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Sunday, April 23, 2006 at 10:11 PM

hi you xx

apologies for my absence this week - I decided to have a lazy week, and today I was going to write a Big Long post to make up for it - a delightful boy / girl / girl threesome - but it's ended up being a busier weekend than I expected and I haven't got it done yet.

Given that I haven't posted since last Monday (yikes!!!) I thought I'd better at least say hi - will post the threesome on Tuesday, so while you're (hopefully patiently) waiting, let's have a bit of audience participation fun ;)

Since I'm going to be writing about me and you and another girl, here's a question for you - I've decided to conduct a survey ;):

have you ever had a sexual experience with another girl? (mmmm god...)
- If yes, was it fun and would you do it again? (ohh god yes)
- If no, would you like to, or is it something you prefer to keep as a fantasy? (damn lol)
- Or do you perhaps not like the idea at all? (of course you do!)

Please don't betray any confidences, no need to go into details - unless you want to, obviously I'd love that, but no need, you can be coy and mysterious - I'm just curious how many of my readers have experience with girls... and of course the idea arouses me, so I'm not really asking all that innocently ;) - I love thinking about two girls together...

I suspect it's going to be quite a few of you, but we'll see...

and a long, intense threesome to follow on Tuesday ;)

roger xx


Hmm, let's see, I think you already know my answer from the archives in my blog ;) xx

I do indeed ;) One of many things I like about your delightful blog ;) xx

No, but it would definitely be something I'd like to do and I know just who I'd like to be the other woman too. She's blonde, beautiful and one of my best friends who has no idea I've ever even thought about this. She once told me that she had done it with another woman during her college days though. Mmm...that image has stayed with me. :)

Not as of yet. Though me and my girl friend like to play around to tease 0:-) And I know its definitely her fault for making me more curious on the idea of it all. So maybe one day. ;)

I have 'thought' about it, but have never gotten the courage to do so.

Maybe your next post will give me just that. Can't wait.

MMMMMMM, oh yes, I have been with another woman, in fact several other women. Sometimes with a man present, and sometimes just us girls! Do I enjoy it? Most definately! I will be looking for your post Tuesday!

My latest entry may just answer that question for you...

My first kiss was a dare, and it was from a girl. Would I like to have it happen again? Yes, though (of course) not as a dare, and with a different girl (whose boyfriend I am sort of boyfriend-sitting at the moment -- noting spicy there; it's just some mutual thing, although he IS gorgeous). She is out of the country, is almost like a sister (more like proof that God made a mistake and decided to make her a sister from another mother), and because of that, I miss her terribly. I nearly kissed her when we said goob bye (she'll be back in 2 weeks). Her mouth was almost on my neck as we embraced. I wanted to linger, but the stuff I hoarded (loads of goodies and comics and such to read while she's gone) from her house was weighing down on my tired shoulder, and we were near an intersection. I suspect that she wanted more than an embrace. I made a mental note to snoop around the boyfriend to confirm the suspicion.

You're Hugh Hefner.

this is already starting to confirm what I've always thought - girls just love playing with other girls (and who can blame them?)

lildirtyann - the shy, trying out thing is, I believe very common - you should try it again ;)

wonderwoman - who knows, maybe she thinks of you that way too... maybe the two of you need a girly night out ;)

psy - I think most girls are at least curious ;)

anonymous - every girl I've ever known has at least fantasised about it - and I hope you enjoy the post - I've already roughed it out, and it's going to be very intense ;)

rambling lady - welcome to my blog, don't think I've seen you comment before xx - glad to hear you've been having fun - I just know you're going to enjoy the post ;)

miss understood - I did indeed find your current post most arousing ;)

paige - all the ingredients of a delightful threesome are all there - if it happens, I hope you have fun - and I'll want to know all about it ;)

anonymous - LOL - thankfully I'm a lot younger than Hugh Hefner!!

I'm sure I have a story or two coming up soon. Chloe x

i have participated in threesomes on a few separate occasions, but always with the same woman. my first encounter took place a little over a year ago. i was dating a guy named matthew at the time. we were still fairly new but very experimental. he suggested that he may be able to hook something up with someone he dated for a short while, showed me a photograph of her, and i gave him the ok to see if he could set things up. less than a week later, i found myself sitting (somewhat awkwardly) on the edge of her bed. small talk ensued, it was supposed to be a "getting-to-know-you" encounter to see if we all meshed enough to give it a go. there was a bit of uncomfortable tension in the air that wasn't suiting me so i took it upon myself to initiate something more. i looked at her and asked her if it would be alright if i kissed her. she was receptive. matt watched the two of us kiss and pet for a short while before joining us on the bed. clothes flew off, we got down to business. the highlight for me was having her licking and sucking and nibbling my clit while penetrating me with a vibrator while watching my boyfriend fuck her from behind. feeling her moaning against my hot, wet pussy... mmm... so good. going down on her was more ejoyable than i had anticipated. the taste... i loved it, and feeling matt, sooo hard, thrusting in and out of me while having her writhing beneath me... worth the initial awkwardness hands down. a few months later, after matthew and i had split up, she got in touch with me and invited me to join her and her beau for another romp. i accepted, quite eagerly. fun was had by all ;)

chloe - I look forward to it ;)

jennafey - such a delightful comment, thankyou x And yes, I expect that initial awkwardness is pretty common, but you're right, once things get underway, there's an intensity about a threesome that's unlike anything else - definitely lots of fun, I wholeheartedly agree!

Awwww.... :( Poor Pandora has never had another woman in her bed. And yes, I would love to give it a try. I suppose a most suitable partner would be a Bloggerland partner. ;)

Pandora - obviously I'm not at all surprised that you're keen to try - now if I could just be there to join in... ;)

mmm yes... each of them was delicious, and i'm ever so greedy for more, lol ;)

nez - such a greedy girl ;)

Yup and i'd do it again!

Just let me know next time you're going to do it, I'll be right there to watch ;)

I'd be one of those readers who doesn't have a blogging account, and has never commented before...

-- I love your stories, just don't comment --

I haven't as of yet, but it's something I would die to try lol. I'm curious by nature.

it's traditional in here to give a hug to lurkers who pop up to say hi - so here's a lovely big *HUG* x
And I've always considered curiousity to be a very good trait ;)

Oh, yes, of course! I like women as much as I like men. I've been one-on-one with a woman twice, but I'm quite delighted to say that I've had a threesome with just us girls. (Only one of the girls I've been one-on-one with joined in the threesome.) Unfortunately, it was only once, but GOD was it good. Oh, god, it was good.. I've always wanted to be with another girl (perhaps more than one.. ;)) while someone else watched..

Oh dear, thinking about all of this is getting me wet and I have to go to work in a few.

It is the one fantasy I've had since I was a young girl that I've never acted on. The thought of a woman's skin against my skin, the softness,feeling another womans breasts and pussy. HHmmmm, just the thought of tasting another woman can get me sooo wet. This fantasy needs to become reality for me! I hope to accomplish this soon before I go insane! :-)


ali - I'm pleased to see you're having lots of fun exploring your sexuality ;) Now if I could perhaps be the voyeur you requested, that would be delicious, I'd very much love to watch you ;)

honey - I think it's a very common fantasy for most girls (at least in my experience) - if you do manage to make it a reality, I'd love to know all the details ;)

Pandora -- I've been with five girls -- the middle three I had at the same time -- or rather, they had me. Yeah, I'm a lucky little slut, but None of them -- and I am not blowing any smoke up that finely-hewn honey-colored ass of yours -- looked anywhere near as good naked as you do in that most recent photo on your blog.

I wish you lived next door so I could give your body the kind of thorough praise it deserves -- you know... oral praise... I am told I am quite good at it.

I would very much love to watch you and Pandora together - in fact I think I'd have to join in ;)

I've fantasized about girls since i was a teenager, but my first time was when i was 21. it was quite a wild time altogether... i was living in spain at the time, mid-nineties, time of la movida and almodovar and stuff, where being slutty was a kind of progressive political statement. which served me just right - i wore miniskirts, garterbelts and high boots with a punk haircut, made out with any guy that i liked, slept around, every other night ended with spontaneous sex, and i loved it. hmmm, yes, i loved those years.

so a girlfriend i had then - HOT one - and me were having an affair with the same guy (separately, but simultaneaously). he was gorgeous - in fact he worked full time as a naked model in art university. weird job, but great body. he was the one that tricked us into a threesome at his house, a villa with pool and everything, very idyllic. once we started kissing - the girl and me, that is - we kind of forgot about him. he took loads of fotos and tried to join in from time to time, but we were totally overwhelmed with the great feeling of each others small lips, tits, soft skin, pussies... it was incredible. we spent the whole night together, our lover degraded to a kind of waiter (but hey, he had a good time watching.) i still have loads of fotos of that night...

i had various other threesmoes and on-to-one-girl-girl-sex later, but one thing stayed important, from that wonderful first time in that sunstricken andalusian villa: is has to be spontaneaous. no way i would turn up to an arranged threesome. which is why i don't often have sex with girls. wish it was more...

thanks for sparking off memories!

my first relationship ever was with a girl, and we could barely keep our hands off each other.. classic naughty schoolgirls. most of our time together was spent in the back of someone's van or in her home when her parents were away. she was gorgeous and femme like myself, and the way she kissed was amazing.. she would practically fuck my mouth with her tongue, pin me down and... oh well you all don't need to hear that, we were quite young ;)


lucy and kirsten - both such gorgeous reminiscences - thankyou xx

My first experience was with my former flatmate who is a Lesbian. She discovered my internet passion of domination and punishment and decided to act on it.

One day when i forgot to wash my dishes she forced me over the kitchen table and spread me legs and an hour later my pucy was red and tender from a long hard spanking. She then educated me on the art of pleasing a lady.

i don't think i would have ever consented to being with a lady untill that day.

mmm... I'd have loved to witness that... though my imagination is already filling in the details ;)

I'd love that Ally - feel free to email me, I'm sure you know how much it would excite me to hear more...

i had a 3some with 2 other girls once... and it was fabulous... i had quite a few trysts with girls before and since, but that was one for the year book for sure! i am a boob girl more than a pussy girl... i love receiving head but not a big fan of giving (i'm a Leo afterall) and i love the way boobs feel in my mouth and hands... in fact for a long time in my 20s i was completely bi, which led to some wonderful experiences with 3somes... being fucked by a guy who is so turned on from watching us 2 girls eat each otehr out and ride thighs while sucking nipples is probably the most awesome sex ever.

a threesome with two other girls?? ohh my goodness... ahhh to have been there... I need to know more about this one...

sorry i only read now that you wanted to hear more about my 3some with 2 other girls... it was one of those nights when we were feeling hot and no one was getting in our way. we got home pretty drunk at about 3, and we all crashed at my mate's place (her folks were down the passage)... and had to push the 2 single beds together so we could all fit on. one of the girls and i had already got it on before so we started fooling aorund and the other girl watched for a while and then joined in. clothes came flying off, and we made so much noise i'm sure her parent woke up... not sure if they came in to see what was going on... if they had they would have seen one girls tongue in my pussy and my tongue down their daugher's throat and our hands all over each other... i watched the new girl squirm while receiving an amazing clit suck while i finger fucked the other girl who was busy with her tongue on in the new girl's pussy.... IT WAS HOT... and we lasted about an hour before we finally went to sleep!

mmm... absolutely delightful - ahh if I'd only been there to join in...

Just come across your amazing site!So much better than most of what is out there...

I had a long-held fantasy of making love with another woman, but being in a serious relationship with a (not-into-sharing) guy I didn't think it would ever happen. However, when we had to spend four months apart (me in Paris, him in Australia), he agreed to that I could use that time to "explore"...

I was lucky enough to get in touch (via the internet) with a French girl my age in exactly the same position. Meeting her in a trendy bar just off the Champs Elysees, I couldn't believe that, by chance, I'd basically found my perfect woman - she was slim (but with gorgeous curves), tanned and really pretty, with long dark hair.

Several nervous drinks later we headed back to my apartment near the Louvre, moving quickly from kissing on the sofa to undressing in the bedroom. To answer your question: it was SO much fun. There are so many things I remember: the softness of her skin and lips, the incredibly erotic feel of her breasts rubbing up against mine, the gentle touch of her fingers caressing my (very!) wet pussy, and the taste of her as my tongue brought her to a shuddering orgasm. And all the while, being able to look into the floor-length mirror next to the bed and see her dark hair falling into my blonde hair, her darker skin against my paleness...

Wow - had almost forgotten how hot it was! Why have I not done this again yet?? My boyfriend has said he is happy for me to be with another woman again (I think he thought the description he got was pretty hot too!) - but only on the condition that he is allowed to watch ;o) Personally, I think it would be amazing if he joined in - can't think of many fantasies more arousing (for me) than going down on a woman while being fucked from behind...


Such a delightful experience, and thankyou for sharing x
Having indulged with girl-girl-boy threesomes with my lover myself, I can say that it's been some of the most intense sex I've evr had - if your boyfriend is up for it, then I'd encourage you to go right ahead. So long as you can deal with any possible jealousies, you should have fun (with my own lover, we have an agreement that I don't fuck the other girl - anything else is fine, but penetration is off the menu - it works very well for us, I get to play the voyeur and join in too, and everyone has a wonderful time. You may have different limits, but so long as you establish what's allowed before you begin, I think you'll have a wonderful time - let me know if there are any devlopments, I'd love to know - and welcome to my site - hope you're enjoying the archives ;)
roger x

Thanks for the advice! I think you're right, setting limits is important: although my fantasies might run to seeing him fuck another girl (doggie-style, while I lie underneath and lick her clit, mmmm), in real life that might well be too much to handle. Will let you know how we go...


PS Am VERY much enjoying the archives!

Glad to hear you''re having fun in my archives ;)
And yes, beware of the jealousy - a good thing to do is to agree on a signal beforehand - then if he (or you) does something that makes the other uncomfortable, you'll know to stop and try something else.
Have fun - and yes, I definitely want to know how it goes - you could always email me if you don't want it out here in public. I look forward to further developments ;) x

To answer your question - yes. It was a pleasurable time for my best friend and her husband.

He wanted to to experience being with two women, and I was was fortunate enough to be THE ONE they both wanted...

Lucky me.

We've been together on a regular basis since then, well, sort of. I would say 3 times a year...and always a different place.

We make a game of it...sort of a "treasure" hunt.

Keeps things lively.

Last place was NYC.

We plan on the next one being either a cruise or Rome.

lucky you indeed - I'd say my own experiences of threesomes are about as regular as yours - we tend to be with the same girl (so far at least) and it's every three months or so - regular enough to be fun not overdoing it to keep jealousy at bay, which seems an ideal way to play it. I'm glad you're enjoying the fun aspect of it too - keep me informed on developments, I'm sure you know I love details ;)

Wouldn't you like to know. =D

I have had MANY encounters with another woman, and I'm SURE you would love the details.

However, if you are so truly desperate to know, I guess I could send you a nice long email with them.

Wouldn't that be fun? =D *Smiles coyly*


sexkitten - mmmm yes please, I'd very much love to receive that long email from you, all about your experiences, and I'm certain I'd enjoy it ;)

yes... have always fantasized of being with another woman.... love taking a very guilty sneak at porn involving women... mmmmm who would know one's body as much as another woman?

I fantasize about being so aroused... and the room being silent... another woman with me... just hanging out.... reading a book or watching a good movie... and her reading my mind, watching me and knowing that my panties are wet underneath my skirt.... she lets me know oh so subtly that she knows I am aroused.... which drives me insane... I'm scared... I'm wet and so damned aroused.... good god... I can hardly continue here...

It is all slow motion... I don't say one word. I watch her, come slightly closer to me... while I try not to pay attention but I can't b/c I am so close to cumming that I can barely catch my breath... she ever so slyly rubs up against my arm... she may as well have been licking my pussy b/c the heat from her was to die for... I squirm around where I am sitting and try desparately to ignore her but I cannot. I am drawn to her like a moth to the light and heat... I want her like there is no tomorrow.... I want her on me, near me... licking my freshly waxed pussy.... that is so bare and sensitive just for her mouth. I can hardly breathe and I have no spit left in my mouth... if she runs her hand up my leg... I'll cum... by virtue of my fantasy....

oh god.... oh my god!!

schatzie - I love this fantasy for two reasons - firstly, because it's delightfully written and such a gorgeously arousing introduction - and secondly (and, admittedly, mostly), because even just the thought of her touching you made you need to come... which I'm guessing you did right at the end there... I love you being that turned on when you comment for me... x

its the transparency of my comment Roger.... you read it oh so correctly... I was so aroused when I finished telling you my fantasy that I indeed needed to touch myself and orgasm like I needed another breath... the magnitude of my incredible imagination, of my aroused state and the sheer joy of knowing what my body can do for me (and hopefully for you!!) makes me hot and oh so sopping wet.... mmmmmmm, mind candy rocks!

of course, schatzie, it's why I write the blog - it arouses me intensely to think of you so deliciously turned on there, needing to touch yourself... so wet for me...

I thought maybe I wouldn't get to comment since the post is from April, but I noticed that there was a comment from this month!


So, ever been with another girl...Why, yes, yes I have. The first time I ever had sex was with a girl. And I'm still with her.

shybutterfly - yep, you can comment on any of the posts in my blog, no matter how old they are - I get automatically notified by blogger when I get comments (and told where they are), so I always get to see them - so feel free to comment wherever you like, and I'll see you and always reply x

And I'm very glad to hear it - a little love is a wonderful thing. Do you share this blog with her? she might just like it, you know ;) x

I find girls incredibly sexy... I think it's easier for me to get turned on by girls actually... I fooled around in college Mainly just silly college drunken makeout sessions, which don't take much bravery and is easily written off by the shy as "not a big deal" bc their current boyfriend at the time is "into that". But it was more than that to me.. I could never switch teams entirely because I like a good hard fuck way too much to switch to toys only. But there is a soft spot & an instant sexual switch in me for a sexy lady. I had one somewhat deeper connection one night with a good friend who was just overflowing with sexuality. I'd always known she played around with a mutual friend but I could never send the right signals for her to have that interest in me. Apparently I was mislead. After way too much tequila I "came to" and we were in full swing. I remember thinking both "omg this is finally happening" and "dammit to hell I wish I was about 80% more sober". Things were getting pretty wild and since I was new to this, I was practically being dominated (which surprisingly for someone as secretly sexual as I am, is my biggest fantasy. No hardcore masks & cuffs type domination, I just like being taken advantage of, having the other person take control- i like to fight & mew & cry, to be held down and to be ravaged- not non-con tho, bc the other person knows I want it, I just like to fight a little and be fucked harder for it.) unfortunately in the middle of one if the hottest nights I've ever experienced, a couple of friends walked right in the middle of this. Luckily they're drunk and albeit slightly surprised, they don't really care. So she asks if I'd like to go to the bedroom and I'm all "fuck yes" but I'm so dizzy upon standing (damn you tequila), I know if I move I'm going to be sick- right there in the living room. I tried & tried but you know how it is when you just have too much fucking alcohol and it's going to take days before you feel like you're not dying. Suffice it to say, that's about where the night ended & I spent days in bed. That's my sexiest girl encounter and also the most frustrating. We're still long distance pals but both in serious relationships & haven't seeneach other in years. Unfortunately with my fiancé, I don't see much room in my future for hot encounters or the finishing of my tutoring in that particular area... but it will always be a fantasy and sometimes I do see a lady that is my particular brand of sexy and I can't help thinking I want her to take it upon herself to show me what's what ;) I do think most every girl Ive talked to that's honestly answered, has at some point thought about being with another girl. Lets face it, guys are awesome sexy machines for fucking and there are few things in the world better. But aesthetically speaking? Girls are fucking hot. Beautiful, sensual, sexy. In a way that guys aren't.
Anyway, longest comment ever, lol. I'm an absolute erotica n00b- I stumbled upon remittance girl and found your site through hers. Damn you're a great writer, and putting the reader in a first person situation, it's just so hot. I found your site last nite- seeing as how it's less than 24 hours, I consider myself more of an instant fan and less of a lurked, lol. If you ever consider writing a piece based on my almost not quite makebelieve non-con fantasy scenario, let me know. I'm one of those girls who have a fucking impossible time orgasming. Your stories make me hot, and I'm definitely interactive while reading but I just haven't been able to orgasm, ever. I'm pretty sure that piece might do it though, so keep it in mind next time you're not sure what to write about, or need a new challenge. Or fuck, feel free to take my girl on girl voyerism & give it a happy ending! regardless, I'll be here reading- you've hooked a new fan xoxo -Jo

Well, I realise that this post is from many many years ago, but I just couldn't help sharing my own stories anyway.
Have I ever had a sexual experience with a girl? Yes, and it was great.

Her, a guy friend and I were all drinking one night, a bit of a "goodbye" celebration as we were all going on holidays. I'd been interested in the girl for about half a year, and I never imagined that she'd ever share the same interests. The guy friend, very unfortunately (or not ;D) had a tad too much to drink, and we had to support him home while he was more or less passed out. I was drunk too, and as we got home, dumped my guy friend on a couch and both fumbled into a bed together, it took me a while to notice that we were both flirting like crazy. From under the sheets, she grabbed my hand, and so I conjured up the courage and kissed her. I didn't expect it to go as far as it did, but soon enough our clothes were long gone and I'd say it was probably in my top 5 favourite nights ;)

Since then, we've hooked up many times again, and I fear I'm getting an emotional attachment to her.

aarrg, coming to this blog many years too late it seems... but I have been lurking about since September, and only occasionally leaving comments since I don't know if you still look at stuff from the archives.
I filled out your sexy questionaire and I know you have been busy (50,000 words in 30 days-- madness!!), so no worries. Meanwhile I am tired of not commenting, even on the older stuff.

Have I ever been with a girl:
yes, but it's been so long it's depressing. I was with an awesome girl my senior year in high school- it was boarding school and she and I spent a lot of time in my bed trying not to wake my roommates. The first time she went down on me I came so hard it was insane. Hot, wet, throbbing ecstasy. She had the most kick-ass body, tight and firm and just.. tits to die for.
In college I was lucky to be involved in an all-girl game of truth or dare that turned into an orgy. (when I tell these stories now, they sound made-up.. it was a lifetime ago-- I've been married almost 10 years). There was alcohol involved and I was pretty drunk. One of the girls plucked me out of the orgy and brought me to her room, where I was happy to lick her pussy until she came. It was really fucking delicious.
Those two experiences were the most significant, and I have not been with a girl since then :(
My husband actually is totally open to the idea of my being with a woman with or without him, but i have yet to figure out how one goes about meeting a girl, who likes girls (and still looks like a girl)...
Looking forward to more updated posts from you!
xoxo Annika

Annika - I always see new comments no matter where you leave them, as they get emailed to me, so please feel free to comment, I love seeing that you've been having fun in here ;)

And this was rather gorgeous - I think I need to know more about that orgy ;)

r xx

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