Erotica writing contest: Sophie Story #4 by Babe

Saturday, February 13, 2010 at 7:57 PM

Happy Valentine's Day, dear readers - I hope you have a very wonderful one, and if you find yourself alone, come and spend some time in here with me, I'm always very delighted by your company, and very happy to give you whatever you need, along with heaps of kissing, snuggles and disgracefulness xxx

Here's the fourth entry for my erotica writing contest, the details of which you'll find here: Write a Sophie story. The (hopefully lovely) prize is a copy of the Sophie book shown to the left, and you'll find more details on how you can enter in the post mentioned above. The deadline (officially) is tomorrow, but I'll take late entries for the next few days if you let me know you're going to enter.

This story was written by Babe, a very enthusiastic reader and commenter, so I hope you enjoy her story. I'd still very much love to see a few more entries, so why not have a go yourself, see what you come up with, and enjoy yourself as you write ;)

roger xx


Uncle James's Request by Babe

Sophie was somewhat surprised to see the hand written note that was delivered that morning. It was short and abrupt, not like the friendly Uncle James she had always known over the years. It was a simple note written in James's hand that said: "Be at my place at 6:00 PM. tonight. Perhaps he had second thoughts about the last time she was with him. Maybe he felt some guilt over the erotic fucking they had shared.

Sophie remembered it all deliciously. Sucking on Uncle James's amazing cock. The way it swelled, pulsed, throbbed as he was driving in and out, up and down her throat, while he held her head firmly to him with his strong hands, as he pumped his cock into her urgently. And when he came, oh god, so much cum. Spurting into her mouth, down her throat, on face, her breast, her tummy, long hot strings of cum. Oh god it was so good.

Maybe it was the decadent nature of fucking her uncle that made it so erotic... not knowing what to expect she wondered what to wear for this strange request. She thought the sexy, slutty look might get Uncle James to suggest another of his filthy movies. Thinking of this made her cunt so wet.

Her hand trailed down to her treasure. Just a touch and she knew she had to finish this. Laying on her bed her fingers trailed down, finding her cunt, so wet. Oh god, it felt so good to touch what needed to be touched. The hunger, the fire burning inside now, as her fingers circled over her engorged clit. Delicious waves ran through her. She had to finish this now.

Rubbing faster now, fingers finding their way in her drenched cunt. Finger fucking gorgeously, thumb on her clit circling faster and faster now. Her other hand teasing a nipple, torturing, pulling, twisting. She wished James were here to suck on her engorged nipples. She needed it now. Her cunt was flaming.

Fucking herself faster and faster, her juices flowing out, over her fingers, over her hand, down her thighs. It was there, the edge, cumming close, yes, yes, yes. Sophie could feel her cunt squeezing her fingers, back arching, her fingers were moving over her swollen clit faster and faster.

"Oh god yes, I'm!" Sophie screamed, writhing and bucking as the orgasm rolled over her, again and again. Not caring about anything except what was happening between her thighs.

Sophie closed her eyes as she slowly came down, knowing she needed more tonight. Knowing she indeed desired Uncle James again. Needed his cock. In her mouth, her cunt and her ass. Any way he wanted to give her pleasure. Tonight she would be his, to take and to use. Little did she know Uncle James was planning it just that way...

Standing at Uncle James's door, she knocked softly wondering what to expect. It wasn't long before she found out. The butler opened the door as Sophie looked up at him to see the lascivious look on his face. Ahhh, so the butler had been watching previously. Sophie smiled at him innocently,

"Good evening, Sir."

Sophie was dressed as she felt Uncle James would like. No bra, no panties, and the shirt was cut so low in the front that Sophie was afraid her nipples would slip out. Her skirt was so short that if she bent over, her wet cunt would show to anyone near. The butler responded with the crisp tongue of the English:

"The Master is waiting for you in the library, Sophie."

He led the way and she followed, knowing the way well. Uncle James was indeed waiting. Dressed in only his satin robe, slightly open, he rose as Sophie entered.

"So good of you to come so promptly Sophie. I've been thinking about you since our last, ah, visit. I was wondering if perhaps you would like to view another movie with me, I have many, you know." Of course she knew. She was dressed like a slut, and his slut she would be.

"What would be your pleasure tonight Uncle James?" James reached out and drew her close to him. She could feel his hard cock press against her. "I'm here for you Uncle James. What would you like?"

Uncle James groaned as he pressed her closer. She could feel his hard cock twitching behind the robe. Sophie was a tease and tonight was no exception. She let her hand slide down his stomach, parting his robe, and she reached his throbbing cock that would lead to greater delights. Rubbing slowly she smiled up at Uncle James.

"What is it that you desire, as you are my master tonight."

"I want you to be my whore, my slut to do what ever I command you to do. Do you understand Sophie?"

"Yes, Uncle James."

"And you can lose that Uncle stuff. Here I am James, nothing more, nothing less. My needs will be satisfied. Do you understand?"

"Yes, uncle... er James."

"Good, then down on your knees, Sophie." Looking around she crawled to James, looking up at him as he said: "Put my cock in your mouth..."


Another hot story! mmmm, so good! It will be hard to vote on just one!

Happy V-day and thanks for the read!! Keep them cumming!

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