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Saturday, April 01, 2006 at 3:22 PM

Hi you x

Here's a last call for entries to the audio contest - officially the deadline is now passed, but I'm not going to make a decision until Monday or Tuesday, so you still have time to slip an entry to me if you're very quick. I've had some delightful entries so far, but if you haven't entered yet, I'd very much love you to do so.

the prize: a long and dirty personal audio from me, just for you alone, where I talk directly to you by name, on the subject matter of your choice (whatever turns you on the most - I'm planning to seduce you with my voice and I want to make you come).

how to enter: find yourself a few minutes of privacy, slip into bed (or at your desk - or outdoors - anywhere is fine x), turn on your mic, and masturbate to delicious orgasm for me - you could maybe read a few posts to get yourself in the right mood ;). Don't forget to say my name somewhere in the recording, so that I know you did it specially for me.

how will I choose the winner?: I have no idea lol. Every recording sent so far has made me cum, so I'm not at all sure. It might in the end come down to something I can't even explain, something that makes it perfect for me - I'm not sure. I'll try to make a decision on Monday, so you do still have this weekend to get an entry in.

To save you going back to old posts, here's a reminder of what you need to do if you're planning to enter (apologies to those who have read this before):

I'd recommend using Audacity to record - it's free and you can download it

Works fine on my Windows XP laptop, and there's a Mac version too.

1) plug in your mic
2) download, install and open Audacity
3) slip into bed (or wherever you like to play)
4) press the big 'record' button, lay back, and masturbate to a delightful orgasm for me, in whatever way you enjoy the most
5) when you're all done, press the 'stop' button (important: don't forget to say my name somewhere in the recording, so that I know it's you)
6) select 'File>export as wav' and save it - it'll probably be a very big file
7) if it's smaller than 9MB, just email it to me
8) if it's larger than 9MB (and it probably will be) upload it here for me:
9) content yourself with the notion that you're going to make me cum gorgeously xx

please feel free to make it as long or as short as pleases you - there's no need to do anything special for me, no need to write anything or talk dirty to me (though if that arouses you, please go right ahead - whatever works for you), but please record for as long as you wish, and if you need to come more than once, that's fine too, I've had more than one multiple orgasm entry - what's most important is that you thoroughly enjoy it, and simply masturbate however you would normally, porn starlet antics not required, just something honest and fun and intimate would be gorgeous - if I wanted porn stars, I'd look on the web - what I want is how you sound when you masturbate, and when you come deliciously, that's much more intimate for me, and a wonderful thing for me to receive x

and most importantly - have fun!

r xx

P.S. If you have any technical difficulties or need help with making a recording, or you're not sure how to do it, please feel free to email me and I'll help as best I can xx


To the reader who commented and deleted - hi x - you obviously deleted it for a good reason, so to answer your comment without revealing the content - this is an opportunity to win precisely what you mentioned ;)

And sorry to everyone else if this seems unnecessarily opaque - you know what it's like when you post a comment and then think "shit! why did I do that!" lol - that's all this was.

Sweet Rog,

I'm not gonna be able to enter, I'm just not able to get the mic working... :(
I totally love this contest, so it sucks... sigh...
I don't wanna be a naughty or greedy girl... but remember the e-mail? ;) :)

Hi Wendolin - I'm sorry your mic has gone kaput - but thankyou for thinking of me anyway x Should you get a new one in the future, I'll still want to hear you, of course ;)
And yikes! I've completely forgotten to reply, and I was sure i was up to date with emails last night - I'll get to it tomorrow, I promise - my apologies, it's been that kind of week! xx

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