I want you to come...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005 at 7:47 PM

I want you to come for me.

I'm watching you right now, watching you reading my stories, flicking through page after page, looking for something that will make you come...

I know that's what you want - I can see how aroused you are, how turned on, but you're not quite there yet, you need something to trigger your orgasm, to make your body surrender to that lust, that delicious, urgent, intense pleasure, until you can't hold it back a moment longer...

I can see you, right now. I know how wet you are. I want you to touch yourself. I want to watch your hand sliding down between your thighs, all the way down, stroking, caressing...

Do it for me... do it for me now. Touch yourself, stroke yourself, now, while I'm watching you like this. Masturbate for me. I want to watch you masturbate, I want to see that so much... I want to see you come... god I'd love that...

Can you see how aroused I am? How much it turns me on to watch you like this?
I'm very, very hard... very erect... I'm sliding my hand down to my cock, between sentences, stroking myself, right now, sliding my fingers up and down my erection...


god this feels so good...

I'm masturbating right now... I'm so hard... so close to coming... and I'm watching you as I masturbate... are you wet? I love it when you're wet. Stroke it for me... spread that wetness around your clit... and keep rubbing... don't stop... god that's it.... ohhh fuck yes... you look so beautiful like that... so sensual...

don't stop...

I want you to come...

think about me fucking you... sliding in and out of you... my cock deep in your cunt... throbbing inside you... our bodies pushing and moving together... our breath increasing... fucking you more urgently... needing to be deeper, all the way inside you... my cock thrusting... thrusting... so hot... so wet... your cunt splashing around my cock with each long, hard thrust...

ohh god I want you to come... my erection throbbing now... pulsing... feeling my cum needing to surge up my cock... wanting to fill you... fill you with my cum... again and again and again... spurting all my spunk deep in your dripping wet cunt... feeling you coming... hard and intense... streaming wet... cumming all over my cock... ohhh god yes....

ohh god that's it... I'm gonna come...
my cock pulsating...

I'm gonna cum inside you...

come with me...

come for me now...

ohhhh fuckkkk

ohhh fuck I'm cummming....



previous comments:

oh my.
that's all. i can't think.
standing naked, October 02nd, 2004

thankyou standing - hope that means you enjoyed it - and welcome to my blog (always love a new face) xx
dirtyboy, October 02nd, 2004

Mmm that was so sexy. Nice ;)
*Kelly*, October 03rd, 2004

thankyou kelly, glad you liked it xx
dirtyboy, October 03rd, 2004

yes, it meant i enjoyed it...
i have been reading for a while now...and been rather quiet.
and this post...well...
though i couldn't think of a thing to say...
i had to say something.
standing naked, October 03rd, 2004

well, I'm pleased that you've stopped 'lurking', Standing - it's a definite pleasure for me to know that you enjoyed it, it's what I'm here for xx
dirtyboy, October 03rd, 2004

You are one saucy, seductive, and horny little fucker. How many times have you made me cum!??! *Sigh*
Anakalia, October 03rd, 2004

Thank you Roger...you've done it again. You always know how to get me hot and bothered! lol How did you know I was ready for something intense? Because of my impatience? lol Sorry....I'll try not to be such a greedy girl anymore....you just seem to bring out the worst in me! lol But, oh, do I ever like it! ; )
I know you like to be informed of exactly what we like about your stories (and what we do to ourselves while reading your stories...you naughty boy!), so let's see.....I especially liked the part about 'our bodies pushing and moving together' and our 'breath increasing'. That part helped me visualize it much more. There is just something about another person's breath during sex, don't you think? The sound of it increasing, the feel of it on your skin, the warmth of it.....Sorry, getting myself a little excited here! lol
I am patiently awaiting another story already....... (I AM a greedy girl! lol)
Blush, October 03rd, 2004

thankyou Anakalia - another new face in here, lovely to hear from you - and I very much love the idea of making you cum xx
Blush - yes, you're very greedy, you bad girl, but don't apologise for getting excited - I want you to be excited... xx
dirtyboy, October 03rd, 2004

You said that last time i commented.....
Anakalia, October 03rd, 2004

I'd normally be offended, but you're just too damn horny.....
Anakalia, October 03rd, 2004

I can only apologise (puts head in bucket so as not to reveal hideous embarrassment)
dirtyboy, October 03rd, 2004

You....embarrassed?!?! I think not... all the more to make it up to me tho, don't u think? ;) X
Anakalia, October 03rd, 2004

No really, I'm blushing here! But yes, I clearly do need to make it up to you - any ideas? ;)
dirtyboy, October 03rd, 2004

Several in fact....most of them involve rather rough scenarios....hair pulling and spanking....
Anakalia, October 03rd, 2004

hmmmm... well, I haven't posted a rough scenario for a while (partly as I'm not sure I'm very good at them, as I'm not a Dom or anything, I just like playfully rough sex sometimes) - but maybe I should...
dirtyboy, October 03rd, 2004

Mmmmm...yes, do!! Playfully rough sex is what I'm after, I'm not particularly into *that* scene either, it's just what I need right now.....a big, hard cock thrusting into me from behind....your hand on the back of my head, holding and pulling my hair, your breath on the back of my neck, your teeth nibbling my ear and the side of my throat...X
Anakalia, October 03rd, 2004

sounds delicious, Anakalia, and yes, you've got me in the mood to write one too - I'll post one just like that tomorrow - looking forward to it ;)
dirtyboy, October 03rd, 2004

Promise? I can hardly contain myself! I'm getting wet already!
*down girl!*
Blush, October 03rd, 2004

Oh yes Roger! I would love for you to post another playfully rough fantasy - You are amzing at creating them! oooh it gets me wet thinking about it.... oh yes - off to finish some business ;)
randy Randi, October 03rd, 2004

Yes Blush, it's a definite promise x
Randi - such an exciteable girl - you haven't even read it yet ;)
I shall have to do my best to make it a good one x
dirtyboy, October 04th, 2004

I am new to your site and I must say that that was quite a nice post. You got me all hot and bothered. I must agree with the person above (Randi) that a nice rough fantasy would be very appealing. Maybe with a little bondage and blindfolding.... :)
Naughty Girl, October 04th, 2004

thankyou naughtygirl - part two of 'The House' (the new continuing story) is going to feature the requested playfully rough sex - no bondage or blindfolding in that one, but I'll definitely be getting to that - welcome to my site, by the way - hope you enjoy exploring the archives x
dirtyboy, October 04th, 2004

Have you no mercy? My pussy is sopping wet and twitching. I wish you were near.
Girl Friday, October 05th, 2004

I have no mercy whatsoever, Girl Friday.
And we could well be next door for all I know, given that I am English ;)
dirtyboy, October 05th, 2004

Oh my goodness! Really? I wish you were near...I'd like to play with you...maybe we could...
Girl Friday, October 06th, 2004

OMFG...*fans her face.* sad thing is I peek at these blogs at work....*looks at the door.*...mmmmm...*shakes her head*...um...lol at least not till lunch time. Thanks, great blog.
miranda, October 07th, 2004

miranda - please don't get caught! I'd hate to be the cause of you getting into trouble! If comments in here are anything to go by, you're not alone in reading me at work, and a few seem bold enough to come surreptitiously right there at their desks - exciting for me to think about, but I don't think I can recommend it lol. Hope you enjoyed your lunchtime ;) x
dirtyboy, October 07th, 2004

zero7068, October 09th, 2004

Thankyou zero x
dirtyboy, October 09th, 2004

hmm roger I love that... I guess that as close as Im ever coming (no pun intended) in having any play with you!
SexyandWet, October 13th, 2004

glad you enjoyed it sexy x
dirtyboy, October 13th, 2004

Oh, god, fuck.... Roger, I need it so bad... I feel the tips of your fingers teasing my pussy, dipping in just enough to bring some of my nectar back to your lips, to torture my cunt by llliiiickkking the length of the first two while your eyes close and your lips curl in a deathmaking sneer...

Roger I am a bad girl and your eyes glitter with the notion that perhaps there are other forms of punishment that do not involve withholding...

My eyes widen and then half-close as I realize you have lifted the thought from the surface of my brain. You ball your hand into a tight but tender fist, then extend the middle three digits deliberately, tauntingly, raising one eyebrow and then releasing the whole fist. You grab the collar of my thin cotton tee-shirt, one side in each hand, taking the middle, just above the collarbone, in your teeth like a lion giving a mating-bite to a lioness.

I feel the chuffing breaths curling fast and furious from your nostrils as you rend the collar with your teeth. you let the shirt out of your mouth, and a teasing cold damp spot is left in the hollow in between the two sides of my clavicle. Your hands oppose one another, each taking a side and tering the shirt all the way down the middle, leaving my braless figure gasping and exposed. I expect some sort of cursory examination of the terrain, but you dive, sharklike, at my right nipple, all teeth and side-to-side flesh-rending movements, unmooring my senses: My body follows where your teethlead, and I cannot stand for much longer.

Instead of catching me immediately, you allow me to fall almost to the wooden floor, your hands taking hold of my ass with only a few fingerwidths of air left between me and broken bones.

My sharp gasp should be a gasp of fear, but I am already too far gone for that. It's your strong hands on my bare, round, sensitive ass.

God, so good... Again, I expect tenderness, but again you draw from me the sensual applause of ragged, thick breath and glistening, ever-wetter thighs by releasing my ass and shoving my back to the floor, covering me with your body, taking more breath from lungs whose wind is already gone with hard, hungry kisses that serve as pelvis automating devices for me. I can't even feel myself bucking against your sweet, close, controlled form, but you can, and I feel your toes kicking my legs to either side, your fingernails biting briefly into the sides of my ass as you lift my hips from the floor, spatula-and-melting cookie-style, and ram into me,





grunting each time, lifting your face away from mine, mastering me, gazing with unwavering restraint into my wild, pleading eyes,




OUT (why would you how could you)

Holding my pelvis down, turning my pussy up towards you, and balling up that controlled, glowing fist again. I whimper. I bite my lip. I try to move my lower half against you, but youput your lower arm across my belly widthwise and bar me down, preparing me for the carnival ride

"Lift legs. Bend in the middle. All the way, you dirty thing. I want to see your drooling slut cunt while--"

I respond, and the feeling of a rollercoaster venturing out onto the tracks continues in tandem with my apprehension and obliterating lust. My heartbeat is the click-click-click of the first few inches of upward, fog-obscured track.

Your opposite hand, three fingers now extended, as before, from the root of the fist, an obscene and welcome parody of the Girl Scout Salute,


so fast I cannot see nor prepare for the first


the invasion, the pain at the end of my tunnel that always feels so good when the mouth of my womb is breached




the frustration


of not


being able


to lift


my hips


to touch


my clit


to any


"AGHHHHHH!" Your last two fingers, their tips pushed together and extended in a teardrop shape, strike my clit full-force as you also curl your middle three sharply upwards, massaging my g-spot, suckling my breast again, this time so tender, so ardent, so caring, but still hungry, burning, eager to drink my come, finally letting my hips free, and my breath comes hard along with my racked, shuddering, sweat-drenched body.

"FUCK! NGHUUUUUUUUUNGH!! GAAAAHN! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHNNN! huhhhhhhn! djeeeeezhhhhhhhnnnngh! hah! fuck you fuckme fuck i love your hands my fucking god so good that feels so good i'm swimming in it roger roger ..."

Your three fingers are a lever pumping gently through my passage, back and forth, on the fulcrum of your palm, which presses my clit and presses and presses and presses till i'm mumbling vertiginous obscenities and grinning that crescent moon of satisfaction in the glorious afterwash of orgasm...

Fuck, I needed that, Headmaster. I think I'll come for extra help in Domestic Arts more often...

greedy, lustful, urgent, incredibly intense, and downright orgasmic, just as I've come to expect from you - your comments always leave me achingly erect, and needing to fuck you...


I loved this post and reading leatherargento's reply was just the icing on my cake!

It is an intense reply that she left, isn't it - I love it too ;)

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