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Sunday, September 11, 2005 at 9:52 PM

Hope you all like the new look in here - created by the very fabulous and ultra-talented Ubershique, who also did my old design back at Indecentblogging - I'm so (SO!) pleased with it, just love it to bits - it's like a big, velvety chocolate box that you could just wriggle and roll around in - just the right kind of feel!
And the new look heralds the new material - Paris begins, this week, and I promise you'll love it x


I love it Rogy!!!! xox

Great design, Roger. Re-reading The House, or that naughty At the Party series framed in this rich, new, deep burgundy adds a sweet third dimension that brings it on once again. Powerful stuff. Still coming down from that lovely sensation your erotica frequently gives me when I sneak in a session with your blog and my backless padded swivel chair... ohhhh, yes! Thanks for the wonderful indulgence on a leisurely Sunday afternoon.

hmmm... it's not just deep burgundy Bo, and you've got me thinking - did you let the images load...? swirly velvet? big bold black strips? deep red with chocolately swirls? I'm not fishing for compliments (Ubershique did it, not me), but itdoes sound as though all you saw was that bief burgundy background before the images drop over it...

It is loverly darling....

New reader here, and wow... beautiful design, it's very sensual, and the set up is unique

it's lush and and you.

The new design is absolutely delicious. I think I like this one better than the last. I am sitting on the edge of my seat wating for Paris to begin. I know it will be an amzing journey that you will take all of us on. Can't wait love

On behalf of the very wonderful Ubershique (go check her link to the left!) thankyou, all of you - and Noelle - a quick hello to you since you're a new reader - hope you're enjoying the archives, and you've arrived just in time for the beginning of the new ongoing story, to be posted later today...

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