The Game - a Sophie short story: part four

Wednesday, May 25, 2011 at 3:28 AM

This is part four of the latest Sophie story – you'll find part one here, part two here and part three here.

An unusual party game has ensued at Uncle James's birthday celebration. One by one, each of the four girls (Sophie, Kathryn, Claudia and Abigail) are being blindfolded and bent over the dining table, awaiting the sexual attentions of each of the four men (myself, Henri, Uncle James and Dean) in turn. Each man is permitted to slip inside each girl and take only twenty thrusts. Sophie has had her turn, coming twice exquisitely. Kathryn is next to go, naked, blindfolded and bent over the table...

Most of us were naked now, and all of the men, myself included, were also still very obviously erect. We all wanted to fuck, eager for more, eager to make the girls come.

Sophie was still draped alongside me to my left, naked and trembling softly, still recovering from her intense orgasms. I knew she would need to come again soon. She was as much a voyeur as I, after all. On the other side of me on the couch, Abigail was still dressed, a little more shy than the others in front of all these strangers. As Uncle James knelt down in front of Kathryn, however, I couldn't help but notice that Abigail was teasing up the hem of her short skirt, slowly drawing it up along her thighs.

On the couch opposite us, Claudia was also still mostly clothed, leaning back next to her naked husband as they enjoyed the floorshow. Her clingy silk dress, however, was tugged all the way up her long, slim thighs, and I noticed for the first time that her panties were now discarded at her feet in front of the couch. One of her hands was resting between her thighs and she was subtly touching herself again, her hips moving a little as she masturbated playfully to the sight in front of her, no longer caring if she was seen, too turned on to care.

And on the centre couch, Henri watched his wife about to be fucked, his hand gliding along his cock, intensely aroused, masturbating openly. I wondered if he had noticed Claudia doing the same.

I turned my attention back to the table, watching as James began to touch Kathryn, right there in front of us. One of his hands was already drifting slowly up between her legs, and he leaned in closer to trace a kiss along the back of her thigh, his kisses following his fingers, working their way gently up. Kathryn moaned softly, parting her thighs a little wider to give him more access, her cunt now eagerly on display to us all. She was clearly already wet, her gentle gasps echoing around the candlelit room.

James's fingers slipped further up, resting firmly against her soaking cunt, stroking her intimately, his lips and tongue still tracing up the inside of her thighs, breathing softly on her as his wet fingers moved up towards her clit, teasing her with a delightful rhythm. As her hips began to move, enjoying his touch, his tongue glided softly over her cunt, tasting her, lapping at her. She shuddered in response.

“ohhh god...” she gasped, unable to wait any longer, “fuck me... I want you to fuck me...”

Her blindfold was still firmly in place. She had no idea who she was speaking to, but she no longer cared. As James stood up behind her, his cock eagerly erect, Kathryn was already pushing herself back towards him, her hand reaching behind her, taking hold of his cock and feeding it into her eager cunt, moaning exquisitely as he eased deep inside her, clinging onto the cushion as she accustomed herself to the feel of him inside her.

I could feel my own cock throbbing as I watched, and I gasped as I felt Sophie's hand drift around my erection, stroking me delightfully as she enjoyed the show. I heard a gasp from my right, looking to see Abigail watching us, her skirt now tugged all the way up her open thighs, her fingers rubbing softly over her small white panties. Sophie smiled at her, still stroking my cock. “Don't forget to count,” she whispered.

Abigail returned her attention to Uncle James, watching as he slowly withdrew his cock, and then plunged it back deep inside Kathryn's cunt. “One...” Abigail whispered, her voice a little more tremulous now, rubbing herself through her panties rhythmically as she watched. “Two... three... four...”

Kathryn was moaning gorgeously now, pushing back against James with each thrust of his cock inside her. Her cunt sounded slick and wet, James gripping her hips as he fucked her, each of his thrusts long and deep, trying not to make a sound as he increased his rhythm, Kathryn groaning with pleasure.

“Twelve...” Abigail whispered, “thirteen... fourteen...” and Kathryn arched her back, pushing back harder against him, James thrusting deeper inside her now, breathing harder, his own arousal increasing with each stroke. “Eighteen... nineteen... twenty...” and all too soon James's turn was done, slowly withdrawing his throbbing cock from her cunt, Kathryn trembling with lust as James returned to his seat to the right of Abigail, winking at her playfully.

“Number two,” Abigail breathed, still softly touching herself through her panties, and Dean got to his feet, his cock achingly erect, stepping towards Kathryn. He brushed his hands softly over her gorgeous ass, pointing his hard cock down between her open thighs from behind, the head of his erection skidding against the wet lips of her cunt, teasing her with it.

Fuck me...” Kathryn breathed, and Dean wasn't going to wait. He slowly eased his cock into her dripping wet cunt, pushing it inside her inch by inch, Kathryn trembling as he penetrated her, clutching onto the cushion that she was leaning over, easing herself back onto him, squeezing around him. “Ohhh fuck yes...”

I looked over to Claudia, alone on her couch again, watching her husband. If she held even a trace of envy she wasn't displaying it. The straps of her silk dress were slipping down from her shoulders, her small breasts all but exposed. Her thighs were wide open as she leaned back, the dress tugged up around her waist, her fingers now working at her clit, stroking herself in rhythm as she watched, masturbating in full view of us all, not caring if she was seen. Her face was flushed, and she looked very close to orgasm.

Sophie's hand was still around my cock, stroking me, and I could feel myself pulse in her fingers, eagerly anticipating my turn. Next to us, perhaps encouraged from seeing Claudia, Abigail now had her own hand down inside her panties, her other hand squeezing her breast as she watched, still counting softly.

“Six... seven... eight... nine...” and Kathryn was moaning more intensely, Dean's cock thrusting harder into her from behind, Kathryn trembling now with each thrust, barely able to take it, getting closer and closer to her orgasm, trying to hold it back, wanting more.

“ohhh god...” she gasped, “ohhh god fuck me... fuck me...” and Dean's rhythm increased, pounding harder into her now, his muscled flexing as he drove deeper inside her, Kathryn squealing with pleasure, wet sounds splashing from her cunt.

“Fifteen... sixteen...” It was all too much for Claudia. I heard her gasp urgently, looking over to her. Her fingers were skidding fast around her clit, trying to stop herself from groaning, but she couldn't hold it back any longer. Her body began to convulse exquisitely as her orgasm rippled through her body. Her lips opened, trying not to cry out, clutching desperately at her cunt as she came, gasping hard: “Fuckkkk... fuckkkk... uunnnhhh FUCCKKK... UUNNHHHHH!

We had all heard her come, her moans echoing around the room, her body shaking urgently, intensely. I could tell that Kathryn was close too, slamming herself back against Dean's cock, but the count reached twenty only moments before she got there, and he withdrew himself from her cunt reluctantly, smiling at Claudia as he returned to sit next to her, her hand still firmly between her thighs, her body trembling.

“Number three...” Abigail whispered, and I got up from the couch, my cock blissfully erect from Sophie's attentions, pulsing gorgeously between my thighs. I noticed Sophie slip her arm around Abigail as I got up, trying not to think about it, knowing that I needed to hold my orgasm back for the moment if I was going to get through this.

As I approached her, I could see that Kathryn's cunt was soaking wet and pouting gorgeously as she bent over the table, her thighs obscenely parted. As I moved behind her, my hands drifting softly over her hips, she quivered at my touch, pushing her ass out towards me. “I need to come...” she gasped, not knowing who she was speaking to, not caring. “I'm so close... make me come... ohhh god please...”

It wasn't a request I was going to refuse. My cock was achingly erect, and she was clearly intensely aroused. I took hold of my cock, steering the head of my penis down between the wet lips of her cunt, and I slid myself so very easily all the way inside her, filling her cunt with my cock.

“Fuck...” she moaned, “fuckkk fuckk... ohhh god...” Her cunt was clutching at me, my cock throbbing exquisitely inside her as she squeezed herself around it, soaking wet. I held her hips steady, trying to control my own breathing, easing deeper inside her, holding it right there, grinding against her. Her juices were already dribbling down over my balls.

She was so close, and the count still hadn't started. I still wasn't thrusting inside her, just pulling her back more firmly against me and holding her there. Her thighs were trembling, her cunt milking my cock, squeezing desperately around it, and she pushed back harder onto me, her cunt engulfing my throbbing erection, her body starting to quiver uncontrollably. Her hands gripped hard on the cushions and I felt a sudden warm, wet flood of her cunt over my cock.

“I'm going to come...” she gasped, “I can't hold it... ohhhh fuckkk I'm going to come... ohhh fucckkk... FUCKKK... UUUNNNHHHH! NNNNH! NNNNHHH! UNNNHHH!

I held her steady, her body convulsing against me, my cock throbbing harder, inside her, her cunt spilling over me as she came. I heard a gasp from behind me, and an exquisite groan, trying not to think about it, not wanting to come yet, holding myself right there inside her as her body shook so gorgeously.

And slowly I began to thrust, Abigail whispering the count: “One... two... three... four...” Kathryn groaned with each thrust, slamming herself back onto me, and as the count reached twelve she began to come again, harder this time, crying out urgently, grabbing desperately onto the cushions as she arched back against me, my cock still pounding into her, fucking her through her orgasm, Kathryn crying out with each thrust: “YES! YES! UNNHHHH! FUUCKKKK YES!”, still breathing hard and trembling as the count reached twenty, and I slowly withdrew my pulsing cock from inside her, somehow holding back my own orgasm.

Intensely aroused, I returned to the couch, sitting between Sophie and Abigail. Without waiting, Sophie leaned over and took me into her mouth, sucking my cock for a few moments, tasting Kathryn on me, lapping her wetness from my cock. Abigail watched, wide eyed, her hand now firmly down inside her panties, stroking herself as she watched, and I looked at her with ill-disguised lust.

Sophie eased up from my pulsing cock, still stroking me, licking her lips and smiling at Abigail, whispering again softly: “Don't forget to count...”

Abigail blushed a little and returned her attention to the table. Kathryn was shaking and soaking wet, her thighs splayed wide open, her cunt eager, needing more.

“Number four...” Abigail whispered, and Henri took his place, standing behind her. He didn't wait, he knew only too well what she needed. With a hard, deep thrust, he rammed his cock deep inside her cunt and began to fuck her urgently, Kathryn screaming with pleasure, grabbing as best she could onto the cushions.

ohhhhh FUCKKK yes...” she moaned, “take me hard... fuck me... fuck me... FUCK me...”

Claudia was masturbating again on the couch opposite us, her fingers gliding around her clit, Dean teasing his fingers through her hair as she watched, his own gaze not leaving Henri and Kathryn, his cock exquisitely erect. Sophie had her own hand between her thighs now, teasing herself as she watched, and I noticed Uncle James watching her, his own hand around his cock, stroking himself in the same rhythm.

Somehow Abigail was continuing with her count, her voice shakey now, her fingers tugging down her wet panties, her fingers returning to her clit, skidding around it. “Twelve...” she breathed, “thirteen... fourteen...” and Kathryn was coming a third time, crying out in ecstasy as Henri slammed hard inside her, her body convulsing hard, and once again the count had reached beyond twenty before she had finished coming, breathing hard on the table, Henri easing his hard cock from her cunt, moving back to the couch, his cock dripping with her wetness.

Kathryn could barely move, her body shaking, her cunt dripping onto the floor from between her thighs. Sophie and Abigail got up from the couch and helped her up gently, Sophie smiling at her and kissing her on the cheek softly, guiding her back to Henri's side on his couch.

ohhh my god...” Kathryn whispered, her voice still trembling, “I've never... ohhh god... never come so hard...” Henri held her close, brushing the hair from her face, kissing her softly.

“I do believe it's my turn...” Claudia whispered.

More to follow at the weekend...


yesssss... thank you, rog. just tuning back in. :)

hi suzanne, it's very lovely to have you back here, hope you're enjoying the story so far :) xx

Mmmmm i wish Uncle James was my Uncle yummmy good fun

I'm glad you enjoyed it ;) More from this story coming this weekend xx

God. I've never realized how greedy I can be. I would definitely participate in a game like this, if given the opportunity.

Greed is definitely a very good thing in this situation. I'm still completely convinced that anyone would participate in a game like this - or would at the very least stay to watch. And quite frankly, watching something like this would inevitably still draw that person into it, given that it would be impossible not to masturbate watching such delightfulness take place.

I'm delighted that you're enjoying it, and I'll make sure you're on my next dinner invite ;) xx

Mmmm I am now completely turned on and jealous of fictional characters. Just to be anyone of the girls...the feeling of each partner in her. I wonder how aware they are of being watched or how aware I would be?

Thank you for giving me something so erotic to fantasize about tonight.

I'd imagine it's an ongoing awareness - you'd be very exposed there on the table, with three couches circling the table, facing you, and the occassional soft sounds of gasps drifting through the room. It would all depend how absorbed you were in being taken. The only way to know is to find out ;)

And my pleasure, I'm glad you're enjoying it so far xx

woohooo this is the 2nd, 3rd time i read this and still getting wet :)

damn roger - waiting up the next post

I've now heard from two different readers who have tried The Game themselves (one with three other couples, the other with four), and both of whom thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I must try it myself ;)
I'm delighted you're enjoying it so much - more to follow next week ;) xx

ooooohhhhhh myyyyyyy goooooodddddd... Why only twenty thrusts? You're such a tease. I want more... much, much more. I also want you to finish this story so that I can finish... again. (My greed is shameless, it knows no limits.)

More more more please

Roger, please put us out of our misery and post the next bit - can't wait to read how Claudia gets it...! JR

After an unavoidable delay, the next part will be coming up shortly - should be fun to write ;)

How can you keep the lovely Claudia waiting so long Roger...! I hope she doesn;t have to wait too much longer...! JR

Hi JR :)
I'm hoping to have the next part up this week - it's been a bit barmy here workwise, but I'm keen to get it done, if I can keep myself sufficiently under control ;) xx

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