A million hits!

Saturday, July 15, 2006 at 2:42 PM

Today my counter passed 300,000 hits, and last week the counter on my old site passed the 700,000 mark (the one on Indecentblogging - no need to go there, everything there is in here too, I just left it there to bring readers here, as it gets a lot of google hits) - that's a total of one million hits since I started blogging three years ago, which is rather mind boggling! A million!!! Yikes!

I usually like to guess that I help a reader to an orgasm every ten hits on average - it's not based on any kind of science, it just seems like a good round figure, given that obviously I write with the intention of making you come. If I'm right, that would mean I've helped inspire around 100,000 orgasms since I started writing - which is also very mind boggling!

Consequently over the next couple of weeks I'm going to celebrate! (And I'm postponing the new Sophie stories for a couple of weeks to do so - I promise the wait will be worth it!).

First up - 'Two Girls' - a threesome with me, you and another girl, probably in two or three installments. Next up - 'Two Guys' - a threesome with me, you and another guy, again in two or three installments. I'll be finishing the celebrations with a big, lovely orgy in the comments, in which you'll all be invited to take part, almost certainly co-hosted by the delightful Dirty Little Girl, as she does love a good party - hope you'll join us ;)

Does all that sound like fun? That should take us through to August, when I'll be starting the new sequence of Sophie stories, and I'll be announcing the new audio contest (Lucy - your prize is imminent - apologies for the atrocious delay!) - so now's the time to start thinking about recording an audio for me - you know I'd love to hear you come, and anything I get sent from now onwards will automatically be entered into the contest - if you want to know what I'm referring to, here are the results of the previous contest - hope that'll help to inspire you ;)

Enough waffling from me - go enjoy the archives for today - tomorrow we begin the celebrations with 'Two Girls' - I think you might like it...

roger x


Whohoo! Congratulations on your million hits! That's fabulous (as are you)! And bring on the celebrations, I'm ready to party ;) xx

I'm very much looking forward to it, DLG ;) xx

Congrats on the hits and the many orgasms you have inspired! You can bet that I am looking forward to the fun that's cuming ;)

And I'm looking forward to you joining us Pandora ;)

I've gotta say that you're batting a thousand when it comes to making me cum. I cannot read anything on your blog that doesn't make me masturbate almost instantly. Thank you so much for the intense writing that always gets to me! It is no surprise that you have a million hits...you're addictive.


Here's hoping the journey to your next million is just as incredible. I'll be with you every step of the way. x

happygal - thankyou, I do my best ;) I hope you'll enjoy the ensuing celebrations just as much...

miss understood - and I wouldn't want it any other way x

i think you're definitely underestimating your orgasmic prowess... I’m betting that the numbers are MUCH higher ;-)




And I think I agree with elizabeth when she said you are underestimating you powers. I usally cum evertime I read your blog, sometimes even more than once. :)

elizabeth - I usually assume that at least a certain proportion are people who found me by googling, and have little interest in the content (most guys would have zero interest in my site, and men are only a tiny percentage of my readers). Also there'll be others who skip through a few posts before settling on the one they like. But if it works that well for you, then I'm very pleased ;) xx

danielle - and I'm especially pleased when I can inspire repeated orgasms - hope I'll continue to do that for you ;)

Congratulations Roger! That's amazing!

Here's something I have to tell you:

Sometimes, while reading your blog, I don't even have time to slip into my bed... you make me come right in front of my desk even if I don't intend to...

But you do even more than that.

You're so inspiring to me, it improved my sexlife. Honestly.

Remember? I'm your eager student and I love to learn from you.


german girl - that's some very heady statements there, thankyou! And I remember you telling me that you were inspired to write dirty emails to your boyfriend - clearly they had the desired effect ;)
I'm very happy to have you as my delightfully willing student ;) x

Congrats R ! Look forward to the celebration, and the renewed Sophie stories ... !!

Tnakyou Aragorn - a slight delay on the first of the new stories mentioned above, as it's so damn hot here that I can barely think (temperatures over 90F today) - though it's half written and imminent - now somebody bring me some ice! Ice dammit!!! lol

see? I can't even spell the word 'thankyou'! lol

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