Paris 1:5

Monday, September 19, 2005 at 7:02 PM

It was almost more than I could bear. As I watched her becoming more and more aroused, totally focussed on my words, unaware of anything else going on around her, I was myself extraordinarily aware of every sound, every sight, taking place in that busy carriage, increasingly excited by watching her, but nervous of her being seen, of someone realising how her passion was beginning to overtake her. We were reasonably well hidden, each of us tucked next to the carriage window, facing each other across the table, the backs of the seats high behind us - but we were in plain view of anyone walking along the aisle next to us, and this was the height of lunchtime.

Vanessa cared about none of this - a delicious lust had already overtaken her. Smiling at me with ill-disguised arousal, she discreetly slipped one of her hands underneath the table between us. To anyone strolling past, it might have seemed innocent - her expression was calm (if, to me, clearly aroused); the journal was in one hand as she casually leafed through it. But I could see from my position opposite her that her other hand was now clearly between her thighs. She looked up towards me again, smiled irresistibly without saying a word, and shifted in her seat for moment. I heard the rustle of fabric being tugged sharply upwards, and she settled back down in her seat, smiling again, resuming her reading - though now I could clearly see a slight, rhythmic movement in her upper arm. She was obviously well practiced at this, and from above the table she appeared decent and casually relaxed, but she had made no secret of it to me - I knew now that her skirt was bunched up high, that her hand was firmly between her thighs, and if the continuing, subtle, rhythmic movement of her arm was any indication, she was touching herself, stroking herself, masturbating right there in front of me, in front of anyone who happened to pass by.

It was quite intoxicating - I watched her, my own breath increasing with the nervous beat of my pulse, and between my thighs, inside my trousers, my cock was very, very erect.

to be continued...

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Oh Roger, you've left me breathless... and possibly starting some rhythmic motion of my own over here ;)I love this!


Just reading this makes my breathing faster. I can feel dampness on my panties and want to slide my fingers inside. My feelings of lust grow stronger with each portion of your story. Please continue......

wow.. i've just found ur website and i love this paris story so far. cant wait for the next installment.
and all of the other things on ur website are incredible. ive never been so turned on by things ive read. xxx

kitten - I suspect you'll be even more breathless when you see the next installment ;)

sandra - more to come tomorrow (or wednesday at the latest) - it starts to get pretty hot for a while now, so prepare yourself ;)

sarah - hi, it's a pleasure to welcome you here - hope you're enjoying your trip through the archives ;)

And then...? and then and then and then?

I believe I dropped my earring under the table, Monsieur. Will you find it for me, please?

such the dirty boy, roger. i can't wait to hear more...


lucia - that's definitely a fun idea, but this carriage is really busy ;)

nez and jo - glad you're both enjoying it - lots more to come xx

glad you're enjoying it - I intended to write the next part tonight, but work is very tough this week, so tomorrow, instead x

Please Rog...give me more,
i need it...please....

more now posted - hope you enjoy ;)

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