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Sunday, February 05, 2006 at 4:49 PM

I'm sorry for the lack of entries this week - I've been a little lazy this week I know, but I'll be back properly early in the week, with a lovely long piece of erotica to make up for my absence. I've been thinking about you, though - often rather explicitly... I do so love giving you pleasure....

We could maybe pass the day or two to the next post with a little audience participation, if you think it'd be fun - and it'd definitely be fun for me - so here's the question... a fairly simple one that'll guide me to the kind of things you want me to write... we're naked together, in bed. Both of us intensely aroused. I'm very erect, and I want you. I want to fuck you. You can have me any way you please. If you had to choose, what would you want me to do for you, how would you want me to make you come...? I will, of course, reply to all comments - in detail, where required ;)

this could be fun...

roger x

P.S. I've just listened to the latest podcast (Show 8: Porn) by the very wonderful Cyber Erotic team - you'll find their site here, with links to their show:

Cyber Erotic

The host of the show, Grumps (who regularly comments in here) is really nice about me in the podcast, and even reads a small excerpt from the 'more punishment' post - so huge hugs and a big lovely kiss to Grumps for talking about my blog - and I want you all to go download a few of their shows and take a listen - they're always sexy, frequently very funny, and it's a delightful way to spend your time. All free, naturally. Go there when you're done here - you'll enjoy it, I promise xxx


anyway i want? isn't this the age old question? i want it all.

I am blonde, long-legged (almost 6' tall in my bare feet), lithe/athletic body, with augmented breasts. I love erotica, and role playing. I want to wear only my black leather boots, calf-height, pointed toe, stiletto heels... And standing in front of you, with my back to you, bend over to touch my toes. My golden blonde hair cascading over my black leather boots. Is Dozier sitting in the room, watching? I'm not sure... Take me. - Blonde Stranger

femi-mommy - welcome to my site, your first comment, I think, lovely to have you with me x
And of course you can have it all - I was thinking more in terms of what you might like first... though it's always a tricky question, so many choices!

blonde stranger - mmm from behind, just delicious... he may well be watching as I move behind you... ready to slide deep inside you...

I grip my ankles to steady myself. French-manicured fingers wrapped around the ankles of my black leather boots. Somehow the feel of my leather boots in my own hands turns me on. I am vulnerable, and perfectly balanced on 3-inch stiletto heels. You have to take my hips with both hands to steady me. Just when I feel the bulbous, velvet-smooth head of your cock against my glistening cunt, before the moment of penetration, I give a sideways glance to Dozier, peaking between my blonde tresses draped over my shoulders and hanging in my face...

Mmmmm... I can think of two distinctly different ways to go from here.

Blonde Stranger

Oops... prior comment should've said "peeking", sorry...

blonde stranger - no need to worry about typos, I do them myself all the time x
And I can also think of two ways (at the very least) to proceed... though in this particular instance, it would be both unfair and ungallant of me not to slip deep into that deliciously wet cunt of yours, and start to fuck you gorgeously from behind ;)

kim - that sounds perfect - maybe if you lay back, and I'll slip between your open thighs, my fingers stroking you softly, rhythmically, touching you, caressing you, as I kiss my way up your neck, gently nibble your earlobe, and I whisper in your ear, seductively... and you gasp, your own hand sliding down to my cock... sounds delightful to me...

Well, dirtyboy, just for a change of pace I'd like to feel your hands all over me, teasing me, as you get ready to use your tongue on my lips, my cunt, my clit.... and after you've made me come like that, you can kiss me and soothe me, and turn me over...because then I'd want your hard cock in my tight ass, and I'd want to feel you pushing deep into me, filling me, and finally to feel you cum inside me.... please?

Slip deep into me for sure, mounting me from behind... One of the two scenarios I was debating was nice for Dozier, where I glance over at him with a knowing smile that says, "This is for you, baby."

And he knows that I am allowing another man to take me and, while the physical pleasure may be yours Dirtboy, the erotic, sensual pleasure is all Dozier's. There is an unspoken understanding between Dozier and me while he watches me allow you to have your way with me, and he understands perfectly that while I am completely surrendering myself to you (in a way that creates such a vivid, raw, carnal image for him to watch) it is precisely for his pleasure.

And the other image I contemplated was one that would be not-so-nice for Dozier... One where I have him restrained in the chair, maybe handcuffed behind his back, so he is helpess even to touch himself...

While he watches me shamelessly give first my cunt, and then my ass, to another man. And he is forced to watch another man fuck his woman, and tortured from watching her enjoy every minute of it.

At first he is outraged and then, in some strange way that he can't comprehend or explain, even to himself, he is aroused from watching the very thing he hates.

He sees me in my leather boots, a perfect whore and slut, while you pound me from behind, having no choice but to listen as I urge you on, being careful to give you precise instructions to take yourself right up to the moment before you are about to push a load deep, deep inside of me.

I want you to pull out at just that moment before the point of no return, because I've got other plans...

Make me your slave. Blindfold me and handcuff me to a chair. Stand in front of me with your cock in my face. Rub it on my lips. Push your cock into my mouth, slowly. Watch me slide it through my lips and move up and down on it, moving my head from side to side to change the sensations you feel. I can hear your breathing, hear you moaning, whispering my name. Hold your cock for me and put your hand behind my head. Push me down on it, and watch as I hungrily suck you off, unable to see what I am doing- but I want to please you, so much. Grab a handful of my hair and push my head down on your cock, forcing me to take it in deeper and deeper. Call me your slut. Fuck my mouth slow and gently, then faster and harder. Fuck me lover, don't stop until you are ready to cum. Pull it out and cum on my tits. Make me dirty, treat me like a slut.

Bad, bad girl,

Do you want to be included in my fantasy? You and Dozier both restrained in your chairs, watching me take Dirtyboy first in my cunt, and then my ass? I originally had two possible scenarios in mind in terms of where things might lead from here, but, with thoughts of you, a third just came to mind (only if you want to play, of course) - Blonde Stranger

BBG, your blog does not allow anonymous comments. But I am sure you already know that. - Blonde Stranger

I want you to take me.. That's all I have to say.. you decide how that will happen.. but I want you to take me.... mmmmm

blonde, I didn't know that...oops, my bad. I fixed it, thank you. and please, I'd like to hear what you have in store for me.....

I've already told you......

Wow, what an invitation. I've been gone for a while and certainly ready to be pleased.

Can we start with me on all fours, ass pointing towards your groin. You gently rub your hard cock between my ass cheeks.

Then you push yourself between my wet lips and up deep inside me. Make me take your length. I gasp with the pleasure and the pain of your thrust...

BBG, you and Dozier are both restrained in your chairs, him handcuffed and forced to watch, and you blindfolded, forced to listen. You hear my cunt and ass being violated, but it is a violation that I orchestrated and encouraged.

At the moment Dirtyboy pulls out, precisely as instructed, all three of you are teetering on the edge, each for your own reasons, and each of you with your own unique, personal arousal.

I take Dirtyboy's cock, grabbing it as I would the handlebar of a bicycle, and walk him towards Dozier. With my free hand, I grab a handful of Dozier's hair, and move my hands towards one another, forcing Dozier's mouth towards Dirtyboy's cock, and vice versa. I feed Dirtyboy's cock, slick and glistening with my juices into Dozier's mouth. I am fixated as I watch the head press through, and then disappear into, Dozier's lips. Dozier knows this cock has just been in my pussy, and then my ass. I watch closely, careful to pay particular attention so that I can yank Dozier's head back at precisely the moment before Dirtyboy would otherwise blow his load into Dozier's mouth. The whole entire time I am describing everything in vivid detail to you.

At the last minute, I yank Dozier's head back from Dirtyboy's cock. Dozier has just done something he has never done before, sucked off another man. I love the sense of control that I have, and feel empowered like never before.

I've saved the best for last. I remove your blindfold and, gripping the cock that has now explored my pussy, ass and Dozier's mouth, I feed Dirtyboy's cock into your pretty mouth, stroking while you're sucking, quickly getting in sync with you and finding an unspoken rhythm together. At the last moment, I whisper in your ear that I want you to hold Dirtyboy's load in your mouth and, with your mouth full and unable to speak, you glance and nod to convey your understanding.

Dirtyboy unleashes a load of warm spunk into your pretty mouth, and I push him away so that I can give you an urgent, probing kiss, feeling your tongue swirl and push his load from your mouth into mine.

Are we finished, or is there more?

Wow, I'd put what I'd want up, but suze has already beaten me to the punch with exactly the same thing lol

anything I want? well, db, I'd want to be sat astride your face and have you lick me, suck me, fuck me with your tongue. I'd bend over and pull your hard cock into my mouth, slowly circling my tongue around your head, feeling you arch up into me. I know how much you want to cum, db, but I need you to make me cum first. I want you to feel my juices all over your face, grinding my cunt down on you... only then can you fuck me... xx

What I really want is to take you the way I want, however I want.

What will really please me is turning you on and teasing you until you can't take any more.


goodness me! I'll reply to these one by one, though I'll keep it brief and lovely, as all these have given me ideas for proper posts... but from the top...

kaya - I love that, lots of time spent touching you, kissing you, caressing you - I'd definitely love that - and to finish by cumming deep in your ass... god, just delicious... this is definitely going to end up being a nice long post in the very near future...

grumps - hope you're feeling better after your tumble, poor thing - and yes, once you're up to it, it would be a pleasure to hold you down and take whatever I wanted from you, hard and rough... mmmm...

blonde stranger - you really do write deliciously, and it seems a shame that your delightful imagination is trapped down here in the comments - have you ever thought of starting a blog yourself? I can pretty much guarantee you'd be getting a lot of attention very quickly - in the meantime, I very much enjoyed your fantasy - and making me finish first in Dozier's mouth, and then cumming in bad bad girl's mouth - ohhh my god... I loved it x

bad bad girl - ahhh, just perfect, and very very dirty... you're such a little slut.... hope you liked blonde stranger's version of what you requested ;)

pandora - I'd love to take you - and if I have the choice... then I think I'll take you from behind... ;)

lucia - you have indeed, and such a delicious email too ;)

suze - ohhh that sounds delicious, and exactly what I want from you... I'd want to take you hard, greedy and rough...

psy - great minds think alike ;) I'd very much love to take you like that...

DLG - ahhh my god... I'd very much want you to cum first, just like that, all over my face, smearing your wet cunt over my lips... and then I'd cum hard... filling your mouth with my cum...

colleen - mmm I love that - use me any way you please... hold me down and fuck me, take me... I'll do whatever you want me to do...

naked eve - you'll do whatever I tell you to do, Eve - you're a greedy girl, and if you want me to fuck you, you're going to have to beg me... such a dirty girl... x

*phew* - have you any idea how intensely exciting it is to answer comments like this? lol - please excuse me, I need to cum, rather deliciously...

hummm anything I want?

I've decided I want to have you watch me as I lick and tease another woman..... as I make her cum intensly.... her legs over my shoulder, my hands lifting her closer to my mouth.........pulling her to me.. licking, caressing .......


DB -
Perfect! I promise you won't be sorry.

Just lay back and enjoy...

Kiss me. Softly, light feathery kisses. Slowly teasing me with kisses that become more passionte. Run you hands up and down my body. From the nape of my neck to the insides of my thighs. Carress my soft belly, slipping your hand dangerously close to the softeness between my legs. Run your lips over my body, from my face to my neck to my shoulders, to my breasts, on downward. Gently place your hand over my warm aching pussy. Pushing my legs apart, slowly, so slowly pushing my lips apart. Teasing me, tantalizing me, making me tremble with desire. Slowly sliding your fingers inside me. "Oh your so wet, and hot" you say. For a few seconds you gently thrust your fingers in and out of me, then you drag them slowly, achingly up to my clit. When you touch me, I gasp with shock and joy. You stroke me slowly. Bringing me to the edge, then you slip your body between my legs. I rise up to meet you as you take your hand and guide your throbbing cock into me. We both gasp at the sheer intensity of the moment when our bodies are joined. Easy and slow at first. Trying, achingly to make this moment last forever. Then our passion overtakes us and we begin to push against each other, working furiously to bring you deeper and deeper into me. We can't get enough. I match you stroke for stroke. The fire consumes us. Until we explode with a fury so strong it leaves us both weak and gasping for air.

anonymous - that sounds absolutely perfect - you realise, of course, that I'll be masturbating as I watch you, and will need you both to go down on me together once you've both cum, kissing each other delightfully as my cock slips between your soft lips...

colleen - trust me, I'll enjoy every minute of it, I love a greedy girl...

sweet dreams - just amazing... passionate lovemaking, and very very delicious - you've left me breathless...

Can I officially state that this is my favourite set of comments that I've ever received? ahhh, if I could only get you all in one room - you could always keep yourselves busy with each other while you wait for your next turn ;)

omg, sweet dreams, that was perfect, I'd love to have that too!

MMmm.. Dirty Boy.. that's EXACTLY how I want it. I want to be on all fours and I want your hands on my hips. I want to feel your cock as it thrusts inside my wet pussy. Always aching for more!!!!

psy - I'm clearly just going to have to take you more than once ;)

pandora - mmm... good girl... and yes, my hands would be on your hips, pulling you back onto me - you'd feel the tip of my erection brushing agaisnt your pussy, getting it deliciously wet, and then sliding deep inside you, all the way... filling you with my cock... mmmm...

Luvrxx - er, I mean Grumps - I'll be posting a new one on Thursday - it's going to be rough and dominant, so I think you might quite like it ;)
and mine this time is 'ujttrsx' which is almost 'utter sex' so I'm rather pleased ;) (or some would say, easily pleased lol)

Oh my... I've been gone so long - about which I'm very very sorry, and feeling very guilty... I certainly must be punished for my absence... please punish me... please! I'll do my very best not to stray again!

ah, I've been distracted by wanting to be punished, imagine that! but back to the question at hand! I wander in, and much to my suprise, you've got such a delicious question posted! how fitting!

I would have to say, after a fitting punishment of your choice... I'd want to please you... I'd want to make up being so bad to you by going down on you teasingly slow, tasting you, sucking and licking... you know I love to tease... and when we're irrestibly greedy, I sit astride you, grabing your wet, throbing cock in my hand and guiding it wetly inside me... riding you, leaning over you to kiss you, and bite you... and letting you nibble my breasts... and when I really need you, I want you to take me from behind to take us both, greedily, all the way....

*whew... is it hot in here?
I feel so lost, it's been so long since I've been here...

though now I'm very very anxious to visit some archives ;)

I know, I'm so greedy ;)

kitten - yes, it's very hot in here! ohh my god!!
*just running for the cold shower ;) *

psy - very greedy indeed! ;)

black lace - mmm my god... back to the cold shower...

this is still my favourite thread of all time - but i really must stop being so lazy and getting you girls to do all my work - new post coming up tomorrow, to repay all this special attention I've been getting...

Will I be the subject of your next story? (she asked with a lascivious smile)

I stumbled on your site and found it quite a turn on. Can you say where you live? Signed horny39f

blond stranger - I think the other girls who read the site might be a little miffed if I wrote one in here all about you (there might be a riot lol) - but of course, all my posts are intended to be read as if they were personal messages to each of you ;)

longlegged brunette - I live in sunny England. More than that I'm afraid I can't say out here in the blog...


post dammit you tease !!!!

I'm working on it even as I type this reply... ;)

How about a question for you, then? I've taken a nice new lover and the sex was great, but with my recent back problems I had to shy away from straddling & mounting him, which he wanted. I have a few tricks of my own up the sleeve for making it up to him when I see him early next week, but is there a particular approach or two you'd find really exhilerating with a chick mounting you?

It's such an easy position to bring a guy pleasure in, but I think it sometimes gets lazy because it's all so simple to do. I keep trying to keep it interesting, but it's been a bit since I last expanded my approach. Heh.

Feel free to email on that, too.


steff - I still owe you that other article for your blog (haven't forgotten, just such a busy damn week) so I'll email you a reply to this too - not that I'm any kind of expert, you understand lol x

Tell you what I want...I want a story about you taking a virgin.
Deflowering her and teaching her all about sex and how to pleasure you and pleasure herself. I think that would be really exciting and sensual. It makes me squirm in my seat just thinking about it.

hmmm... interesting... I'll give it some thought ;)

I came across your blog about a week ago. I can't stop reading. Or pleasing myself after reading. And then I wanted to answer what my fantasy was after seeing this....

I've asked you ovr for a drink and we are at my computer. I've sressed for the occasion. ini skirt, low cut top, high heels.

We are looking over my favorite websites, listening to music, enjoying ourselves.

You turn to me and put your hand behind my head, pulling me to you and slowly kiss me, sliding your tongue into my mouth. I put my hand on your thighs, kissing back and losing myself in the moment.

You're kissing me more urgently now and grabbing hard onto my hair. I'm struggling to get closer to your body, opening my legs and finally lifting a leg up on one side of your chair.

You move one hand to my chest and start squeezeing one of my breasts. I break the kiss and say, "Mmm, I like that. Pull on my nipple."

You tell me that I have such nice tits and start rubbing both and ulling my nipples through my shirt. You then pull my shirt up to reveal a black bra. You squeeze all over my tits and I put my hands over yours and help move them around.

You say, "Pull your bra down." I do, from the front and start playing with my tits for you to watch. Pulling on my nipples, making them even bigger and pulling one nipple up to lick while you watch. My nipples are standing up about a full inch.

You start rubbing your crotch through your jeans, where I can see you are soooo hard.

I put a finger in my mouth, moving it in and out very slowly.

"I want you to suck me", you say, and unbutton your jeans.

You pull out the hardest cock I have ever seen. I get down on my knees and look up at you. I start licking your cock up and down. All the while looking up at you. I suck your cock into my mouth and reach down to rub my clit at the same time.

You grab my long hair, hard, and start pushing my head up and down on you really fast. Your cock slips past the back of my throat and you moan.

"Fuck my cock with your mouth, that's it, take it, " you say.

I keep going, my mouth going up and down so fast and my hand rubbing my clit with the same rythm.

You pull my head back and take your cock out of my mouth. I'm lokoing up at you as you start to rub your cock all over my face. I'm so fuckig hot now. You then pull it back a little and smack my face lightly with your dick. Then harder. Then a little harder.

"You like that, bitch? Little whore," you say. "MMMM I love It!"

Smack! Not too hard and not too soft, you hit my cheek with an open hand. I am gushing wet now.

"Ohhhh fuck, yes, I like that!" I almost yell.

"Lay down, on your back, right here," you say.

I lay down on my back and put my knees up, my mini skirt going up to the top of my thighs.

You kneel between my legs and start rubbing me through my wet panties. I am rubbing one of my tits with one hand and put another on your hand, pushing it harder onto my crotch. I am writhing and moaning.

"You need to be fucked so bad, don't you?" you ask.

"Yeessss, please, I want your cock in me", my hips rolling all over the place.

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard" you say, staring straight into my eyes and start to rub your cock for me to watch.

Suddenly, in 1 motion, you grab both of my hands in one of yours, pushing them over my head and onto the floor and at the same time, drop on me, deftly aiming your cock at my cunt and sliding it in.

"Uuuhhhhhhh", it hurt, but it felt sooo good.

You start fucking me so hard and so fast. I can't stand it. You push up and down as well as in and out, hitting my clit with your body or part of your cock every time.

I wrap my legs around your waist.

"Fuck me, don't stop. Fuck your dirty cunt!" I keep talking, a full range of all manner of filfth.

You pull out and say, "Turn over on your stomic. I want to get you from behind."

I turn onto my stomic and raise my ass up in the air. I can feel your hands on my ass. And then, Smack! you start smacking both sides of my ass and rubbing your cock between my ass cheeks, rubbing over my clit in and out.

"Please, put your cock in my cunt!", I'm begging and pushing back against you.

You laugh a little and then, finally, slam your cock into my cunt , all the way in, in one movement.

" feels so good. Do it harder." I say in between moans.

You pull my hair back and start pumping into me harder. I'm bracing myself up on my elbows to keep from falling. I can feel you getting sooo close. You are swelling inside me. You wrap one hand around my neck. Not squeezing, but the idea makes me crazy.

Risking losing my balance, I start rubbing my cunt with one hand.

You tell me, "I'm gonna cum, is your cunt ready for my cum?"

"I'm so fucking ready!" I'm yelling and moaning.

One more thrust and I can feel you cum inside me. A long grunt and moan comes out of your mouth.

I move my hand a little faster on my clit and my orgasm starts. It moves from my clit, up and out I can feel it down my legs and up my body. My cunt starts contracting around your cock and you moan again and again.

I let my self fall flat onto the bed with you on my back. Slowly we turn and spoon. Taking a very long time to catch out breath.

* I had to answer this post, lol. Likley not the best writing, tried so hard to describe my thoughts, but practive makes perfect :)

sorry for the typos. Preview makes perfect too, I think.

rledra - typos are completely understandable when you're writing something as delightful as this - thankyou, I loved it ;) x

Wow! you read it. That made my night;)

reldra - I read all my comments - blogger emails them directly to me, so it doesn't matter on which post you comment, I always get to see it (and enjoy it) x

It's night time and we are in our bungalow in Bora Bora. The warm sunny day surrounded by beautiful beach and ocean has made me very languorous and equally amorous. I am standing on the porch that overlooks the water......gazing out at the lovely ocean.

You walk up silently behind me and wrap your arms around my waist. I lean back against you, my ass pressed to your crotch, and my head drops to your shoulder. You hold me tenderly for a few minutes, then brush aside my hair and plant gentle kisses on my neck and down to my shoulder. One of your hands slowly moves up my stomach towards my chest, almost a caress. You strum your fingers on my chest, in the vee of the halter I am wearing. My heartbeat speeds up and a sigh slips through my lips.

You continue your kisses and combine them with a few gentle nips. You slowly slide your hand into my halter and gently clasp my breast. You are delighted to find my nipple already hard. I push my breast into your hand, silently asking for more than a clasp. You comply and start teasing my nipple, rubbing, pinching....enough to make me moan. Enough to make me turn my head and give you a luscious tongue tangling kiss.

I can feel your cock is pressing into my ass and I love the feel of it growing. I grind my ass against it and I am rewarded not only with a groan of pleasure from you, but also a pinch on my nipple that makes me gasp.

I reach behind my neck and untie my halter top.....letting the warm night air caress my generous breasts. You eagerly take this opportunity and move your other hand up to my other breast. Twisting and teasing the already hardened nipple. At this point, I can't take anymore.....I need to have your mouth on my breasts. I turn around and grab your head to bring your mouth to where I want it. You eagerly comply and start sucking, licking and nibbling on my nipples. They are so hard, they almost hurt....but it feels so good. You bite one of them....just enough to make me gasp.....just enough to turn the pain into pleasure.

I reach for your crotch and rub my hand up and down your hardened erection through your shorts. God, you feel so good. I push my hand down the front of your shorts and wrap my hand around your hot cock. This earns me a groan from you. It spurs me on....I pull your shorts down so I can pump you. Up and down.....up and down. I didn't think it was possible, but you grow a little longer, thicker, harder.

My pussy is hot and dripping just waiting for you to touch me. I don't have to wait long before you slip off my shorts and your hand cups my mound. You feel my pussy, hot and dripping wet. Two fingers slip right past my lips and dip inside. The pleasure is so great! I moan and grind against you.

I am still stroking your hot, hard cock with one hand....I want some kisses...I want your tongue fucking my mouth. With the other hand, I tug at the hair on the back of your head and bring you to my mouth. Your tongue mimics what your fingers are doing.

We keep stroking each other.......hotter, harder, wetter, faster....masturbating each other till we both cum......screaming....gasping for air.......

skye - absolutely gorgeous... it's been a while since there's been a new comment in here, and this one worked for me gorgeously ;) - thankyou xx

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