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Friday, January 04, 2008 at 12:38 AM

Sorry it's been a little quiet in here - I've been enjoying some Christmas time off and getting into gear for the New Year. Just to reassure you that I haven't been entirely lazy the past couple of weeks, I can tell you that the Sophie book collection is now ready to go (just awaiting the artwork from my fabulous designer, and then I'll be putting it up in Lulu.com for you to buy, should you want to), and I've also been tinkering with the first of the three 'You Choose' stories - here's a taster... ;)


You slide closer to me in bed, facing me, both of us warm and naked, already needing each other, aching to be touched. My fingers tease through your hair, smiling at you softly, tipping your face gently up to mine, and I kiss you softly. Already, your body responds. Your heart beats a little quicker, and you return the kiss, our lips sliding sensually together, your hand drifting across my belly, down between my thighs, your fingertips brushing along my warm erection, taking hold of it, stroking it.

As I gasp softly, you feel another body move closer behind you. You can already feel his warm breath on your neck as he kisses you there softly, his hands sliding up your waist, slipping around you, drifting up to cup your breasts, squeezing softly, delicately pinching your nipples. His body is warm and firm behind you, his erection already nestled between your buttocks, rubbing teasingly against you as his hands begin to explore you.

Already your senses are in overdrive, our lover behind you, me facing you, with you between the two of us, our hands, our lips, our fingers moving around you, deliberately arousing you. You kiss me again, a little more greedily, your hand taking hold of my pulsing erection, stroking me a little more firmly as my tongue slips into your mouth. You feel a hand sliding over your belly, moving down... is it my hand? Is it his? You can no longer tell, already becoming lost in the sensations, surrendering to your desires...


much more to follow, of course ;)

A belated Happy New Year to all of you!

roger xx


oh Roger you are such a tease!
can't wait for more...

anxiously awaiting more...


Happy New Year!

mmm.. already sounds delicious. looking forward to the rest x x x

Please, Sir...


nadine - lots more to come, I can promise you ;)

B - and a very happy new year to you too! x

eponine - I think you'll enjoy it - hope so anyway! ;) xxx

january - patience is a virtue, so they say ;)

I think I'll be spending a great deal of time here, reading. Excellent and I can hear that delicious accent in my head as I read. Oh yeah....

I'll look forward to seeing you in here, JRM ;) x

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