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Sunday, May 06, 2007 at 5:36 PM

Apologies for being so quiet this week, I've been having a sneaky week off from writing duties and being lazy - though I've been picking up comments as they've come in and replying to a few emails - I have a small backlog now, so if you're awaiting a reply, it should be with you soon.

I've also been getting lots of gorgeous replies to my questionnaire, since I revised it, added some even filthier questions, and put it nice and high up in the archives, which is lovely for me - I really do adore receiving these, and it really seems to turn you on when you fill them in, which of course is what I want (I very much want you to enjoy completing it, it's meant to be fun for both of us). I always try to make sure that I reply to every email I receive, so if you do fill it in, then I can guarantee a lovely response - though as your questionnaire answers are often long and detailed, it can sometimes take me a little while to reply, so please bear with me - if you send one (or indeed, send me any kind of email) and you haven't heard back, then I'll reply to you eventually. Replies can be anything from the same day to two or three weeks, depending on how much work I have here, but I always do reply, and with the questionnaires I try to give a nice, long, detailed reply, to make it worth your while. Keep sending them in - if you haven't had a go yet, give it a look - you just might have fun with it ;) Please feel free to ignore any questions you feel are too intimate (which would be most of them lol).

Sophie returns in my next post, the final part of the group sex session with Henri and Kathryn - I was going to write that this weekend, but it's the Bank Holiday here in England, and I've been mostly out and about - it'll be up in the next two or three days, though. The audio version has been selling pretty well in iTunes, and once 'London' is finished (just one more chapter to go), that'll be going to audio too. I'm hoping that this time we can have a male narrator, though ultimately that's down to Leatherback, the audio producers. It's not easy, as iTunes seem to prefer female narrators for erotica, but I think it might be worth specifically marketing this new one as audio erotica for women (as opposed to the previous one, which is just listed as erotica / romance), but again, that's down to the audio producers, and whether they think that's commercially viable. I'll keep you posted! If you're curious about the current one, just click on the link to the left, or search for "erotic short stories paris series" in iTunes - it's been consistently in the top 50 audiobooks here in the UK for the past few months (today it's at No. 33), which I'm really pleased about! I get small royalties on every sale (the only darn money I make from this site lol), so I hope you'll forgive me being a capitalist slut and promoting it just this once ;)

And speaking of audios, I'm planning to do a new one in a couple of weeks, and I think I'll follow the same format as last time, answering your questions. Really I'm mostly interested in filthy questions (personal ones won't get replies, I'm afraid, you'll have to save your curiousity for private emails with me for those), so think up a few really dirty, sexy questions that you think it'll be fun to hear me respond to, and either post them here in the comments or email them to me, and I'll try to reply to as many as I can. My friend from last time is willing to be the interviewer again, and she's already assuming I'm going to get turned on and frisky again, so try not to disappoint her ;) Just bear in mind that you only have yourselves to blame if we end up touching each other again whilst doing the interview - expect lots of dirty giggling, some evasive replies from me here and there, and almost certainly a little playful mutual masturbation whilst we're recording the audio - the same as last year, basically ;) And if you have anything you'd particularly like me to do for the audio, feel free to suggest that too - though before you ask, no, I'm not going to masturbate to orgasm for you lol - though I might get rather close ;)

Questions so far (I'll add to the list as I receive them):
- What is it about a woman's taste that turns you on?
- If you had to choose what would you rather watch a woman do - masturbate for you, masturbate another girl or fuck another man?
- Why is Sophie such an inspiration for you? Is she modeled after someone special? ;) I want to know more about her (well, or at least be her).
- And why is it about Sophie more than the artist, since I assume the artist is you?
- Why do you have a thing for white panties?
- What would you just LOVE to lick off your lover's body?
- Say something filthy in French, German and Spanish
- How long are you able to be without any sexual contact?

Right, enough waffling, back to the erotica for my next post, should be in here by mid week, if not sooner. Now go fill in that questionnaire, naughty girl, I want you to make me come ;)

roger xx


lol - Roger...can we just refer to you as "capitalist slut" all the time??

hee hee the thought just has me giggling to myself.

I would love to ask you all kinds of dirty things but I think your readers, and forgive me if I'm speaking out of line, would rather have you read off the questions and answer them yourself. I'd really rather not hear "your friend" with you. It takes away from the idea that you're speaking to me. Hearing her actually turns me off. Call it jealousy or whatever, but I like your blog because I can pretend I'm the only one since that's the way you write. You speak directly to the reader. Hearing a woman's voice asking you questions and hearing her gasp as you touch her, or hear you make noises as she tuches you etc. defeats that purpose. Same as hearing a woman's voice in your audios ruins it too.

Just my opinion, please don't take offense. :)

strumpet - please feel free ;)

anonymous - I do see your point, and of course I don't take offense - I'm flattered that you want me all to yourself ;)
To be honest, it just wouldn't be any fun for me to do it alone, and I think it would make for a boring audio. What I like about being interviewed (rather than just reading off the questions myself) is that it allows for much more interactivity - she can ask follow-up questions, can probe deeper if I'm waffling or being evasive, and can get right to the heart of the question, making it more of a conversation, which I think is much more interesting to listen to. It also adds a delicious frisson of lust into the mix, which I think is fun too. I can understand the jealousy aspect, though the key to that, I'm told, is to simply imagine that you're the interviewer, to put yourself in her place - it's why she's not named, and she's there to represent you. It's not going to be to everyone's taste - some prefer a girl being there, some don't, but I'll do my best to make it fun! x

ok roger - here are some filthy questions for you.

What is it about a woman's taste that turns you on? (I warned they'd be filthy)

If you had to choose what would you rather watch a woman do - masturbate for you, masturbate another girl or fuck another man?

Why is Sophie such an inspiration for you? Is she modeled after someone special? ;) I want to know more about her (well, or at least be her). And why is it about Sophie more than the artist, since I assume the artist is you? BTW, I know I told you before but I just love, love, love those stories.

I'm looking forward to hearing more of your sexy voice ;) (and in response to the last commenter, I don't mind the interviewer's voice)

Nice try - one must be blind to not know who she is. ;)

Here's my question:
Why do you have a thing for white panties?

loverly - those are terrific questions, just the kind of thing I was looking for - they'll be added to the list ;)

anonymous - you can make your own mind up who the interviewer is, but I won't be naming her - I want you to imagine that you're the interviewer, that's the idea x
I'm not sure I do have a thing for white panties lol - but I'll add it to the list, it might start a nice pantie-based conversation ;)

Dearest Capitalist Slut,

omigod! and I didn't even tell you how excited I am for the new interview.

you don't even have to be naughty to turn me on with your delicious voice.

funny/naughty question.... what would you just LOVE to lick off your lover's body...hee hee hee

do you believe in marriage or being together with the same partner for the rest of one's life? or do you think evolution has never planned it that way?

To not only be a capitalist slut but also a globalisation sod - say something filthy in French, German and Spanish.


No excuses. ;P

strumpet - I'll add it to the list ;)

lurker - yikes! That one might be a bit heavy for the interview, so I'll answer it here - I think it's lovely when people find a partner for the rest of their lives - I've personally never managed to succeed at that yet, though I live in hope! My personal ideal would be to have a partner whom I love, can stay with, and can have lots of fun with, and who is happy for us to bring in other individuals from time to time, strictly for fun in the bedroom. That's the relationship I currently have, and it works very well for me, but I don't necessarily recommend it for anyone else - you have to find your own levels, I think. A happy long marriage is clearly very possible, as people do it all the time.

r - that's a fun one - I'll do my best ;)

How long are you able to be without any sexual contact? (Tell me you're a slob like everyone else and sometimes have migraines too. ;)

Did you ever shave a girl? If not, would you like to?

anna - thankyou, I'll add it to the list ;)
and yes, I'm very capable of being a slob when I want to be, and even suffer the occassional migraine - curses, I'm human after all! ;)

anonymous - I've been asked this question from time to time, and I've always found it a strange question, so I'll answer it here - nope, I've never shaved a girl, and nope, I don't especially feel the need to - I'd never live it down if my hand slipped!

Name three actresses you would not fuck?

Not to be included in the interview, just in the name of capitalism: How much money do you make with those audiobooks?

Only three? lol
Just pocket money with the audios - enough to make it worthwhile, but it is just small amounts.

LOL well, then three most men would.

hmmm... well I could maybe tell you which ones I would fuck - though I'm by no means typical! I'll add it to the list...

Confusion much? lol

Name three actresses most men would like to fuck, but you wouldn't touch with abarge pole.

So there. That's what I meant.

Have you masturbated at work? And if so, did the person who caused it know?

This lurker has two questions for you. Choose yourself:

Confess a dirty secret absolutely nobody knows about you (not even your partner)!

Did you ever have an erection in a situation where it was completely uncalled for?

...and more fun questions! Since I completely failed to arrange the interview this time, I'll add them to the list for my next opportunity in a couple of months...

Are you a groaner or a screamer?

I like that one ;) I won't answer it now, I'll leave it for the interview - should be coming up in a few weeks, fingers crossed - you might even get me demonstrating, who knows ;)

Have you ever seen a girl wearing one of those shirts you sell? Would you approach her?

I think I might just answer this one here - I've only ever sold one top from Cafe Express - my total profits so far (after about a year) are $2.00! lol! I think I need to do a better design, girls just wouldn't buy that one...
Thankfully the audios are a bit more successful!
And yes, I'd definitely say hello ;)

You should perhaps offer your worn knickers, too lol

LOL - you can have those for free ;)

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