christmas is coming...

Saturday, December 09, 2006 at 5:26 PM

hello you x

well, it's almost xmas (hooray!), and I have a few fun things lined up for the run-up to the holidays. First up, we're returning to Sophie in London (another hooray!!), with a delightfully long and intense chapter coming up in three or four installments over the next couple of weeks. Having indulged you for a little while with some requested rough sex and romantic posts, this one is back to one of my own absolute favourite subjects - a girl-girl-boy threesome. I believe it's also the first time we've had this grouping with Sophie, so it'll be interesting to see how she deals with it ;). I think I'm gonna enjoy writing this one very much indeed...

Over Xmas week this year, I'm going to celebrate by giving you a Christmas Ghost Story, starting on Christmas Eve, as that's something of a tradition over here in England - though naturally there'll be plenty of explicit sex too, so I think it'll hit all the right spots ;)

It's also been a while since there was any spanking going on in here, so expect a little interactive disgracefulness going on during Xmas week, just to help you work off all that turkey and booze - I'll bring the mistletoe ;)

I'm currently going through a quiet period with emails, only getting a small number at the moment, and I do very much enjoy that behind-the-scenes personal interaction with you (particularly since it's frequently extraordinarily filthy), it's one of the things that makes having my blog such a pleasure. So if you haven't written to me for a while, or if you've thought about it but have never got around to it - well I'd very much love to hear from you, and I always reply - feel free to be as filthy as you please, as I obviously will be ;) The more emails I get, the better - it is Xmas, after all - and send me presents! ;)

Sophie starts over the next couple of days - I'll see you there ;)

roger xx


I prefer to think that your quiet time with email is that you're conuring up something particularly filthy...just for me...

Make it nasty baby...

I like it that way.


well, you already know you have a little xmas present coming your way, and I think you know what it is ;) I'll say no more, it's a secret for now ;)

I meant to add, but I pressed the button accidentally lol - my emails do sort of come in waves - I'll have a month where I'm almost deluged, then another month where I'll get just a sprinkling, and it never seems to tie in with any particular post, so I have no idea why it works that way, but it does seem to. At the moment I'm in one of my "only getting a sprinkling" periods, and since it's Xmas and I'm greedy, I want lots and lots, preferably with presents of some kind enclosed - I know, I'm disgraceful really ;)

you should be spanked roger... but only after I have my way with you... I want your mouth on me first and then your fingers up inside of me... just long enough to get the juices flowing... best of all... I want to straddle you and slide ever so slowly down onto your hard cock... and you must hold my hips and bring me to orgasm... not once.... but at least twice... after that... we'll discuss your present ;-)

You always hit my spots, sugar. I was definately a naughty girl this year, but I hope I am still on your list.

Well, what are you wishing for this christmas?

schatzie - such a greedy girl - I think it's going to be you who gets spanked first, though ;)

bad bad girl - don't worry, I'm not quite as strict as Santa ;)

anonymous - two naked girls in bed with me would be lovely, thankyou ;)

I couldn't go to sleep, I was too busy being distracted by the fact that you needed e-mail. You poor thing.


Well you know I am just going to have to try and remedy your dry spell...

Yes I do know what the secret is...

My lips are sealed...

Wish they were sealed around your cock though...


Show me yours and I show you mine.

strumpet - did I sound that whiney lol? Thankyou anyway - I received your delightful email, and will be replying in appropriate fashion shortly ;) x

p of lust - if you're feeling the need to go down on me, please don't let me stop you ;)

h2o - That all depends on what it is you want me to show ;)

Oh it wasn't whiney at all {much}. But rather than read my little book and drift off to sleep, I was creating a scenario in my head and kept tweaking it. So....out of bed I roll and into the office to typety type away..

~strumpet (to lazy to sign in)


i miss you.

come here


Very very greedy... Asking for more when you haven't even told us who won your audio contest yet....

I think someone might need a little punishment, sexy wicked naked punishment- then I'll think about sending you a new delight.......

and very welcome it was too, strumpet - I'll be replying this weekend ;)

paige - *snuggling up as requested* ;)

anonymous - I've decided to save the announcement of the audio contest until xmas, at which time I'll also be able to record the winner's prize, and the shorter audio for the other participants - but I haven't forgotten, I promise x

and I'd love a little punishment ;)

You're right... Christmas IS coming... I have just found your blog, and I feel like it's Christmas! What a lucky girl I am! Thank you, Roger xxx

No need to thank me, it's an absolute pleasure to have you join me - hope you're having fun exploring ;) xxx

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