two guys and you - part three

Tuesday, June 06, 2006 at 8:02 PM

Apologies to anyone who's been trying to comment this week - Blogger has been having problems the past two or three days - it's affecting lots of blogs around the net - and I can assure you it's as frustrating for me as it is for you! Hopefully all should settle down soon...

In the meantime... the final part of the audio interview is still to come (I haven’t finished editing it yet – it’ll be posted early next week at the latest) but for now…

two guys and you - part one
two guys and you - part two

two guys and you - part three

You don’t hear us wake – you left us sleeping to take a long, lazy shower, letting it splash over you, luxuriating in the warm wet caress of the water as it slithers down your naked body, winding snakelike over and around your bare breasts, sinuously weaving over your curves, undulating, flowing over your belly, down your thighs, coiling around your ankles, slipping into the warm puddle at your feet. The water touches you everywhere at once, reviving you and arousing you. Already your wet fingers stray around your body, one hand stroking and caressing your breast, the other making its way down between your thighs, an urgency already building within you.

There are footsteps in the bathroom – the shower opens, and I step in with you, naked and smiling. You smile back at me, and kiss me, softly and sensually, pulling me underneath the warm spray of water, our lips caressing as you slip a hand through my dampening hair, our tongues meeting... swirling... lapping... my hands slide over your body, softly stroking your wet breasts, and you gasp into my mouth, pulling me closer, our warm wet bodies sliding together as the water slides down our naked skin.

As we embrace, you hear more footsteps, and the other guy steps in with us, smiling again. You notice a conspitorial wink between us – this is clearly something we’ve planned. He slips behind you. You notice his cock is already fully erect, and mine is too - hard and throbbing, my erection brushing against your belly as we slide against each other sensuously. He moves closer behind you – within moments he’s pressed up against your back, his body warm against you, his hard penis nestled between your buttocks. From somewhere he finds soap - his hands covered in a soapy lather as he reaches around from behind, sliding his hands around your waist, up to your breasts, stroking the soap over them as you and I kiss more greedily. You gasp again, feeling his fingers slide over and around your hard nipples, pinching them gently, his lips finding your neck, biting on you, hard enough to leave a mark, rubbing against you from behind, as his hard, wet cock slithers up and down between your buttocks.

You groan, kissing me more urgently – your hand slides down to my erection, slipping wetly around it, starting to stroke it, and I gasp with pleasure, my own hand sliding down between your thighs, my index finger skidding over your throbbing clit, circling it, stroking it, sliding down further to your cunt, my wet fingers slipping between your pussy lips, sliding through the soft wetness, pushing a couple of fingers deep into your cunt.

You gasp lustfully, pushing yourself down onto my fingers, kissing me urgently now – from behind you feel the other guy sliding against you, dribbling soap over your shoulders – you feel it trickling down your back, down your spine, running down between the cheeks of your bottom, and you suddenly feel the head of his cock slide down, pressing against your asshole, rubbing, sliding, getting his cock wet… his hands are still on your breasts, squeezing, stroking, my hand still between your thighs, rubbing, caressing, fucking your cunt with my fingers – you can feel my hard cock throbbing in your hand, and you stroke it harder, sliding your wet fingers up and down my erection, masturbating me deliciously.

You feel pressure on your asshole… the smooth head of his wet cock slipping and sliding against your ass… you need him inside you, pushing back a little, encouraging him, and he begins to slide into you - you groan with the sensations as you feel his hard wet cock begin to penetrate your ass, the head slipping inside, then a little more… slipping deeper into your ass, fucking you from behind.

You can’t take much more… you push back harder onto his erect cock, feeling it filling your ass, groaning as he starts to thrust back and forth, and at the same time I push another finger into your cunt – three fingers now, deep inside you, fucking you with them, my thumb stroking your clit, the water still streaming over our writhing bodies as your own wetness dribbles down over my hand, my fingers pushing deeper, curling inside you, finding your g-spot, stroking, rubbing, my thumb circling your clit, my lips sliding agsint yours.

Hands are everwhere now – you have one around my cock, stroking me, harder and faster, the other around your back, over the other guy's ass, pulling his cock deeper into your asshole – you’re so filled, my tongue fucking your mouth as we kiss urgently, my fingers deep in your cunt, dripping wet, squeezing and pulsing around me, his cock thrusting in and out of your ass, the rhythm building… and building… and building…

And you can’t take it much more… hands everywhere… slipping and sliding and stroking and fucking... and ohh god he’s thrusting deeper and... god... harder... and you're pumping my cock now... so fucking hard in your hand... my tongue in your mouth... fingers thrusting and stroking and ohhh fuck you’re so fucking close... and he bites on your neck... ohhhh fuck... hard... and his cock slams into your ass again and again and again... and you feel another finger pushing deeper into your dripping wet cunt... ohhh fuckkk... ohhh FUCKKK... and you cant take it... and you cling on to me... and I feel you start to convulse... your cunt engulfing my fingers... and as you cry out he groans intensely behind you... clinging onto you... as his cock starts to pulse and pulse and pulse... and he cries out that he’s cumming... he’s fucking cumming... and you can feel it... ohhhh god you can feel it... as his cum starts to shoot deep and hard in your ass... spurting and spurting... so much cum... and as he cums you scream with pleasure... convulsing hard... your cunt swallowing my fingers... milking them as you cum... and you cum... and you fucking cum... so fucking hard... and god... ohhh god... ohhh god….

And my own cock is throbbing and pulsing wildly in your hand... you feel the guy suddenly slip out of your ass... his warm cum trickling from your asshole... sliding down the inside of your thigh... and he kneels down in front of me under the streaming shower spray... his hand sliding over my balls as you stroke me... and his lips are so close to my hard cock... and you know I’m gonna cum... and you steer my erection to his open lips... and he takes me in his mouth... and sucks and licks and swirls his tongue around my throbbing penis... I can barely take it... I lean back against the wall, grabbing a rail... grabbing anything... my cock pulsing... looking down at him as he sucks on my erection... and suddenly you’re down there with him... he slips my cock from his mouth and kisses you passionately... kisses you right over my hard cock... and you take me into your mouth... and you suck me and lick me... and... ohhh fucking god... and then he takes over again... and sucks me some more as you lap at my balls... and ohhh fuck I’m gonna cum I’m gonna fucking cum... and he pulls me out of his mouth... and you slide your hand around my cock as he strokes my balls... and as your tongue laps at the head of my swollen cock... that’s it... ohhh FUCKKK that’s it... and I cum... I cum so fucking hard... ohh god... ohhh god... ohh god... and a hot string of spunk spurts... fuckkkkkk... spurts from the head of my cock... splashing onto your lips... your face... and he moves next to you as another spurt pours from my cock... both of you lapping it up now... lapping up my cum... kissing each other as it pours from me... catching each hot wet spurt on your tongues... as I cum... and cum... and cum... so much… god… so fucking good…

to be continued…


Wow, what a nice, dirty start to the day Roger. Now, get down on your knees and lick his come from her asshole please.

such a disgracefully dirty idea, Vahri, and such a greedy girl ;)
Glad you liked it though x

Fucking Hell! I should NOT have read that 2 minutes before having to leave the house. Shit! C xx

oh yes you should have... Leaving anyone either hard or wet to start the day... Excellent.

Having to face the day with wet panties is a reminder....

Thank you for putting flesh around my half-formed dreams.


Ohhhhhh-hh-h--- Roger, ---

If this part were a cassette taps, it would have worn through and snapped by now. Those four fingers, stuffed into me -- that hard cock, sliding into my wet ass....

My pussy pulses against the chair, and I can soooo feel you two emerging from the bathroom, wet, languorous feet slapping insouciantly across the hardwood palnks of the floor, hands on your ridged man-hips. You give each other that look that guys give each other when they're conspiring to fuck the living daylights out of a gal, any way they see fit. I cannot turn my head, but I know you're there.

He bows his head to you playfully, then gsntures you over to me with his inhumanly blue eyes. You are here, behind me, before I can turn to you, your hands on my breasts, making large, wet prints on my pink sweater. I am wearing a skirt today.... because it's laundry day, and I haven't any clean underpants >;-D. I have never before been so terrified or turned on by a simple gust of summer wind.

My skirt is white, with a coral floral pattern. Very thin. I rub my fresh-shaven calves together. Don't know why, but that sensation has always made me wet, or, in this case, wetter. If I stood up right now, my skirt would by stuck to me with girlcream.

So I don't stand. WHich really doesn't help the cause of modesty: You are dripping wet, and leanin over my shoulder.

You are still holding my breasts, your fingers pointed down (to your eventual objective, I presume!), and you take advantage of the fact that your shower-water has sodden my thin tan cotton bra and light silk sweater to the point that I am papier-mache-d for you. My erect nipples tempt you , so you bend your middle fingers and begin to brush their tips sooooo sooooofftly, up (I gasp!) and down (whimper!), uuuuuuppp ("jesus!mmmn!" my bust arches up to your fingers, in a balletic movement all women know), and dooooooown ("hhhhahh...").

Your hands keep moving, reaching the hem of the sweater, going a bit past, chuckling low and wicked when I shudder, deeply; when I forget myself and replace you hands on my nipples, feeling myself, letting my smooth, trembling legs spread like a pool of hot sugared jasmine tea,

"Oh, Roger, let me be your slut" -- that word sits deliciously on my tongue, tasting of butterscotch candies and precum "I need you so badly" My back is against the chair, and you yank it back from the computer hutch, its rubber feet grinding obscenely, like a beautiful, smart, but cheap stripper in a biker bar...

The other guy has spread his bath towel on the sofa, and has been lusciously fingering his chest, his balls, and his glistening penis, groaning and tasting his fingers. He can't decide between your sweet, hot ass or my lewd sentiments, so he mixes them and they mingle in his salty preparatory tonic, on his first two fingers, on his tongue, behind his eyes....

We suddenly feel his eyes, and we are struck by a wave of pure sensuality, all his. You fall to your knees, and look up at me, breathless. You thought to catch a glimpse of whatever knickers I had on, and are greeted instead by a cream-festooned, pulsing, drenched pussy, framed by white and coral woven cotton skirt. Your hands are at my knees before your brian can understand. I continue rolling my nipples in my fingers, gasping, cream coming from me like icing from a pastry nozzle. I can sort of stand, and I move the whole beautiful show -- you and me, hot for one another; your wet naked body glowing in the lamplight, reaching for my knees -- to the rug, my head at the rug's corner, next to a patch of blonde-wood floor and the legs of the computer chair.

I lift my ass, and you pull my skirt down, silently thanking God for elastic-waisted garments.

One of my hands drifts sooooo sloooowly to my pussy. I know you like a show before dinner, so it makes me hotter and dizzier than usual to touch my clit. I wince -- tonight she's uncharacteristically sensitive. It's not so bad that I can't recover, wink like satin fantasy at you (holding your gaze for four breaths, locked in your eyes, closing mine to hold your expression inside me ), and penetrate my soft mouth with my fingers, trying to imagine how I taste to you, my Pelvis floating in the air like a wave moves at sea, undulating, cresting, creaming, splashing, pulling at the very air

You are hypnotized. Your make your way over, a man drawn to that bright, thrilling, comforting light at the end of the tunnel.

You are standing over me, your hair dripping...




"ooooooh!" my eyes open. The water drop has fallen on my flatiron-hard and -hot clitoris, and you swear you hear it sizzle, and see it resolve into steam.

Your reverie draws me in just as my Sheila-na-Gig of a cunt draws you closer.

Your penis is sculptural marvel. He is a trained and accomplished dancer. A culinary masterpiece.

And now, as you lie atop my writhing body, he is the Rod of Moses, parting my waters.

And (thrustsplash!)

parting them!


parting them

You weave your arms underneath mylegas, your light touch waking every nerve behing my knees, working up to the backs of my thighs,

You tongue can't stand being left out, and your waist bends swiftly, your reverent teeth and tongue nipping and lapping at my breasts, sucking and using the slight growth of stubble on your chin to make me grin a canary-chewing grin, bringing breath to my lungs once more, and piercing the paperthin barrier that held my screams.

You put my knees on your shoulders, slapping against me, working my clit with your rough thumb, tight circles, tighter, fasterfasterfaster


Breathlesscannotfeelmyface!allcuntallcockallOHYOUREFUCKING COMING TOOOOOOOO NNNNNGH! NNNNGHH! HOT, FIZZING IN ME, oh, fuck, oh, fuck, cum, cum, cum, roger, cum, my, cunt, needs, that, in, her, right, now, my, ass, YOUR FINGER SO GOOD THERE, YEAH!!!

All night we sleep and wake, fuck and eat, drink and kiss, use one another for that choicest of possessions, the climax of the desired one...

Oh leatherargento, that was beautiful. Roger, see how you inspire your women readers to new lows of depravity....
Vahri XOXO

My apologies for anyone attempting to comment at the moment - Blogger is having all sorts of problems, and it's affecting a whole bunch of logs - hopefully all will be back to normal shortly!!

While I can access it, a few quick replies:

Hot n Horny - glad you liked it ;)

devilbluedress - just how I like to leave you ;)

princessc - entirely my pleasure ;)

leatherargento - ohh my god - clearly I'm going to need to read this one properly in bed... ;)

vahri - which is precisely why I love my blog so much! xx

yummm....I'll be sure to take this to the shower (:

mmmmmmm, fantastic work as usual, leaving me a wonderful, quivering mess....i love your blog...


unfortunately, i was one of those who tried to reply...and yes, i'm having problems with my own blog (and I've been quite busy as well).


I'm lustfully tickled that there's more...and I thought that the third part of the interview is the best thing to come in the last few days...

ooh. now that i've read that, not only is my cunt all wet, but i'm all hyped to return to scholarly work at the moment...and at the same time, I'll go back to the whole thing and take it to bed with me.

Such a delicious continuation, I love the way you tell it... and as always, lover, you have left me satisfied and smiling and very very wet. xx

mahemma - I'll look forward to you joining me ;)

stefanie - thankyou x And it's very much my pleasure to arouse you so delightfully - hope you come back for more... x

paige - there's a part four to this coming, and yes, the third part of the interview after the weekend - now get that work done, or I might have to spank you ;)

DLG - I very much love making you come - need a hand lapping up that wetness...? ;)

you know I do lover, though I'd prefer your tongue as opposed to your hand. ;) xx

Hi Dirtyboy,

I'm newly single and a new reader of this blog. Just wanted to say thanks for the mindblowing orgasm.


DLG - mmmm... and it'd be so delicious to taste you...

loveless - very much my pleasure - go explore the archives, there's so much more in there for you to enjoy, and I very much want to make you cum again...

Hey there Dirtyboy-

I'm new to your hood and I just wanted to say that I loved your "tale of three". So damn hot. Incredibly arousing.

I'll be back for more, I'm sure....This is a nice place you got here.


jen - a very warm welcome to my blog - hope you're having fun exploring the archives ;) x

Uh boy. Sheesh. I haven't visited for quite a while. I've been waiting to savor a few stories in a row. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) I think I waited too long. My husband's been away on business for a week and a half, and won't be back for 2 more weeks, I had the day off today, felt a little horny, and thought I'd come and visit you. I couldn't get through a single story without cumming two thirds of the way through, so by the time I finished reading it, I was horny again, and had to find another story, and get off again. After the fourth orgasm, I guess I'm finally satisfied. Thanks.

It's lovely to know that I keep leaving you wanting more - hope you're still enjoying your time alone - such a naughty girl ;) x

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