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Thursday, September 15, 2005 at 7:55 PM

I expect you consider me, dear reader, foolishly naive to entrust my journal with such a curious young girl, and if so, I should perhaps confess that the more she became curious, the more I decided to allow her read whatever she wished. It's true that my journal was written for my own pleasure, but this was by no means the first time that I had allowed a young woman to dip into its fevered pages. All women, I find, are insatiably curious, and whenever a girl of my sexual acquaintance had discovered the existence of the journal, the request to read a few passages had followed soon after. And inevitably, upon reading my frank, explicit fantasies, mutual pleasure always ensued.

This girl intrigued me. She was extraordinarily attractive, young and full of life, and clearly aware of the sexual power of her presence. If she had decided to pursue me, the least I could do was offer a little encouragement.

Securing her assurance that she would read only the most recent entries and no further, I left her alone at the table for a few minutes and retired to the gentleman's toilet, relaxing in there for a short while with the sports page of Le Monde, allowing just long enough for temptation to take its course, and for curious fingers to leaf through my journal, wondering if, upon my return, she'd have been shocked by the explicitness of the diary entries and have left suddenly, or whether she'd still be there, reading a little lasciviously.

Upon my return to the table, a fresh pot of tea having just been delivered for us to share, I was pleased to see that she was still there, smiling at me as I returned to my seat opposite her, her cheeks a little flushed, her breath noticeably quicker.

"Your journal, Monsieur," she smiled, "I have to confess, I couldn't resist... it's so... may I read further?"

"If you're enjoying what you read, why not," I smiled, sitting down opposite her to watch, enjoying looking at her as her gaze lingered on the fevered descriptions, her fingers caressing the pages almost longingly...

to be continued...

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I thought we would find out the delicious tales that the journal holds. Will we get to find some of them?

I must tell you that I am *aching* to find our more of them.

The journal is largely a conceit of fiction, Kristen, and is really just a 1935 version of the very blog you're reading - and I suspect you're going to find out that's what's going to be happening on the train (and in Paris when they arrive) FAR more interesting than that dusty old journal ;) - if it provides any hint, the story probably won't be safe for work from tomorrow...

You are clearly a very eloquent and well written author. I love how you're focussing on the pretenses surrounding all of the delicious tales that we all know we will soon be reading - it makes it all that much more inviting, and thus that much more exciting. Although, I must admit... I too cannot wait to discover what this journal holds...

Thankyou Roxanne, very generous of you to say so x
As I mentioned to Kristen, it may seem as though I'm about to delve into secrets of the journal, but that's not the way the story's going to go right now (apologies x). Given that the narrator of the story is, effectively, a 1935 version of me, you should just assume that the journal contains pretty much the same material you can find here on my blog - though of course handwritten, somewhat urgently. It's actually Vanessa's reaction to the material that intially drives this first sequence, and establishes a relationship between the duo that will move the plot forward upon their arrival in Paris (I'll say no more, or it'll spoil it). But for those wanting to know what the journal holds - click on a random link or two in my archives, and you'll experience the same frisson of pleasure (I hope) that Vanessa is experiencing in the restaurant carriage of the Orient Express...

...She looked so good I could almost taste her...
...her cheeks a little flushed, her breath noticeably quicker...
...the opulence, sensuality and wood-panelled privacy of my own sleeping compartment...

You don't have to explain it to me, Roger. Delicious! Bring it on. (But then, I can be rather patient, even if you are a bit miserly with the length of your daily postings...)

Love the pix.

Yes Roger, you've got us all drooling, and from the commments, we're not shy about telling you :) I'm just as curious, and greedy, even though it may come across as impatient, for it to continue... *drool drool*

just like lingering foreplay... you're making me want more more more!

I loving this! Yum!


yep ;) - I appreciate I'm taking a little time to get to the sex, but I think it's fun this way - obviously if I start losing readers in droves, I'll try something else, but there will be lashings of explicit sex in this ongoing story, it'll just sometimes take a little time ;)

"lashings"? now hold on... you said a different direction, but really - I didn't think that was your style. LOL!

waiting in antici......pation for today's posting - since you promised a little heat, and I'm working from home... well, sort of working ;)

naughty girl ;) - I'm probably not gonna post tonight - I've decided to set a target of five postings a week (and I'm gonna do my best to stick to it), and having done that already this week, tonight I get to take the night off - phew! It also gives those who don't dip in quite so often a chance to catch up. If it makes you feel any better though, the next post (either tomorrow or Sunday at the latest) will definitely not be safe for work...

I should have suspected a much. Letting all the "Vanessa's" have just a little taste. Then leave them with it a while to stoke the fire and curiosity. You ARE a Dirty Boy....


mmmm... didn't think of it that way Midnitesiren.... how tantalizing of you Rog ;)

naughty naughty!.... just for fun I think we should all spank you ;)

MidniteSiren - I am indeed a tease, though I've posted just a little more today, hope you like....

And Kitten - that sounds rather wonderful, shall I bend over...?

WWow, Intense stuff! You make me cum all the time i'm reading your naughty thoughts!

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