Paris - Chapter Two (complete)

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Chapter Two - Vanessa and the maid
It's catch-up time again - if you haven't been reading the story so far, here's the complete chapter two for your reading convenience, with ever-so-slight editing. This is very much a girl-girl-boy chapter, so not to everyone's taste, but if that's the kind of thing you enjoy, hopefully you'll have fun x

Chapter three to begin tomorrow, where we'll meet Sophie, and indulge in a little voyeurism...

roger x

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A week had passed since my adventure aboard the Orient Express. Vanessa had proven to be as independently wealthy as she had claimed, easily finding me a rather plush apartment at 5 rue Delambre, situated in the finer part of the Montparnasse district of Paris.

Montparnasse was undoubtedly the centre of artistic creativity in Paris, housing numerous artists' studios, many of which were situated in deep courtyards of dusty old apartment buildings, often constructed flimsily, very poorly heated, built (so it was rumoured) with left over construction materials from the regular World's Fairs. Such was the support of the French government towards the artistic community in Paris that artists were pouring into the city, making studio space more and more difficult to obtain - Montparnasse itself was all the more attractive to traveling artists such as myself, having announced itself a 'free zone', where eccentric behaviour, freedom and experimentation were actively encouraged, permeating all aspects of life in the district, whether artistic, intellectual, political or sexual. The place breathed art, and life, and sex.

It was just the kind of environment I'd been searching for. And of course the cafes and bars were always full - most of the artists were so keen to escape their cold, dark, unheated little hovels of studios that the cafes became their second homes. If this encouraged prevarication, if work was more often talked about than actually achieved, so be it - at the very least, we were all determined to have a damn good time.

However, I had yet to pay any rent to Vanessa for my own rather delightful apartment: warm, secure and filled with soft, expensive furnishings, bathed in light for much of the day, magnificent views over the rooftops, I had to admit to a certain amount of trepidation over how I was going to afford such a place to live. When I broached my concerns with Vanessa on the rare occasions that she drifted by to see me, she assured me that she had in mind an arrangement that would suit us both, and brushed away my offers of initial payment, telling me we would discuss it once I had settled in.

Having spent much of my first week spending more of the money from my commission from the Austrian composer, whom I had met in London, (most of this money, I must admit, spent on good food, alcohol and prostitutes, as seemed to be the custom for gentlemen, at least in this part of the city), I really did feel it was time to make some sort of financial arrangement with Miss Aldaine, independently wealthy or not - at the very least, I was prepared to accept a commission from her to assure my continued residence in the apartment she had found for me.

So it was that I sent her a note asking her to visit me that evening in my rooms, where the arrangement she had mentioned would be discussed. Vanessa happily agreed, and arrived only slightly late, dressed, as ever, simply but provocatively, and we sat together by the window, watching dusk fall over the Parisian rooftops, sharing a bottle of the finest wine, talking a little about art, before the conversation gently turned towards the matter of my outstanding rent.

"I have decided," Vanessa began, smiling rather demurely at me, "to completely waive any rent you may consider is due for your residence at this apartment. Instead, I intend to allow you to live here rent free, and additionally provide you with a generous amount for your personal expenses, for as long as you choose to stay here. In return, I wish to propose an... arrangement... which I believe you will find is to your satisfaction..."

Intrigued, I allowed her to continue.

Vanessa sipped at her wine, her gaze drifting towards mine as she outlined her proposal.

"I am, as you have seen, a woman of some means. I expect soon to be engaged in the family business, and encouraged to actually earn the money that I spend. My father, however, who loves me deeply, has seen fit to allow me a little time, at least until my 21st birthday, in which to taste the pleasures of life, to enjoy them to the full, before embarking upon my career. I have consequently pursued that goal with not a small amount of relish for the past year, and I have to admit to being a little bored. I am wealthy enough, and lucky enough with my features, to take pretty much any man I please, but I find I have exhausted myself of pretty young men, and would prefer the stimulating company of an older man such as yourself, who can wine me, dine me, accompany me to galleries and theatres and parties, but whom is also prepared to fulfill my... shall we say... needs as and when I require.

"Since our experience on the train, I have found myself thinking about you and reliving our adventure - most frequently, I must admit, when alone in my bed at night - and it seems to me that you would be a perfect companion for me in this final year of my freedom. Ideal as a friend, a confidante and a lover. I should point out, however, that this would not be a romantic arrangement - I have no intention to become in any way emotionally involved with you, and no requirement for you to woo me, except as a friend and companion. My father would never allow me to marry an artist with little or no money to bring to the business, and such an arrangement would almost certainly result in me being cut from the family income. So you must understand, I am not looking for a romantic partner. I am, however, proposing that we could be lovers..."

I smiled at her, sipping a little of my own wine before I made my response. "And for this, you would provide me with my own apartment, give me money for expenses and fripperies?" I asked. "Surely you realise after our train journey that I would happily be your lover, it's not necessary to buy my services. You're an extraordinarily attractive young woman."

"Well," Vanessa smiled, "the thing is, although it's true that I have tired of pretty young men, I do still find myself irresistibly attracted to them. I can tell you, with some degree of certainty, that my arrangement with you wouldn't discourage me from seeking such men out from time to time, for intimate pleasure. If we were true lovers, to do such a thing would necessitate deceit and lies. On the other hand, if we maintain what is effectively a business arrangement, it leaves us both free to enjoy other pleasures elsewhere, without the need for jealousy and recriminations."

"So you wish me to be your whore?" I enquired.

"I would not put it so bluntly," she replied, blushing a little. "I would hope that we can reach an amicable arrangement where we enjoy each other's company, whether in public or in your bed. I have no desire to be a dominatrix - what you do with me when we spend time together will be entirely up to you, should you feel the need to please me or punish me - all I ask is that you honour the arrangement by making yourself available for me whenever I desire your company. You can spend the rest of your time with whomever you wish - and on occasion you might even introduce me to other women with whom you indulge yourself sexually, so that I can enjoy their company too - I simply ask that when I need you, you make yourself exclusively available to me..."

It sounded a perfect arrangement - money, a wonderful apartment, and in return all I had to do was fuck this delightful young minx whenever she required - it was an offer I knew I couldn't refuse, but the situation seemed to demand that I maintain a certain air of gentlemanly morality.

"You make a good case," I replied, "but I must admit, I never saw myself in such a role. I earn my money from art, it's a passion that drives me. To be a kept man like this, though a delightful scenario, would gnaw at me a little..."

Vanessa smiled. "Please continue with your art," she replied, "and if it suits you better, don't think of yourself as my whore, think of me as your generous and extraordinarily grateful patron. I did wonder if you might be a little hesitant - I should tell you that I have a little something with me here to, perhaps, sweeten the deal for you. Give me a moment, please..."

And with that, Vanessa got up from her chair and stepped outside the door of my apartment - I could hear her talking quietly to someone outside the door, but I was unable to make out the nature of the conversation. As I sipped a little more wine, she returned to join me.

"If you are to live here alone," she smiled, "you will to require a little help to keep the place tidy, and to cater for your occasional whims. Consequently, I've taken the liberty of engaging the services of a maid for you. Allow me to introduce her to you." She turned to the door. "Gabrielle, would you come in please?"

The door opened, and I smiled as I saw my new maid. She was small, petite and quite stunningly beautiful, her shy face half hidden by shoulder length raven black hair, her figure slim and lithe, her smile as she glanced up to me immediately disarming. She was wearing small white cotton panties, and a man's shirt, completely unbuttoned, drifting open a little in the slight breeze from the window, nothing more. Smiling at me again, she stepped over to me, and knelt at my feet, looking up towards me.

"Meet Gabrielle," Vanessa smiled, "If you'll agree to my terms, she'll be your maid for as long as you require her services. I've taken the liberty of telling her all about you. I think you'll find her delightfully accommodating..."

A delicious vanilla scent accompanied Gabrielle's entrance into my lounge, the soft breeze from the half-open windows helping to waft her delightful aroma towards me. She knelt at my feet, looking up towards me for a moment, and then bowing her head, her hands clasped in her lap, patiently and quietly. The soft, warm breeze caused the shirt she was wearing to drift open a little more, rippling softly, giving me tempting, teasing views of the curve of her small breasts. For a moment, she dared to peek at me again through her eyelashes, smiling, blushing a little as I briefly caught her gaze and returned the smile, then looking down again, waiting, breathing softly.

"She's a musician," Vanessa continued, breaking the momentary silence, anticipating my curiosity. "A cellist. Quite a remarkably talented one, in my opinion. Like you, she has come to Paris to further her career, and like you, I have taken her under my wing, become her patron.

"I provide her with opportunities to play her music, to earn a reasonable income. To help her afford the standard of living to which she has become accustomed, she has been working a little for me as a maid, just two or three days a week, and has recently entered into an arrangement with me, very much like the one I now propose to you. Gabrielle and I share occasional sexual intimacies, to our mutual satisfaction. I have spoken with her at length about you, and we have come to an agreement - consequently I now offer her to you under the same mutual agreement."

It was clear that Vanessa was a girl accustomed to getting her own way - though after our meeting on the train, this was hardly a surprise to me. Her manner, without doubt, was a little brusque, and she perhaps needed to learn that buying and selling individuals in this way was hardly moral - and yet I knew she meant no harm. Gabrielle was still smiling softly to herself as she knelt in front of me - a warm, honest smile - and if Vanessa lavished her with as much attention (and as many gifts) as she was now offering to me, then the girl would clearly be enjoying herself.

"And how do you feel about this, Gabrielle?" I asked, gently. Gabrielle looked up towards me, smiling again, a little shyly, her gaze at once both attractive and sensual.

"I am not Miss Aldaine's slave, if that's what concerns you," she began. "I am free to come and go from her side as I please, to spend time with whomever I wish. She supports my music, and has given me a delightful apartment, not far from here. In return, she merely asks that I satisfy her whims when she needs me."

"You have become her courtesan, Gabrielle," I chided.

"I am her lover, Monsieur", she corrected me. "Our arrangement is mutually beneficial. I am here by my own choice, and of my own volition."

"I offered her the same arrangement that I now offer you," added Vanessa. "And under those terms, I am now offering her to you, for us to share, as a token of my sincerity. It would disappoint us both if you were to turn me down."

I smiled at Vanessa, and she returned the glance warmly. "You're an extraordinarily generous young woman," I replied. "It would be both rude and ungrateful of me to turn down such a delightful arrangement. Consequently, I agree to your terms. When can Gabrielle start?"

"Immediately, if you wish," Vanessa smiled. At which, the girl reached slowly across to my shoes, her hands finding my laces, untying them both, and slipping my shoes and socks off one by one, placing them by the chair. She slipped her soft fingers across my feet, massaging them gently, her hands moving deftly, slowly, pressing, smoothing, rubbing my feet softly. As I looked down at her, bent a little over me, I could see her breasts move in and out of view behind the open shirt, her nipples clearly hardening as they brushed against the material of the shirt.

I looked across to Vanessa, and she smiled at me in return, getting up from her place at the window and standing behind Gabrielle, drifting her fingers softly through the girl's hair, smiling down at her.

"She's such a delightful girl, don't you think...?" she said, speaking softly. The girl looked up to her and smiled sweetly, and Vanessa leaned over her a little, cupping the girl's face in her hands, and kissed her gently, their lips caressing softly, slowly. Gabrielle's fingers were still massaging my feet as their mouths slipped sensually together, Vanessa's fingers drifting slowly through the girl's hair, over her earlobes, and down to her neck, stroking softly with her fingertips, their kiss slow and passionate.

My breath was quickening at the sight.

There is nothing quite so immediately stimulating to a man than to see two attractive young girls kissing each other, slowly, softly and delightfully. I have yet to meet a man immune to this sight, or one who would not become immediately aroused from being witness to such a scene. I was soon to discover that this kind of mutual female decadence was fairly commonplace here amongst the cafes and bars of Montparnasse; but this was my first week in Paris, I had spent little time exploring the nightlife of the city, and watching Vanessa and Gabrielle in their soft, sensual embrace was arousing me intensely.

I wanted them both, immediately, from that moment.

Gabrielle was still massaging my feet, though the movement of her fingers was becoming increasingly distracted. Vanessa was still leaning over her, my gaze falling for a moment down the front of her generously open blouse, my lips moistening as I imagined sliding my tongue once more around her soft breasts, her pert young nipples. As their smouldering, passionate kiss continued, Vanessa's fingers continued their journey down Gabrielle's long neck, drifting over the collar of her shirt, across her shoulders, and slowly down, until her hands found the curve of her breasts through the white cotton of the shirt, sliding over them softly, cupping them gently through the shirt, squeezing just a little.

Gabrielle had now abandoned my feet, sliding her hands up to slip through Vanessa's hair, pulling her down to her lips more passionately, , breathing and sighing softly together between the kisses. As Gabrielle raised her arms towards Vanessa, her body half turning from her kneeling position as she stroked her face, her cheeks, my view became even more delicious - Gabrielle's open shirt was parting generously, more of her breasts delightfully exposed, one of her nipples now peeking from the edge of the shirt, deliciously erect.

I could feel my cock hardening, beginning to pulse in my trousers, still finding myself unable to utter a word as the show before me continued, Gabrielle's thighs now parting as she knelt in front of me. My lustful gaze wandered down from her breasts, down over her bare tummy, lingering on her small white cotton panties, and I felt another pulse of pleasure throb from my rapidly hardening penis as I noticed a distinctly damp patch of moisture at the crotch of her knickers, slowly spreading.

I could no longer watch dispassionately - my erection was throbbing delightfully, and needed attention. My gaze still fixed on the girls as their passion intensified in front of me, I slipped my fingers to my belt, unbuckling it, my slightly trembling fingers unbuttoning my crotch, and sliding my hands down inside. My fingers slipped around my warm, hard cock, and I began to stroke, masturbating slowly, rhythmically.

Noticing my movements, Vanessa looked towards me, her lips leaving Gabrielle's, smiling at me lustfully.

"Does watching us please you...?" she asked, her gaze wandering down to my crotch, watching my hand moving rhythmically inside my trousers.

"Very much..." I replied softly.

"Perhaps you'd like to see a little more of your new maid..." she smiled. slipping her hands to the collar of Gabrielle's shirt, sliding it slowly and teasingly off her shoulders, letting it drift down her back and fall to the floor. As my gaze drank in the delicious sight of Gabrielle's almost naked young body, Vanessa slipped her hands back over the girl's naked shoulders, down past her collar bone, and over her soft breasts, cupping them in her hands, her fingertips drifting across the hardening nipples, stroking and squeezing them softly. Gabrielle gasped delightfully in response, her own gaze directed towards me, watching the slow rhythm of my hand inside my trousers.

"Would you like to see his cock, Gabrielle...?" Vanessa asked, caressing her nipples again, leaning over once more to nibble a little down her neck.

"Yes..." she gasped, "yes I want that..."

I smiled at her, delighted with how easily she slipped into the submissive role. "Undress me," I said, softly. "I want you both to undress me. I can no longer endure just watching. I need you both to touch me..."

Vanessa smiled at me, slipping her hands away from Gabrielle, unbuttoning her own blouse as she moved slowly towards me, letting it drift open. She was naked underneath, and the curve of her breasts as they were revealed made my mouth water, delicious pulses of lust rippling through my body. As I watched her, unable to take my eyes off her, she unbuttoned her skirt, slipping it down her thighs and stepping out of it, and moved behind my chair. Catching a glimpse of her as she walked by, I felt my erect penis throbbing in my hand again, rubbing my cock a little harder as I took in the details of her naked body, her blouse floating in the soft breeze a little, just as Gabrielle's had done, briefly displaying her delicious form underneath.

I felt her press closely to me from behind, sliding her hands down my chest, just as she had done to the girl at my feet, her fingers finding the buttons of my shirt, opening them one by one. Gabrielle smiled, still on her knees in front of me, sliding between my open thighs, reaching up to the waist of my unbuttoned trousers, slipping her fingers into the waistband of my underwear, smiling and tugging them all the way down, pulling them from my ankles. Vanessa's fingers had finished unfastening my shirt, pulling it open, revealing my body now naked on the chair, my hand still around my exposed, erect cock, stroking it rhythmically up and down. Gabrielle watched me masturbating for a moment, her gaze fixed on my hand sliding again and again along the length of my cock, slipping one of her own hands up to her breasts, squeezing her nipple, sliding the other hand down between her open thighs, into the waistband of her panties, finding her clit, rubbing it deliciously as she watched me, breathing a little harder, stroking herself in rhythm with my hand along my cock.

Vanessa kneeled at my side, leaning over me slightly, pressing her lips to my cheek, then past my earlobe and down to my neck, kissing and biting my neck teasingly, her hand sliding over my bare chest, then down, tracing over my belly, until her fingers found my hard penis, replacing my hand with hers, stroking my erection softly, rhythmically, a gasp escaping my lips as I felt myself throb in her hand. I heard Gabrielle gasp in front of me, and looked down at her, now half-crouching in front of me, her panties tugged down her thighs, her fingers rubbing, stroking, masturbating deliciously as she watched Vanessa stroke me.

The sight was becoming too much for me - Vanessa's hand around my cock increased its rhythm a little, and I groaned with pleasure, feeling my cock pulsing harder, arching up a little from the chair, already so close to my orgasm. "Please..." I gasped, "please... I'm going to come soon... take me in your mouth... both of you... god... I want you both to suck me..."

Vanessa slipped between my thighs alongside Gabrielle, one hand still sliding up and down my cock, the other drifting through Gabrielle's hair, pulling her close again, their lips meeting as I looked down at them, kissing passionately, sensually, so close to my pulsing cock. Still stroking herself with one hand, Gabrielle slid her other hand down Vanessa's back, drifting all the way down over her naked bottom, between her thighs from behind. Vanessa gasped in Gabrielle's mouth as she felt her fingers slide over her sex, pushing herself back a little onto the girl's fingers, gasping again, trembling slightly as she felt the fingers push inside her cunt, a splash of wetness accompanying that first thrust.

I groaned at the sound, and Vanessa looked towards me, sliding her hand all the way down my cock, moving closer to me, opening her lips and taking the throbbing head of my penis into her mouth, sucking greedily, sliding her wet lips down over my cock. I felt myself pulse harder, a familiar surge building - I wasn't going to be able to hold back my orgasm for long - I groaned again, watching as Gabrielle moved in close alongside Vanessa, sliding her tongue teasingly down the base of my shaft, licking over and around my balls as Vanessa's tongue swirled over the head of my cock. For a moment her lips slid from my cock, but Gabrielle took her opportunity, sliding her tongue all the way up the length of my penis, taking my cock between her lips and sucking greedily, Vanessa feasting gorgeously on my balls.

I couldn't take much more - they changed places like this twice more, my cock sometimes in Vanessa's mouth, sometimes in Gabrielle's, kissing greedily over my cock each time they exchanged - Gabrielle was still sliding her fingers deep into Vanessa's cunt, sounding so wet now, delicious sucking sounds accompanying each thrust of her fingers into her sex.

Vanessa gasped, trembling a little, taking me deep into her mouth again, her tongue lapping deliciously around the swollen head of my cock - I couldn't hold back any longer - my erection was pulsing harder and harder in her mouth - I felt my spunk begin to surge and throb along the length of my cock, gasping, groaning intensely: "god... god I'm going to come..."

Vanessa slipped me from her mouth, Gabrielle joining her on my cock now, their lips and tongues sliding up and down my erection, their fingers stroking, their lips caressing each other over the head of my pulsing, wet erection, then swirling their tongues together, licking, sucking, stroking, my cock throbbing intensely, so hard - I groaned, trembling, my fingers suddenly in their hair, holding them there, gasping, crying out; "ohhh fuckkk... ohh fuck I'm cominngg..." Both girls gasped, their tongues flicking wetly over my throbbing cock - my back arched - my cock pulsing so hard - and I groaned with intense pleasure, a long spurt of cum pouring from my cock, splashing up onto Vanessa's face, followed by another spurt, and another, splashing onto Gabrielle's lips, their tongues greedily lapping at my pulsing cock, catching my cum in their mouths as I spurted again, and again, and again...

I gasped, catching my breath, the girls still lapping greedily at my cock, and then at each other, licking and sucking the cum from each others lips, their mouths caressing deliciously, their hands sliding greedily across each others bodies, needing, wanting, so intensely aroused...

I was still coming down from my intense orgasm, soft pulses of pleasure throbbing through me as I sank back into the chair, my cock wet from their lips, their mouths, a drop of cum dribbling down my length. But if I had any ideas about resting, the activity in front of me put that thought completely from my head. My two delicious girls had pulled each other to the soft rug at my feet, kissing greedily, lustfully, writhing together on the rug, both of them intensely aroused by my orgasm, needing to be touched, needing to come. Legs were entwined with legs, hands exploring, stroking, caressing, lips and tongues sliding together sensually, their bodies moving against each other, skin brushing against skin.

It was a deliciously erotic tableau - despite myself, I already found my hand moving back to my cock of its own accord, stroking myself again, keeping myself hard, watching as they pushed, and moved, and writhed together. Before long, Vanessa was on her back, gasping sensually, with Gabrielle astride her, soixante neuf, her thighs straddling Vanessa's face, her own head dipping down between Vanessa's thighs, her tongue slipping over and around her clit, licking, lapping at her, her fingers finding Vanessa's deliciously wet sex, slipping inside.

Vanessa gasped, arching up from the floor, her hands sliding up over Gabrielle's buttocks, pulling her down over her face, her tongue slipping into Gabrielle's moist cunt. My view from the chair was perfect - Gabrielle's bottom facing me, naked and so deliciously tempting as she rubbed herself rhythmically against Vanessa's lips, gasping sensually, working her way towards her orgasm. My cock was fully erect again, and I knew I couldn't resist - I needed to be inside her.

I knelt down on the rug behind Gabrielle, my hands sliding over her soft, smooth buttocks - I felt a warm hand wrap around my erect penis, and looked down between my thighs - Vanessa had her hand around my cock, stroking me rhythmically, tugging me closer, closer to Gabrielle.

I gasped, pressing myself behind her - Vanessa was moaning softly, her breath drifting over my balls - Gabrielle was clearly pushing her closer to her orgasm - I couldn't wait any longer - Vanessa's fingers guided the swollen head of my cock to Gabrielle's now deliciously wet sex, and I pushed slowly inside her. She groaned with pleasure: "ohhh fuck yes..." bucking a little at my first penetration, then dipping her tongue back down to Vanessa's cunt, pushing herself back on me at the same time, as inch by inch, my cock slowly filled her, deep and hard inside her cunt...

I've always prided myself in my ability to keep myself under control, at least to a degree, during bouts of delicious sexual activity - I've gained plenty of experience over the years, been taught a delightful range of skills by the women I've taken as lovers, and I'm generally able to control my responses, to enjoy sex to the full, to hold back my orgasm until I choose to let myself go. But all my experience wasn't helping me now. I was intensely aroused, and needed to come, wanted to come, had to come.

It was the urgency of it all - as it was, I was unfamiliar with having two girls with me at one time, and this alone, this realisation of so many masturbatory fantasies, was arousing me beyond all reason. I could maybe have coped with even that, but no man could have held back in my current situation - neither of the girls had reached orgasm yet, and both were now frantic, greedily rubbing, stroking and licking each other, their bodies both trembling, bucking against each other, and I couldn't take my eyes off them - it was as though the room was a mass of heaving, writhing, gasping female flesh, grinding against each other, no longer simply touching each other for my entertainment, but now moving against each other urgently, lips and tongues feasting on dripping wet cunts, fingers sliding, rubbing, fucking, gasps and moans accompanying their race to orgasm, deliciously intimate wet sounds splashing from between their dripping thighs.

I was still deep inside Gabrielle's cunt, trying to hold back, trying desperately not to come too soon, but she was so wet - each long thrust of my throbbing cock into her sex had her wetness streaming down my erection, her juices splashing over my balls. Vanessa was underneath her, her fingers skidding across Gabrielle's clit in time with my thrusts, her other hand at my balls, her tongue licking and sucking, sliding over Gabrielle's clit, into her cunt, along my exposed shaft, over my balls, her wet fingers sliding up to my arse, pressing on my hole, pushing inside - I groaned in ecstasy: "uunnnhhhh fuckkk..." my cock throbbing hard in Gabrielle's drenched cunt, groaning again as Vanessa pushed her wet finger deeper into my arse.

Gabrielle was pushing back hard onto my cock, her cunt engulfing my penis, sucking and squeezing around it, her face back between Vanessa's thighs - I could hear her lips and tongue greedily lapping at Vanessa's sweet cunt, her fingers reaching down, sliding them into her, fucking her urgently, rubbing and stroking her clit as she pushed her fingers deeper inside.

It was all Vanessa could take - I heard her scream with pleasure, her body arching up underneath Gabrielle, beginning to spasm into intense convulsions, Gabrielle groaning in response, her lips and tongue slurping as she lapped at Vanessa's cunt. Vanessa clutched onto her as her orgasm rippled through her body, shuddering hard, bucking with each convulsion - her finger pushed deep into my arse - so deep - it was all I could take - I growled with pleasure, ramming the full length of my cock deep into Gabrielle's cunt, fucking her deep and hard - she cried out frantically: "ohhh fuck yes... ohhh fuck you're gonna make me come...." pushing herself back onto me, her cunt starting to gush wetly around my cock - and that was it - I started to come - I groaned long and loud: "uunnnhhhh... now... unnnnnnnnhh..." my body trembling as I hurtled into my orgasm, my cum pulsing hard along the length of my penis, and spurting intensely, deep into her cunt, ohh god so hard, and another spurt, and another - and as I came, so did Gabrielle, screaming with pleasure, convulsing hard on my orgasming cock, bucking back at me so hard that my cock skidded out from her cunt with a wet splash, a stream of her juices pouring onto Vanessa's lips, onto her tongue, her face, my own cum spurting across Vanessa's cheek - she took hold of my cock, still in the midst of her own orgasm, smearing my spurting penis over her lips, her tongue, the three of us convulsing together, urgently, frantically...

I couldn't take any more - I fell back onto the rug, gasping with pleasure, my legs wide open, my thighs drenched, my cock still dripping with cum, watching the girls clinging together, still convulsing, slowly coming down from their intense orgasms...

I could barely think... I couldn't remember ever coming so hard... I watched them slowly untangle from each other, catching my breath, my heart pounding, my cock pounding... and I knew I needed more...


Roger, don't stop doing this to me...
making me so wet, throbbing...
breasts jiggling as i moan,
my head thrown back as I thrust the vibrator deep inside my tight cunt,
feeling it slide in and out,
needing the ultimate release,
needing to feel your cock push deep inside me...
uhhhhnnnn... you feel so good...

mmm god nyrala... such a pleasure for me to make you come so deliciously... and a delight to watch you... xx

please don't make us wait too long for the next installment...

It starts tomorrrow, DLG ;) x

OMG, I'm absolutely exhausted after that.

Definitely verbal Viagra. I now need to go and rub one off.

See you later DLB.

Suze X

glad you enjoyed it suze - hope your orgasm was delicious x

So, how French exactly is that maid? lol
I think you could have given her an accent if not letting her utter some French words as her concentration slips.

Just a thought.

Hi Laure - I did consider it, but basically pretty much everyone here is either speaking French, or speaking very good English, so I decided not to worry about it, and just slip in the occassional French phrase here and there to emphasise the location, so that you can make your own minds up and it doesn't get in the way. Feel free to add a hesitant French accent in your head when you read, if it helps ;)

Oh god

I have have only just discovered your blog. My pussy is throbbing now, I need to run upstairs before I explode.


eliza - lovely to see you here - hope you'll enjoy making your way through the archives, and I hope you came gorgeously ;) x

i'm so wet right not my fingers are slipping off the keys :)
thank you xx :)

gina girl dildo working so fast and deep inside my wet pussy, can't stop cumming and kicking my juices. keep your stories cumming.

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