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Wednesday, September 29, 2010 at 3:18 PM

Just to reassure you all that I am still alive and well ;)
I've had a busy late summer chasing deadlines on other writing work (as often happens in the summer for me), and also preparing erotica for a couple of published sources (I'm working on a short story for Total E-Books and I'm working up a series that I'm going to pitch to Ellora's Cave).
Now that it's quietening down a little and work is progressing, I need to get back to the ongoing stories here - next up will be Part Two of The Bookshop, which I'm rather looking forward to writing ;)
I was also told there had been some sort of bug briefly on the site - it was linked to blogrolling (my links), so I've removed that completely and all should now be good. Let me know if anything pops up at you (other than the obvious ;)) and I'll have another dig and sort it out.
I've also received a number of new questionnaires, none of which I've been able to reply to yet - but again I'll be catching up with my mail over the next couple of weeks, please don't think I'm ignoring you xx
Thank you for your continued patience, the site is very much ongoing (I'm having too much fun to stop!), and all being well I'll be posting The Bookshop next week.
In the meantime, go enjoy yourself in the archives and come for me delightfully - I do so love it when you come for me ;)

roger xx


Ooh, I'm looking forward to it.

And I understand about work, I'm quite busy myself.

So very pleased you're back! You were missed.

soo good to see you back!

Im very pleased youre back Roger.
Im looking forward to your new work...

a quick hug back, and a little kiss on the cheek

Hope your summer was as big, and juicy as Monica Bellucci's bee-stung lips!

Just sending my kissesx

New to your site and oh...my...god. You have another faithful follower.

Morning opal

Roger, my love, you have brought out my inner dirty whore, I always knew she was in there somewhere. As I have just found you, I have much to read and many fantastic orgasms in my future. You excite me like no other.

*waits patiently*

...or not so patiently.

Being a naughy, impatient girl here. Sorry I'm so greedy Roger but getting very restless waiting on your part 2 of The Bookshop. Need you to make me come for you....

Glad you are busy and well, dear Roger.

But I do prefer when you chase, instead of just coming over to you.


It's lovely that so many of you miss me! :)

N - I'm always busy, it's the curse of the writer I'm afraid!

Stephanie - and it's lovely to see you in here looking for me xx

emme - I will be around lots more shortly, I promise - I can never stay away, after all ;)

Rae - I hope it'll be worth the wait! xx

Inika - mmm and a sweet kiss back for you xx

Sex Letters - mostly it was hard work, I really must do something about that ;)

Rhowanna - mmm and soft kisses back to you in return xx

Opal - I hope you're having fun exploring! xx

abbygirl - that's just what I'm here for, and I hope my words keep working gorgeously for you xx

Penny - have you ever been patient? ;) xx

Naughty/Good Girl - you are a very impatient little girl - but your patience will be rewarded xx

juicymetaphor - Don't I always chase? I'm just subtle with it ;) xx

Absolutely not, and I have no intention of starting now ;-)

I'm delighted to hear it ;)

Who has the sexyest memory they can refresh me with so my Rock hard Cock can get ready to shoot cum All over me for you to lick clean

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