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Wednesday, February 15, 2006 at 5:39 PM

Okay, as mentioned at the weekend, on Friday evening I was interviewed by Grumps (who you may have seen commenting in here) for the Cyber Erotic website - it's a 30 minute interview covering pretty much everything Dirtyboy, and if you'd like to listen to it, you can download it here: Roger's Interview. If you want to save it to your own computer, right-click on this link and select 'save link as' and it'll download it to your computer (it's 7.51mb) - if you only want to listen to it, just click on it and it'll play automatically.

I'd also encourage you to visit the Cyber Erotic website - it seems to be resting at the moment, but I'm hoping they'll return!

If I sound a little sleepy, bear in mind I was interviewed at about 2.00am, and I was in bed (and naked, though I didn't tell Grumps that until after the interview, she'd only have been distracted...). And have fun!

I'm happy to answer comments or questions on the interview here, but leave a comment on the Cyber Erotic blog too, I know they'd love to hear from you!

Roger x


I'm listening to it right now... you have such a sexy voice!

Ah, yummy! I love your voice :D Listening right now

heather - thankyou, such a lovely thing to say xx

grumps - it was an absolute pleasure - and if you're going to get all those delightful girls on your couch, I think I'd like to watch ;)
Oh! You mean to interview them! ;)

laura - thankyou xx I apologise for not being sexier, but hopefully it'll make you smile x


Wonderful! Roger, where are you from originally? I'm a Brit myself, and I'm trying to place your accent but failing wildly. (I'm listening as I write this, so if you mention it in the interview, my apologies in advance.)

Your laugh is absolutely lovely, by the way.

-Your resident Anonymouse

Anonymouse - my accent is all over the place, I know! I can't say out here (all you'll get is 'England' lol) but email me and I'll narrow it down for you - and thankyou! x

ann - you're too kind! x

Such a lovely interview, and my, I just love that mischevious giggle of yours ;)

grumps - I'm very much looking forward to crawling up on your couch...


black lace - hope you enjoy it x

DLG - I'm very glad you liked it - and I think I'd rather like to watch you and Grumps snuggling on the couch ;)

Roger...I am one of the "selfish strumpets" (That was the word you used, right?) who has never commented before, but I have been reading you for well over a year, I think. I rarely comment to blogs I read, and have debated commenting to yours in the past. It was your interview that made me decide to break my silence.

You've got a fantastic voice, and I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I masturbated after I finished listening to it. Three orgasms all because of your voice. Thank you.


silver tongued devil wench - 'selfish strumpets' was absolutely a playful joke (though I'm sure you know that) - and it's lovely to see you in here after reading me for so long x
I have to admit that I also tend to lurk, only commenting here and there occasionally, so i guess I'm a selfish strumpet too at times ;)

And yes, I'm very pleased (and flattered) to know that you came so deliciously after listening to me - in retrospect, maybe I should have read one of my posts at the end of the interview, if only to reward those of you who put up with my giggling and waffling for half an hour, hoping I was going to get dirty (rather than just playful) - maybe now that my voice is 'out there', I should reconsider the idea of doing an audio post...

Anyway - it's very much a pleasure to meet you - hope you'll start to comment regularly xx

Very seductive... love hearing your voice!

pandora - thankyou! All these compliments! x

Dirty Boy... have you read my latest little fantasy? I think you may enjoy it! ;)

I didn't think it was possible to be more turned on than I am by your writing. Clearly I was wrong. Your voice, the idea of that voice, that sense of humor and passion, naked in bed? I am sooooo very very hot for you.

OMG! Yes! A brilliant idea, why didn't I think of it?? Roger, you must do an audio post!

Just imagine all the girls who would cum to that...!

I would, Psy, I would! *raises hand and waves wildly*

Pandora - yes, I have read it, and I always enjoy what you write - sometimes rather thoroughly ;)

lildirtyann - don't get too excited, I'm still only thinking about it ;)

sweet dreams - which is precisely how I want you to be...

psy - hmmm... well, when you put it like that, it does get more tempting - now, if I could only get audio comments too ;)

cee - I can see I should never have mentioned this lol - though I might do it... hmmm...

I kinda did... I think... lol

Just think of all the girls out there, who would download the file and listen to you speaking sexy erotica, fingering themselves or using vibs, cumming deliciously to the sound of your voice ;)

I've been lurking for a long time - since the indecentblogging days. But I can't hide anymore. Your voice... oh wow you have a sexy voice. I must, MUST, say I favor more audio files. Oh and cumming to your voice? Is there any question? YES I would!

lildirtyann - hmmm.. what kind of bribe were you thinking of...? ;)

psy - well, I mean obviously the idea of that arouses me (throb throb), but then girls already do that to my words... now if there was audio reciprocation... oh. my. god. lol
I'm not against the idea at all though - just trying to think of what I'd write for such a post...

that girl - you've been with me that long? Goodness me - come and get a big hug! *hugging you* mmmmmmmm
See how much nicer it is when you comment? You get hugs and stuff!
And thankyou - I'm still trying to think what I'd actually do for an audio post...

Mmmm Can't stop listening to your voice. I would just love to have one evening with you! You could just touch and caress me while speaking to me in that sexy voice!

My goodness! Hugs? I will be commenting more often!!

My god, do you have an extremely sexy voice...

Mmm...your voice is exactly how I've been imagining it. I find my hand creeping down to my panties just thinking of you whispering urgently in my ear as you press up against me. really do need to do an audio post Roger.

pandora - so which night are you free? ;)

that girl - yes, keep commenting - hugs as often as you request them! ;)

katie - thankyou x

wonderwoman - mmm... I think I'd be gasping a little too ;)

black lace - I'm still thinking about the audio post thing - and thankyou too, I've been surprised and flattered by the reaction to hearing me!

Dear Roger,

I listened to the interview, can't remember a thing you said, but your voice... it made me melt. In all the right places. :)

I think I'd describe it as a low, sensual semi-growl. Mmmm.

Devotedly yours,


orchidea - such a flatterer - you'll make me blush ;)

Baby.. Im free any night you want me! ;)

pandora - I'm on my way round - put the kettle on - no need to dress up ;)

Oh geez, an audio post would send me over the fucking edge.
You do have a very sexy voice...being an anglophile mylelf helps...that accent makes my pussy wet.

I still haven't decided about an audio post - I'm sure I'll do one at some stage, but I'd probably prefer it to be a surprise. My concern is that I do tend to get turned on writing these posts (as you'll know from the conversation about it in the interview) and reading one out is gonna get me aroused - and although I know you'd all enjoy that, I'm not convinced I really need to have the voice of a turned on, potentially masturbating roger here on the site to be downloaded... I'm still considering how best to do an audio post that wouldn't lead to that, but would still be fun to listen to, so watch this space, but no promises, as I keep changing my mind lol

I do rather like the idea of sending you over the edge, though... ;)

Well, Roger I think I will be repeating what so many others have already said, however, there is nothing like a silky low growling voice with a devilish laugh thrown in, and the best part (repeated so many times) that accent!! I agree that having a "potentionally masterbating Roger" reading sex stories would be not only hot an wet but melting and delicious.

I have only reponded one other time and it was anonymous, a little nervous, but after that interview, I couldn't stop thinking and hearing that voice as I read, I had to respond.

One last point for now, doing the interview naked was icing on the cake mmmmmmmm!

lildirtyann - you are so bad! lol

masisgroovy - ahh, it's always lovely to greet a new face (even if you have popped up anonymously before) - hello you x *hugs*
And I'm still very flattered to the reaction to my voice in here - it's just, y'know, my voice... but I'm surprised and flattered that you all like it so much!
And yes, I was indeed naked, and in bed...

well. i hate to simper like all the other girls (where's the originality) but it's for a good reason. i too throughly enjoyed your mischevious chuckle sprinkled throughout the interview. incredibly sexy.

if you ever do an audio post...i don't know. i just can't really contemplate what that would do to me. not where i am right now, at any rate.

waste of a comment? i hope not.

wetnwild - it's never a waste of a comment, I love hearing from you *hugs x

never posted before, but your interview made me want to stop lurking..just listened to your interview, you have an amazingly sexy voice. just listening to it turned me on, having a voice to put to what you write.
i was also wondering where abouts in england you're from, im from england and was curious as to where your wonderful accents from..

sarah - lovely to meet you *hugs*
As you'll no doubt be able to tell, my accent is a bit of a mixture - I'm originally from oop north, but most of my friends are southerners and I do tend to absorb other people's accents rather easily (and accidentally). So there'll be bits and pieces from all over Englad in there I suppose!

wow hugs and everything :) .. well absorbing all the accents definitely works for you. you have an amazingly sexy accent.. and the most wonderful laugh.

whenever a long time lurker comes out of hiding, they always get lovely big hugs - you see how much nicer it is out here in the comments box? - hugs on request! ;)

and thankyou - I'd never really noticed what a dirty laugh I had until everyone ponted it out lol - dirty mind = dirty laugh I suppose... ;)

hmm hugs on request.. *wonders what else can get on request*..

I'm always happy to consider any requests, Sarah ;)

Hey sweetheart :)
I'm fairly new to your wonderful blog and just found the soundfile. And I must say, OMG! Really Roger, you have the sexiest voice I've ever heard! From now on reading your stories will give an extra dimension, just fantasizing about you and your sexy voice... Can we meet sometime? ;)
Lots of love & kisses & licks (where-ever you want them) :)

Wendolin - as a new reader, it's a tradition around these parts to give you a big hug, so here we go! ***hugs***
I'm so glad you liked the interview so much, and I think you know exactly where I'd love you to lick me ;)
Hope you're having fun in the archives! xx

it's nice to hear your voice roger...

makes you rather, real

...seeing is believing though ;)

I'm so not posting any photos of me, moonlitnyph - where's the mystery then? ;)

hehehe...who said anything about photos? ;)

you're such a bad girl, moonlitnymph ;)

I love your voice!

Thankyou! I polished it up specially ;) x

Wow, loved your interview! Listening to it again as i type! Can't wait for some more stories! I love reading your blog entries....putting a voice to it makes it kinda better!

*sex*kitten - thankyou, it was a fun interview to do - made me giggle and feel horny all at the same time - I'm glad you enjoyed it ;)

Hey Rog,
It's been a while since I've read or commented. I saw today that I could download an interview and hear your voice and see if it is as raw and sexy as your typing is, but I'm sad to say that it won't let me download it. Seems I'm always a day late and a dollar short, darn it! I hope you are well.

Hi Shel - you're right, the link isn't working - I think CyberErotic might have stopped updating.
I'll post a new link for the interview in the menu to the left by the weekend, so check back tomorrow and you should be able to access a new link to it - sorry about that! And thanks for letting me know!

Quick update - I've added a new link, so you should be able to download it now - hope you enjoy! roger x

Finally able to listen to your interview. And of course I have decided to listen while at work..My Oh My Roger!!! Your voice is one thing but the naughty little giggle you have is absolute heaven I have to admit. I am absolutely melting right now. And the subject of you writing some of your stories as if you are writing them to your reader...*sigh. That is why I keep coming back for more...thank you Roger.

very much my pleasure - and I'm glad you finally got around to listening x
There's a new audio interview coming up in about two weeks, so look out for it being posted on here...

Oh baby! Roger, you sound just simply adorable! I have been reading your blog and just love it.

Thank you for such inspiration!

You, your writing, makes me want to be so bad.

it's a pleasure to inspire you - and naturally I'll happily encourage you to be bad ;)

Your voice reminds me of Jarvis Cocker, and that's a good thing. Sigh...


well thankyou x We both come from the North of England, of course, so we have similar accents, I'd guess.

Ok, so as this file isn't available any longer, is there anyone out there who has it tucked away somewhere and could upload it . I know Roger lost a lot of stuff during the dreaded computer crash and I can only imagine that this was included so please someone, could you share?

Actually, if anyone does have either this or any of the other audio files that used to be on here, I'd very much appreciate it if you could email them to me so I can upload them again :)
I must record a new interview!

I definitely think you should ; )
I think you should make a post about this Roger, perhaps some of the regulars wouldn't think to check these older posts for updates.....

I may well do - somebody will have these audio files squirreled away somewhere ;)
But yes, I must do a new interview - it's on the list ;) x

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