so... what are you wearing...?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006 at 12:31 AM

It's so hot here - temperature now in the 90's... I need to get the first threesome post completed for you, but all I can think of his having you slip astride me and drip cool oil all over me... or perhaps eat ice cream off my tummy... but I digress...
Since it's too hot to write today, let's have some fun - tell me what you're wearing right now - no fibbing allowed ;)
And for the more exhibitionistic amongst you - go read a post or two, get yourself nicely warmed up... and then come back here and tell me what you've taken off... ;)

I know, I'm such a shallow boy ;)


well, there's some coconut sorbet in the freezer... ;-)

i've just gotten home from the office and i'm wearing dark red crop cut pants, a slim cut scoop neck t in black and strappy black sandals. underneath i've got on a royal purple and turquoise lace thong and a hot pink bra. if i didn't have to trot along to class i'd most certainly dip into the archives... i suppose it'll have to wait until afterwards... something to look forward to!


As it is very very hot here, too… I’m wearing as less fabric as possible.

You’re lucky that I just got up from bed and didn’t dress yet…

I’m wearing my lacy chemise and the matching lacy panties. And the good thing about lace is, it’s not much fabric and it’s practically see-through…and I wear my black thin-rimmed glasses, ready to explore your archives and learn some more…

Well,Roger… and I think it’s just fair that you tell us what you’re wearing every time you comment to our posts?? What do you think?

a german girl

Ah, such a filthy request wanting to know what your readers are wearing ;) But I'll indulge you...

I've just woken up and am reading you from my laptop in bed. It's quite hot here too - temperarure topping 98F yesterday. So, I'm lying here wearing nothing at all with the fan aimed at me sending a cool breeze over my body as I write this for you. Satisfied? ;) xx

Being in Australia it is a little bit chilly not to wear anything but i as per usual have stripped to my lingerie (brown lacey corsett and matching g-string)with a fake-fur coat on over the top to help keep me warm, love feeling sexy whilst i sit and read your blog db xXx

Boxers, tank top and a sunburn from hell.


her - delightfully detailed, just as I like it ;) Hope you enjoyed the archives after class x

germangirl25 - mmm, just lovely, picturing you as we speak... and since you asked, I'm currently in black flared jeans and a loose stripey top, though it's still devilishly hot here, and by the time a few more comments come in, I'll almost certainly be laying on my bed naked - I'll update as we go along ;)

DLG - Very satisfied - and if I could just slip alongside you, I think we could both be a lot more satisfied ;) xx

sugar&spice - mmm... that gorgeous brush of fur against your naked skin - you're clearly a sensualist, I like that ;)

Laure - I'm keeping in the shade, too hot here to let myself get burnt - hope you're not suffering too much! x

nothing. nothing at all. okay, glasses. and watch. aside from that, nothing . . . oooo . . . your post is up!

Been reading "A good spanking" post and comment thread, so now I'm wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and soaking wet and very warm white cotton panties
[blushing and getting wetter every second]

mariah - quite a few of us are suffering from the heat this week, I think. Being naked is best definitely - and I do like you being naked when you read me... ;)

wet & shy - your blushing is sweet and delightful - and if you want a little spanking yourself, I'd be happy to tug down those shorts for you and oblige ;) x

And an update on my own state of dress - as I type here it's 1.25am, I'm about to settle down for the evening, and I'm draped completely naked across my duvet, laid on my tummy. Since I was asked ;)

[squirming] But if you pull down my panties, you'll find out how wet I am. I can't help it. just hearing you say that makes my face burn and an electric rush of wet heat floods me...

you said "shorts," not "panties"...
now I'm really in trouble...

all the more reason to tug them down, wet & shy - and I did notice your eagerness, yes... take them all the way off... come and bend over my lap here, naughty girl... I think it's time I found out just how wet you are...

oh please...I'm soooo aroused and so nervous, lying across your lap like this. I'm afraid I'll cum if you touch me there. I'm afraid I'll cum if you spank my bare bottom. sooooo wet now...I can't hide it from you. [breathing hard and flushing from head to toe] oohhhhh...

(--WOW you are really good at this--:o)

mmmm... this really belongs over in the spanking post... or perhaps in private emails (my address is up at the top left on the main page), as we're undoubtedly being watched here ;)
but given that you've draped yourself across my lap and submitted so readily, it seems a little cruel not to deal with you appropriately... perhaps if you open your thighs... that's it, just a little more... and I slide my hand up between them, slowly... teasingly... until I reach your pussy lips...
so warm... so wet... such a naughty girl...
mmmm... and such a delicious little gasp when I spank you...
can you feel my fingers slipping slowly inside you...? don't you dare wriggle... or I'll have to spank you again... and it'll be harder this time...
such a naughty girl...

just my black silk panties and bra.. way too hot to wear anything else ;-)

I’m wearing green cotton and lace boybriefs, headphones and a smile.

still devilishly hot here too, sarah - feel free to slip out of your underwear, I hate to be the only one here who's naked ;)

anonymous - sounds delightful, and I'm curious what you were listening to ;)

Thanx Roger!

I really enjoyed it to know what you were wearing...

...and especially what you weren't!

a german girl

germangirl - very much my pleasure ;)

lildirtyann - It's a hot night, feel free to slip out of the towel ;)

Reached 105 degrees today...
Laying in bed..
Can't sleep...
What am I wearing?... a sheet.
What would I like to be wearing?...You
and a smile! ;)


sage - I'll be right there ;)

Mmm, I am wearing nothing but a towel. If you remember, its very hot here too. even the pool is warm.. now after visisting you for a while, I need a cold shower... but then I oould al;ways sit here, and slide my hands across my nipples, down to my tummy... but alas.. I have work in the morning, so ill just have to take my thoughts with me.. glad I popped in, hope youre well babe, Saphire xxxx

Heh. I figured this a safe enough first post -- I hail from Robin's Retreat. :) Hot as all get out here too, with the thermometer on my porch hovering around 40 C.

Light blue tank, loose cutoffs, serviceable black cotton lingerie, and an anklet that says "goddess."

I'll read a story or three now...then the plan was for some yoga, but maybe I'll do something else instead. *g*

Saphire - lovely to see you! Hope you're well too - I very much envy you that pool xx

jp - you could always try naked yoga afterwards, should you still be needing to stretch a little ;)

LOL, dirtyboy, yes, a body must be kept...limber...;-)

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