel - that's a rather powerfully erotic image you gave me just there ;) It really is a pleasure for me to know that I made you come so intensely - hope you'll be back for many more x

All I can think of is sez, open legs,and a dirtyboy's dirty thoughts.
Thighs wide open, fingers up there...

that's just how I want you to feel, caroline... such a pleasure to arouse you so gorgeously...

it made me cum twice when i read this and i feel so good and i terribly miss my honey.

that's what I'm here for, kaira, to give you pleasure when you can't be with your lover - hope you'll get back together soon, but in the meantime, I'll do my best to make you cum gorgeously - so glad you enjoyed this one so intensely ;) x

Wow, I never ever comment but this one I had to. So effing amazing! Great work, I had an amazing time.
Destiny ^^

Destiny - thankyou, I'm delighted you enjoyed it so much ;) x

How I love a good roger-ing first thing in the morning.

You can wake me any day!

I'm delighted that you enjoyed it ;) xx

that was possibly the best out of the strys uve written , , , ,
im so wet now ,, my juices are running down my leg ,,, soaking my panties and my tights ,,,,
i feel so dirty ,, and it feels so good!!

mmm... you're clearly a very dirty little girl - and it's such an exquisite pleasure for me to make you come so gorgeously - hope you'll keep coming back for more ;) xx

oh dear dirty boy. this could make any girl wet! AMAZING!

mmm thank you - it's a delight to make you so wet, and an absolute pleasure to excite you so gorgeously xx

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