Audio contest - the RESULTS!!!

Monday, April 03, 2006 at 7:18 PM

Well, that really was the most delightful contest... when I announced it, I had no real idea if any of you would respond to the challenge, and I guessed that any entries I would get would be from readers who have done that kind of thing for me before, just for the fun of it. Surprisingly, only one of the entries was from someone who had treated me to something similar before - all of the others had never done anything like this before, which made it all the more special for me.

I'm sure you're all curious as to what I received - it's tricky to be able to tell you, as I promised discretion and confidentiality to all the entrants. So what I'm going to do is tell you what I received, but not tell you who sent it, just to give you an idea of the broad range of ideas...

I received the following:

* a short, delightfully intimate audio where the reader in question did precisely what I asked for, masturbating gorgeously with her vibe as she thought about me stroking myself, cumming delightfully for me - beginning with the deliciously enticing words "Morning roger, I started without you...". She asked me to cum with her, and I did...
* a delicious six minute audio, where the mic was for some of the time down between my reader's thighs, so that I could hear just how wet she was (very, very wet) - it gets especially intense from that point, with the most gorgeous, urgent orgasm... and again, I came very hard to this - I especially liked the phrase at the end: "I love being your naughty little girl, roger..." - I loved this one, and would love to hear more...
* an 11 minute audio made up of shorter sound clips recorded on a mobile phone, as the reader in question masturbated to orgasm for me over and over (and over) again - the recorded highlights of what I believe was a very long, fun session, using a vibe, fucking herself with it gorgeously - again, impossible for me to listen to without cumming gorgeously...
* a particularly intense and urgent session recorded on both sound and vision - so I got the audio version as the contest entry, and a delightfully explicit video of the same session, so that if I chose I could watch her cum for me too. I have yet to reach the end of the video without cumming very, very hard. This was a serious contender, and the only reason she didn't win is that the girl who submitted it is a friend, and I felt it only fair that the prize should go to someone who didn't know me previously, someone for whom the prize would be more special. This entry, though, is just extraordinary - very beautiful, very intimate and amazingly intense, and I've returned to it and have cum watching it many times...
* a soft, sweet and almost romantic audio from another old friend, which featured an introduction to tell me where she was, describing the room she was in, describing that she was naked, and what she was planning to do for me - accompanied by the most sensual audio of her masturbating to orgasm for me, slowly and delightfully, mostly through delicious gasps, until she cums so beautifully, a wet splash signalling her orgasm... very beautiful, and again ultimately left out of the running as she was an old friend. Very intimate though, and the first time she'd ever done anything like this before, despite our friendship, so it meant a lot... and it made me cum gorgeously... I'd love to hear more...
* one of two entries from another long time reader, though one I'd never corresponded with previously. This entry was a 45 minute extravaganza, in which she fantasised about meeting me in a pub, spinning a long, spoken sexual fantasy for me, in which we ultimately ended up fucking each other in a corridor at the back of the pub, hard and urgent up against the wall - over the course of the 45 minutes, she came for me twice, very, very intensely - such a delicious audio, and once again, I came with her...
* a late entry that arrived today - just too late to be included in the contest, but still gorgeous - a delightful ten minute session shared with me, reading one of my posts as she came for me using her vibe - I haven't had a chance to listen to this properly, but I'm planning to listen in bed tonight, and come whilst listening - very much looking forward to it...
* another late entry, that I've literally just finished downloading - which appears to be 26 gorgeous minutes of delightful, intense masturbation, and I suspect more than one delicious orgasm - I'll be saving this as a treat for tomorrow, since I do have the one above to listen to, and I think this one may need an evening all to itself...- I know I'm gonna love it so much...

There were a number of other audios that were planned but (mainly due to difficulty in getting privacy) didn't make the deadline. Three different readers were all very keen to record for me - one ended up having a nightmare couple of weeks, one couldn't get the privacy (which I know she found frustrating, as she so wanted to enter), one couldn't get her mic to work (which was even more frustrating for her!) - and there were a couple of others who I know wanted to enter but were unable to by the deadline. To each of you (and indeed to anyone else who considered entering but decided not to, for whatever reason), I'd like you to know that although the contest is over, I'd still consider it a delightful pleasure and privilege to be able to hear you cum for me - the prize is won, but I would still love to hear you, and would still love to masturbate listening to you, to cum with you - an audio like this is a particularly intimate gift, and it means a lot that you want to do it for me - I'd still very much love to hear you, hope you'll still send me something xx

And so we reach the winner...

The clue was above, when I mentioned a reader who had sent me two audios... and it was the first audio she sent that has won. Our winner is (drum roll please)... lucy from Vienna!.

In addition to the audio mentioned above (the 45 minute extravaganza), her first audio was also along similar lines - a gorgeous 30 minute audio in which she made up a long and delicious sexual fantasy featuring the two of us, masturbating as she fantasised, relating the story to me, often telling me what she was doing - and (possibly an unfair advantage here, but what can I say?) she did so with the most delightful and sensual Austrian accent - and when she came, begging me to cum with her, urging me to cum for her - I couldn't hold it back, and came very, very hard, her own gasps and moans ringing in my ears as my cum spurted again and again from my cock, cumming with her... so with this and the 45 minute entry, that makes 75 minutes of her masturbating whilst fantasising about me - with such an entry, she just had to win...

So huge congratulations to lucy, and to the rest of you - you all made me cum deliciously, it wasn't an easy decision, and I've listened to all of your files over and over, and they'll make me cum again, and again - I'm deeply grateful to all of you for doing this for me, and if you'd like to pop around my place this evening, I'll show you exactly how grateful I am, repeatedly - no need to wear any panties, I'll be wanting to take you the moment you walk through the door ;)

And lucy - drop me an email and let me know what you'd like in your audio from me as your prize - I'm going to seduce you with my voice, and make you cum again, and you get to choose the fantasy, whatever kind of thing turns you on the most - I'll be looking forward to hearing from you ;)

And finally... I enjoyed this contest so much, and the response was so good, and so many of you wanted to enter but couldn't, that I'm going to hold the contest again in the summer, with the same prize. So if you didn't win or couldn't enter this time, you'll still have another chance ;) To make it a little fairer, any audios I receive from now onwards will automatically be entered into the next contest - shall we say towards the end of August? Which means the two audios I received today are already entered in the next contest in the summer.

So if you feel inspired by the girls above, and you're aroused by the idea of masturbating for me, and you want to cum for me - well, I'd love to listen to you, and I'll hang onto the audio you send to me, and enter you in the August contest too... should be fun ;)

Okay, enough of this - in my next post, it's back to the smut, and part three of 'Sophie & the Photographer' - see you there later in the week ;)

roger xx


And it was very much my pleasure to enter the contest, thank you for your lovely comments xxx

It was a pleasure enjoying you, DLG ;)

yeah, I'm bummed that I couldn't get around to entering..a little too much chaos at the moment. Good to know there will be a 2nd chance! Yay!

raindog - I knew about the chaos from your own blog, and knew it was unlikely you'd be able to enter (or indeed really feel in the mood) - once things calm down, you know I still want to hear you, and you'll (of course) be automatically entered into the summer contest - looking forward to you having fun for me as and when you're ready xx ;)

wow, can't believe it *hopping round hysterically* hmmmmm.... oh my god.... i think this is the best prize i ever won in my whole life.... don't expect my wishes too soon, i'll spend loads of time making up fantasies and trying to chose which i like best ;-)

it was great fun to do that for you, and SO arousing, i had not come that hard playing with myself for ages. and yeah, it was the first time i heard myself come too, and i loved it lol

hmmmm, going to bed now thinking bout what i will want.. that's so exciting. oh, and i would SO love to hear the other entries, you are so clever to have put up this contest, all these gorgeous audios on your computer now...
kisses, lucy

Hi Lucy - congratulations again xxx
And yes, feel free to take your time - I'm standing by to record something delicious for you - hope I'll make you cum gorgeously ;)
And even though you won, I can't let you hear the other audios - for my ears alone, I'm afraid - but I think the one from me might just make up for that ;)
And thankyou again - in fact, another huge thankyou to the other girls who entered too - you all made me cum, and I can't thank you enough!)
Is it August yet? ;)

I didn't enter either, I had mic issues, and other (.) issues that weren't condusive to getting it on with myself . . . maybe if the next contest is in the middle of the month . . . lol

Mariah - the contest was running for three weeks! lol ;)
But you'll be pleased to know that the next one is just ongoing - any files I get between now and August will automatically be entered in that contest - so if you get your mic sorted, and you're in the mood... ;)

Roger, you lucky bastard! (: I bet you're the pit of all envy. I am awfully jealous of you....I am beginning to regret not entering the contest -good job, Lucy!

Congrats lucy, lucky girl ;) I hope to enter the next contest, but would you believe it, my mic was broken over the weekend :( Hopefully I can get another soon.

Congrats Lucy, and thank you Roger for the wonderful know i always love being your naughty little girl...hehe

I had my old computer the first two weeks (with a full hard drive--it kept telling me to delete stuff off), with no mic--mr smarty pants! lol

I am soooooo jealous. I am going out to buy a microphone right now.

Congrats Lucy, you lucky girl, I'm jealous of you! You go girl! :)

Roger, hopefully I'll be able to get my mic working, you'll hear from me again ;)

Lots of kisses!

mahemma - I do feel lucky to have got those delightful files yes! Though hopefully I've earned them ;) And you can always send me an entry for the next one ;)

psy - I'll look forward to it ;)

Lexie - no, thankyou, your audio was just delicious, it's already had more than just the one listen ;) - any time your feeling exhibitionistic again, you know what an appreciative audience I am ;) xx

mariah - my bad ;) xx

miss understood - I hope you do - I'm sure you know how much I'd love to hear you come for me... x

wendolin - mmm thankyou - I very much look forward to it xx ;)

Congrats to Lucy!

congratulations to lucy :D

maybe when summer ends, i can finally put something together ;)

hope you do, paige ;)

Oh Roger, I can't wait.

I did some searching and found my answer to the question I just asked...

I hope I can get some privacy.

There are obstacles for me, as I am hardly ever alone...long enough to do something as delicious as this...

I may have to get a room somewhere and do this right...

p. of lust - hope you will be able to join in - there'll be more on the contest by the weeknd, though you'll have at least a couple of weeks, so hopefully you'll be able to find the appropriate privacy ;)

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