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Wednesday, November 09, 2005 at 9:13 PM

Vanessa sipped at her wine, her gaze drifting towards mine as she outlined her proposal.
"I am, as you have seen, a woman of some means. I expect soon to be engaged in the family business, and encouraged to actually earn the money that I spend. My father, however, who loves me deeply, has seen fit to allow me a little time, at least until my 21st birthday, in which to taste the pleasures of life, to enjoy them to the full, before embarking upon my career. I have consequently pursued that goal with not a small amount of relish for the past year, and I have to admit to being a little bored. I am wealthy enough, and lucky enough with my features, to take pretty much any man I please, but I find I have exhausted myself of pretty young men, and would prefer the stimulating company of an older man such as yourself, who can wine me, dine me, accompany me to galleries and theatres and parties, but whom is also prepared to fulfill my... shall we say... needs as and when I require.

"Since our experience on the train, I have found myself thinking about you and reliving our adventure - most frequently, I must admit, when alone in my bed at night - and it seems to me that you would be a perfect companion for me in this final year of my freedom. Ideal as a friend, a confidante and a lover. I should point out, however, that this would not be a romantic arrangement - I have no intention to become in any way emotionally involved with you, and no requirement for you to woo me, except as a friend and companion. My father would never allow me to marry an artist with little or no money to bring to the business, and such an arrangement would almost certainly result in me being cut from the family income. So you must understand, I am not looking for a romantic partner. I am, however, proposing that we could be lovers..."

I smiled at her, sipping a little of my own wine before I made my response. "And for this, you would provide me with my own apartment, give me money for expenses and fripperies?" I asked. "Surely you realise after our train journey that I would happily be your lover, it's not necessary to buy my services. You're an extraordinarily attractive young woman."

"Well," Vanessa smiled, "the thing is, although it's true that I have tired of pretty young men, I do still find myself irresistibly attracted to them. I can tell you, with some degree of certainty, that my arrangement with you wouldn't discourage me from seeking such men out from time to time, for intimate pleasure. If we were true lovers, to do such a thing would necessitate deceit and lies. On the other hand, if we maintain what is effectively a business arrangement, it leaves us both free to enjoy other pleasures elsewhere, without the need for jealousy and recriminations."

"So you wish me to be your whore?" I enquired.

"I would not put it so bluntly," she replied, blushing a little. "I would hope that we can reach an amicable arrangement where we enjoy each other's company, whether in public or in your bed. I have no desire to be a dominatrix - what you do with me when we spend time together will be entirely up to you, should you feel the need to please me or punish me - all I ask is that you honour the arrangement by making yourself available for me whenever I desire your company. You can spend the rest of your time with whomever you wish - and on occasion you might even introduce me to other women with whom you indulge yourself sexually, so that I can enjoy their company too - I simply ask that when I need you, you make yourself exclusively available to me..."

It sounded a perfect arrangement - money, a wonderful apartment, and in return all I had to do was fuck this delightful young minx whenever she required - it was an offer I knew I couldn't refuse, but the situation seemed to demand that I maintain a certain air of gentlemanly morality.

"You make a good case," I replied, "but I must admit, I never saw myself in such a role. I earn my money from art, it's a passion that drives me. To be a kept man like this, though a delightful scenario, would gnaw at me a little..."

Vanessa smiled. "Please continue with your art," she replied, "and if it suits you better, don't think of yourself as my whore, think of me as your generous and extraordinarily grateful patron. I did wonder if you might be a little hesitant - I should tell you that I have a little something with me here to, perhaps, sweeten the deal for you. Give me a moment, please..."

And with that, Vanessa got up from her chair and stepped outside the door of my apartment - I could hear her talking quietly to someone outside the door, but I was unable to make out the nature of the conversation. As I sipped a little more wine, she returned to join me.

"If you are to live here alone," she smiled, "you will to require a little help to keep the place tidy, and to cater for your occasional whims. Consequently, I've taken the liberty of engaging the services of a maid for you. Allow me to introduce her to you." She turned to the door. "Gabrielle, would you come in please?"

The door opened, and I smiled as I saw my new maid. She was small, petite and quite stunningly beautiful, her shy face half hidden by shoulder length raven black hair, her figure slim and lithe, her smile as she glanced up to me immediately disarming. She was wearing small white cotton panties, and a man's shirt, completely unbuttoned, drifting open a little in the slight breeze from the window, nothing more. Smiling at me again, she stepped over to me, and knelt at my feet, looking up towards me.

"Meet Gabrielle," Vanessa smiled, "If you'll agree to my terms, she'll be your maid for as long as you require her services. I've taken the liberty of telling her all about you. I think you'll find her delightfully accommodating..."

to be continued...


Mmm..I can't wait to see where this leads dirtyboy. Very original and well written.

Mmmmm - I'm getting wet just thinking about the possibilities... I like where this is going.

What a lovely twist. Delightful. It reminds me how much I enjoy wearing white shirts and not much else... except a leather collar, maybe.

Thankyou wonderwoman x - and I think I can safely predict that it's going to lead into decadence, debauchery and rather explicit sex ;)

dirtylittlegirl - yep, this definitely opens up a whole host of possibilities, and it hopefully doesn't seem too forced - the artist's quarter in Paris between the wars really did become this delightfully decadent...

orchidea - given what I know to be your preferences from reading your own blog, I think you're going to enjoy this chapter, as the maid is going to be just a little submissive. It's something I'm often asked to write about, but I don't have a great deal of experience with it, but we'll see where it goes...

Mmmm... cant wait to see where this goes, thinking about the possibilities is definitely enjoyable though :)

db - It doesn't sound forced at all. People from that era were not as prim and proper as some think. Looking forward to the next installment.


i am really loving the way this is going, although waiting is not something i am good at! i like fast and hard! are you going to get back to house 2?

sarah - I hope you'll like it x

dirtylittlegirl - absolutely, which is why I chose this particular backdrop for the story. These were decadent times...

anonymous - then you'll be pleased to hear that I've just this minute posted another segment - three posts in three days - must be a record for me! lol

oh, and yes, I will be returning to House 2, I know I've left it for a while, but we'll be back there eventually! x

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