Paris Chapter Three (complete)

Saturday, December 17, 2005 at 1:05 AM

For those of you who prefer your erotica in longer doses, here's the collected Chapter Three - no more of that annoying clicking between posts, much easier for hands free activity ;)

In Chapter Four, I take things much further with Sophie - but before then, since it's xmas, and I think you all deserve a present or two, there's going to be a short break from Paris until just after the xmas holidays. Instead, I'll be doing a few delightfully explicit individual posts for your pleasure - should be fun ;)

'Paris' returns in the first week of January - for tonight though - enjoy Chapter Three, and I want you to come for me...

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Paris - Chapter Three - Sophie the Voyeur

Sophie was most decidedly not a barmaid. Calling her that to her face was the quickest, most efficient way to get you immediately ejected from her bar. Certainly, she was regularly seen serving drinks at the Cafe du Soir, making (it was rumoured) the finest Martinis on the Left Bank, but she treated it very much as a diversion, an opportunity to get to know her clientele, and of course, a chance to flirt provocatively.

Many men wanted her, and I was no more immune to her delightful charms than anyone else. She was tall, with striking long dark hair, extraordinarily beautiful, and she carried with her an aura of mystery, of unattainability. Rumours of her sexual exploits were frequently discussed in quiet corners of the cafe, amongst men greedy for her attentions, but she was almost impossible to seduce - she'd heard all the lines, so many times, from so many better men, and a seductive flirtation was just as likely to bore her as it was to arouse her.

Which frankly made her all the more desirable to me - and, of course, an exquisite challenge. The more impossible it seemed to gain her attention sexually, the more I was determined to do precisely that. It was clear that approaching her would never work - I needed to find a way to attract her to me, to make her want me, to make her crave the brush of my skin against her own.

So I watched her, those first few days in Paris, sat at what had become my favourite table, tucked into a discreet corner where I could observe the comings and goings in the cafe with a certain amount of privacy. I enjoyed having my own little kingdom in the cafe, a place I could while away my time between commissions, and take guests.

Sweet Vanessa was, of course, my most regular guest, in between her own energetic sexual adventures. We were quickly developing a relationship as lovers - what had started as a casual thing was becoming stronger and more playful - she didn't abuse her 'arrangement' with me, and we hadn't made love together since our liaison with Gabrielle the previous week, but we met every day at the Cafe du Soir, always a delightful pleasure. Out of respect for them both, I hadn't initiated anything sexual with Gabrielle since that first time, though we all knew we wanted more, and would soon succumb. For the moment, however, I had been busy painting much of the week (a commission for a local bar owner), and was beginning to feel distinctly twitchy, needing the attentions of a woman.

So it was that one afternoon, in that second week in Paris, sat at the Cafe du Soir with Vanessa, I asked her what she knew of Sophie.

Vanessa smiled that knowing smile of hers, the one that told me she had a hundred secrets to tell, but first she wanted a little information of her own.

"Sophie? Oh, I've heard a few things. Why do you ask? Do you want to fuck her?" Her directness disarmed me, as ever.

"It was simply curiousity... she seems to get so much attention..."

"So you do want to fuck her. Well, I don't blame you, I want her too. Everybody wants Sophie, but she doesn't give, she takes."

"I'm aware of her resistance to attempts at seduction," I replied, a slight irritation showing in my voice, "but I choose to consider that a challenge. Tell me what you know of her recent conquests."

"Where to begin," smiled Vanessa, "there are so many stories. But I heard a story just this week that I'll pass on to you, if you like. You know that she owns this cafe, of course, and a number of other properties in Paris - she's a wealthy woman - not quite in my league financially, but she has money, and spends it lavishly. My understanding is that she returned recently from a month's tour around Europe, specifically buying furnishings, draperies, clothes, the finest ornaments - some for her own apartments, some for here in the cafe. And she returned hungry, greedy for sex. A woman alive with longing for the intensity of lustful passion, her head filled with intense sexual fantasies imagined whilst alone on her travels, and the money and confidence to realise these fantasies upon her return."

"And did she? Tell me what you know..."

"Well," she replied, " you'll appreciate this is an indiscretion, this isn't something that's all over the cafe, or the usual tentative gossip about her. I heard this from the horse's mouth, as it were, from the girl she selected, so I'm trusting you to keep this to yourself."

"Of course, sweet kitten, my discretion is guaranteed."

"Well," Vanessa began, smiling at me and leaning forward a little, conspiratorially, giving me a delightful view down the inside of her generously unbuttoned blouse, "the girl - let's call her Michelle, no reason for you to know who she is - was here with her lover one afternoon last week. The hours of cinq a sept, when gentlemen visit here secretly with their mistresses, to indulge in a little alcohol to soothe their nerves - and of course to loosen up the resolve of their mistresses - before disappearing to whatever apartment they may have nearby for such illicit dalliances.

"Sophie had, by all accounts, been watching Michelle and her lover for some time from the bar. It was a quiet afternoon, Sophie was still unfulfilled from her journey abroad, and Michelle told me that Sophie had an unusual hunger in her expression, looking towards our lovers each time one or other of the couple so much as moved a hand, crossed a leg, caressed a fingertip. Michelle knew they were being watched - had even locked gazes with Sophie a couple of times, initially as a challenge to keep her nose out of their business, but it was a futile gesture - Michelle, like everyone else in this cafe, wanted Sophie, tossed and turned at night imagining scenarios, urgent couplings with her - lips, tongues, breathless gasps... and with the second look, Sophie had captured her, she knew. She would have agreed, at that moment, she told me, to anything Sophie requested of her.

"And so, as they do, matters quickly progressed. Having chosen her pleasure, Sophie had an envelope delivered to their table, containing simply a note with a room number in the lover's apartments here above the cafe, and a key. Upon opening the envelope, our lovers looked towards the bar, but Sophie was no longer there. The implication was clear. The offer was for right away. Hesitate, and the opportunity may be missed."

"Such arrogance," I smiled, "the assumption that they would follow her upstairs."

"Everyone follows her," Vanessa replied, "she's not a woman accustomed to being refused."

"Carry on," I smiled, "I want to know what they did with her."

"I only know what I was told," Vanessa replied, "but from what I understand took place in that room, Sophie took no active part. A month without taking a lover, and she's a woman whose sexual appetite is well known, and yet on this occasion she only played the voyeur."

"She took no active part at all?" I asked.

"Well, I suppose it all depends how you define active," Vanessa replied, smiling at me, shifting in her seat a little. "Would you like to know the details?"

"I would," I said, returning the smile, "of course".

Vanessa relaxed back into her chair, taking a sip of wine and returning to her story.

"Sophie was waiting in the room, of course, when the couple arrived, some minutes later, following a brief argument in the bar, wherein Michelle made it clear that she did not want her lover touching Sophie in any way, sexual or otherwise. He, of course, had other ideas. But anyway, domestic issues aside... she was waiting for them, stood by the window, no longer wearing the layers of seductive lace and velvet to which she was accustomed, she had disrobed almost completely, now wearing a simple white blouse, just long enough to cover the delightful curve of her bottom as she faced away from them, looking out of the window, puffing patiently on a slim cigarette. Otherwise, she was naked."

"She didn't greet them as they came in...?" I asked, already imagining the scene, sipping at my coffee, trying to look casual, though the story was already beginning to excite me.

"I'm told she simply turned to face them, her gaze lustful, aroused, but composed, her cigarette held delicately between her fingers, sending drifts of diaphanous smoke curling out of the partly opened window. Her thin white blouse was open, drifting a little in the slight breeze from the window, revealing her neck, her collar bone, the curve of her breasts, her soft belly, and, of course, a dusting of dark hair between her bare thighs. Michelle's lover, as I understand it, was heard to give an audible gasp at the sight."

"As would any man," I concurred, "please - continue..."

"She spoke to them, then, quite firmly, so that no misconception could be construed. 'You are not to touch me,' she told them, 'I will brook no discussion about this. You do not have permission to touch me, no matter what you may see me do. You may look at me, if you wish, but you may not touch me. I wish simply to watch you, to observe. Please - disrobe and make yourselves comfortable on the bed. I will simply sit in a chair here by the window, and watch you.' Who knows what was rushing through her lover's mind at that moment, but the arrangement suited Michelle, and within moments, they were both naked, and laid on the bed together, watching as Sophie pulled a chair from the dressing table, and sat facing them".

"This must have seemed strange to your friend..." I offered, becoming more aroused as the story unfolded.

"It was certainly beyond her experience," Vanessa concurred. "She had never been watched before - never even considered it - and had Sophie not been a frequent feature of her own private sexual fantasies (and, it's safe to assume, those of her lover), she'd never have gone through with it. Sophie has a way of bewitching a person - look how the idea of her is bewitching you, even now...". She smiled at me.

"I'm happy to admit that it would be a pleasure to fuck her," I replied, "though I think I'd prefer to be the seducer, rather than the seduced. Anyway, please continue..."

"Well, I can't offer you a truly intimate account of everything that occurred in that room, as Michelle was somewhat coy about precisely what she and her lover did for Sophie, though I can give you a general idea. My understanding is that, once naked and on the bed together, Michelle and her gentleman lover proceeded as you would expect, fucking each other deliciously on the bed, initially almost forgetting that Sophie was present. For the first few minutes she remained very quiet, simply sat beside the bed watching them, naked except for her thin white blouse, her legs casually crossed - one might imagine that she was perhaps discreetly squeezing her thighs together as she watched, but when Michelle glanced across to her, she was showing no obvious signs of arousal, merely taking in the view quietly, watching the couple push and move sensually together.

"After about fifteen minutes, it apparently became clear that what Sophie needed was something a little more intense. Michelle's lover is, unfortunately, no sexual athlete, and their gentle, fairly standard, some might say unimaginative lovemaking wasn't what Sophie had been wanting to see."

"She was bored by them?" I suggested.

"Not bored, as I understand it, maybe just a little too relaxed. Unexpectedly, she began to direct them a little, to guide them towards what she needed to see. Sophie asked Michelle to straddle her lover, facing away from her. Michelle was only too happy to oblige, already a little disappointed not to have glimpsed Sophie's arousal, wanting to excite her, wanting to see her come. Again, she was coy with the precise details, but the new position certainly afforded Sophie with a delightful view of the gentleman's hard cock sliding into Michelle's sex, thrusting deliciously in and out as she rode him gorgeously."

"Did this appeal to her more?" I asked, my cock now hard between my thighs, pressing against my trousers.

"Very much so," Vanessa replied, smiling, shifting a little in her seat next to me. "Michelle told me that within moments, she heard a movement in the chair beside the bed, a gentle intake of breath, and managed a glimpse back to see Sophie reclining a little more in her chair, one of her hands inside her open blouse, cupping one of her breasts, the other hand tracing down over her own belly, moving slowly down towards her now slightly parted thighs.

"The sight stirred Michelle's blood - she fucked her lover a little harder, intimate wet sounds splashing from her sex as they moved together, sliding back and forth along her lover's hard cock, glancing back again to see Sophie shifting in her chair, her thighs spreading, the lips of her gorgeously pouting cunt now visible in the soft light of the room."

"Vanessa, you're arousing me intensely," I admitted, my cock throbbing now in my trousers, fighting against the urge to touch myself in such a public place.

Ah, but there's more," Vanessa smiled, "you must be patient. Would you like me to move a little closer? The table should disguise us... I could touch you as I continue..."

And with that, Vanessa moved her chair next to mine, taking care that the tablecloth covered my crotch, and slipped her hand discreetly between my thighs, unbuttoning my trousers, smiling at me again as she slipped her hand inside, wrapping her warm fingers around my inflamed, erect penis, stroking softly.

Is that better...?" she asked.

"Much better..." I whispered, my cock throbbing in her hand, "please continue..."

Vanessa slipped her hand enticingly along my erection, rubbing it teasingly - she was developing a habit of masturbating me in public places, but quite frankly I wasn't complaining. I glanced around the bar - it was relatively quiet, no-one was paying us any attention - I relaxed back into my chair a little, listening to her attentively, my cock throbbing deliciously in her warm hand as she continued her story.

"Sophie's obvious arousal was extraordinarily stimulating to Michelle - she had never seen another woman masturbate before, though she had often fantasised about it, wanted it - that private part of her thoughts that she never told to anyone. Sophie had not yet touched herself properly - she was still just gently cupping her breast, pinching her nipple a little between her thumb and forefinger, tracing the fingertips of her other hand across her delightfully firm, bare tummy - but her thighs were spread open now, displaying herself - she was looking at Michelle, as Michelle glanced back to her, and was making no attempt to cover herself.

"After a few moments of this mutual voyeurism, Sophie spoke again. "Please - continue with what you were doing, I'm enjoying your movements - concentrate on your lover, not on me". With those words, Sophie slipped her hand slowly down her soft belly, and over her exposed sex, her finger dipping briefly into her wetness, drawing a little of it up towards her clit, and began to stroke, in slow, circular, rhythmic motions, breathing a little harder, her sex now glistening wet in the muted light of the room."

"You're arousing me intensely," I breathed, my cock throbbing harder in Vanessa's hand, imagining the image she had described, suddenly hungry for the taste of Sophie's sex, my erection pulsing insistently as Vanessa's hand rubbed me a little harder, sliding rhythmically up and down my cock under the table, stroking me deliciously. Vanessa smiled at me, increasing her rhythm.

"As I'm sure you can imagine, the sight had the same effect on Michelle. Her sex was throbbing now as she continued to fuck her lover, sliding down harder and deeper onto his cock, her slick juices coating his erection as she moved greedily back and forth, back and forth, engulfing his cock, grinding down onto it with each thrust. She risked another glance over her shoulder towards Sophie - she was masturbating a little more urgently now, her gaze fixed on Michelle's cunt as it slid deliciously along her lover's engorged cock, so wet now - Sophie's fingers slipping and sliding over and around her clit, dipping two of them down to her sex for a moment, sliding them deep inside, fucking herself sensually with her fingers, her thumb moving over and around her clit."

I gasped, the image suddenly so intense, my penis throbbing harder in Vanessa's hand as she increased her rhythm. "Vanessa..." I breathed, "you're going to make me come..."

Vanessa smiled at me again, sliding her hand slickly along my swelling cock, rubbing harder, encouraging me. "Which is precisely what happened to Michelle at that moment - seeing Sophie masturbating so decadently was all it took to push her over the edge - she began to convulse, a sudden flood of her wetness splashing over her lover's pulsing cock - crying out with pleasure as her orgasm overtook her - this was all it took to take her lover to his own climax - he groaned, arching up to her, the sudden, frantic movement causing his cock to inadvertently slip out of her drenched cunt, his swollen cock shooting a long jet of cum over Michelle's bottom, a second spurt streaking up her back - the sight did it for Sophie - Michelle managed to look back, watching in intense delight as Sophie arched up against her own fingers, rubbing her clit urgently, her fingers thrusting into her cunt, her body shuddering, convulsing deliciously as she watched the streaks of warm, wet cum spurting from his cock, again and again, her own wetness splashing over her fingers as her orgasm overtook her, hard, intense, urgent, her juices pouring from her cunt..."

I couldn't take any more. I felt my cock throbbing intensely in Vanessa's hand. "Ohhh god you little minx... you're making me... unnnhhh god... you're making me come... fuckk..."

Vanessa stroked me harder. "Come for me," she whispered, "cum all over my fingers, I want to feel your cum spurting over my hand... give it all to me... please... don't hold it back..."

I stifled a groan, feeling my body tremble, intense orgasm pulsating through me, my cock suddenly spurting hard, again and again, my cum splashing over her fingers under the table, pulsing, pulsing, pulsing... ohh so good...

Vanessa smiled, her movements slowing, milking the last drops of cum from my cock, tucking it discreetly back into my trousers, lifting her wet fingers to her mouth, licking my cum from her hand, watching me lustfully.

"It may interest you to know," she smiled, lapping a little greedily at her fingers, "that I have a plan which may well succeed in giving you the pleasure of Sophie that you so obviously desire..."

I mopped my brow, sipping from my drink, trying to calm down, very much aware of our surroundings again. "Tell me more," I smiled.

And so it was that I was summoned (for the first time, as it happened), under our agreement, to the Cafe du Soir a couple of days later. Vanessa had delivered a note to me, which merely stated that she had arranged matters to our mutual satisfaction, and that I should be there at noon.

We had discussed her plan in some detail, and she had discreetly kept me up to date on developments - she was to speak to Sophie (whom she knew very well, of course), and mention that she'd heard tittle-tattle around the bar about the voyeuristic incident a few days previously. She would enquire if the incident had been to Sophie's satisfaction (knowing, of course, that it wasn't quite of the intensity that she had been searching for), and casually suggest that if she wanted to see a private show that she would never forget, that Vanessa would happily perform for her with a more imaginative, physical man.

Sophie knew of Vanessa's dalliances well, and she was immediately intrigued - having secured her definite interest, Vanessa then moved to the second part of her plan - informing Sophie that she would be bringing along the rather athletic young soldier as her partner (the one whom I had seen with her on the train briefly the week before), but that she wished her new lover to also be there to watch.

Sophie was initially reticent, but Vanessa then detailed just a few of the delights she intended to perform with the young soldier for her benefit, if she would be agreeable to the arrangement - what enticing suggestions she made, I have no idea, but the ruse worked - my place as a second voyeur alongside Sophie was secured. More than that, Vanessa could not do - it was now up to me - if I wanted to fuck her, I would have to tread carefully, as we both knew that Sophie's 'no touching' rule would almost certainly be in place.

And so I arrived at the Cafe du Soir at noon, greeting Vanessa and her young soldier (not the brightest conversationalist I had ever met, but I knew that it was not conversation for which Vanessa had chosen him as an occasional lover - he was, so I understood, extraordinarily well hung, and knew how to use his cock with some skill and stamina). I was very much looking forward to the show. Sophie did not greet us in the bar, merely leaving a note for us along similar lines to that left for Michelle and her lover - a room number, and a key.

Upon arriving in the room, I was immediately dazzled to see Sophie waiting by the window much as had been described by Vanessa previously - a white, diaphanous silk shirt wafting gently in the breeze from the open window of the room, completely unbuttoned, flowing over her otherwise delightful, smooth, naked body. AS my gaze wandered over her curves, I could feel my erection already beginning to swell in my trousers, but I retained a calm demeanour, accepting a glass of wine gratefully from the table by the window, smiling at Sophie, and seating myself next to where she was stood, slipping into one of the two chairs arranged next to the window.

Before Vanessa and her soldier began to disrobe, Sophie commenced her speech again, almost a carbon copy of the one Vanessa had related to me : 'You are not to touch me,' she told us, 'I will brook no discussion about this. You do not have permission to touch me, no matter what you may see me do. You may look at me, if you wish, but you may not touch me. I wish simply to watch you, to observe, in the company of my fellow voyeur here. Please - disrobe and make yourselves comfortable on the bed. I will simply sit in a chair here by the window, and watch you.'

"May I ask a brief question, to clarify?" I enquired, smiling to her.

"You may," she replied, sitting herself comfortably on the chair next to mine.

"I have never been a voyeur like this before," I continued, "though the idea has always intrigued me. I am certain to become intensely aroused. I will almost certainly need to come whilst I watch them. Is this permissable? Do you have any qualms about me touching myself next to you, masturbating as I watch them, reaching delicious orgasm in this chair next to yours...?"

I smiled at her again. She shifted in her seat, almost imperceptibly, her cheeks flushing a little. Regaining her composure, she returned my smile almost business-like. "You may do as you please," she replied. I felt my cock throb inside my trousers at her response. "Now - shall we begin...?"

To say that I was aroused by this scenario would be a huge under-statement. My confession to Sophie had been true - I had never been a voyeur before, had never witnessed lovers in the midst of sexual congress - even whilst watching Vanessa and her maid Gabrielle a few days before, I had been very much a part of the proceedings - here I was one step removed, audience rather than participant, and the notion of watching Vanessa being taken deliciously and urgently to orgasm by another man aroused me deliciously.

That alone would have offered me intense erotic stimulation, but my heady anticipation was heightened (almost beyond reason!) by the presence of Sophie in the chair alongside me, already all but naked. I knew that she would be masturbating next to me as we both watched the erotic tableau unfold - and what's more, I would be freely masturbating with her, had already secured permission to take myself to orgasm, right next to her - the sexual tension in the room at that moment, as Vanessa and her soldier faced each other, smiling lustfully, was delightfully intense.

Vanessa, of course, was never one to follow rules or take instruction. Sophie was about to get a show infinitely more extraordinary that the lacklustre performance of Michelle and her lover. No quiet disrobing here - as Sophie and I settled back in our chairs to watch, Vanessa wasted no time, still fully dressed, kissing her lover greedily, pushing him back against the wall next to us, the soldier breathless and aroused as she rubbed herself against him, her lips sliding sensually against his, tongues lapping greedily, her hand sliding down his body as she pressed a thigh between his, finding the bulge of his cock through his trousers, stroking him lustfully, his own hands pulling her against him, sliding down to her bottom, slipping his own thigh between hers so that she could grind herself against him, their bodies pushing and moving together urgently as they kissed.

I heard Sophie gasp gently at this sudden, unexpected beginning - they were behaving like two young lovers suddenly alone, able to at last express their mutual lust, as if completely oblivious to our presence, though Vanessa was clearly moving in such a way as to ensure that our view was always exceptional - even as she rubbed sensually against the young man, her hand was in plain view between his legs, rubbing harder at his crotch, the shape of his swelling penis now clearly in view as her hand rubbed against his length. He, in turn, had hitched up her skirt as she rubbed against him - I felt myself throb as her bare bottom was uncovered, his hands sliding over it, gripping it, pulling her harder against him as she rubbed herself greedily along his thigh, one of his hands sliding between her legs from behind, Vanessa trembling, pushing back onto his exploring fingers as they slipped over her visibly wet sex.

I was suddenly feeling very overdressed, and could see why Sophie chose to be virtually naked right from the start - I glanced across to her, and could see that the performance was already clearly arousing her, sinking into her seat a little, one of her hands drifting across her soft skin - I needed to touch myself too, suddenly aware of my shirt, my trousers, my shoes... I could feel my cock already erect, wondering rather ridiculously at what point it would be appropriate to begin to undress.

I heard a gasp, and looked back over to the lovers - Vanessa was down on her knees in front of her young lover, efficiently unbuttoning his trousers, tugging them down with his underwear, his large cock suddenly springing into view, erect, throbbing, needing her attention. Keeping slightly to one side to give us a better view, Vanessa wrapped her hand around the prodigious cock, stroking it, leaning over it, opening her lips and sliding her tongue over the swollen head, his fingers sliding through her hair, guiding her over him, until her soft lips engulfed his penis, sucking and licking greedily.

I heard Sophie gasp softly, looking over to her again - one of her hands was now cupping a breast under her open blouse, squeezing softly, her other hand drifting over her stomach, slipping over the neatly trimmed dusting of pubic hair, her breathing a little harder - my cock was throbbing now, uncomfortable inside my trousers - throwing caution to the wind, I unbuttoned my shirt, my hand sliding to my trousers, fidgeting with the buttons hurriedly - Sophie glanced my way for a moment, her gaze following my fingers, her own hand now slipping between her parting thighs, drifting over her clit - I managed to tug down my trousers and underwear in one smooth flourish, wrapping my hand around my swollen, erect cock, beginning to stroke myself, aware of her gaze following my fingers.

There was a more urgent gasp from the young lovers - Vanessa had pulled her lover onto the bed, tugging open his shirt, pulling off his trousers, straddling him on the bed facing his feet, her hand still stroking his hard cock, licking and sucking greedily as she lowered herself over his face, his hands sliding up over her bottom, pulling her down onto him, Vanessa groaning deliciously around his cock as his lips and tongue found her sex, licking over and around her cunt, his tongue flicking over her clit.

The sight was intensely stimulating to Sophie - I head her gasp again, looking across to her, her hand now buried between her thighs, rubbing, stroking, her blouse falling away from her body, her nipples very erect, one hand pinching a nipple, squeezing it as she began to masturbate deliciously. This was not the controlled Sophie whom I had heard about - Vanessa's enthusiasm and urgent greed had struck an immediate chord with her, and I stroked my cock a little harder, my concentration torn two ways now. Vanessa groaned again, and I glanced over to see her rubbing herself against his face, his lips and tongue greedily licking and sucking on her cunt as she slid her lips along his throbbing cock, masturbating each other as we watched - such an intense view, each of us now working inexorably toward orgasm, all four of us rubbing, stroking, gasping in almost the same rhythm - whichever of us came first, the other three would not be far behind...

If this had begun as a voyeuristic episode, it was quickly moving way beyond that - I had no idea whether Sophie had anticipated how intense such a scenario would be, but both her and I had gone far beyond being mere voyeurs - perhaps if we’d been well removed from the bed, tucked away in a darkened corner of the room, it might have been different, but this was early afternoon - soft light was flooding the bedroom, beaming in through the open window, and Sophie and I were sat close enough to the bed to almost touch the lovers, close enough to feel a part of what was happening in front of us. The young soldier, on his back, was too distracted to notice anything around him, given that Vanessa was still astride his face, his tongue buried in her cunt - but the other three of us were moving as one now, each of us watching the other, our movements spurring each other on, matching our rhythms almost unconsciously, joined in mutual lust.

Vanessa was still licking and sucking greedily around her lover’s now hugely erect penis, one hand stroking it up and down in constant rhythm, twisting and turning her fingers along his length, as her lips and tongue sucked and swirled over and around the head of his cock. Every so often she’d take his cock deep into her mouth, sucking greedily, each time eliciting a muffled groan from between her thighs, as he quickened his onslaught of her cunt, each flick of his tongue over her clit causing her to gasp deliciously, grinding harder against his lips.

Sophie’s attention was concentrated on Vanessa's lips as they slipped over and around the head of her lover's very erect cock, her breathing becoming more urgent as Vanessa increased her rhythm, fixated on the delicious view. I heard Sophie gasp, and looked across to her again - she was clearly getting very close to her orgasm now, no longer caring how she looked as we watched her, her thighs spread wide apart, two fingers buried deep in her cunt, fucking herself with them, her other hand rubbing her clit rather urgently, wet sounds splashing from her cunt as she got closer and closer to orgasm. Vanessa was looking right at her, her gaze fixed on Sophie’s cunt as she masturbated more urgently.

I couldn’t take much more, my gaze flicking from Sophie to Vanessa to Sophie again, back and forth, back and forth, helpless with lust for them both, my hand now urgently stroking my hard, throbbing erection, feeling my cock swelling harder, pulsing in my hand, trying to hold back my orgasm, not wanting to come first. I spread my own thighs a little wider, sliding down in my seat as I watched, suddenly aware of my bare thigh brushing against Sophie’s as she masturbated next to me. I half expected her to pull away, but she opened her legs a little further, pressing her warm, soft thigh against my own, needing the touch of skin against skin. I gasped, involuntarily, my cock throbbing harder in my hand from this touch, and Sophie glanced across at me, groaning softly as she saw my hand rubbing more urgently along my cock, precum lubricating the head of my swollen erection, dribbling along the length of my penis - she increased her own pace, her fingers now skidding around her clit, pushing a third finger into her cunt, groaning as she fucked herself.

I was almost at the point of no return, but Vanessa was ahead of us - watching us both masturbating intensely, so close to orgasm, she couldn’t take any more - rubbing herself urgently back and forth over her lover’s lips and tongue, she began to convulse, groaning urgently over his cock, rubbing his erection harder, faster, crying out deliciously as her orgasm flooded through her body, greedily lapping at his swollen, pulsating cock as she started to come urgently. The soldier gasped, moaning hard, arching up against her tongue, bucking underneath her - I watched, enraptured, as she deliberately tugged him from her mouth, flicking over the head of his wet, pulsating cock with her tongue, and he groaned urgently, and came, hard - a sudden warm jet of cum spurting from the head of his cock, splashing up over her lips, her face, followed by another wet spurt, and another, Vanessa trying to catch each spurt on her tongue, her face streaked with his spunk, still convulsing astride him.

Sophie couldn’t take any more - I felt her hand suddenly at the inside of my thigh, sliding up towards my cock, her gaze suddenly intense, looking at me, her face a picture of urgent lust - I moved my hand out of her way, and she suddenly grasped my throbbing erection, warm, hard, pulsating in her hand - I groaned - I had to come - god I couldn’t hold back - she felt my cock pulsing hard, and I heard a wet splash from her cunt, followed by her long, frantic groan of pleasure, her fingers rubbing hard at her clit, arching up from the chair, convulsing, bucking deliciously as her orgasm pulsated through her body, looking over at her, watching as a stream of her juices spilt from her cunt, splashing over her thighs - it was all I could take - I groaned frantically, intensely, my orgasm suddenly surging through my body, my cock pulsing so fucking hard in her hand, a long stream of warm, wet spunk spurting from the head of my erection, splashing over her fingers, followed by another spurt, and another, pouring over her fingers, again and again…

to be continued…


Fucking hell...

It's intense, isn't it ;) - glad you've been having fun in here ;)

...ditto, Miss Understood. and fucking God Almighty. Still wet and craving filling. I came three times without touching myself. I want Sophie so much. I knew a girl like Sophie in high school. The first thing she said to me after we had class together was, "Omigod, can I have your babies?" Then she looked me square in the eyes, too long for mere friendly talk, and squeezed my inner thigh, right above the knee. I was terrified of the names they'd call me and the things they'd do if I responded. I should have taken her up on her offer. Such a lithe, hot, dusky beauty...

then the next time you decide to do that, remember I want to watch the two of you together ;)

So delicious, i'm reaaaally enjoying your blog.


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