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Tuesday, April 03, 2007 at 6:46 PM

Hello you x

I'm running slightly late with the next episode of Sophie (not to mention still being behind on emails - huge apologies if you're still waiting for a reply, but I'm getting there, the pile is shrinking every day), so I think it might be fun to do a little audience participation naughtiness while you're waiting, since we haven't done any for a while - it'll buy me a little more time, and hopefully will be fun too ;)

So come and snuggle up next to me... I'm handing over my keyboard to you for a little while, so that you can arouse me for a change, as I very much want you to talk dirty to me... I'd definitely love that... and this is especially for the lurkers amongst you, those of you who enjoy my words but are maybe too timid to normally say anything in here (though of course my regulars are welcome to play here too, as always). There's really no need to be shy, no-one knows who you are or can trace you (including me), you can be completely anonymous - just click on 'other' under the comments box, and make up a name for yourself, no-one will ever know it was you. If you've never commented before, you'll notice that your comment doesn't go straight onto the blog - a copy of the comment is sent to me first, and then I put it up on the blog (though again, I have no idea who you are, you can be completely anonymous). I'd very much love to hear from you... to have you talk dirty to me... to tell me all those thoughts you have in your head... to tell me what you want...

Can you tell I'm masturbating as I write this...? I've been writing a little of the next Sophie post tonight, and I'm taking a brief break - it's very intense, and if I'd have kept writing, I'd have needed to come very quickly... so I'm writing this to help me take the intensity down a notch, so that I can get through it... but I'm very, very turned on right now, and I'd love you to make me cum...

I'm very erect... laying on my bed naked, my usual preference when writing for you... I'm sort of rubbing my erection in a slow, delicious rhythm against the bed, moving against it... sometimes slipping my hand down to my cock, stroking a little... I'm doing it right now... ohhh that feels good... god... but not going too far, keeping myself erect, enjoying the sensations... teasing myself... making myself wait...

Tell me what you'd do if you found me like this... would you watch me, wanting me to cum for you...? Would you masturbate with me, touching yourself as you watch me, both of us reaching orgasm together...? Or would you fuck me... take me deliciously... and come all over my cock...

Tell me what you'd want... talk dirty to me... I want you to make me come...

roger xx


I'd watch you unawares. Watch how you move your hand up and down your shaft, your hips moving automatically in time with the motion of your hand. Watch as you rub the glistening pre-cum over the head of your cock and listen as you moan with pleasure.

mmmm....I love to watch.

I'd watch you unawares. Watch as you move you hand up and down your shaft, eyes closed as you watch the movie playing in your mind. Watch as you rub pre-cum over the head of your cock and your hips begin to move in time to the motion of your hand. Your mouth opens a bit and you moan in the slow and sensual pleasure you give yourself.

Oh, I love to watch....


Can't tell you how happy I am to have found you this way. Laying on your stomach, naked, hard, on the edge...

You can hear me enter the room. Whisper not to look - keep your fingers on the keyboard, eyes on your work. Hear the rustle of my clothes as I remove them, let them drop to the floor. Feel the mattress dip as I kneel on the foot of the bed.

I slide over you - not really touching you - hovering, but the warmth of my body is there, close to you....then my breath on your ankle, tip of my tongue barely touching the soft skin that covers the bone.

Want to catalog the textures of you - the soft skin on the back of your knee, the hair on your calves, smooth flesh on your ass.

Want to have the smell of your skin in my thoughts the next time I make myself cum with my fingers, when I am alone, waiting for you.

Am fully on top of you - stretched out over you, still not touching, breath on the back of your neck. Reach out with my tongue, lick the tiny little hairs that lie between your shoulder blades, not making contact with you skin, just tickling, teasing.

Straddle your hips - opening the soaking wet lips of my pussy, sliding my fingers over my clit. I can't stop the moan, rolling out of my throat, over my tongue, like a breath I have been holding. I lower myself onto your lower back. Rubbing myself against your ass, your tail bone, such delicious friction. The weight of me pushing your cock into the covers, pushing you toward the edge. I am trying to remain quite, but you know exactly when I start to cum. Your lower back is coated in me, wet, slick.

Lean forward, whisper near your ear - "want to join me" - will give you anything for your cum, covering my skin...

(be gentle - you are my first, so to speak)


Mmm, greed is good.
Mine is strong. I'd push you onto your back and take you in my mouth...

Love to Lurk.


eve in chains - I spotted the double post, but couldn't decide which I liked the best, so I left both here - I am feeling greedy, after all ;) And I'd love you to watch, and I'd cum for you, gorgeously... xx

amber - that's just exquisitely erotic... the idea of you straddling me, rubbing against me... cumming so deliciously over my ass... god... perhaps I should return the favour, slipping astride you, astride your ass... rubbing against you... feeling you push and move under me... until I can no longer hold it back, and my own cum spurts in long arcs over your ass, marking you, warm and wet all over you... so lovely, thankyou for this xx

Sinnamon - mmmm... a perfect way to respond to my greed... I'd want to cum in your mouth... over your face... and watch you lap up every last drop of my cum... xx

What a find....

I'd lean suggestively against the door, then casually walk in and lay down in the bed next to you. I'd spread my legs, rubbing my hands lightly from one thigh to the next, pressing slightly as I graze across myself. I'd unbutton my jeans and slide them down, dropping them from the side of the bed. I'd drape my leg over yours and pull your hand to my panties and with my other hand I start to rub you.

I slide my palm and my fingers and the back of my hand across your cock...first the head then slowly around and down. We lazily and slowly masturbate each other, hearing ourselves get slicker and wetter. Even though we both want to go faster and cum harder, we forcefully go slow, looking at each other dead in the eye.

Heat builds up between us and we begin to move in response to the touches. We're still going painfully slow, your fingers sliding in and out of my panties and dipping in my cunt, rubbing my juices everywhere. I've given up both my hands to your cock, sliding up and down, feeling you jerk with every downward motion.

Your computer slides off of you and we face each other, incredibly close, but not kissing. Instead we're breathing each other in, hands pushing in and around each other. We start to go faster now, legs pushing upward and bodies becoming intertwined. We have not spoken, but I begin to groan uncontrollably.

You push three fingers into me, and then again just rubbing your hand against me. I've started holding your cock against my cunt, pushing it against my clit while your fingers push inside. My juices coat you and the pressure inside you builds up until you can not take it anymore. You push me down and push yourself inside of me as I beg you to please let me come.

"Tell me how much you want it. Tell me you want me to fuck you. Fuck you right now."

"Please fuck me. Stick it inside. Hard. Harder. Fuck me hard, fuck me hard...oh please let me come, please..."

We are grinding against each other until we are both pushing and pulling and coming and coming and we are both wet and covered with sweat and spent.

Hope this is ok...I've never EVER written anything like this before.


blythe - of course this is very okay - it's absolutely gorgeous. All the more delightful given that you've clearly just found my site, and I've already inspired you to write such sensual (and rather urgent) erotica. I felt like I was right there with you, touching you, needing to fuck you... rubbing against you breathlessly... just delicious, and intensely arousing... thankyou xx

You look up and see me, standing in your doorway, eyes down, hair falling across my face. I have told myself I would not do this. Not again. But here I am. I cannot help myself.
I feel your gaze upon me and my eyes are drawn up to yours. Your smile, so gentle, so sure, and your eyes alight with desire capture mine and pull me toward you as heat suffuses my face, spreading down to my breasts. I blush harder as I feel my nipples harden, the electric current running down... As I move onto the bed, you reach into the nightstand for something...
I am on my hands and knees, moving up beside you, and your hand, warm and firm, in the small of my back, prevents me from turning. Then you're behind me, your lips at my neck bringing all the tiny hairs on my body straight up and tingling. I shiver as your teeth sink gently into my flesh there, where neck meets shoulder, and a moan escapes me as you bite harder now, then teasing the skin with your tongue as I feel the coolness of the lube touch my ass and run down...there...
your teeth again, biting, and I moan again as you stroke the lube in and over, warming it. From deep inside me a whimper bubbles up and breaks through my lips, and you breathe in my ear, soft and sure, "sshhhhhhhh..." You know what I fear... you know what I want. You know I have never done this, and you know how I have wanted it, the wanting becoming a craving, the craving becoming deep, gut-wrenching need, and you slide one finger in, so easy with the lube, so easy, so sure, unstoppable, and your other hand finds my clit, and I gasp and buck against you, I'm so wet--
and then you slide your hard cock straight up my ass, deep and hard, and you groan with the heat and the tightness
sooooo good
I'm so tight
and so hot
and you thrust in, pull back, thrust in in in, you hear me squeal but you can't stop so you stroke firm and fast on my clit and I gasp and buck back onto you as you plunge deeper into that heat grabbing your cock, the muscles working around your shaft, I moan and you stroke deeper, harder, attacking my clit mercilessly now as I flood your hand with wetness, moaning louder, your cock deep in my ass, oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck my ass, harder, harder, fuck my ass so hard, yes yes yes yes yes yes oh please please fuck my ass oh please oh yes fuck me and you thrust harder and deeper, deeper, your balls tight and hot and hard and you can't take it and you can't stop and you plunge hard and explode, deep in my ass, cumming so hard, so hard and hot and still cumming and taking my ass and you hear my keening wail as I cum hard, my ass clenching on your cock and my cunt drenching your hand and you cum all the way from the depths of your balls, deep in my ass, hard and hot, filling me
Breathing hard, you collapse onto me, I drop flat onto the bed with you still buried deep inside me, barely conscious, your lips at my ear,
"Your ass is so sweet..."

wet and shy - ohhhh my god... this is so good... perfectly paced... getting more intense... god... need to read this again, going to cum to this... already pulsing, need that orgasm... thankyou xx

I'll watch you intently.Spread my legs wide open, waiting.Rub my breasts slowly with the palms of my hands until my nipples grow hard and stand out through the thin lace of my bra.
Move my hand down, push aside my thong and start to finger fuck myself.Watching you all the time, wanting your cock in me.

My legs are wide open,finger-fucking myself.
Watching you stroking yourself.
Slow and hard.
Desperate to suck me.
How much do you want me, exactly?
Tell me.
In detail.Please.I'll beg you if you want me to.

mmmm... such a very dirty girl...

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