taking you as I please, part one

Thursday, February 09, 2006 at 11:58 PM

Okay, a little something different to take you over the weekend, and then we plunge back into Paris for another lovely chapter... I've had a number of requests for something very dominant and very rough - please don't read this if that's not to your tastes, as this may be a rather rougher ride than usual...

roger x

You've been masturbating without my permission again.
Did you deliberately intend to let me catch you?
I thought as much.
You love me seeing you like this, don't you?
You love it when I catch you touching yourself.
Dirty little slut.
Get on all fours on the bed.

I don't care if you need to cum, you'll cum when I give you permission, not before.
Get on all fours. Right now.

Just do it.
Don't make me ask you again.

That's it.
Good girl.

Open your thighs.

Open them wider.

Your panties are wet.
You were close to orgasm, weren't you?
You're such a dirty girl.
Keep those thighs open, I didn't say that you could move.
Keep them open until I tell you otherwise.

No, you can't touch yourself.
Not until I give you permission.

What did I just tell you?

You're being a very bad girl.
Since you can't be trusted to behave, I'm going to have to tie you up.
Kneel up.
Put your hands behind your back.
That's it, wrists together.
Keep them like that until I've tied them.

Is that too tight?

What did you just say?
No, I won't be gentle with you.
You haven't earned that.

Can you feel my hands in your hair?
Can you feel how tight my grip is?
Don't you dare try to resist.

That's it.
Head down on the bed.
I can't trust you not to move.
I'm going to have to hold you down like that.
Keep your ass raised.

Open your thighs wider, I said.
That's better.
Your panties are soaked.
You need to cum, don't you?
You must have been very close when I interrupted you.
Hmm... I've just found your vibrator...
Did you think I wouldn 't see it?

It smells of your cunt.
Were you fucking yourself with this?
I know you were.
Dirty little slut.
Lick it.
Open your mouth and suck it.
Show me what a dirty little whore you are.

That's it.
Get it nice and wet.
You're gonna want it to be wet.

That's enough.

I think your panties should come off, they're dripping wet.
You really are such a slut.
all the way down your thighs...
that's it...

Keep your thighs open.

ahhh god look at you.
So fucking wet.
I bet you'd love it if I touched you right there.
Is that what you want?
Do you want me to touch you?

Then beg me.

Beg me to stroke your cunt.
Tell me you want me to finger fuck you.
Say it.

If you don't say it, I'll just walk away, and leave you here tied up...

That's better.
Tell me you're a dirty little slut and you want me to finger fuck your cunt.

That's it.
That's what I want to hear.

Yes, yes you are.
You're a very dirty little slut.
Can you feel my fingers sliding between your pussy lips...?
You're so wet.
I think you need more than just my fingers...
Maybe if I spread some of this wetness up over your asshole...

Don't struggle.
Keep still.
You've been a bad girl, and you'll take this whether you like it or not.

There, wet enough I think.
Now I'll just slide my fingers...
back into your cunt....
ohh that feels so good... you're so fucking wet...
Do you like that?
Do you want me deeper?

Beg me.
Don't you dare try to push back.
Beg me.

That's it.
Good girl.
Pushing my fingers deeper inside you...
unnhhh fuck...
You love that, don't you...
You love it when I fuck you with my fingers.
You're such a little slut.

Let me just pick up that vibe with my other hand...
mmm... it'sstill wet from your mouth...

I said don't struggle.

Just turning it on low...
and your ass is very exposed...
and very wet...

Don't you dare struggle.
Do what you're told.

Rubbing the head of the vibe against your ass...
hmm... you seem to like that...
Perhaps I should stroke your clit...
Like this...
still fucking you with my fingers...

What was that?
You want me to fuck you with the vibe?

I don't think so.
This is going in your ass.
You need to be taught a lesson.

ahhh god you're dripping down my fingers...
are you needing to cum?
Is that what you want?

Not yet.
Don't you cum.
I'll tell you when you can cum.

Thrusting my fingers deeper into your cunt.
Don't you dare cum.
Can you feel the head of the vibe at your ass...?
I'm starting to push it in...
inch by inch...
ohhh fuckk...

ohh god look at you...
my fingers deep in your cunt...
so fucking wet...
this vibe deep in your ass...
you're such a dirty fucking slut...
fucking you harder with my fingers...
pushing the vibe deeper into your ass...

what was that...?
You need to cum?

Then tell me what a dirty fucking slut you are.
Tell me.

Say it now.

Thrusting my fingers harder...
Fucking your cunt with my fingers...

Say it, and you can cum.

That's it.
Good girl.
Yes you are a dirty fucking slut.
Beg me to let you cum.

ahhh fuck beg me...

god that's it...

god I love it when you beg...

cum now...
fucking cum for me right now...

cum all over my fingers

cum all over me you slut.....

unnhhh fuckkk that's it....

unnhh fucking cum for me....

unnhhh god yes....

ohhh fuck look at you.....


god, all over me....

god so fucking wet....

You've turned me on so much...
I think I'm going to have to fuck you...


you realize you'll be punished for trying to take control. you're going to be in big trouble as I've had some time to think of revenge for my dirtyBoy ;) xx

don't be so hasty - you're still tied up, and we haven't reached part two yet ;)


I'm a dirty fucking slut

.......oh god.....

ohhh wow. I may have to come back later and re-read this once my roomies are asleep... wow.

prairie girl - yes, you are... and I'll be reminding you of that in the second part ;)

heather - I'd like that - I rather like the idea of you coming back for more...

mmmm I am your dirty little slut. Mmmm thanx for letting me cum all over you! I want to taste your fingers!

pandora - such a dirty girl... yes, lick yourself off my fingers...

black lace - yes, you are my little slut - and part two follows at the weekend...

Oh my gawd, just FUCK me!

ohhhh...yesss....fuck me hard and fuck me now.....

sweet dreams - I love it when you beg me - and you will get your wish, I promise x

lildirtyann - you're a very naughty girl indeed...

bad bad girl - such a greedy girl - you're going to have to beg me ;)

Please....I promise I'll be a good girl...I will, just give me what I want...

bad bad girl - much better ;) and you will get your wish...

this one 'is' a rougher then what I'd do, although still hot. So I shall sit this one out and keep a watch out for something more my liking ;)

psy - yes, not for everyone, this kind of thing - though you won't have long to sit it out, as Paris Chapter 5 starts this week...

interview? somebody's been interviewed? Who could that be? ;)

Well, I'll have to listen to that and put a voice to the words.

But yes, another deliciously banal and fun entry. Makes me want to get laid again. When will I learn to start the casual sex encounters earlier in the night, for more playing, less worry about work in the morning? Sigh. Fucking hindsight.

Where's my email, you dirty little slut?

Roger, how is it every time you make wet. I try to resist but can't help it.

I'm there, there in the room with you totally under your control and I loose mine. ;)

steff - your last sentence nearly made me spill my tea lol!

suze - you know I love to make you wet, there's absolutely no need to resist...

Mmmmmm..I did read this earlier this week...figured I should comment..

I hope I'll be a good enough girl for you that when you're fucking me, you'll still have that vibe in my ass...I am such a filthy whore..
I want to be your little slut...

raindog - yes, the vibe will still be deep in your ass... I know you want to feel filled... to feel my cock in your cunt... and the vibe in your ass... you're such a dirty little slut... I'll be getting back to this later this week... very much looking forward to it...

yummy..can't wait..

I love when you get dominant. By the time I get to the second paragraph and you've called me a 'dirty girl' I feel a throbbing between my legs and I need to slide down the bed and open my legs wider to feel the air between my thighs. You know just how to make me ache. I can't help but touch. Don't ever stop.

and I very much love arousing you so intensely, making you throb so gorgeously. And worry not, I'm not going anywhere ;)

Wow, i had to read this one more than once. You know just how i like it...i will have very sweet dreams tonight....hehe

Lexie - I'm very glad you liked it - and I'm pleased to see you needed it more than just the once - such a greedy girl ;)

this is one of my absolute favorite posts.

mmm... I'm glad you like it a little rougher sometimes too ;)

i realize being tied up with a vibe in my ass is no position to make any demands...but part 2 please...roger...i want to cum again

oh my god, I completely forgot to do part two of this! Thanks for alerting me, moonlitnymph - I'll look into it this week for you - can't have you tied up like that too long without a little relief ;) x

oh my fuckin god roger i just came 4 times reading this story. i need your fuckin cock. oh fuck roger give it to me. I NEED YOU TO FUCK ME. shove your fingers in, shove your cock in, i dont fuckin care. PLEASE JUST FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME!! make me cummmmm

oh fuck roger, i just read that story again and came two more times. i just cant help it. im just so fuckin horny and your so fuckin good. mmmmm damn baby you make a woman want to cum and cum and cum. mmmmmmmm so fuckin yummy.

Pen - mmmm... such a dirty little slut, begging me so eagerly... such a pleasure to make you cum so hard... bend over, dirty girl... I'm going to fuck you hard...

mmm... such a little slut, anne elizabeth... bend over, I'm going to fuck you...

did part 2 ever materialise? i hope i'm just not seeing it in the links because damn that was hot, and I'd really love the sequel...

vistana - I've just checked, and you're right, I never did part two - yikes! Must do something about that...

This is now one of my favourite posts, and my mouth is watering for part two.I can't see it though, have I just missed it or have you not written it yet?
I came right here at my desk, moaning out loud, about the point where you spanked me.This will most definitely be the fantasy I masturbate to when I go to bed to-night!

I never did get around to that part two, no - I'm so easily distracted when I'm horny ;)

This inspired me to do what I just did. I got naked and into the bath tub, feeling that hot water running down my closed eyes, my slightly parted lips, my neck and breasts, down to in between my thighs and my toes. My whole body was aching to be fucked, and, as I enjoy seeing myself like this, I was peaking into the mirror right in front of the tub. As I already knew, I loved the view, the lust almost pouring like hard steel from my eyes, my face flushed and lips hungrily opened...There was the most excited, anticipating look on my face, as I knew clearly where I was heading...I splashed some orange and vanilla shower creams on my neck, letting them go down the now hard nipples and breathing in that arousing sweet and fresh combination of scents. The texture and the look of it reminded me of hot, intense cum...it was difficult to keep in mind not to actually taste it...I started to rub my breasts and pinch my nipples, loving the slightly stinging sensation, all the while watching myself, hearing myself moan slowly. I was dripping wet in every possible way and that white shower cream was tracing fire paths on my skin. I had to taste my wetness, licking my fingers clean...it was sweet. I heard my neighbours making fucking noises...so sexy...I imagined myself joining them, making that girl's clit pulse in my mouth, helping that guy with what was surely a smooth, throbing, erection...and I started replaying your fantasy in my head...I tried to see how long I could go teasing myself...I moved my hand slowly to my cunt, circling the clit with a finger...I was pulsing so, so hard...gasping as my breath got faster, in the rhythm of my moves...oh, god, I was needing it so badly...it was making me bite my lips. I wasn't going to last much longer, so I teased with a finger around my ass, sensing the need to have something inside me...it was all I needed, a silky toy went straight up my ass, my slow moans now turning into screams of pleasure...I knew that if I kept with those slow thrusts, I was going to come in less than a minute, so I lifted a leg over the edge of the bath tub and looked at my cunt...there was clearly missing something over there, so I took the other shiny toy, sucked on it a bit, making a good use of my tongue and then teased with it around my clit, around the opening, needing the damn thing inside and quickly. After my cunt hugged the dildo all the way in, I started a fast, double penetrating move with my hands, barely healed toes curling and eyes rolling back in my head. Ahh...that was...mmmm! After comming so blissfully, I looked at myself again, trembling, my legs shaking...I barely got out of the tub and stumbled my way to the bed, practically falling in it. I thought it was only fair to share it, since it was your story what inspired me to play ;) Mmmmm...now I feel like I am floating...really floating...and as I am writing this, naked, damp and still trembling in my bed, I can feel the moisture dribbling on
my leg...I know what *I*'ll be doing now...


Amethyst - this is exquisite xx

I've only just come across this blog (sure glad I found this!), hence the rather late comment, but this is most certainly one of my favourite posts so far.
But I'm going to join the group of people asking for part 2 (I understand this is a late request, but the lack of a continuation is frustrating).

I'd even beg for the second part if I had to!

mmm, well I hope I at least made you come delightfully - and I've been wondering what to do as my next post, maybe I should resurrect this and give it that long awaited part two... hmmm...
though I must admit, I do rather like the idea of you begging for it ... ;)


Oh I most certainly did come, my fingers were dripping, my cum running down my legs. I even gagged myself and spanked a little where I was so excited; your words bring such excitement, just thinking about it is getting me going again. I just love how you call me a filthy little slut, and totally control me.

Oh now I'm even more desperate for part two now. Please do this as your next post, I need you to own me once again, I want you to punish me for masturbating to your words.


mmm... you really are such a little slut for me... I love that. And I especially love making you come gorgeously.
You'll be pleased to hear that I've just reposted a rewrite of this, and will be posting part two later in the week ;) xx

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