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Wednesday, October 29, 2008 at 7:03 PM

Since I've almost finished the latest 'You Choose' story (the final part to come in the next few days), we'll be shortly starting the run-up to Xmas in here, when I like to indulge in a little fun with you, and get a little more interactive (if only to help warm us all up as that cold, cold weather comes hurtling in).

Over Xmas week itself, I'll be popping in as much as I can, for those of you either lacking decent company, or needing relief from the company you're actually stuck with ;)

Before that, though, coming up in the next few weeks:

- finishing off the current You Choose boy/boy/girl threesome

- finishing Chapter Two of the latest Sophie story (in which Sophie and the artist are currently indulging in a rather epic fivesome: three boys and two girls).

- the second of the You Choose stories will also be coming up (in which you asked for domination and punishment in front of an audience of beautiful people, masturbating as they watch - which will definitely be fun to write...).

- and as for the interactive side of things, I'm going to be hosting a new Orgy, since it's been over a year since the last one, and it proved so very popular. I appreciate it wasn't to everyone's tastes, but enough took part last year (nearly 650 comments in total, as I recall) and have requested more this year, that I felt it was very much worth repeating.

There's never any way of knowing how long these events will run for - sometimes they fizzle out after a week, sometimes (as was the case with the last one) they can keep going for a few delightful weeks, with new posts being constantly added by the people taking part. As with the last one, I'll be keeping the party going for as long as there are some of you still having fun in there, and it'd be terrific if we can have an orgy as epic and as intense as the last one! Hope you'll all come and join in - they can be chaotic, but my goodness they're fun ;)

I'll be starting the new Orgy in the middle of November - probably around the 15th or 16th I think - assuming it could run up to a month (which means we'd be done in plenty of time for Xmas). If you've never attended an online orgy before, go take a look at what we got up to last year, serialised in the following posts - there's a LOT of intense erotica in there, written by me and by a large number of you out there too, and I think you might rather enjoy it ;)

virtual orgy part one
virtual orgy part two
virtual orgy part three
virtual orgy part four
virtual orgy part five

So the new orgy is coming up in about two weeks time - before then, check back at the weekend for either more Sophie or You Choose - I haven't decided yet which I want to write this week, as both are going to be a whole lot of fun... ;)

roger xx


looks like someone's going to be a busy boy. but we all appreciate it and i'm sure it'll be worth it xx

Is it possible for other guys to tend to this orgy as well?^^

kitten - ahh, I like being busy in here, it's fun ;) xx

anonymous - absolutely, yes - if you check the links to the previous orgy, you'll see we had a few guys attending, so yes, you'd be very welcome to come and join in. If you're creative and fun in there, you'll attract plenty of attention from the girls, I'm sure, as the other guys certainly did last year ;)

dirtyboy - Okay, i will be checking it out then=)

Sounds good - expect the orgy to begin around the second or third week in November - hope you'll have fun in there ;)

Exciting. The next "you choose" with domination and an audience sounds very interesting, I'm looking forward to that. Reminds me of something I read once. I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job writing it. Orgies aren't really my thing but I could be surprised.

I'm looking forward to it too - it was a suggestion by a reader, and everyone loved the idea (including me) - though first up are some more Sophie posts, though I'm hoping you'll like those too, they're rather intense...
And definitely do look in on the orgy when it starts, you might just find you're keen to jump in with us ;) XX

An iniquitous domination post and an orgy; November's going to be a good month.


I can only agree - I can't help but pulse a little just thinking about it... xx

Ok, I only read about 10 entries down into orgy part one and I'm not sure I'll be able to get through it! I'm going to need some Gatorade and extra batteries. If nobody hears from me, call the paramedics! *gulp*...I'm going back in...

It's rather intense, I know, and pretty much stays that level throughout... hope we'll be seeing you at the next one ;) x

Oh Roger...I can't wait. I have missed you and yours very much. I will be waiting with some excitement for the upcoming event...


As am I, I think it's going to be fun ;) xx

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