Is it really 2020 already?

Thursday, March 26, 2020 at 3:27 PM

Hi everyone xxx

It's been seven years since the start of the hiatus, but I'm curious if anyone's still around. Times are strange at the moment, and filthy erotica might just be the answer we're looking for!

Leave me a comment, or drop me an email at the address to the left if you prefer. Because if the audience still exists, I reckon a good few posts or a filthy orgy might just be a whole heap of fun!

I'm sure I'll hear nothing, but if I do, then I'm here. If you write to me, make it filthy 😘

Roger xx


I want to come again and again and over. Don’t want to be able to walk for days....


Good god man. Hot damn. Where have you been? Take me over my desk...


Just stay right where you are and tug your knickers down. And grip onto the desk tightly 😘 xx

No knickers to tug down... I’m already draped over my desk... only thing I’m wearing are 5 inch heels.


Mmm, I like a girl who knows what she wants. Good and hard, I hope.

Good. Hard. Rough. Please.


Oh, you've clearly missed me. Look at how desperately you're behaving.
Dirty, filthy little girl.
Spread your thighs wider, I want to see that eager little cunt of yours x

I’m your dirty filthy slut. Have your way. I open my thighs wider, wiggle my ass at you, and give you a look that clearly says I dare you...


Oh, you dare me? 😘
You know that I'll do whatever I please, Heather. And with anyone else who steps in here too. You're lucky that we're currently, briefly alone, but everyone will see just what a bad little girl you're being when they arrive.
*grabs your hair and tugs your head back*
Tell me you want it, little girl. Tell me you want my cock in your cunt.
Beg me.
*tugs a little harder*

God. I want your big hot cock in my cunt. Please sir may I have some more? I don’t care what you do as long as I come again and again and again and over and over. Please? It’s been seven long years. I’ve not had an orgasm quite like a roger orgasm since you left!


Deep and rough.. make me your slut


Seven years? Nonsense, impatient little girl.
Now *fucking*... (unnh)... take*... (unnh fuck)... my *cock*...
*All* the way in your pretty little cunt...

I gasp.

Spreading my thighs a little wider to take as much of you in my as I can

I twist one of my nipples.

Oh my god please...


Ohh you filthy fucking slut...
Behaving like this, knowing everyone will see...
Though it's a wonderful way to relaunch ��
*shoving it deep*
THAT'S where you want it, little girl... right up inside you...

Pretty sure if I sneak in, I'll get to watch heather get fucked and that sounds like the perfect way to say hello again,

SO glad to have you back

He's back! He's alive! And he's still so gorgeous. Come here, boy.

And get writing ��

present! so glad you’re still around. xoxo

I was so scared! you don’t show up in google search anymore. :(

I missed you. I'm already wet just thinking about what you're going to do to me. My cunt is throbbing so hard, I can't take it anymore...please...


Where the fuck did you go? You’re a fucking tease. ~heather

Yes, bro.
It's 2020.
Better wake-up
or you're gonna lose the salvation
which Jesus vehemently promised.

Please restart the blog xxxx liz

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