London 5:6 - Sophie and the film collector

Sunday, September 09, 2007 at 1:50 PM

It's the last call now for the summer audio contest - the contest closes on Friday 14th September 2007, so if you're planning to enter, you still have the rest of this week to find yourself a little quiet time, and to come for me delightfully. I've received some gorgeous entries, but I'd still very much love you to take part too x

To help get you into the right mood, here's the next part of the current Sophie story - hope you enjoy it ;)

Sophie was breathing hard, James's erection still in her hand, his cock pulsing deliciously as the last of his orgasm rippled through his body. Thick drops of his warm spunk poured down from the head of his penis, dribbling over her fingers as she stroked him slowly, keeping him erect. Sophie could feel his cum on her face as she looked up at him, streaks of warm spunk dripping down her cheek. She smiled at him, sliding up his body, kissing him a little greedily, letting him taste his own cum, pressing her body against him, needing more, her hand still masturbating him gorgeously.

"Fuck me, Uncle James..." she breathed, looking at him lustfully. "I need you to fuck me..."

Sophie felt his cock throb again in her hand, defiantly erect. He was still intensely aroused, his penis slick and wet in her hand, warm cum dribbling down his length.

"god Sophie..." he breathed, "I need that... ohhh god..."

"Fuck me..." Sophie repeated, stroking his cock a little harder, "I need you inside me, Uncle James... I can't wait any longer..."

Sophie kissed him again, more urgently this time, her lips sliding across his, her tongue sliding into his mouth. James groaned, his hands sliding through her hair, unfastening her dress at the back of her neck. It slipped away from her breasts, sliding down to her belly, and James gasped as he looked down at her, seeing her half naked for the first time, his pulse beating quicker, sliding his hands over her breasts, groaning again softly as his fingertips traced over her hard nipples, kissing her again greedily.

Sophie smiled, rising from her seat, allowing the dress to slip to the floor, stepping out of it as he watched her. She was almost naked now, only wearing her stockings and shoes, and as she looked down at him, his hand slipped to his erection, stroking it, masturbating as he watched her, wanting her so much. Sophie turned away from him, bending over the back of one of the seats in front of them, pushing her ass out towards him, opening her thighs for him, inviting him, turning her head back to look at him. "Please fuck me, Uncle James..." she breathed, "I need it so much..."

On the screen in front of her, the two girls were becoming more frantic, one of them on all fours, the other girl behind her, her fingers deep in her cunt, fucking her with them hard. The girl on all fours was groaning urgently, her body trembling as the other girl pounded at her sex, so close to her orgasm, her cunt audibly wet, trembling and shaking gorgeously. Sophie couldn't watch any more - she was so wet, and the sights and sounds were going to make her come - she could already feel James standing behind her, his hands sliding to her hips, holding her in place, rubbing himself against her, his warm, wet cock sliding against her ass, the head of his penis slipping down, sliding between her thighs from behind, skidding deliciously against her dripping wet cunt. Sophie arched her back, pushing back towards him, and James groaned, his swollen erection parting her pussy lips, and pushing, at long last, slowly inside her.

Sophie could feel every inch of his hugely erect penis as it slid deeper and deeper into her cunt, filling her - she groaned with pleasure, pushing back onto him, her dripping wet cunt engulfing his cock, squeezing around him. Already, once again, his cock was pulsing, his body trembling as he fought the impulse to come, needing it so much, holding it back. Sophie was equally aroused - just the presence of him inside her was pushing her so close to orgasm, and the intense gasps and groans from the screen were pushing her closer still. She knew she wasn't going to be able to last long.

"Fuck me, Uncle James..." she gasped, feeling her juices already streaming down his length as he throbbed inside her, "ohhh god please fuck me..."

James groaned with pleasure, trying to hold back his orgasm, his penis pulsing so deliciously now, sliding deeper inside her, his hands slipping up her back, around her waist, reaching her breasts, cupping them, pinching her nipples softly between his fingertips as he began to slide in and out, in and out, gorgeous wet sounds accompanying each thrust, taking him closer and closer to the edge.

Sophie pushed back harder onto him... he looked down at her ass, so soft, so inviting... he'd fantasised about this so many times... Sophie as his dirty little slut, being bad for him, being taken by him, fucking her hard, using her for his pleasure. Bad little Sophie... as that thought rushed through his head, he felt himself throb hard in her cunt... he needed to punish her... god he needed that... needed to remind her what a bad girl she was. Sliding one of his hands back to her hip, clutching it, his cock throbbing harder in her cunt, he lifted his other hand, and slapped it down hard on her ass, striking her firmly.

Sophie cried out, her ass stinging with the spank, surprised and aroused in equal measure, turning her head back to look at him. "Uncle James..." she gasped, "what are you doing... oohhhhhhh!" She cried out as he spanked her again, harder this time, pleasure and pain rushing through her body, her clit throbbing in response.

"Dirty little girl..." he gasped, "dirty little Sophie... such a bad girl... such a little slut..." and he struck her a third time, a hard, stinging slap on her ass, the spank echoing around the little cinema, Sophie crying out with pain and pleasure, her cunt tightening around his cock, her juices threatening to gush over him. This wasn't Sophie's way - she was always the dominant one, she was always the one in charge, but she was moments away from her orgasm, and she needed it again. She could feel him pulsing hard in her cunt, and she could barely take any more.

"yes..." she gasped, "yes I'm your slut... please... ohh god please I'm gonna come..."

James groaned. "Dirty fucking slut..." he gasped, and he struck her again, another hard slap on her ass, and Sophie screamed with pleasure. It was all she could take - she felt his hand lift up again, but she couldn't hold it back any longer - she thrust her cunt back hard onto his pulsing cock, feeling the full length of his throbbing penis so deep, so hard inside her, and she began to come, began to convulse intensely, screaming again, her orgasm ringing around the small theatre, grabbing onto the back of the seat as she came, so fucking hard, shaking and convulsing as her cunt slid all the way down over his throbbing erection, a sudden rush of her juices splashing over his cock, streaming over his balls, James groaning in response, holding his erection deep inside her, as her cunt pulsated around him, so fucking wet, cumming so hard, all over his cock...

He was so close to his climax, but there was still one part of his fantasy that he hadn't yet reached... and as she shook deliciously in her orgasm, her ass looked so inviting...

to be continued...


Mmmmm. How delicious. Just what I love. I'm dripping wet in anticipation of what is gonna happen next ;-) x x x

glad you liked it, Eponine - and such a pleasure to make you so wet... I rather enjoyed writing this one myself ;) xx

oh god... i have to go take care of a few things... absolutely gorgeous

lady r xx

lady R - thankyou, and I hope you had fun taking care of those things that needed taking care of ;) xx

mmm, finally Uncle Roger. . .I mean, Mr. Roger! (: damn, and I was supposed to be a good girl today too. . .you are such a bad influence on me

God Roger that fantastic. I had thought that maybe I could go to be with out having masturbate, but I guess not...

thank you for that..
now I have to to join me..please.

Mmmm so naughty and filthy... i love it!

this reminds me that i need to be fucked in the ass . . . that hasn't happened in a long time . . . *sigh*

You've done it again, Roger. I sooooooo want to be Sophie. So perfect. Such a turn-on........
Oh god, yes....

lina - feel free to call me Uncle Roger ;) And it's much more fun when you're a bad girl xx

miss belle - you should know by now that I always prefer to send you to bed aroused and feeling good ;) x

nadine - mmm... I'd be delighted to join you x

mina - such a naughty girl ;) xx

mariah - if it helps, Sophie's about to get precisely that - hopefully you can enjoy it a little through her xx

annie - I'm glad you're enjoying it - just one more part to go of the current storyline... x

Yes, he did appreciate it, though I didn't tell him why I was so hot, he knows what types of things I read, so he probably figured it out,
I can't wait to read what happens next!


But for now....cum and fuck me, deliciously long and hard, so wet, so hot...

Yes I know better but I was just going to check in and see if there was anything new. I didn't think there would be for some reason. But it was a pleasant surprise.

I stopped by after a rough workday, hoping there'd be another chapter, and was thrilled to see there was. Mmmmm, just what I needed, complete with a wonderful surprising spank to Sophie's sweet little dominant ass!
I took this story to bed with me last night and had some late night I'm tired today but it was worth it, so thank you, Roger! ;)

L - mmm, such a delicious offer - I'll be right over ;) x

miss belle - hopefully you'll be equally pleasantly surprised by the next part ;) x]

malna - yes, it fun to give Sophie something a little different,and she does seem to be enjoying it - and I think I rather like tiring you out in that way ;) xx

I rather fancied myself more as Uncle James in this one - giving Sophie her delightful spanking. Between her and you, I came quite hard... xxx

DLG - and I think you know how very much it excites me when you cum so hard for me... xxx

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