are you a good girl or a bad girl?

Sunday, July 22, 2007 at 5:46 PM

I've had a rather busy weekend, and have completely failed to get the first part of the next Sophie episode written, so rather than miss a week, Dirty Little Girl came up with a really fun idea that I think you might enjoy. You know those multiple choice quizzes you get in magazines? Well here's the kind of thing I think they should really be asking - here's a filthy little quiz for you - let's see just how dirty you are ;)

Choose the answer that's closest to how you feel. Total up your points at the end of the quiz: (a) = 1 point, (b) = 2 points, (c) = 3 points. Once you have your total, check at the end of the quiz, to see just what a dirty girl you are ;) And no cheating! Hope it'll make you smile - and don't forget to leave a comment and let me know how you did ;)

1. How often do you read my blog?

(a) Just every once in a while, you're bookmarked so why not?
(b) Every week, to catch the new post, I wish you'd post more often.
(c) Every day, sometimes two or three times a day, I can't get enough!

2. How often do you masturbate when reading my blog?

(a) Never, what kind of girl do you think I am? I get a little warm, but y'know, I have stuff I need to do, why are you asking me this?
(b) Okay, so I touch myself, but don't tell anyone, it's too embarrassing! Though you could watch me, if you like ;)
(c) Every damn time, you make me so fucking wet. I'm masturbating now. I'm such a little slut for you, Roger.

3. What are you wearing?

(a) I'm fully dressed. I don't want anyone to catch me!
(b) Mostly just underwear, really - I like to be able to slip my hand down my panties nice and easily. Not that I do that all the time, you understand. Well okay, most times, but I can't help it, you make me do it...
(c) I'm naked in my bed. Naked and ready for you.

4. What would you do if you walked into my room and found me masturbating on the bed?

(a) I'd blush and hide. I might look sneakily out of the corner of my eye, though...
(b) I'd come and sit on the bed, and watch you. I might want you to watch me too.
(c) I'd straddle you, tug your hand away from your pulsing erection, slide all the way down onto you, and fuck you hard. god!

5. Your best friend's coming to stay. Do you read my blog while she's there?

(a) Fuck no! In fact I'm not even gonna switch my computer on, god knows what she'll find if she looks on it!
(b) Yes I do, but only sneakily, at the dead of night, when she's fast asleep. Sometimes I fantasise about her, though...
(c) I'd show your site to my best friend. We'd both get naked and do it together on the soft, furry rug in front of the fire. Do you want to come and join in?

6. I need a new maid for my house. You'd have to wear a nifty little French maid's outfit. Would you apply for the job?

(a) It's tempting, but my thighs look too big in short skirts, and you clearly can't be trusted.
(b) I dunno. Does the job come with a room? If it does, I'm up for it.
(c) Look Roger, I'm bending over dusting this little bookcase. You can see right up my skirt. Don't you think I need a spank?

7. Do you have any sex toys?

(a) Nope, just a teddy bear. But, erm.. I did once try rubbing him against me. I can't believe I'm admitting that!
(b) I've got a vibrator, and I know how to use it...
(c) It's inside me right now. unnhhh god. Why are you asking me these dumb questions when I need you to fuck me?!

8. We have the night together. Where would you want me to take you?

(a) Somewhere romantic. Maybe a nice meal, a carriage ride through the park, kissing softly on the bench *sigh*
(b) Your place, I'll bring the wine
(c) I don't care! Just take me Roger! ohhh GOD take me! Use me! Fuck me!!

9. I'd love to take you shopping. What would you buy?

(a) Anything fluffy and pink. Oh, and ice cream
(b) Shoes. Sexy shoes. Shoes that tell you I need to be fucked.
(c) I can't take much more of these damn questions! Do I have to bend over the couch and beg you? Actually, I think I will.

10. I'd like to take you on a picnic. What would you like to eat?

(a) I'd like a sunny day, a beautiful view, and some salad, wine, soft fruit, and chocolate. Definitely chocolate.
(b) Something I could dribble all over you.
(c) ahhh god I'm gonna cum... fuckkk... just eat me Roger... ohhh god eat me... fuckkk... I'm cumminngggg...

okay... total up the points:

10-14 points: You're a romantic, you'd like nothing better than to snuggle with me under the moonlight, and it'd take at least five dates before I saw you naked ;)

15-19 points: You like a little fun from time to time, though you can be a little shy. Not so shy that you wouldn't take me to bed, though, and fuck me deliciously ;)

20-25 points: You're clearly a very dirty girl. Pull your knickers down and bend over, you need a good spanking ;)

26-30 points: Such a dirty fucking slut. Send me a filthy email. On second thoughts, send two. Oh, and an audio of you cumming for me ;)


Mmm, Roger, I think this turned out rather well. I may have to do it in my blog too with, of course, different questions catered to my naughty readers.

Interestingly, I scored a 24. I am indeed a dirty little girl as you well know. However, I think you know as well as I, that you'd be the one getting spanked instead of me, Boy... ;) xxx

Rog, I scored a 26 - can i score with you now? Pretty pretty please,


DLG - please feel free, you did give me the idea, after all - I suspect I might score quite highly lol ;)
And naturally, I'd be happy to have you spank me - make it nice and hard, please - the spanking, I mean ;) xxx

cinders - 26! Goodness, such a dirty fucking slut ;) I shall expect the two filthy emails and the audio in my in-box shortly ;) I think you're probably due a good, hard spanking too...

Roger I scored a 25...I'lll gladly bend over and take my spanking - but would you please fuck me too!

25! Another very dirty girl. Spanking first, though, you're a very bad girl and I think you need to be punished. Though if you beg suficiently, I may well fuck you afterwards ;)

I scored a 24. Seems low, doesn't it? Probably because, you know me, I'd rather watch and be watched.

Spank me. I deserve it.


24 isn't low Eve, that's actually rather high, considering that the last three or four '(c)' answers are deliberately over the top to make you smile ;)
Yes, you do deserve to be spanked, though begging for that so greedily almost certainly adds at least another three points to your score ;) x

19 doesn't really quite qualify me for slut status, does it? Any suggestions on what I should do to raise my score??

oh, I don't know, 19's a perfectly respectable score - though you could gain at least three extra points by going down on me ;) x

Looks like I'm a B girl all the way ;)

Thanks for the Quiz!

21 points. Can I have my spanking now, sweet Roger ? Please ? i need it so bad, I'm already bent over and waiting for you...

Happy Monday, b.t.w. ! Great quiz !

Erotically yours,
Loving Annie

I think I may have scored 31 :)

Lil-Lolita - that makes you a solid 20 points - looks like I'm going to have to spank you ;)

loving annie - you've been begging for a spanking repeatedly, and I think you want it too much ;) Such a greedy girl, I can see that a little denial is the only thing that's going to keep you in line - so if you want a spanking, then I'm afraid that you're going to have to please me first, dirty girl ;)

miss understood - I'd have expected nothing less ;) You know how it goes - I'll be looking forward to two filthy emails and an audio ;) I also think you need a good hard spanking, quite frankly, for almost overheating my scoring device here... xx

well well...that just made me a super filthy slut.

but you already knew that DB.


21 Roger, I guess that means I should assume the position right? Bending over, sticking my ass out... Now, do you want me to flip my skirt up too? Or is that all up to you? I think I'll stay the way I am, hands on my ankles, waiting for my punishment for being so dirty...


gracie - I'm not at all surprised, though I mean that in a good way ;) xx

kitten - are you sure you only scored 21? Your eagerness to be spanked suggests a score somewhat higher ;) And yes, flip the skirt up please - knickers down to your ankles too ;)

hmm 21. . .a reflection of my age. . .I've much more to learn Mr. Roger (:

Roger won't you please fuck me...pretty please?
(begging certainly isn't my best thing - I can be a hell of a brat though...and I'd be more than pleased to suck your cock!)

I stopped scoring half way through. And since I can't supply you with audio ... you'll just have to check the response I posted.


I'd be very happy to teach you, Lina ;) xx

nadine - you're right, that begging was decidedly half hearted ;) But I'm not at all complaining, I'll happily accept a delightful blowjob from you ;) x

sexpot - hmmm... I'll head on over later, and see what you've been up to - wonder if you've been a delightfully dirty girl for me... ;) x


I only scored a 19, but the description fits me perfectly:

"you can be a little shy. Not so shy that you wouldn't take me to bed, though, and fuck me deliciously ;)"

A perfect evening would start with me looking at you sweetly, over the rim of my wine glass, and end with me fucking you very deliciously indeed and leaving you drained, with a smile on your face.. ;)

malna - I rather like the sound of that evening myself ;) x

25 for me. Right on the edge... That is not surprising. I still lurk but don't comment as much as I should. Usually I'm quite exhausted and my fingers are hurting.

25 is decidedly naughty - though I rather like comments from exhausted girls ;)

Nice one Roger! Just did a 24 and warmed up over the post below, very hot! Keyboard sticky. Waiting to be spanked.

24! another delightfully dirty girl - I think the queue for a good spanking is growing here... just tug those knickers down and bend over, I'll happily deal with you ;) x

this is a hilarious read, roger.
i guess now that i've read through it, i have to do it . . . hold on.

btw--your word verification has vd.


hahahahahah! i got 16--my hormones scored a 30, however--and therein lies the problem.

go with what your hormones tell you, you know you want to ;) xx

no point in taking the quizz...



hot, wet

yup... masturbate ALWAYS to your blog....

thanks DLG!!

I'm guessing the fabulous DLG sent you my way - I'm glad you're having fun - such a dirty girl ;) xx

I scored 26.Obviously a very bad girl in need of a good spanking.
I'll beg if you want me to.
I'd love to,actually.
Especially if I am bending over your knees and feeling the slap of your hand on me.Hard,please.

You're clearly an extraordinarily bad girl - 26 points puts you amongst the very highest scorers in here - such a dirty girl ;) I shall look forward to that dirty email imminently ;) xx

And what about you Roger? Tell me your score. Whisper it in my ear.


I got a 28.

Well I cheated a little!^*

I added a (D) answer to questions 4, 6, 8, and 10.

4. I take over by sucking, licking, and fondling your georgeous cock and balls. Then we fuck and fuck and fuck.

6. OOPS!! I forgot to wear panties!

8. I brought the wine, got in your car and it down the front of my shirt! Damn! Guess I should have left it in the bottle! Now you have to clean it up. With your tongue!! I don't think we're going anywhere!

10. You are the picnic!
Spredding legs to show you pantiless pussy, and so am I. Dig in deep!!!

So where's my spanking?

Oh Damn. I scored a 27.... How naughty of me...... I guess I am a naughty girl, after all. ;)

So what you got to say to that, exactly? *Slithers up, wrapping my arms around your waiste and pulling u close, giggling softly through lustful eyes...*

Aneta - what must you think of me, I completely missed your comment, and it's such a lovely one too! Should you return at some point to check - I wanted to let you know that your extra (D) replies made me giggle rather filthily ;)
Given you got such a high score, I really do think the very least I can expect is a filthy email from you - go fill in that questionnaire right now, naughty girl ;) xx

Rose - 27 is just disgraceful - such an extraodinarily dirty little slut ;) It'll come as no surprise to anyone reading these comments that I've already had a couple of intensely filthy emails from you, which just leaves the audio... ;)
Such a dirty little girl ;) xx

I don't hear any complaints from you on those e-mails either... in fact I haven't been blessed to HEAR anything. I think it's only fair that should I accept my sentence for being such a naughty girl, and decide to send you an audio of me, that I should get an audio of your response as well? ;)

Ha! ;) If I had a penny for every time I've been asked to do that ;) I'm much more of a voyeur than an exhibitionist, though the audio interview on my site get a little frisky towards the end ;) (it got a lot friskier afterwards lol).

Ah, but the difference is this, my dear. I don't offer pennies for anything. I've got much higher class than that. I offer dimes ;) lmao, but I'm just teasing you (As is a favorite thing of mine to do) hehe. And yes, I have heard those audios, and God, I wish there was more lol. But in all fairness, I should admit that I have imagined that voice saying many other things, and I've gotten quite attached to it ;)


We did keep recording afterwards, for quite some time, and it got very filthy lol - sadly I lost the recording in the Computer Calamity (see the archives), but I remember it being rather fun ;) I do keep meaning to do a new interview, it's on my list of stuff to do for the blog, definitely, and I suspect it's likely to get frisky again when we do it - audios can be lots of fun ;)

Do you think we might be able to hear the rest of said interview, frisky endings and all? ;) I think I would like that, alot. lol


well, you never can tell what might appear in here ;) x

Apparently I really am your filthy fucking slut.. and I also have my fingers in my cunt. Solid 29er here. Just fuck me now please!

mmm... you clearly are a filthy little whore for me, Stella. Email something filthy to me. Show me just what a fucking little slut you are ;) xx

I'm working my way through the archives and as much as I wanted to cum to another of your stories, I had to take the slut test. So, at a 28, it seems that I'm a dirty fucking slut... and all this time I thought I was just a very dirty girl. I guess you and I should have a meeting of the minds and work this little kink out. *wink*

I can't say I'm at all surprised, given your shockingly naughty behaviour in the orgy at the moment ;) Clearly I need to deal with you, yes ;)

Oh god, I just got the lowest ever score on this...13 (*embarrassed blush*)...but then again, I am inexperienced, and I am the type who wants her sex within a serious relationship, likely love first. I need to feel confident and very comfortable with a guy, or else I won't get much pleasure or be able to provide him with much, and feeling that way will take a while.

Not that I want the sex to always be nice and gentle once I find the right person, of course. You've given me too many fantasies to be content with just that.

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